Soulja Boy Says He Is Not Afraid Of Jail

Soulja Boy: "I done been to jail before, but not for this long of a time.

Recently, Soulja Boy said that he was preparing to go to jail. Following the Twitter post regarding this, Soulja Boy spoke with XXL about his thoughts on the matter. 

"I ain't scared," said Soulja Boy, who is headed to jail on a gun charge. "It just is what it is. I done been to jail before, but not for this long of a time...So, it is what it is. I gotta deal with life...I've had a lot of success. I just look at this as a minor bump. I'll get focused back on the music after it's over with." 

Soulja Boy's success in music is one reason the rapper feels he is being "targeted" by law enforcement officials, he says. 

"I just feel like I'm a young, successful rapper," Soulja Boy said. "I do a lot of stuff. Instead of me being targeted or me being put through the whole situation, there's other criminals and other stuff going on that they can be attacking instead of focusing on me...I got a name and they go after anybody with a name." 

As reported February 17, Soulja Boy announced that he is set to go to jail. "5 more days until I go to jail. Appreciate everyone who was there for me while I needed y'all," Soulja Boy said at the time. 

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  • Anonymous

    He thinks he's tough now. I love how rappers try to act hard until something bad happens, then they get a reality check.

  • Anonymous

    who remembers when this lil dude gave a shout out to the slave masters cause without them he wouldnt have all this ice and tattoos

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    You niggas act like you wouldn't be scared to go to prison. It doesn't matter how tough you are, you're still gonna be told when to eat, sleep, and shit. There's no women, obviously, and your freedom and dignity are taken from you. You gotta deal with filthy savage motherfuckers on a day to day basis, eat slop that I wouldn't feed a stray dog, and worry about 5 guys holding you down and taking turns ass raping you. Any civilized person in their right mind would be scared to go to prison. If you're not, then you probably belong there.

  • fuccya

    Too dumb to be afraid shit is nothing to be proud of.

    • Officeir

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  • Anonymous

    These comments is too damn funny, had me in tears

  • johnjohnphenom

    The jail he's goin to serve drinks and clean for you. If he was in population he'd be wearin that kool-aid on his lips and that mop on his head.

  • Ambitionz Az A Ridah

    It's on CNN baby- "Soulja Boy was freed after posting $35,000 bond Wednesday afternoon...." My homie big bro Soulja don't give a Fuck....!!!! Fuck the Police ...Now tell me whoz gonna Crank dat Ass Biaaatch......!!!!!!!!!! So haters Getch yo sorry Azz outta here mothafuckas....

    • Anonymous

      Lmao at this fucking dumbass that doesn't know how bond works. That 35,000 just got him out of jail until his court date, he still gotta go back stupid.

  • The nigga swinging his dick

    Yea and I aint afraid to rape you souljah bitch now wash my socks and do that dance for me

  • Anonymous

    Keep telling yourself that Soulja....all i'm saying...

  • Detroit slim

    Lol When did this nigga get locked up? Overnight aint shit. he never caught a real case till now. Just wait till one of those nephilim lookin niggas sees him

    • Anonymous

      he still caught more cases than rick ross, the biggest boss! when rozay drunkenly crashed into a building with a loaded unregistered firearm he walked away without a fine or a ticket, let alone a gun charge or DUI. soulja boy should have got a job searching bums when he was 19 and he might be singing a different tune right now.

  • Anonymous

    He will once the nightly visits start multiplying.

  • Anonymous

    They gonna crank dat ass

  • Bubba

    Theres nothing to be afraid of little boy, this will only hurt for a minute.

    • Anonymous

      your buddys ex wife is a cam hoor who takes her clothes off and fingers herself on camsites

    • Twoulair

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  • Anonymous

    How long you going one or two weeks, and did you do something to go to jail or is this voluntarily?????

  • We dont believe and never will

    I think the drugs actually got this nigga thinkin he a G he soft as but talks like he built like AR-AB Beanie Sigel Styles P or Maino now them the type of niggas that aint scared of jail

  • Anonymous

    How can he be going to jail for the gun if it just happened last month? Doesn't he have to go to trial or something? I read about rappers getting caught with worse and they never do any time.

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the gun laws in the State you are in but you don't have to take the case to trail, you can make a ple deal for less than what the original sentence would carry and save the court the time and money it would cost trying your case in court. Soulja will be alright, he's going to a minimum security facility most likely with a dorm and non violent offenders,

  • Bone Crusher

    So I'm outside of da club and you think I'm a puuuuuuuunk So I go to my loaded tech 9 that's off in the truuuuuuuunk I told that motherfucker I ain't never scared (Eastside!) I ain't never scared (Westside!) I ain't never scared (Southside!) I ain't never scared (Northside!) I ain't never scared (Southside!) I ain't never scared (Eastside!) I ain't never scared (Westside!)

  • Classic Material

    Should have arrested his ass for being an moron who can't rap. Felonious abuse of the mic...sucka ass bitch He's not scared of jail cause he know how to swallow them johns...

  • Anonymous

    i don't believe him for a second. dude is a poser. my cousin is a straight up goon and the night before he went to prison i caught him crying.

  • Anonymous

    hes frontin hard body, even though we all know he gonna be in PC.

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