Young Dirty Bastard Says He's Tired Of RZA "Putting Music Out Without Helping Us"

Young Dirty Bastard also says his grandmother forged Ol' Dirty Bastard's name on his Roc-A-Fella check.

Young Dirty Bastard says that his father, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, has a vast amount of unreleased music.

“It’s a lot,” Young Dirty Bastard says during an interview with ForbezDVDPromo. "I could go to RZA. Actually, peace to RZA. I’m getting tired of you actually putting music out without helping us, giving money back to me ‘cause you always put music out with other people’s soundtrack, movies and all that and not throwing money this way. Give me a few grand for that. My momma want the money…tired of being on food stamps, my nigga. Real talk. Got babies still on food stamps.”

One potential revenue stream for the rapper also known as YBD could be the potential twentieth anniversary Wu-Tang Clan album, A Better Tomorrow. He says during the ForbezDVDPromo interview that he will be part of the project. 

Young Dirty Bastard also says that RZA has helped him. “RZA is my master,” he says. "He taught me how to move in this industry. He taught me in a weird way. He taught me by not teaching me. I signed a contract with RZA. He didn’t do everything he wanted to do for me and I was just basically in a room full of savages. They were gruesome creatures.”

Young Dirty Bastard also says that his late father did not sign at least one of the checks he received when he signed to Roc-A-Fella Records in 2003

“My father, he was in jail at the time,” he says. "Gramma Cherry, she ended up signing his name on the check. Thank you, Dame Dash. It’s called forgery. But we’re not trying to let my grandma Cherry go to jail for that. I love her and all that.”

Ol' Dirty Bastard died of a drug overdose in 2004. 

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  • Toon

    I just booked YDB on a show.....RZA was very involved with it. I think RZA is a pretty supportive guy. RZA brings YDB on tour alot. Dont let one article sway you with a quote that was likely taking out of context.

  • Anonymous

    He wants a free ride but his father rip earned his keep and he needs to do the same and not just hope to live off of him

  • Nemesis1991

    Idk, I honestly felt RZA an the rest of the clan shuda been more supportive of dude...i dont remember seeing even a cameo from one clan member in this dudes videos...

  • IROC

    Young ODB jr doesnt have the talent his late father had find your lane and do the damn thang sorry to say there will never be another Russell Jones his life in the wicked music biz drove him to abuse drugs and bounce in and out of jail he couldnt trust nobody around him thats what happen when your money get big no surprise momma cherry cashed a check and now you dry snitching on her RIP ODB !

  • Anonymous

    This nigga really is odb's son alright. He got kids already plus two on the way, and the nerve to bitch about bein broke. Wonder why nigga.

  • Sneakerassassin

    Didn't even know ODB had a son who rapped!

  • Anonymous

    he needs to be asking uncle RZA for a damn job. you practically have a wide open door into the entertainment industry

    • Anonymous

      RZA needs some serious help over at his label Soul Temple Music, Maybe YDB can box up records and ship them out, some people only been waiting since fall 2012 for the music they paid for

  • Anonymous

    Dirty junior sounds so naive. Rza doesn't owe you anything. You need to go out and get it.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    You can help a mothafucka a hundred times, but the first time you say 'no', they say you're a snake that never helps nobody. Rza made these niggas man. He dragged them through the industry kicking a screaming. All they wanted to do was get high, rap, and fuck groupies, Rza was the one doing all the business moves, studying the ins and outs of the game, spreading the Wu-Tang brand, and keeping the legacy alive. You can lead the horse to the trough but you can't make the fucker drink. They have a platform from which to work, thanks to the Rza. Rza is doin' his own thing man. The nigga is damn there 50, he can't baby sit these dudes forever.

  • Lo

    Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a nigga!

  • Anonymous

    Get your own money fool u ain't a kid it's time to grow up and get your own paper. stop lookin for hand outs u scroungy ass motherfucker. This is unbelievable.

    • Officeir

      my roomate's step-aunt makes $60 /hr on the laptop . She has been without a job for 10 months but last month her income was $16618 just working on the laptop for a few hours. try this out,,, WWW.Works6.COM

  • Anonymous

    dumb ass nigga, broke ass fuck, asking about money , saying sun god lent him paper fuck this wishy washy nigga

  • Anonymous

    Time to good some good lawyers. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    one of the most successful groups ever in hiphop and his family is on food stamps... damn smh. I don't know the story but all I can say is its a shame.

    • Anonymous

      the story is he had like 13 kids from many different women, theres not enough money to go around. he should have invested in some condoms.

  • 4our lements

    Fuck a handout. YDB needs to grow up and get his own thing poppin' like an adult. If the talent is there it will speak for itself. No fame by proxy of who you're related to.

  • Anonymous

    He should ask Lil Wayne for money. Look at him, and you will see what I mean.

