Kanye West Defends Drake & Threatens To Beat-Up Magazine Writers

The rapper speaks on solidarity with Drake, says magazine offices can "get ran up in they office."

After his much publicized rant calling out Sway Calloway and Charlamagne Tha God, Kanye West returned with another heated monologue at a performance in Newark, NJ yesterday (February 15).

After speaking at length about feeling disrespected by writers and media outlets that refer to him solely as a rapper, West took a break to address recent controversy over Drake’s Rolling Stone story in which the Nothing Was The Same artist criticized his Yeezus lyrics. “Sidebar: you keep on talking about Drake and shit and I’m gonna tell you what it is with these magazines,” Kanye said. “They always be trying to pit niggas against each other and that ain’t going down no more. So tonight it ain’t none of that, we love Drake, we love every motherfucker that put their heart into this motherfucking music. If anything, we gonna go after motherfuckers writing that negativity. Before that prints and shit like that they need to check with me and him to see if it’s okay before they get ran up in they motherfucking office. It only costs 250 to beat your ass,” he sang in an auto-tune manipulated voice.  

Kanye West Says "This Is Art" Of Yeezus Tour

The rapper’s speech began with a note on his rise as a performer. “When I came out with Late Registration, I was allowed to be an opening act for an arena show and it was an amazing experience. Then one Coachella I went to see Daft Punk right. And they just took touring to a whole other level. And I reached out to them, you know, the people that worked with them and I used the people I was doing work with. Then we created Glow In The Dark. When I did Late Registration, me and 50 Cent, we were the two biggest rap acts in the world and I had to open up for the arena acts. And now in 2013, it was three rap tours sold out in one time: Drake, Jay Z, and Yeezus,” the rapper said to a cheering crowd. “And what I’m trying to say is, ya’ll might go to like some shit like Las Vegas and see some motherfucking lights all fast, that ain’t what this is… This is art. This is Walt Disney shit.”

Kanye West Talks About Being The Son Of Educators

West returned to his previous line of comments, noting that when he is reported on in the media it’s rarely noted that is the son of educators. “So the reason I do all that genius shit I be talking is because, they’ll try to write you out the history books,” he said. “They’ll try to say that aliens made the motherfucking pyramids and knock the nose off the Sphinx. But when I look around and I look at all these tours and shit, it seems like rap motherfuckers selling the most tours and shit. So, wouldn’t it seem like every rapper is a genius? To put the words together, to relate to exactly what we’re going through today and to make that motherfucking music that you feel and you play. But when they say rapper, what they’re doing is their picturing an interchangeable nigga with some gold chains on and a red leather jacket. Not somebody that was raised by two educators, the first female, Black chair of the English Department at Chicago State University, they say the rapper, Kanye West. When they say the rapper, they not saying that to say it’s the person who designed this shit,” he said in reference to the elaborate Yeezus tour design.

Kanye West Denounces Nike, Google, And Apple Executives

The video ends with Kanye commenting on the recent release of the Yeezy II Red Octobers last week with direct criticism for the brand. “And don’t think I’m upset because I’m actually very, very happy,” he said. “The idea that those Yeezys sold out in eleven minutes, yeah that’s good for my ego. But the problem is that there’s 20,000 of ya’ll, so that’s not good for my people. And the reason I made the decision between Adidas and Nike, is because Adidas said ‘I can make more product for more people.’ I’m not here to be some type of novelty that you put in a glass box. So you could say that you’re the company that released the Yeezys and then can’t nobody get’em so you get them fake ass, all red everything else that you’re dropping. You be seeing that shit. You like fuck it, ‘I’m gonna get the Jordan part 800’s and shit. Least they all red from a distance, or if I’m in a club and it’s real dark this girl gon’ think I got on the Yeezys.’”

West went on to directly address the heads of Nike, Google, and Apple with a sung refrain. “You can’t stop my voice,” he said and sang repeatedly. Stream Kanye West’s latest rant below.

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  • ViableNutria7972

    Fuck Kanye & Fuck Drake. They both probably riding the dick train anyway.. Eminem truly blew Drake's autotuned ass off the charts. The Yeezy shoes look like a The Air Jordan's retarded cousin. And if anybody disagrees... fuck U too.

  • Anika

    Kanye is weak. His mouth must suck good dick. He just does not know how to shut up. There is no genius there. If he were genius, everyone would be hitting him up. Google and all those heads are dissing him because he is an idiot. He can't fill a concert and his taste is way overbudget.

  • Anika

    They still buying up their own merchandise? smh Son of educators? English? He can't even form a sentence and then those expletives. This is a dumb man. He has to say this to convince himself that there is something there. If your mom was so smart, why did she get an unnecessary operation that killed her? Gayfish is just gay.

