Hopsin Blasts Fame, "Two-Faced Fans" & His "Knock Madness Tour"

Hopsin compares himself to a "slave monkey in a circus," asks fans not to come to his shows and says that if he continues to perform, he may hurt himself or others.

Hopsin says he couldn't go on stage during a recent Fort Collins, Colorado stop on his Knock Madness Tour run. Instead of performing, Hopsin says he decided to walk "away from the show," and that he "never turned around." "I had too much pain to perform," Hopsin says of that night in a Twitter update made yesterday (February 18).

Hopsin's discussion of pain comes in a series of Twitter posts regarding a disillusioned perspective on fame, "two-faced fans," his own Knock Madness Tour and his life as a recording artist. 

"As of today I'm officially burned out," Hopsin says in his Twitter statement. "I'm 100 percent over being in this light. The rap game can suck my dick and so can u two faced dick riding fans who are quick to turn your back on me if I don't give u what u want. I ain't no damn celebrity and I ain't bout to play this 'fame game.'" 

At least some of his said frustration with being "in this light" deals with his work as a performer, something Hopsin also discusses in his Twitter posts. 

"This whole tour can go to hell along with the pain I suffer trying to please these idiots," Hopsin says. "I'm a god damn slave monkey in a circus now...My heart just isn't on stage when I perform anymore. All I think about is how bad I can't wait to get off stage when I'm on stage. I feel bad because I'm just taking your money and not giving u my heart...Don't come to these shows. You are gonna get an auto pilot performance. [J]ust know that the only reason I'm doing these shows is because I'm being pressured and conditioned to believe that money is before health." 

The pressures of this tour and the music industry have also caused Hopsin to question faith he once had in his higher power, he says. 

"Being so heavily involved with this industry made me lose touch with god. I don't even know if I believe in him anymore...I wanna believe, but I have really locked myself into understanding that he isn't real. And I never thought I'd reach this point," Hopsin says. 

At this point, Hopsin says he has also lost concern for those around him, including family members. 

"I'm so down....everyone around me could die and I honestly wouldn't give a fuck. Even my parents. I just wanna walk and keep on walking and never look back. If I stay here, I'm gonna hurt myself or someone else," Hopsin says. 

The tour Hopsin is on is in support of his most recent project, Knock Madness, an album that was released in 2013. The Funk Volume emcee's album received a 3.5 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX in its review of the musical collection. 


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  • Takeaim

    When will we see the " I'll continue looking for attention, while telling my fans they are worthless, and my job is shit " tour? Or the " I'm giving up, i'm giving up, but not really giving up " tour? I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

  • Takeaim

    Hops, you've been quitting for years ... Shut the fuck up and do it already? Or quit the whining bitchy bitch stuff and continue. You've been crying about quitting for years ( and i mean years literally ) but you're still here, still making tracks and videos. Now ditch the bullshit, practice what you preach, or continue without whining. There are millions of people that would love to be in your shoes, it's your fans that made you who you are, show some fucking respect and restraint.

  • Razor Ramon

    Waaay too many morons up in the b**ch. All of you sound like crying teenagers.

  • dustin allen

    you sound like a crying ass teenage girl whos boyfriend broke up with her!!! be a fucking man or just kill yourself already!!!

  • nacho libre

    People don't know what he's going through. They don't care about him as a human anymore, they only care for Hopsin. His fanbase and scumbag fans treat him like he's some slave. He wants to be respected for who he is. Pretty sure any of us would want to be respected too.

  • bexperimental

    After this I'm a Hopsin fan, respect to my dude for keeping it 100 and been honest in this world of snakes, liars and attention seeking assholes!

  • ETK

    sorry but it all comes down to a very classic saying if you can't handle the heat, GET THE FUCK OUT THE KITCHEN

  • Anonymous

    bunch of fucking haters on this dx shit you aint in that man shoes so you dont know, shut the fuck up and get a clue haters.

  • WILL


  • Anonymous

    This is why whites shouldn't rap. They are all too emo.