  • Adolph Diggs

    You people are fucking dumb for blaming YDB when for 20 pluxs years RZA been a scumbag thief snake, none of you know wtf your talking about. YDB is RZA's nephew by blood so thats shady number one, its not like U-God is begging for money LOL, not that he would give him a crumb either, see yall dont know how the game works. This dude is filthy rich and lets his peoples starve and die. His own group hate him, and they barely see each other let alone wanna do a new WTC album. Dont be mad at YDB that his own uncle is a lowlife drug addict (Rza been in rehab 3 times), so why shit on ODB or his son, keep it fucking real;

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Then where are the fucking facts? If you want to make a valid point, it needs to be rooted in facts and neither of you clowns have provided any. Both of you niggas sound like YDB

    • R%

      ^ It' ain't 'factless argument' and why should u keep your emotions in check what is this the movie equilibrium or something motherfucker

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      "see yall dont know how the game works." Please educate. And keep your emotions and fact-less dialogue out of your argument.

  • OnkelMichael

    Your father told you not to rhyme and he is right.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Time for you to get out on your own if you want to be a man. Support your family, don't look for nobody else to do it for you.

  • kjwngwjkg

    has this nigga even released a song in his life?? And RZA been a scumbag, nothing new.. I'll never forget about the stuff Too Poetic said about him while he was dying

  • AlecDawesome

    RZA ain't your motherfucking daddy. Without him you and your father would be nothing, you owe everything to him and he owes you nothing.

    • Anonymous

      If it wasn't for OlDB, RZA wouldn't even BE WHERE HE IS AT. The young bol is right, RZA gotta look out for his Wu brothers fam, especially if u making hollywood money

    • Anonymous

      i somewhat agree but for RZA to still be profiting off ODB and not giving the family a piece is not right but apparently ODB had like 10 "families" if you know what i mean LOL

  • Anonymous

    you people are dumb ydb was just playing around he wasn't serious the rza is actually his older cousin he can joke like that you people are the one with no life taking shit more serious for another mans feelings do the knowledge before the wisdom and then understand

    • Anonymous

      First off, RZA's his (YDB that is) uncle. Fuck you got cousin from? Second, what makes you think this is a joke? They've all mentioned this before. I dont know whats true and what aint, nor does it concern me, all i care is about the music. Im not like you internet dweebs that act like you know everything about these celebrities and what happened. But pretty much all of Wu have had issues with the Wu regarding money. Since everything Wu-Tang is under Devine & RZA (as a company) they have a problem with them.

  • Frank tha Tank

    lived on my own since the age of 16, had to quit school and work 2 shitty jobs. No one gave me shit. I'm 26 now and live a lot more comfortable from hard work. I'm able to support my family and provide my children with a way better life style then i had. This half ass rapper trying to live of his dads name needs to man up and stop asking or feeling like he deserves hand outs.

  • Anonymous

    what are you gonna do when you get the money... invest it, go to school

    • Anonymous

      i would hope so cause he aint getting on in this rap shit, even wish his daddys name, just ask Eazy and Dre's sons about that shit.

  • Anonymous

    More black ni993r scum too lazy to work an honest job expecting welfare and food stamps to take care of their illegitimate bastard children. Black ni993rs are a drain on society and tax payers but I enjoy their rap tales about destroying themselves and their exploits on the Basketball court. Subhuman mongrels.

  • Anonymous

    kid go get a job and stop thinking the music company owes you be your own man and go to school



    • West West Ya'll

      i heard they were finally sending the cd's out and refunding the money like a year late lol but only to people that email them asking smh fuckin robbing fucks talk about shitting on your core audience. Mass Appeal are a class act to buy cd's off they even refunded my money when I got hit with a customs charge of 25 dollars to get a Pusha T cd t shirt thing

    • Anonymous

      I finally got my records in Janurary that I ordered in March 2013, it was funny because I got that shit like 4 months after I got a full refund from my credit card company. I looked at the dates on the shipping labels and it said May but somehow that stuff ended up sitting in a warehouse for 9 months!

  • He has no skills wu-tang aint gon fuck with that

    I checked his video welfare SMH why they even mention pun's son chris rivers with this clown River's has skills this idiot is just pretending to be his father even the eye movements and crazy moves in his video. Now he bitching bout rza cause he got 4 kids being raised on EBT cards cant stand loser ass niggas that get multiple bitches pregnant then complain cause they too lazy/dumb to get a job and expect sumone to pay and give him the money to raise them

  • Old dirty married man

    Someone jus needs to be thoughtful about the music they put out with dirtys name on it

  • Anonymous

    Unless she froze ODB's sperm, he doesn't have any "babies still on food stamps." Hes been dead 10 years. Is a dead man's art supposed to be paying for some deadbeat's kids? That's not his estate's or certainly not RZA's problem. How old is YDB? He can't do anything without RZA? I'm sure ODB's estate should be seeing some revenue, but probably not enough for a whole bunch of people and their extended families and step-families to mooch off.

  • Anonymous


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