LL Cool J To Kanye West: "Stop Complainin', B"

LL Cool J also praises ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga.

LL Cool J, who released his debut album, Radio, in 1985, says that he is in tune with a newer crop of artists, some of whom he's collaborated with recently. 

"I think there's a lot of good music out there," LL Cool J said during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. "I think there are a lot of artists that are doing well. I just did a remix with a great young artists, Kid Ink. Me, Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga. They remind me of me when I first started. I was happy to get on the record and do something. That remix is called 'Main Chick' and it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of great artists out there. You look at ScHoolboy Q, some of the things that Kendrick Lamar's doing, they're good. Kanye West, when he's not complaining. I love you, man, but stop complainin', B." 

After laughing, LL Cool J said, "He gon' tear me up...Don't hit me," referring to Kanye West. 

In January, Kanye West allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old who reportedly insulted him and his fiancee, Kim Kardashian. West later reached a settlement with the alleged victim. In 2013, West had an altercation with a photographer. In August, it was reported that the Los Angeles County district attorney's office decided not to file felony assault and attempted robbery charges against West

LL Cool J Explains His Songwriting Formula

After referencing the aforementioned artists, Cool J also said that he has a formula for music that others may not share. 

"Some rappers want to write literature, epic poems," Cool J says. "They want to write War & Piece [by] [Leo] Tolstoy. Some people just say whatever. Me? I just want it to feel good. That's it. If it feels good, we good. I don't know what else we talkin' about. Don't concern yourself with whether or not I said the slickest analogy, metaphor or simile or my couplet. It wasn't about the couplet. It's just about how it makes you feel."

During this interview, Cool J also talks about his bond with Michael Jackson and said Jackson taught him not to limit himself. During his appearance on the television program, Cool J also performs a portion of "I Need Love." The videos containing these segments can be seen below.  

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  • PATHH88

    WAR AND PIECE ?!?!? LMFAO SURELY YOU MEAN WAR AND PEACE ??? "I just did a remix with a great young artists, Kid Ink." Artists being plural... LL garbage, Hip Hop heads aint been feeling him from when he dropped I Need Love, real talk, yeah he dropped a couple of good tracks on Mama Said Knock You Out, but on the whole he made records for bitches and the real heads aint buying that shit...and anything after that was for guest verses "I Shot Ya" and "4,3,2,1" respectively...thats why NO ONE ever mentions him in their top 5 dead or alive, real talk

    • Anonymous

      No you're wrong do your research before you post a comment - He inspired Eminem, Nelly, Ludacris and even 2Pac. He was one of their favorite rappers and that's real even 2Pac said that he was a fan of his Eminem's favorite artist and Luda and Nelly's aswell he made Eminem want to rap - and the funny thing is Eminem andI think 2Pac are in jay z's top 5

  • hush

    hush little children and biatches... a legend is talking

  • farmers

    LL is one of the greatest in hip hop,it's a shame he is so underrated...and kanye is still making a dope music,but he needs to chilllll

    • FuzzyDunlots

      chill for what? chilling hasnt made LL cool J a hit in 30 fucking years. He hasnt been relevent to hip hop since patty ewing the FIRST time

    • PATHH88

      this coming from someone named Farmers, nothing to do with Farmers Blvd, Queens ? LL straight garbage, he is the reason all these rappers making songs for bitches, reference: I Need Love.

  • Anonymous

    he said tyga though......

  • Anonymous

    ahhh listening to the interview is different. tyga is just on the song

  • jerryc

    It doesnt matter that there are new artists with rapping talent. We all know that there will always be guys who can rhyme. It comes down to making good songs that will last. There hasnt been one of those classic cds that you will bump 5 10 years from now in forever. I blame that on production/labels. A song like Mo Money Mo Problems or In da Club werent incredible lyrically. But fuck yah you still want to bump them from time to time. Theyre good SONGS.

  • Anonymous

    LL still straight hood man he gives good interview too no generic ass shit like some people give. Genuine guy

  • rideonemjixxer

    LL is a legend for sure. Its nice to see him trying to support new school artists. Kanye really should stop complaining. He went from a nerdy producer to an international superstar. You made it, Kanye, stop being so angry...

  • Kevin Hart

    lmao at this nigga trynna be funny then staring into the crowd to see if anyone laughin to his shit

  • Anonymous

    LOL this nigga better expect to get beasted on by Kanye

    • Anonymous

      No - I think Kanye has probably heard Jack the Ripper, To Da break of Dawn and Ripper strikes Back - and even he does not have a big enough ego to diss LL. + he obviously respects him and knows LL did not mean anything by it.

