T-Pain Clarifies "More Hits Than The Beatles" Statement

Exclusive: T-Pain revisits his 2008 string of guest appearances on the Billboard magazine "Hot 100" chart.

In recent interviews, and in a Tweet dated November 18, 2013, T-Pain boasts of being on more #1 hits than the Beatles. T-Pain referenced the claim in a recent interview with DJ Skee, and he clarified the statement during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

“I set the record in one year, man,” T-Pain said, while talking exclusively to HipHopDX. “The Beatles had 13 number ones throughout the time they were doing their thing. I had 14 in 2008, so that ain’t even countin’ 2009, 2010, and 2007, because you know I had number one records in all them years. Just in 2008, I set the record for the most number ones.”

In 2008, T-Pain says he appeared on 14 singles that reached the #1 spot on Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart. The list includes singles that are credited under other artists names and/or appeared on other artists albums—such as Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss.” T-Pain is listed as the writer and producer of “Kiss Kiss,” but for Billboard’s charting purposes, the single is listed as Chris Brown’s with T-Pain as a featured guest. The single appears on the Chris Brown album Exclusive. The distinction between the Beatles #1 singles and T-Pain’s is the Beatles are not listed as featured guests on any of their singles to reach the #1 charting position. All of the Beatles’ #1 singles appear on Beatles albums.

“The Beatles’ 20 toppers remain the most by any artist in the “Hot 100’s” history (Mariah Carey follows with 18.),” wrote Gary Trust in a January 2014 Billboard article commemorating the Beatles’ first time on the “Hot 100” chart. “When Billboard ranked the top acts of the chart’s first 55 years this past August, the Beatles ranked at No. 1.”

Despite the discrepancy between the amount of “Hot 100” #1s he’s appeared on and the amount the Beatles have, T-Pain graced the Billboard charts some six years after multiple appearances in 2008. As of February 16, 2014, T-Pain’s latest single, “Up Down (Do This All Day),” holds the #66 position on Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart. The single has been on the chart for 12 weeks. 

T-Pain's November 18 tweet regarding the Beatles is as follows.

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  • Cory Seinfeld

    I had a girlfriend once who acted almost cult like about the Beatles. It literally drove me crazy. I agree the Beatles were extremely talented and are entertainment Icons but only for their time. To put the argument in perspective does anyone believe if the Beatles came out in 2005 they would have the same success? Ahh No! The truth is the Beatles, tho very talented came out during a time when the music industry was controlled by very few hands. Music from certain artist of certain races were stripped and given to certain artist of certain other races along with the credits on a regular basis. The entire playing field was completely different. There are 100 times more artist now a days and therefore 100 times more competition. In order to have proper debate please add perspective. To have writing/production credits on the big level should be looked at as a big accomplishment. The Beatles were good during their day but only because the music industry was different back then. I will close with a sports comparison. Jerry West is presently the person on the N.B.A. logo. There is a quiet movement to change the image of the logo to the Air Jordan sign. Tho West was a legend of his day He can not be compared to the legend of our day. Just like athletes have gotten better because of better competition so have musicians! I was always a Monkey's guy anyway lol.

  • January Tyme

    Whatever this man is smoking, I want some of it. Firstly, the man has absolutely NO DISCERNING TALENT. The records he calls #1s are not his, but cameos on other artist's recordings. The Beatles forever changed popular music; T-Pain, on the other hand, has contributed nothing that anyone with equipment can't do. To those here arguing that this man can sing (with or without Auto-Tune), do yourself a favor and read up on what singing actually is. If this man could sing at all, he wouldn't use Auto-Tune so much. He's beyond a joke; he's a professional embarrassment. T-Pain is to music what McDonald's is to real food: fake and unreal, to be consumed by people who don't know any better.

  • Anonymous

    I know what T-Pain means. He's not the Beatles but he's huge for the culture. classic song after classic song. Because of him all these lame rappers want to use a vocoder. Stop playing with him like that

  • Anonymous

    The Beattles name still holds weight today. T Pain isn't even on the map. To be fair, he had a nice run, but to mention this dude in the same sentence as the Beattles is just wrong lol

  • Alec

    Your attempt to make distinctions between these two artists is poor. Plain and simple when the Beatles were making #1 hits, the whole world knew about it. T-Pain's #1's just appealed to the genre. The Beatles, John Legend "Were more famous than Jesus" statement, is more well known than T-Pain's career.

    • Anonymous

      No, they appealed to everyone. The point remains that T Pain's name didn't hold enough weight to compare himself to a group that are considered icons. There's no shame in that. It's just fact.


    the difference though? no one will even remember tpains shitty songs next year let alone multiple decades from now.. I mean shit I had to google tpain to see even oen song he was hot on and I remember a few bangers but u wont be revelant in 2 years..

  • pat

    Also note that in 50 years, nobody will know who T-Pain is, and everybody will still know who The Beatles are.

  • has been

    The Death of Autotune was the nail in the coffin for this stripper loving clown, Beatles have the number one album in history, clown ass nigga

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Bringing up the past doesn't make you relevant today. I listened to the Beatles last week but I haven't played a T-Pain song since DOA. You need to take a page from Future and reinvent yourself. He's not that great either though but he is making a success of autotune.

    • Anonymous

      You haven't listened to t-pain since doa? did you listen to him before that song? or do you always rely on other people to tell you what to like and what not to like?

    • Tpain crazy

      After DOA dis nicca lost it instead of believing in his autotune he went about dissing HOV which won't get him nothing or anywhere.. Hope he enjoy him self doing dat or thinking lame.

  • NutsInABag

    And where the fuck are you now? Fool think he can retire with a legacy now or some shit like people even remember his ass now HA

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but you CAN'T SING without auto-tune fool

    • Anonymous

      uhh yeah he can sing without out the vocoder

    • imho

      they are both terrible^

    • J

      exactly he can sing without autotune and t-pain 5000000 times more better than future. T-pain made the autotune style what it is. Dont we always give people in hip hop credit for reinventing or inventing something new ? Give t-pain his credit whether you hate him or like him

    • Nah Bruh

      Dafug are you smokin' on? T-Pain has showed off his singing talents without auto-tune thousands of times, recently did on the Arsenio Hall Show a few days ago. Just go on youtube and search it, don't be a fool and just assume things.

  • Anonymous

    nigga must be sippin lean if he thinks he can stand next to the beatles

  • Hard H

    I'm looking at T-Pain's discography on Wikipedia and he doesn't have any number singles on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2008. He has his only 3 in 2007, "Buy You A Drank," "Kiss Kiss," and "Low". He's completely delusional. He doesn't even have 14 number ones on the Rap and R&B charts. This nigga fucked up!

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