Jhene Aiko Says That Drake Is Her "Musical Soulmate"

Jhene Aiko says that she's in talks with Drake to do an entire project with the rapper-singer.

Jhene Aiko says that she’s discussed having Drake on her forthcoming Souled Out album. “I’ve definitely talked to him about that,” she says during an interview with RapUpTV. "I think that he is probably like my musical soulmate. Wow. I said it. Musical, though. I just feel like our voices complement each other, our writing styles, all of that. So, I would love to do like a full project with him. I think that it would be really dope.”

Jhene Aiko also says that she’s had discussions with him regarding doing a full project with him and that she thinks he’s on board with it. 

In the short-term, though, Jhene Aiko says she is preparing for the release of Souled Out. The collection, which does not have a firm release date, is slated to feature the song “Promises,” on which she talks about her daughter. 

The singer says that the album, unlike like her 2013 EP, Sail Out, will probably not feature many guests. 

“I did the album and it just shaped up to be all me,” she says. "With the EP, I left room for features just ‘cause I wanted it to be that type of project. But for the album, I just didn’t leave room for anybody ‘cause I have a lot to say. I just wrote the songs from top to bottom. But, if someone hears a song and feel like they can contribute and it makes sense, then I’ll definitely make room if they can do it before the summer.”

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  • Anonymous

    Drake is everyone's musical soulmate

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Drake and Jhene Aiko: two very talented multiracial individuals. Drake is the realest nigga in the game, a collaboration album would be a good look for Jhene.

  • Anonymous

    Nvm misread the title, sorry Drake fans that may have been offended.

  • Anonymous

    And he wonders why people say he's soft. Wtf is a "musical soulmate?"

    • Anonymous

      nah, Drake just been feeding her this shit while he smashes it. He ain't following through on any of this shit, just talk.

  • Anonymous

    yep drizzy tapped that.

  • Chred1991

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  • Anonymous

    Drake aka the Patron Saint of Tenderness aka the Human Glee Episode aka The Inventor of the Audio Scrunchie aka the Merchant of Cuddles otherwise known as The Wizard of Pause. When son aint travelin the world collectin magic wands n lookin for next level china patterns... you can usually find the boy doin lyrical origami on a track or out rescuin strippers from captivity nahmean. You kno you soft when you feel good bout droppin 10 Gs on a shower head that sprays lavender fragrances n shit. Word is bond... you kno you soft when chicks be showin how to do makeovers on youtube to look like you. You kno you soft when you inspire muthafuckin Zac Efron to get YOLO tatted on his creamy little hand b. You kno you soft when the furry mascots at ball games n shit be askin if they can get pictures wit YOU son. You kno you soft when you got a pink budgie, a baby owl n Aaliyahs face all tatted 5 inches apart from each other on ya back. Son I can keep goin but you should get the point by now

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