Cam'ron Says He's Working On 5 Projects & Has "150 New Songs Done"

Cam'ron planning on auctioning off one of his capes, may possibly sell the capes to the public in the future.

During an interview with Miss Info backstage at designer Mark McNairy’s fashion show last week, Harlem rapper Cam’ron revealed that he has quite the arsenal of new music stashed away.

The Dipset helmsman says he has around 150 new songs that he’s hoping to place on various projects. In addition to those songs, he says he has five different projects he’s currently working on, among those is a project with fellow emcee Smoke DZA and his 1st Of The Month video series.

“I got the 1st Of The Month project coming out probably next month,” Cam said. “Like it’s done. I just been weighing out the best options. Dame put together the A-Trak collaboration, which is called Federal Reserve. Me and Smoke [DZA] got a project going on…It’s like five different projects is just basically what we’re doing now is trying to figure our timing for everything, so everything makes sense. But it’s probably like 150 new songs done we just trying to place ‘em properly.”

While at Mark McNairy’s New York Fashion Week show, Cam’ron showcased a line of capes he says he may eventually sell to the public. Of the four capes the rapper says McNairy helped him create, he revealed that one cape will be auctioned off.

“It’s just something me and my team have to sit down and talk about and see if it makes sense for everybody…I got four to work with for Mark…We gon’ auction off one and see the response and then we’ll work from there,” he said.

As far as the inspiration behind his line of capes is concerned, Cam’ron credits his inspiration on straying away from the norm throughout his career.

“I been different my whole career,” Cam’ron said. “If I see everybody wearing blue, I have to wear red. If everybody’s wearing green, I have to wear yellow. So, I try my best to stand out. Being around this long you think of ways to reinvent yourself. And I just thought this would be fly. And when I brought it to Dame he took it to Deidre, took it to Mark, and that’s how it happened.”

During his interview with Miss Info, Cam’ron did not speak on a possible Dipset reunion although he did discuss the possibility of one during an interview with MTV last year. According to the Harlem emcee, he felt that the chance of a reunion between those in the group may have passed.

“[Chances for a reunion] might've passed," he said. "It might not. I can't say. We do shows four, five, six times a year together. We get booked to all do shows. It's just that everybody all got their personal thing goin' on.”

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  • rge

    CONFESSIONS OF FIRE- 1998 80,000 first wk S.D.E - 2000 40,000 first wk CAME HOME WITH ME - 2002 220,000 first wk PURPLE HAZE - 2004 120,000 first wk KILLA SEASON - 2006 115,000 first wk CRIME PAYS - 2009 45,000 first wk KILLA SEASON 2 - 2015 ??, ??? LEGEND.....

  • RICK ROSS@masterdnim


  • Brian O'malleys

    @adrianstreet DONT SLEEP ON CAMRON.........NIGGA IM IN A COMA cam aint been on the radio since Oh Boy you will never hear or see a KILLA SEASON 2, DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY 3, 1ST OF THE MONTH SERIES, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WEARING CAPES, ECT.ECT i can go on for days. cam been lying in his interviews for years now and he really hasnt been the same since the TRU Life scuffle and the CURTISS beef so any nigga sleeping on camron makes a whole lotta since 2 me my yout? ? ? Fuck boi out my face i just killed u case closeD

    • NOPE

      Well considering Killa Season 2 is his next album we most likley c it meat head and Diplomatic Immunity 3 (according 2 Jim is already in the works) know ur info or betta yet go listen 2 YMCM or Chief keef or 2 Chainz u soft ass nigga


    • Buggin

      U buggin wen was the last time 50 had a decent radio track (2009) n dat was 4 put it down on me (fruity track) Killa made radio hits like speaking in tungs and hey MUMA n made follow your leader wit Nikki n Ross (They both was garbage but Killa saved it)Curtis was 2 much 4 50 2 handel.All 50 did was help dispand Dipset (jus like Game help dispand G-unit) n he was doing all dis while his Moms suffered 2 strokes n had 2 take care of her.Dont compare Gunit with Dipset cause u is jus buggin (Dis nigga 50 even called up Cam 2 do songs wit him nigga 50 tryin 2 get out the hole he digged in 4 fuckin wit Killa)

  • Oakland bLeek

    2 albums in 10 years nigga.....?? think about that....Purple Haze( 04) and we are still waiting on Killa Season 2 right....?? what ever happened to the movie?? Cousin Bang??? - that was like back in 09 around Crime Pays. This nigga CamRon be bluffing......who the fuck cares about some capes? He needs to stop TRYING to be different and put a fucking album together, that Ghetto Heaven shit was trash. Cam got niggaz thinking he rich lol ..this nigga worth only a mil at best That nigga Dame Dash fucked his relationship up with HOV to hang with these lame ass harlem dipshit ass niggaz who aint good for shit. They only sucess came when they were all under Jigga. Dame Dash could of been doing deals next to Jay Z with the Brooklyn Nets or signing up sport players, or even eating out with Warren Buffet BUT instead hes doing cape lines with Cameron Giles and Vampire Life with Jimmy Jones lol think about that....

