Ashanti Says She "Caught The Stray Bullet" In G-Unit And Murder Inc. Beef

Ashanti says she "rode out" with Murder Inc. "until the wheels completely fell off."

After fending off allegations from the label’s founder that she was “disloyal” throughout the prolonged rift with G-Unit, former Murder Inc. Records singer Ashanti recently spoke with The Grio about the effect the beef had on her own career.

Referencing Ja Rule’s own admission that G-Unit won their public feud, the interviewer asked the “Foolish” singer if the beef affected her negatively. “Absolutely,” she said. “You have the the term ‘guilty by association.’ It’s funny because I’ve had plenty of conversations with plenty of ‘thugs,’” she said miming air-quotes with a laugh, “plenty of dudes. Even with [50 Cent], it was just like, ‘It was never aimed at you, it was never anything personal, it was just your crew.’ I caught the stray bullet, you know what I mean. You learn to not take it personal, but at the same time it is affecting you personally. It’s your livelihood. It’s your career. It’s your bank account. There were several endorsements that were lost because of that whole time.”

Ashanti’s self-titled debut was released in 2002 and jumped to the top of the Billboard 200 charts. The album earned her three Grammy nods and, in addition to “Foolish,” generated singles “Happy” and “Baby.” Last month, Ashanti unveiled the cover art to her upcoming fifth album, tentatively titled Braveheart, and revealed plans to release the project this year.

In her interview with The Grio, Ashanti went on to describe the collapse of Murder Inc., adding that her face and celebrity were often used to represent the label. “People have to understand it wasn’t just 50 and G-Unit and Murder Inc.,” she said. “It was 50 and G-Unit, Murder Inc., the Federal indictment, going to court. And then it was crazy because it was [Irv Gotti] and [Ja Rule] goin’ through issues, but it would be my picture on the cover of the post. I didn’t have anything to do with that. I’m in Canada shooting a film. I mean I sat there, and there’s one thing that no one could ever say, I am a Libra and I’m one of the most loyal people you will ever meet on this planet. So I sat there and rode out until the wheels completely fell off. I learned so much. You learn about yourself. You learn about people around you. You learn about the industry as a whole and as it progresses and how you have to fight even harder. When you get to a certain level, people don't understand. It’s not about getting there. It’s about maintaining. When you get to a certain level, people expect certain things of you and [don’t] really put into perspective what has happened along the way. People expect, ‘Oh, well that happened. And she did this, and she was here, and she won this, and she won that.’ Hey, you know what, guess what else did? She endured a huge beating.”

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In 2013, Ashanti spoke with VladTV and said she spoke with her former labelmate and collaborator Ja Rule, who had recently been released from prison. “I spoke to him the other day and I’m super, super excited for him,” she said. “He is in great spirits…He has a studio downstairs in the house. That’s where he’s gonna be all the time. He’s super excited about the music…Hopefully, we get it all popping. It’s no denying our chemistry...I mean, he has to focus on his stuff right now. And I gotta focus on mine.”

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  • Funky Fresh

    This bitch never could sing.

  • tonytoca

    she still looks good though

  • Hope She Learned The Lesson

    Is being loyal really worth if you're just being loyal to a bunch of bitch niggas?

    • Officeir

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  • John

    50 cent was the last true hardcore mainstream rap artist. Today hardcore rappers are not getting good deals from record labels and remain underground. The 50 cent Murder inc beef did rap right because it was a battle of words and not guns. Ja rule's career and Murder inc's demise we due to Ja rule's fans losing interest in him and Irv Gotti's shady business doing. You go to court for breaking the law, not for beefing. The 50 cent beef only sped up these chain of events. 50 may no longer making platinum records, but wouldn't the same have applied to Ja rule if the beef never happened? Anyways Ashanti has been in the media for a while now trying to get something cooking because she want someone to buy her upcoming album. Irv Gotti himself said that he never thought of putting Ashanti on because he didn't see anything worth putting her on for.It wasn't until the two finally got the bed rocking that she suddenly got a record deal and blew up, much of which was due to Irv Gotti and Ja rule being heavily present in her projects. Irv Gotti and his associates Produced almost all her hits and Ja rule featured in almost every song and/or video. That's a lot of promo for a so called talented artist if you ask me. She was till benefiting from murder Inc during the 50 cent beef so obviously she wouldn't leave the money behind. Besides she knew that without murder in she wouldn't have much to go on. Proof of which we have today since she hasn't popped up since her murder inc days.