  • Real Talk for Ya

    You'd be surprised at how many rappers, or even musicians feel the way hopsin does, but instead are smart enough to call it "retirement" or "taking a haitus" it means they want to shit on their fans for not supporting them, think about that next time one of your favorite artists steps away.

  • Real Talk for Ya

    Half of the people commenting felt a certain way about ill mind 5 or him clowning, joking on wayne kanye and Kendrick. Now you feel vindicated to call him out for judging, and being real about how he feels about the music industry( Its ugly, it killed Michael Jackson, but don't worry, you probably still think he was a child molester). Oh and the other mostly half a two-faced fans lol the rest of yall are smart

  • Anonymous

    lol at this nigga acting like he actually has fans

  • Hopsin's Fans

    Aight then nigga, we gon let you fall off

  • Money First

    All the shit people have to go through in life from poverty, homelessness, hunger, etc and this dipshit has the nerve to complain when he is"supposedly" doing what he loves for a living? Get the fuck out of here!!! Dude you ungrateful, pice of shit....I liked your music and your concepts but honestly you can keep it the fuck movin'!!!

  • SlyiLa

    "The rap game can suck my dick and so can u two faced dick riding fans who are quick to turn your back"... this comment reminds me of everyone who posts under "Anonymous". Maybe Hopsin should have just posted his music under the same thing if he didn't want any attention but then that would just make him another one of these Anonymous assholes that ruin our world with disrespect, lack of ethics, fucked up moral high ground, and pure selfishness. Go start a fight and get some pussy you brain dead fucks.

  • adrian street

    just imagine for one second that this guy was a single parent working a 9-5 or he went to prison or something...

  • Come On

    Sounds pissed cause nobody is buying his albums or going to his shows. So he lost his shit. I was never a Fan especially after he dissed Kanye and tried to steal Slim Shady's old style. Dissing ppl to move up in the game is so late 90's early 2000's.

    • Fauny

      That's true. I didn't like the Kanye thing aswell. Kanye is a beast in this rap game, he already got enough problems from white america. Now Hopsin in the same boat trying to make him sound crazy. All KANYE SAID WAS,I should be able to do more than just rap,I respect that. Thats Smart,unless you're a beast like Eminem,your day will come where you'll become a washed up rapper.

    • Anonymous

      game did in 2006

  • Anonymous

    man I was I gonna actually go to his concert yesterday, but things came up and couldn't go...then I read this, I like hopsin, but I don't want an "auto pilot" performance, that aint what im about

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This dude sounds like a 16 year old with that "I dont believe in god anymore or care if my parents die just because I cant handle stress" bullshit. That's the type of shit a teenager says when their throwing a temper tantrum Every sign points to this kid being raised a spoiled brat. It shows in his personality of arrogantly judging people (Ill Mind 5) talking shit about everybody for no reason and whining like a hoe when he doesnt get his way. Fuck rap, I don't have any respect for this clown as a man

  • jaceshadoe

    I hope Hopsin keeps making the music he likes to make. Us fans needs honest music. Artist like DMX, Joe Budden, and Hopsin is what counter-balances all of the bullshit dumbed-down retarted music that u can't even relate to in real life. Keep performing Hopsin, shit, just stop the music while on stage and express how u feel even ppl hear what they dont want to hear. PPl will hate u for it, but at least u still have our dignity and being honest with yourself. You will gain a REAL fan cor base by doing that, like tech n9ne has done, sometimes Eminem, Slaughterhouse, other outspoken artist.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is an emotional cripple. Everybody has problems but only a truly weak minded dude would go around in public crying about it and looking for sympathy.

  • Anonymous

    Don't worry, Hopsin, I always thought you were a faggot who made trash music. Never changed my opinion.

  • BGG

    this dudes nose got more craters than the moon

  • Katrine

    I've seen some pretty idiotic comments around here, and seriously, you can all go fuck yourselves. He's a goddamn human being, just like you and I. He has his ups and downs, like every other person. You all know that feeling, when you are like really into something, like football when you are Young, but then you just grow away from it and you find a new thing to get interested in. All people experiences that, if not. I 'm not sure I'd call you a human being. Sorry, or not really. But he is a human, so leave him the fuck alone, and just back off with your screwed comments, they aren't helping anyone but your own ego. Maybe he'll one day return and feel like home on stage, maybe not. Only time will show us. I'll pray for you.