    • HA

      Killa destroyed Jay wit Gotta love it n Swaga Jacker (Jay also backstabed all of the Roc allstars exept 4 Kanye n Memphis he backstabed Beans n wanted 2 keep him,Was scared of Cam when he started rising up in power n backstabed Dame n Biggs)who wouldnt leave Jay 4 their child hood friends (Shows dat you would probably leave your brotha 2 die jus 4 a lil bit of paper)n Jay merged the ROC wit Def Jam which meant dat Dame n Biggs were basiclly cut out n had no where 2 go.I swear its cause of Jay dat the Roc dispaned (Beans n Cam had dat fruit sweatin)

  • Anonymous

    2nd line 93rd track " made pink cool,make your bitch drool,henny,weed,pills...... act the damm fool" LEAKED

  • Anonymous

    "i got a cape,dame got a cape...........what can i say,we bout that cake". first line from the 89th new camron song,LEAKED

  • adrian street

    my yout! don't sleep on cam'ron!

  • Anonymous

    Who the f is going to buy a cape?

  • COCA


    • Respect

      I respect ur opinion but in IMO he is top 5 jus because of this.1.)Was schooled by rap Legend Big L,Was signed by B.I.G jus 4 freestyling,Big Pun obviously liked him 2 do alot of songs (Basiclly he impressed 3 of the GOATS in Hip-Hop).2.)C.O.F went Gold,SDE sold ii (Coulve done betta thsn C.O.F but he had a bad deal with SONY),Come home with me went platnium, Purple Haze went Gold (Sold 800,000 copies n couldve done way betta than CHWM due to lack of promotion thx 2 Jay starting to be scared of losing recognition and power From Cam);Killa Season went Gold, and Crime pays has as much Sales to SDE.Also Diplomatic Immunity has curently sold over 2million records n Diplomatic Immunity 2 went Gold (Basiclly even though he has had fucked up deals when he was most recognized he still had Platnium n Gold plaques).1 more thing was his battles (Destroyed Stan Spit and Mase Carrer,Scared Kanye to the point he was putting cam in singles,Humiliated 50 Cent,Destroyed Jay, n Nas wasnt really dat much of a beef they just had a lil squarel n threw 2 Disses each).People really sleep on dis man it aint even funny.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas hatin on Cam because he ended 50s career with Cuuurrrrttttiiiisss!!!

  • Anonymous

    i bet 140 of those songs sound the same

  • RealTalk

    Cam'Ron. The worst rapper I've seen in people's top 5.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up he deserves 2 be in TOP 5.The worst ive seen is Lil Wayne n thier was even 1 time some 1 dead put Souja Boy (The guy who basiclly destroyed Hip Hop) in they top 5.

    • dumbshit

      when u hear any member of dipset on track u know its them and the crew when u hear crews and rappers today u cant tell which group or crew they rep or who it is..all the slow retarded southern rappers all sound the same ..same beats.. same flows.. same lyrics.


      Cam nursery GOAT emcee

    • Bulletproof Wallets

      He's def in my top 5 most entertaining. His creative ignorance is unmatched.

    • Anonymous

      fuck yo top 5, and yo couch

    • tdub22

      cam/dipset have their own sound, it might not be for everyone but its unique and was copied a lot at one time they had a lot of dope music back in the day but now they have lost their luster, the boss of all bosses series with vado was crazy dope we at least got that much recently

  • Anonymous

    hopefully its not any bullshit like the shit hes been putting out lately... cam hasnt had a good album since purple haze and thats real shit

    • Anonymous

      I liked Killa season that Jay z diss was 2 much n he has good sonds like leave you alone n shit.But i do agree dat Crime Pays wasnt dat much of a good album (Still good but not what every 1 expected).IMO my fav Cam Album is SDE or Purple Haze or maybe confessions of fire n my favirote mixtape is Puplic enemy #1 n my favriote album of all time is by far Diplomatic immunity 2nd place 2 dat is probably the C.O.C Collectors album.

  • Anonymous

    Danielle Harling fucking sucks

  • Manlisten

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