ScHoolboy Q Defends Diddy's Business Practices

ScHoolboy Q also says Kendrick Lamar brought the West Coast back.

ScHoolboy Q has spoken at great length in the past about his friendship with Hip Hop mogul Diddy, revealing that Q even goes by Diddy's former moniker "Puffy" now.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Nation, Q explained his friendship with Diddy. "He's one of the richest dudes in Hip Hop," Q said. "He always look happy, even when he's mad or something. He just got that glow about him, you know? ...Diddy is that dude. Why wouldn't you want to be called...'Puffy?'"

Diddy's business practices, which has left his relationships with artists such as The LOX and others fractured, were also addressed. "You can't be mad at Puff," ScHoolboy Q said. "He did it his way. ...He ain't force nobody to sign with him. You signed over there. He's just a businessman. Don't be mad at him."

ScHoolboy Q also spoke about Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city putting the West Coast back on the map. "Everything just come full circle. South ran it. East Coast ran it. Midwest. West Coast. It's just our turn again. We got the glow right now. We got the glow right now, and Kendrick, he led it off...for the Coast. We have a lot of albums drop on the Coast since then, but Kendrick was kinda the stamp of the Coast. Like, we back bruh. You need that person to be spittin' bars, to sell some records to be able to step into the front like, 'Yeah, we here.'"

The TDE member acknowledged that Kendrick's release forced him to deliver a classic album in his upcoming Oxymoron. "In my mind [it's a classic]. Of course y'all have to say it's a classic album. You know, me saying it's classic doesn't really count. He [left] me no choice but to make one. [good kid, m.A.A.d city] was incredible. For him to be that bold to even make an album like that, that was a bold album to make."

Watch the interview below:

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  • The Nu Troll

    Puffy got some of that booty and Q stanning for him now. Remember when Q said Puffy called him outta the blue and didn't have his number. Puffy wanna piece of him and initiate him. So now Q crossed a line he can't ever return.

  • Anonymous

    This is from a 'genius' that told THE BREAKFAST CLUB he NEVER READ his contract he signed with TDE?!@! WHAT does he know about a 'good deal' & WHY Sean 'Puffy P.Diddy' Combs has NEVER had one of his artists talk well about him?! Shyne, Mase, Lox, Black Rob, Craig Mack, ................ WTF?!

  • Anonymous

    "You can't be mad at Puff," ScHoolboy Q said. "He did it his way. ...He ain't force nobody to sign with him. You signed over there. He's just a businessman. Don't be mad at him" In that case, Jerry Heller and Suge Knight should be treated the same as Puff?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, he can sell like Kendrick. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • torae

    Damn can I get a mention HipHopDX, he sat down with Torae not with Hip Hop Nation.

  • Anonymous

    Its not a coincidence that just about every artist that signed with Diddy ended up dead, in jail or broke and unable to release music.

  • Anonymous

    Dudes a looser i see a interview where he said i respect puff because he has loads of money smh all these guys care about is money

  • fuccya

    Brought the west coast back to mainstream? Yes, for sure.

  • Nameless420

    this crap is gonna flop he thinks he's as cold as kendrick lmao his first single was ehhh ok at best only reason i was gonna download it (not buy it) was to hear the 50 feature now not even gonna waste my time

    • streets

      dude is go flop ,,he yaps a lot of rubbish,,from that Jay /Nas shit.Puff and them,somebody tell ths clown to shutup...IM downloading it for free and my boys go get copies 2

    • Anonymous

      You listen to 50Cent in 2014? Damn homie what the fuck happened to you?

  • Rebeka18str

    Shawn44..hey i my webcam room is open to anyone..i got pics n vids there..come rate me sweet...www .x. vu/rebeka18

  • lol

    a member of hippies not hating on kendricks fame? winds are changning.

  • Anonymous

    Props to Schoolboy Q for not putting 50 Cent on his album, he told Angke Martinez that the Curtis song didnt make the cut.

    • Anonymous

      he said it didnt fit but he wishes he could have put 50 and e-40 on there.

    • Anonymous

      Schoolboy Q told Angie Martinez that the 50Cent song just wasnt good enough to be on his CD.

    • Anonymous

      nah it'll probably be one of da target bonus you don't get on Itunes. I don't get why artist ever do that, seems like it would stall album sales and make it more frustating if there are different versions of the album and would lead to more people just downloading it.

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