ScHoolboy Q Speaks On The Competitive Nature Of TDE

ScHoolboy Q says watching TDE grow and become successful motivated him to take his music career seriously.

Before the scheduled February 25 release of ScHoolboy Q’s new album, Oxymoron, the TDE rapper spoke with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club about his upcoming LP, being a member of Black Hippy, and more.

As a Top Dawg Entertainment signee, Q was asked how competitive those at TDE are. The Los Angeles rapper revealed that the artists at TDE can be “real competitive,” but since he’s in his own lane as an artist he says he’s not heavily into competitive rap.

“It’s real competitive…I don’t do like the 80 bar rap, that type of shit,” ScHoolboy Q said. “I spit—I stay in my lane. I do me, you know? I spit street shit. I spit fun shit. You know what I’m saying? I tell you about my emotions and how bad I’m doing. Stuff like that. I like to stay in my category.”

Q also commented on TDE changing his life when he was at his lowest point, bouncing from couch to couch with hardly any money to his name. According to the West Coast emcee, as Kendrick Lamar’s hype man he was able to gradually see the label’s growth, an observation he says proved to be a motivator in his own career.

“I was just doing bad cause I was stupid more than anything,” he said. “Not like I was trying to like thug it out…When I got over there to TDE they motivated me, you know? I was Kendrick hype man and I saw it keep growing. Like he was having like 30 people at the show then next time we do a show it’s 100 people. Then from 100 to 200 and so on and so on. Now it’s sold out. You get what I’m saying? It just motivated me like I’mma really do this next project. I’mma really, really do it.”

Lastly, Q revealed that he does consider himself a street artist, but doesn’t necessarily identify with the street life at this point in his career.

“I don’t identify with the average street nigga,” the TDE rapper said. “You know what I’m saying? But I am a street nigga. But I don’t identify with the rest of the niggas that still trying to act like they still in the streets. Like I ain’t in the street no more. Like I rap. I’m in New York right now.”

Slated for release later this week, Oxymoron was initially described by ScHoolboy Q as an album that touches on the rapper taking care of his daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present. As of this weekend, pre-sale figures for Q’s LP were close to 35,000.

Oxymoron will include guest appearances from SZA, Jay Rock, 2 Chainz, Kurupt, and a handful of other artists.

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  • Anonymous

    Stop calling this shit his first album. Its his major label debut, but his 3rd ALBUM!

  • Drake Fan

    Fuck all this where is the daily Drake Segment? DX hasn't had one in 5 or 6 days, bull shit!

    • Thatereping82

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  • RMAC

    ....just heard it......only a couple throw-away tracks outta 17.....the entire sound of the album fits his vocals perfectly....but wasn't blown away tho....3.5/5......well worth the listen......

  • OG Cholo

    Schoolboy Q's Album is real tight a good mix of an old school feel with new school beats. one hunned 5 star Puto.

  • Ben Dover

    I hope Slaughterhouse, or just Royce ,responds on an 80 bar song about that "I dont do like the 80 bar rap, that type of s***" line. Q's album is 3/5. The lyricism is not there and it doesn't make you think about anything but trying to emulate buffoonery. It has it's place somewhere but it ultimately ends up creating more Jordan Davis's and encouraging that behavior. Not that he did anything wrong per se but it encourage the idea that being a thug or gangsta will be rewarded for deviant behavior. Black students are becoming more and more educated and they want to break hold of that concept that you must have a intentionally rough background in order to be real. More and more black students are now getting higher graduate degrees and breaking the mold and becoming administrators. That's one real way to really piss off the racists is killing them with knowledge. There aren't doctors and engineers that are thuggin. Now is the time to challenge racists and kill their ideology that they run the world. Q's album is dope but I cannot promote that n**** s***. At least be lyrical or subliminal but that wasn't the case. Production is sick is f*** though.

  • Anonymous

    I dont identify with the average street nigga, the TDE rapper said. You know what Im saying? But I am a street nigga. But I dont identify with the rest of the niggas that still trying to act like they still in the streets. Like I aint in the street no more. Like I rap. Im in New York right now. I really respect this statement. Its funny because theres so many dudes in their later 30s or 40s who were never in the streets but never stop talking about it in their rhymes and its so fake and obvious they lying because if they were really about it they wouldnt be glamorizing it.

  • 0000

  • Anonymous

    this was fridays interview come on hiphopdx u gotta do better

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