Ice Cube Says He Knew N.W.A Would Be An Influential Rap Group

Ice Cube says he knew N.W.A would be "as big as any other Rap group out there" when the group released "Dope Man."

Before N.W.A went on to become one of the most acclaimed Rap groups in Hip Hop history, Ice Cube says he knew that the crew had a chance at stardom and at making an impact. Recently, Cube spoke with XXL about the moment when he knew he would have a future in the music industry.

"I guess the minute we put together the N.W.A single, with 'Dope Man' and '8 Ball' on it," Ice Cube said. "I knew this could be a career because people was just loving us and loving our style. I knew if we keep putting out records like this, we just as big as any other Rap group out there."

N.W.A has been a point of discussion of late for Ice Cube because of his involvement in an N.W.A biopic. February 12, Ice Cube spoke about the upcoming film. “The N.W.A movie is in full effect," Cube said at the time. "We got F. Gary Gray directing, me and Dr. Dre producing, and Eazy-E’s estate on board. It’s gonna be on Universal Pictures. It’s time to tell the story of the world’s most dangerous group." 

In April 2013, Cube spoke about the N.W.A biopic and his relationship with Dr. Dre. "[We talk] every now and then," Cube said at the time. "We're trying to put this N.W.A movie together. This is the real one."

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  • Jacc

    lol this nigga said this like a hundred times already

  • insanemacbeth

    N.W.A. were heavy with CUBE; however, 'NIGGAZ4LFE' was faaaaaaar better, w/ o the bredda. musically, conceptually, sonically!

  • Jay Dubb

    CUBE is one of the GRETEST EVER & he has that INDIEPOWER! He would never 'sign a record deal' or let anyone OWN HIM! Who can possibly believe IN YOU more than YOU?!@! Impossible. CUBE's new album & the N.W.A movie is just what the DOCTOR ordered! Give us the FULL DOSE! INDIE POWER 4 life!

  • Chred1991

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