  • Anonymous

    LL legend in this game. Salute

  • Anonymous

    What truths? Didn't this idiot spend mucho dinero in remodeling his bathroom? Oh, what if someone were to say that money could have fed a few homeless folks even for a week? Instead of getting jacked like a dumb ass for that x amount of million to be accepted in the fag/fashion industry, why wasn't that money put in a youth program and I can go on and on.

    • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

      sum of another drum, bro.

    • Anonymous

      And oh yeah, go search engine this "now here's the sum of another dAnnotaterum Now mortals aware, now prepare for illogical son My Verbs of Power are the spiritual spank My deep, deep Blackness, your mind gets dank Revelation to Genesis, something you cannot dismiss Keys to Crossroad, come to abyss! And find a verb-stick swingin' while I'm livin', giving the rhythm Heed the word, and the bass-drop given! A funk down, super sound, lyrical, visual Illogical wisdom, forever continual You're living simplistically, yet speak of reality Your science, elementary - Dare speak? You can't get with me Look at the wax, it's hieroglyphic, it's actual fact I'm not reading and striving to wanna be Black Here's the move cause I see none I never boast, I never brag, I get the job done"

    • Anonymous

      Idiotic and programmed? Do you know how to fucking read? You are the one who sounds idiotic and programmed. As a matter of fact, all of the comments you made are inane. Stop trying, bro. Your idol is a fool and does not have a revolutionary bone in his body, go read up on W.E.B Dubois who used the talents/gifts God gave him (i.e. will,common sense et al.), go and study Garvey, read some work by Cesaire then you can comment. School is out.

    • Anonymous

      then how are you mad at him for not donating when you refuse to find out if he does? the other comment says what headlines while commenting on an article about someone else speaking about Kanye and can't grasp at it being gossip, it's just Kanye looking for attention, even though Kanye's nowhere to be found. do you even realize how idiotic and programmed you sound? and by the way, you're the one giving him this "attention", you watch, follow, and stay tuned for whenever his name is mentioned. I can easily switch the convo to LL. will you be able to converse, or would you have ever clicked the article w/o Kanye's name on it?

    • Anonymous

      What headlines? Gossip, this cat is dying for attention, seeking attention when he can, even create shit. Motherfucker needs to sit in a room all by himself, and let's see how much attention he gets by doing that.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Bro, fuck a search engine, on the real, I help those that are less fortunate whenever. Over the years I have worked with centers for non-violence all over, so it isn't about ranting, it is about doing.

    • Anonymous

      a simple use of a search engine can tell you about his donations instead of you focusing on gossip headlines now, let us see your finances or domicile and whether or not you even give a homeless person or a kid the time of day

  • Anonymous

    Historically, Humans beings have been scared of the truth. Kanye's "rants" are case in point.

    • Anonymous

      yes, he does say a lot of truth. do you listen, or trash it because it's "just Kanye" and pay no mind?

    • Anonymous

      haha. kanye preaches the truth? he just whinges about personal things. let's be honest.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. The ancient old double standard. When they do it, like Ted Nugent's rants, it's their right to do so. When we do it, it's "upsetting". Like for instance, they always bring up Al Sharpton for his "leeching" ways, and never admit Rush Limbaugh leeches his own with hate rhetoric and doesn't even protest or show up to seek "justice" for his own.

  • Snoooop

    Kanye's complaints are rightfully so though, but people might not get it. Kanye's looks at reality, while others look at music.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, overreaching much, ain't you? Stop being a Kanye apologist. He IS trying to get the white man's acceptance and in a few years, he'll be just like OJ-claiming his skin color is green, yadi-yada...until he picks up a murder case.

    • Anonymous

      the truth is the people who long for the white man's acceptance are the ones who are telling Kanye to be quiet and the scrubs who don't understand think when he's talking about Hermes means he wants to be accepted, not he can get what they don't want us to have while he waves the middle finger at them and shat in the bag and left it in the doorway

    • Anonymous

      His complaints are righteous for people who long for the white man's acceptance, instead of just creating your own lane and make them come to you once they realize they slept on you. Crying for acceptance into anything looks weak.

    • Anonymous

      or it's you with the distorted view j

    • j

      That's a pretty distorted view of reality

  • zeus

    they lead with the Kanye quote as a headline cause nobody gives a fuck about his songwriting method. musical journalism at its finest.

  • stabler420

    I'd pay to see Kanye take a swing at LL! Remember that guy that's broke into Cool J's house? He left with a broken nose and a broken jaw. Kanye would get his Pussy ass murdered!

  • Anonymous

    People blogs and sites need to stop posting and promoting those Kayne rant videos dude is a grown man acting like a 16 year old girl whos been told off by her mother for wearing to much makeup.

    • Anonymous

      or you just don't get it because you are a 16 yr old someone who has listened to Kanye since the beginning knows he ain't saying nothing different, it's the media coverage that has you paying more attention now

  • Anonymous

    Grow some hair on your lip you sissy

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