Judge Reportedly Issues Warrant For Nipsey Hussle's Arrest

A judge issues a warrant for Nipsey Hussle's arrest for missing a court date.

A judge has reportedly issued a warrant for Nipsey Hussle's arrest, according to TMZ.

The Crenshaw rapper reportedly missed an appearance in court stemming from a 2012 charge of driving on a suspended license. The pretrial hearing was set to take place Thursday (February 13), but Hussle was not present, according to the publication. 

Hussle reportedly hired an attorney to represent him at the court date, but the lawyer was also not present in court, according to TMZ. 

In July 2013, Hussle spoke about how the Los Angeles Police Department allegedly handcuffed the emcee and searched his car. He also reportedly spoke about how his brother was mistreated by officials. 

"They pushed his face on the concrete," he reportedly said. "They dropped a knee in his spine then twisted his arm and cuffed him while he was not resisting."

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  • Anonymous

    The downfall of most young blacks....Jail.

  • Anonymous

    How hard is it to show up to court? LOL

    • Anonymous

      thats great and all but he should have just showed up

    • Anonymous

      His lawyer is an officer of the court, meaning his allegiance is to the court and not his client. Because this young brother is smart and semi-conscious, the system is at work to show forth its power and force jurisdiction over him and all of his activity.In law, there has to be an injured party - and there's no injured party - He's in this predicament via "driver license" fraud and the machination of evil ass foreigners who have codified the meaning of words, converting basic constitutional rights into privileges A suspended license?? This is a ritual!!! Didn't they just pull this shit with Suge? Sue yo fucking lawyer, and hit his malpractice insurance for some finances. - The world according to Rzdn aXr

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