  • Anonymous

    ashanti was a credible artist w/ her own style. it is unfortunate

    • Anonymous

      Ok. Poor Ashanti lost some endorsements. Regardless of beef, you have to handle your business, and let's face it. MINC didn't. They let 50 and company get into their heads, and ruin their empire.

  • ye G

    I thought she meant literally. Like I didn't know that shit was really that serious

  • Anonymous

    there will never be a slaughter in rap again like that one, they still talking bout it 10 year laters,

  • Anonymous

    I remember an article from 2 months or so back when she said Nelly got 50 to apologize to her.

  • glock poppa

    If she caught a stray then ja rule n them other murder inc rappers ate an entire ak-47 banana clip of hollows How da fuck can ja say he aint mad at 50 anymore he went from multi-platinum albums endorsements everywhere sold out shows to his last album not even charting and no one would be even seen at one his shows. I'd be wantin to give him a buck fiddy across his whole face or least punch 50 in the teeth. But ja aint built for that shit so he happy being quiet bout a nigga who ruined his entire career and future

    • Anonymous

      ja would likely be in the same spots hes in now with or without the 50 beef, his last album might have sold a little more than 6700 in 2 years though.

    • ye G

      Obviously Fif played a major part in Ja's downfall but you also gotta think that an artist can't stay hot forever. With the exception of a few.

    • glock poppa

      True.Yea 50 went from 12 million sales but rite now he wouldn't even go gold lol. But he sittin on a couple hundered million and is still doin a lot of stuff ja rule is laughed at and seen as one the biggest jokes in hip hop i'd still be wantin to get at 50

    • Anonymous

      "How da fuck can ja say he aint mad at 50 anymore he went from multi-platinum albums endorsements everywhere sold out shows to his last album not even charting and no one would be even seen at one his shows." He grown up and still getting money trying to live his life. I'm sure he still bitter about how it all went down but the past is the past, 50 ain't doing much better these days so he probably smiles about that!

  • Anonymous

    Cowards always attack women.

    • Anonymous

      "Hehe, white Mike thinks Molly is a date rape drug, HEHE, you beibers are slow." It doesn't matter what kind of drug it is. The nigga said he puts drugs in women's drinks without them knowing about it.

    • Anonymous

      Hehe, white Mike thinks Molly is a date rape drug, HEHE, you beibers are slow.

    • Anonymous

      @kreay sound like something a white bitch would say.

    • Something About Kreay

      Didn't Rick Ross and his body guards run up on a 90 pound white girl at some award show and threaten her life for calling him fat and a fake? Damn how sad was that shit.

    • Anonymous

      Real men put molly all in their champagne and they ain't even know it. They take them home and enjoy them and they ain't even know it!

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    Bitch you fine but you ain't Beyonce. Your career wasn't gunna last past 30 no matter who you signed with.

  • Anonymous

    Ashanti,ashanti,she dancing for a dollar,:)

  • Sam-Angelique

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  • Anonymous

    Does she really have nothing else going on in her career so she gotta talk about 10 year old G-Unit beef to get in the news?

    • Anonymous

      But what does it say about her career if thats the question thats being asked

    • Anonymous

      She answered the fuckin questions from the interviewer, she isnt on Twitter name dropping for attention. Besides nobody cares about G Unit in the news outside of HHDax anyway.

  • Anonymous

    bullets aint got no names

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