Game Champions His Robin Hood Project Charity's Achievements

Game says The Robin Hood Project is meant for positivity, to help those in need and to help those who are struggling.

Game says that his Robin Hood Project has received $500,000 in donations since August, an accomplishment the emcee celebrated with a celebrity bowling event recently. At this event, Game spoke about his charitable efforts. 

"The Robin Hood Project is a charity set up by me to give back to the people," Game says in an interview with MissDimplezTV. "See I figured once you have everything, as a celebrity, once you have money, once you have cars, once you have family, once you have fans, once you’ve been around the world, what else is there to do besides start giving back?

"So I created The Robin Hood Project solely for positivity, giving back and helping people in need, people that are struggling, people that come into hardships in their life," Game continued. "That's all me."

In December, Game spoke about his charitable efforts and how traveling impacted his life

“The Robin Hood Project, I met a kid in Australia from Nigeria his name was John,” said Game. “And I mean if I had met him anywhere in the United States I would have enough money on me to help him the way that I thought he needed help. But I only had $20 in Australia on me. He told me about his family’s plight and how much it took for him and his family to get to Australia. And he said it was 20 people living in a one-bedroom apartment and it was just down the way. So, I gave him the 20 and for the next week I couldn’t sleep…I just wanted to help, you know? I wanted to do more. So, I came up with the idea of The Robin Hood Project. And ever since I met John I’ve donated $170,000 of my own money just to people.”

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  • lesa

    I think thr project has good intentions but no one seems to know where or how to get an application

  • Cassandra

    Just wondering if you may know how to contact the Robin Hood Project. Have been trying to find away to contact them to ask for their help. Just wondering if you could help.

  • aj

    How do you go by applying for application in urgent need

  • Andrea lon

    Dear name Andrea Long I live in Charlotte NC. on June the 30 2008 I had my 17ys. old my 18ys. old killed on the same night both shot back of the head, this young man was in a couple fights with my sons, know gang banging know drugs, all behind high school stuff, this young man did not want to killed my boys a 40ys, old man put a 9mm, in his hand told him don't punk out I HAD learn my kids fight together so they did later on the 40ys, old man killed family one of those family member 4ys. old he is on death row game you must bring your project here I need you I lost my mind wouldn't go out the house months but I dust myself off started having programs in the schools I work for the police here homicide helping Mothers to cope with death earn rewards DA.Office alsoour police with all my hard work this young man doing life I hated him wanted him dead but after I saw the Mother who raise him and with pray and serving God I can truly say I forgive him.look up some of my stuff at wbtv3 Charlotte NC.

  • Shawnette C

    I would like to fill out an application for the Robin Hood Project. Then I would like to pay it forward.

  • Ms. R

    Hello, I want to know how can I submit an application for the Robin Hood Project. I'm having a serious Hardship and I'm in need of help. And I can Volunteer my services if need be. I'm available to help out with the Robin Hood Foundation.

  • Ltanya Smith

    Hi I am so grateful for "marrying the game" I am loving that show since last season. It gave me a whole new light of him and his beautiful family, I truly wish him well. I would like to know if you can help me do an application for Robinhood project, the need is urgent.

  • GRiiP

    I applaud this young brother for trying to his part, to help out the less financially fortunate.

  • Anonymous

    Well done, Game. We need more of these.

  • Anonymous

    enough with the freakin "champions"


    Yo Game, why don't you take some of that money and get that retarded ass tattoo lasered off your face.

    • Ms. R

      A person can do whatever they like with their body. It belongs to them. See we have choices in life, and if you choose not to like his tats...that's your business! However, and at the end of the day...he's rich, he has beautiful children, he's a Father, and he's giving back! Now, if his tats bother you, just do like the Bible says, and turn the other cheek!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Get Yo Life Right

      He doesn't have an hourly wage or salary job like you. The career field he has succeeded in, is actually enhanced by his physical appearance. So, unlike you clowns that get tattoos for free attention, this man has made millions off of his.

  • Anonymous

    He better keep some of that money Big Daddy Suge said he got a slave deal.

  • Anonymous

    Next week he'll be back to bragging about beating up some rappers while his buddys stood behind him with guns drawn and promoting gang banging and violence.

    • Kap Diva

      That comes with the teritory. You haters would rather see him turning the other cheek and running, so y'all can call him a fake coward lol.

  • AFM

    I respect him for doing that

    • Kenyatta

      I think the Game should be honored for helping people in need. It should be done more often, because its the right thing to do. You get a blessing, being a blessing! "Be Blessed!"

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