    • adrian street

      i dont think you get it bro. this generation is all about excuses. if he doesn't want to give people a good show because he's not feeling good, then cancel the shows and give people their money back. why do something half assed? just dont do it at all man. calling his fans idiots and shit doesn't make sense. these are things you need to speak to your doctor about. twitter rants are not poppin bro. maybe im from a different era where we just "shit or get off the pot". he's a human being, and all humans need to grow up. stop complaining and just stop rapping. go write a book or make blogs or something

  • Anonymous

    A grown ass 28 year old man sitting on the internet looking for sympathy because rhyming words together and performing them for 100's of thousands of dollars a year is such a hard life, F.O.H If you don't like your job then fucking quit, don't sit around and boo hoo about it waiting to see how many saps are gonna give you their pity.

    • Anon dookie

      ^^^ Has mouth herpes

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ LOL @ me having it easy when your defending a crybaby who bitches and moans about fame. If this dude had to live my life for a week, he'd shoot himself in the head.

    • A fellow human

      Yeah, because the money has something to do with this('tsk'). Life is not about fame and money. He found out the hard way, and want to share it with you idiot fans! You had it too easy if you think this is so simple..

  • adrian street

    so every day now some rapper is going on some depressing twitter rant? seems like a cry for attention if you ask me. just like how kanye would hate the paparazzi following him but then would hate it more if they stopped following him and paying attention to him. these guys love the attention, good or bad. if people stopped going to his shows and paying attention to him, he would be depressed for other reasons. keep it to yourself or vent with your psychiatrist, your hommies or your family if you are depressed dawg. spit about it in your music and don't do shows then. that's what you signed up for. if you dont like the lime light, then stay in your lane. twitter turned niggaz into bitches

  • Anonymous

    He's suffering from Depression. This isn't about being dramatic, or not appreciating what he's got. He is suffering from a mental illness, and he needs to see someone about it.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is weak as fuck on a personal level. If he's complaining about rhyming words together for a living imagine how he'd be if he had to do physical work for a living, he'd probably kill himself.

  • Devilrap

    If You support this spoiled little nigga then you are also...Bitch!

  • drizzy!

    This nigga is soft like Charles Hamilton, Wale and Kanye West.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is so dramatic. I ain't hear his music yet, but jeeze, what the fuck you think it was?

  • Anonymous

    From one vantage point I understand his frustration and sadness, living in the lime light is more difficult than people think. However on the other side of the coin, what did you expect? You think it would be easy? As Biggie said "Mo money, mo problems." I honestly don't feel bad for him, there are so many people in this country saddled with debt and struggling to make ends meat. He has thousands maybe close to a million people who love him to death and just want to hear his music. People would kill to be in his shoes to have the type of money and notoriety he has. If you didn't want all this Hopsin you shouldn't of became a rapper, this comes with the territory. You either suck it up and keep moving or just quit and disappear. Nobody wants to keep hearing you bitch and moan about fame. Be careful what you wish for.

    • titooo

      I agree. The problem is that there is too many young people who isn't mature enough with more money and attention than 80% of adult people in the world. They can't handle that sudden change in their lifes and they easily become depressed once they realise that they have more money to buy things, more people telling them how awesome they are and much more beautiful girls to f*ck with but.... if they stop doing music and having money then only their parents and luckily 1 or 2 friends will be there for them.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin was raised in a trailer park.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter fucked up the rap game.

  • Watch these clowns^^^^^

    Watch the 2 faced fans reply above....^^^^^^^^

  • Hopshit

    Anybody else even paying attention to what this cornball got to say? Because I don't.

  • Anonymous

    i was at ft. collins show- my 5th hopsin show- I kinda understand where he's coming from. I can't imagine being in his shoes- definitely disappointed because no one believed that he couldn't make it to the show just because of snow. I know he's been in a rough place, so we made the effort to go to Denver. He put on a pretty good show. Sorry to hear he's just waiting to get off the stage when he does his set

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