  • Anonymous

    Salute to Kanye, you know you are LEGENDARY when white folks get mad at you for dissing other Black folks. LOLOL, wheredeydodatat?

  • Bruh

    First of all, dude shouldn't be disrespecting Sway in any way, since Kanye's the one that went off on Sway for no reason in the first place and not vice versa. Secondly, can y'all stop writing about the fucking Red Octobers? These have got to be the most talked about and most overrated sneakers of all time. And thank you Kanye, for ruining one of the most important events in modern history by naming your dumb-ass sneaker after it. Finally, can this PMS bitch stop acting like a raging teenager and try to at least come off as a respectable person? He might do it to try to reach a younger audience, while his own ass is getting old, but that shit isn't going to work if you rap like you're a modern day homo universalis.

  • Anonymous

    I Think Kayne should have died in that car accident years ago

  • Gregg

    I think Drake is the bottom & Kanye is the top, just seems weird any other way

  • Anonymous

    Awww. Kanye Kardashian is upset because someone insulted his boyfriend. How cute

  • 614grind

    Them Yeezys are the ugliest joints Nike ever made. Whoever wearin those probably got a leather print skirt to match.

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Got a love that chivalry is still alive! Kayne stand up for your man Drizzy. Proclaiming that love for another man publicly when that ain't dressed up like a woman is brave my dude. Much props, much props. And telling everyone that you don't care what anyone thinks all the time is true HipHop, because who cares what anyone else thinks (right guys?)! So I'm gonna keep singing 'Same Love' in the shower at the gym with all the other homies and keep trying to wash the backs of my muscular brothers!

    • Drake fan

      Couldn't agree more, love the fact that Kanye & Drake aren't afraid to show everyone that being homosexual is OK. It's just sad that Drake is dating Manziel & Kanye is a Kardashian or those two would make powerful lovers.

  • Lucky

    mannnnnnn if yeezy was up on stage tellin everybody to get high and be stupid, ya'll would all support the shit out of him... however, he's out here trying to make clear the struggle artists have to go through in order to provide us their art, and express how he's tired of being misused as an artist by conglomerates and ya'll want to bitch him out... smh i swear if it don't make you stupid, ya'll don't want it

  • JayZ

    Kanye wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Even Kanye recognizes that OVO is untouchable. Drake and 40 are pioneers and visionaries who command respect.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, faggot groupie. OVO are not untouchable. Drake and his boyfriend 40 are not pioneers/visionaries who command respect, it's the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    i dunno why he validating drake when drake bit some of his style and at the end of the day will make more money than him.

  • Anonymous

    I'm officially joining the long list of people that want Kanye to shut the fuck.


      YUP sign me up cuz this guy needs to shut up kanye talk to much for no reason lol what's he gonna do to the writers scratch their faces? key up there cars? beat up on their teenage kids? #SHUTUPKANYE

  • mj

    shut the fuck up and perform.. thats what people are paying money for. any one who thinks this guy is a true mc or lyricist your probably just as dumb kanye or kim.

  • Guest

    So the Apple Executive can't ask people to perform for free, but Kanye can beg billionaires to invest in his clothing line while he himself has millions of dollars to start up? This is why I cannot take him seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye acting like a preacher talking to the people thats not art it's making fun of christianity and then cursing the whole time not a genius hope he gets ran over by a car anybody can write a shit song about clothes money thid dude can't even be lyrical unlike Jay Z who was once dope until he started hangin with this joke.

  • 2pacfan

    What most people who support Kanye and call him a genius don't realize that Kanye does NOT give a damn about the common man. All his rants are self-serving..he only cares about himself and his family.

  • sniperk

    The more the media tries to make Kanye seem like a ranting lunatic, the more I pay attention to the knowledge he is kicking. The music industry wants their stars high and ignorant like Lil Wayne and the rest of them...

  • Brave Empire

    Kanye runs into a magazine office,see big ass niggas in the office and runs back out ---goes on another rant about big ass niggas writing for magazines........ the story of this man life.

  • jon noe

    this song is hot, but this dude kills it on tha nas joint!!! YAll sleep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScQpauY9AUM

  • hiphopsucksnow

    is the TMZ or a hip hop site..to much drama on this shit

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is a dick head and he is 40

  • Anonymous

    "What movement?" The 2x platinum movement.

  • Anonymous

    Preaching in his wife's homeland.

  • Anonymous

    PREACHH!!!!!! No, but shut the fuck up ye.

  • Anonymous

    Make this rant into a remix!!!!!!!!

