Isaiah Rashad Recalls First Discussions With Fellow TDE Emcees

Isaiah Rashad also explains story behind "Cilvia Demo's" cover art and project title.

When it came time for Isaiah Rashad to name his first official TDE release, the Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper says the title was inspired by his car, a Nissan Silvia, "the only car" he's "ever had." But the title isn't the only one that appears on the Cilvia Demo cover art, one that also features several other titles crossed out. 

"It was more the direction I wanted to go in right now," Rashad says of the project's title in an interview with Chuck Dizzle. "The names that got Xed out was just title names, but they ain't titles that's necessarily done. They were just not the right time right now. Cilvia was the one for right now. It was the right idea for right now. That's how it worked out." 

As he prepared to release this project, Rashad was able to meet and speak with different members of the TDE camp. Rashad says there was one question that he posed to the members of the team that he met with, including Ab-Soul, the first TDE rapper he went into the studio with.

"I asked [Ab-Soul] how did he feel when he first was comin' up," Rashad says. "That's the only question I really asked anybody...I just wanted to know if what I was feelin' was something new, whether I wasn't supposed to be feeling this type of way. Everybody identified with me...Just the little jitters. It's cool. They over now." 

Cilvia Demo received a 4 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX. To read the project's full review, click here

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  • Sam Snead

    This young man made a terrible mistake signing with a west coast label with insecure artists. The existing stable of artists are jealous of Kendrick Lamar, who is there brother of sorts, so imagine how they feel about an outsider getting more shine.

    • Anonymous

      he's a no-name and sold 8500 first week, thanks to the TDE cosign. next release he'll do at least 20000. and then it's only upwards from there doesn't sound like a bad thing at all to me.

    • Lord Jules

      You serious? What makes you think they're jealous ? He has joined a great label where he will prosper and develop.

    • Anonymous

      All of TDE going to the top of the rap game by the end of the year. I just hope they stop expanding and keep it as what it is. Keep a small camp of these 5 rappers unless they find another jem with the talents of Rashad.

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