  • Zoooose

    lol "if it's dark in the club she gon think i got those yeezys on" hahahahaha cause theres some chick out there that only puts out for dudes in yeezys? lol oh yeah, her name is kim

  • magmaticace

    its about money not about who gay,untalented or unsuccessful... Charlemagne's job is to give Kanye exposure weather its good or bad as long as they keep up hype then Kanye Charlemagne and Drake will stay relevant until some new comer steal the show..........they bout to make a collaboration album like jay when he went on tour with Justin

  • Anonymous

    You know... a little jail sentence might scare this dude straight. lol

  • Anonymous

    he goes after "writers" but when beans wanted to fuck him up who was the one who ran like a bitch??


      man FUCK BEANS... nigga is a WACK and DISLOYAL ASS NIGGA... after jay put this nigga on he still wanna do some ignorant hood shit to prove a point that he hard... too bad this nigga prolly blew all his money on drugs... fuck beans and fuck what he represent

  • Anonymous

    Sensitive niggas defending each other.

  • yes

    Yeezy the realest mothafucka

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Fab has some balls and will make a diss song.

  • Anonymous

    Drake dissed him and he's kissing his ass! Sounds like he's scared of Aubs.

    • Anonymous

      I know he dissed him because Drake never denied saying it, just that it wasn't said during the interview portion...

    • Hollywood

      damn stop being so nave my brother...how do you know drake dissed him?? because a publication said he did?? you have a lot to learn young man..don't believe everything you read...smh

  • Anonymous

    All praise the all mighty Yeezus Cristos.

  • Bappre

    up to I looked at the draft saying $9494 , I have faith ...that...my mother in law could actualie bringing home money parttime from there computar. . there aunt haz done this for less than 11 months and recently took care of the mortgage on their appartment and purchased a brand new BMW 5-series . Read Full Report.......http://x.co/3u0U9

  • Doocy

    Yeezus is a revolutionary and a prophet.

  • Anonymous

    we'll all die lonely, my friends............my friends..

  • Anonymous

    At least West isn't lonely and has plenty of friends. Lonliness is what we never want.

  • Anonymous

    Even Kanye West realizes how powerful Drake's movement is.

  • HipHopDrakeX

    HipHopDrakeX, your source for up-to-date news on hip hop artist, Drake. Drake Ponders Using Charmin or Bounty While Going To The Bathroom The Young Money rapper/OVO CEO also contemplates whether or not his shit comes out green or brown.

  • ETK

    didn't Yeezy say his resolution would be to stop ranting for 6 months? look how that figured out! I told y'all he's a lost case I gave him two weeks.. he lasted a month and a half, that's close enough in my books. damn nigga

  • gangsta gangsta

    Kanye n Drake imagine them two fruity bitches running up on you? Softest niggas in the game one in tight pants the other in a skirt like a fuckin homo tag-team

  • Fake hip hop

    Damn niggas be getting emotional and acting like 13 year old teen girls. Kanye be acting worse then a butch. Kim k need to stop giving this nigga estrogen cuz he turning into a butch in front if everyone. Damn rap has become corny when niggas like thus us what makes hip hop. Wayne, drake and Kanye turn hip hop into emo music. Too many butch niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the same guy who slapped a racist white kid 30x times(who ended up with NO visible injuries) and had to settle out of court for 250k? I wish Camay West would run inside somebody's building and beat somebody's ass, old softer than soap ass nigga.

  • my mind plays tricks on me

    Four months ago I remember on breakfats club Kanye said that NIKE DIDNT want him to drop more than his third edition of his sneakers. So no he say that went wit adidas bc he want to make more of the same verse for his pp??? Only brain washed ppl listing to him and buy his tickets....WAKE UP PPL ALL THIS BULL SHIT IS ABOUT GETTING RICHER...HE SAY ANY THING TO BUY AS MANY OF YOU STUPID ASS FOX...FUCK KANYE AND KEEP THAT FUCKIMG MONEY IN UR FUCKING POCKET.....U WANT REAL MUSIC LISTING TO OLD SCHOOL NOW DAYS BC ALL THIS FUGGS ARE ALL ABOUT MONEY AND SAY ANY SHIT THEY WANT AND YA BUY THAT SHIT....FUCK KANYE AND ALL HIS BRAIN WASH FANS.

  • Anonymous

    kanye west aint beating up anybody

  • Anonymous

    " It only costs $2.50 to beat your ass," He meant $250,000, as in amount he paid out to that 18 year old racist white guy after he attacked him.

  • Gleezus

    I'd be so bummed if I paid money for a ticket and had to listen to him rant in autotune for 15 minutes about how great he is.

  • Anonymous

    Drake shit on your wack ass line and you defending him. BITCH MADE

  • A Trillionaire

    I would venture a guess and say that a majority of the male population in the U.S. could whoop Kanyes ass in a fight. He has the physical prowess of Prince.

  • Anonymous

    soemone needa teach this fuck nigga a lesson

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