Lord Jamar Says George Zimmerman Is Getting "Paid Off Of Murder"

Lord Jamar questions George Zimmerman being labeled a celebrity, speaks on the psychological message behind a possible boxing match involving Zimmerman.

While speaking with Vlad TV recently, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar addressed the highly controversial celebrity boxing match that is rumored to take place between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX.

Jamar revealed that he has no problem with DMX putting his hands on Zimmerman, but did express concern over Zimmerman receiving a check for the fight and being dubbed a celebrity due to the boxing match. He also stated that “anybody with decency” shouldn’t support such an event.

“Do I want Zimmerman to get paid for it,” he said when asked to share his thoughts on the fight. “Do I want Zimmerman to have the title of celebrity while it’s happening? Absolutely not. And people trying to say ‘Oh no, well the new definition of celebrity is someone who’s known.’ The root word of celebrity is celebrate. So, celebrities are people that are to be celebrated. How are you going to be a celebrity from killing a 17-year-old child? And now you want to box when you claim you were getting your ass beat that made you have to shoot a mothafucka in the first place. How ironic is that? And now we gon’ call you a celebrity? Come on, man. That’s crazy. And so now the psychological message that is being sent is ‘Kill a black youth and you can get fame and fortune.’ That’s the psychological message. Everybody knows George Zimmerman. And now he’s getting ready to get paid off of murder basically.”

The New York emcee again stressed that he has no problem with the physical component of the match and even revealed that he would personally put his hands on Zimmerman if he had the opportunity, but is more concerned with Zimmerman being paid for the fight.

“So yeah, would I like to see DMX beat the shit out of him? I’d love to beat the shit out of him,” Jamar said. “Free of charge. You understand what I’m saying? Where he don’t get paid, I don’t get paid. He gotta pay his own fuckin doctor bills. You dig what I’m saying?”

Prior to speaking on the celebrity boxing match, Jamar offered up a few details on his relationship with DMX, an artist he says he met before the Yonker’s rappers rise to fame.

“I had met X just when Brand Nubian was about to come out,” he said. “We might have seen each other before on some emcee shit here and there, but like I started hooking up with him trying to record him and shit like that. We had a little studio in New Rochelle and shit like that…And then he was fucking with the drugs and all that. And I’m just trying to get on myself. So, I was like ‘Man, I ain’t got time for [y’all].’ And he wasn’t—it was a few more years before he came out.”

First announced weeks ago, the celebrity boxing match involving Zimmerman, who was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter last year, has found itself with a number of possible competitors.

In addition to DMX, Los Angeles rapper Game reportedly expressed interest in fighting Zimmerman and Chicago emcee Kanye West was also mentioned as an artist Zimmerman would like to see in the ring.

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  • Anonymous

    Lol he thinks he's friends with DMX or Jay-Z. These guys probably don't even know or give 2 shits about this old cunt. What a pathetic irrelevant scum. He talks like someone cares about his opinion. Mr nobody thinking he a celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    The Nigga is right white people kill a black male and they become a celebrity and get paid, Black people you better wake up

    • Anonymous

      gtfo and stop encouraging his racist bullshit. It has nothing to do with race. The kid could have been white, asian, mexicain fuckin purple, who gives a shit. Bunch of weak ass black people constantly pulling that race card out. Be the smarter one and stop encouraging this old racist bitter faggott.

  • jimmy jam

    I love all these Lord Jamar updates - now if he could come up with some half decent tracks again...

  • Devout

    GZ you said that it was God's plan that you take TM's life...So then, is it equally God's plan for you to be homeless without a normal life..? I think so...You LIED about all of the events that led to you taking TM's life...If you had told the TRUTH, then the TRUTH would have set you free...now you must live with that every day of your life. The only way out is to ADMIT your wrong and serve time for it in the Florida Department of Corrections...

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  • Springfeeel

    Finally an article without jamar bashing white people, he has officially moved on to bashing mexicans.

  • Anonymous

    Don't think anyone actually explained this whole scenerio in such a way. I was just reading his book knowledge of self, the guy truly has a lot of wisdom.

  • anotherDAYanotherHIP-HOPdxFAIL

    Lord Failmar thank u captain obvious for pointing out what everyone has already said.. please hiphopdx stop wasting time on wat this hasbeen has to say, thank u.

  • A Trillionaire

    Rappers have been getting paid off of murder for decades! Lord Jamar strikes again. His wannabe, pseudo-intellectual comments almost always come around to bite him in the ass.

  • Fish

    Great to see the weekly 'Lord Jamar Fuckery Update', interviews that are so easy to pick holes in it's unbelievable, so here we go. Zimmerman (not black) getting paid off murder - Jamar says NO Gucci Mane and Cassidy (black) getting paid off murder - Jamar says NOTHING.

  • To many Mc's not enough Mic's

    It's funny how every one up here hating because they looking for something to agree with acting needy as hell exposing themselves as some soft a$$ pillow plush pu$$Y cat Mfos

  • Anonymous

    He's actually making an agreeable point for once, but it's one that many people are making and I doubt hiphopdx would be publishing it if Jamar hadn't been making a lot of controversy recently

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  • lord jamar

    All you hating ass homos can shut the fuck up. I speak the truth in all my interviews. And I'll knock anyone of you the fuck out old school style.

  • pooda

    when ever i see a lord jamar article i just go straight to the comments...lol

  • Anonymous

    Let's hear what Sadat X has to say for a change.

  • Anonymous

    jamar been making sense, just the lemmings need remedial sh*t to cosign

  • Anonymous

    did i mention this site sucks cocks?

  • Anonymous

    This site sucks cocks

  • Anonymous

    for once jamar is right. Zimmer-Dogg that nugga tho.


    HAHAHAHA this old ass nigga talking jay z and dmx his friends. STFU. The only reason they still posting shit about this nigga is because he is a fucking RACIST. Vlad and DX should really stop posting his shit.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx suck dis nigga dick

  • Anonymous

    First time I agree with this dude (although he's stating the obvious)... but fuck it, let's blame white people anyways ;)

  • ETK

    First time I see this nigga saying something decent

  • Insight

    Question. How would yall feel about it if all of the proceeds when to the family of Trayvon?

  • Anonymous

    the first thing I've ever agreed with Lord Jamar on.

  • Verbal Tim

    this piece of shit make Zimmerman sympathetic

  • Anonymous

    Finally this nigga says something that I can agree with.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga finally making sense

  • Anonymous

    If you want Jamar to go away then quit catching feelings and adding to the comments on his article,

  • Anonymous

    All his Prop Black stances become null and void when you realize his rants are being exploited for website traffic by DJ Vlad's jew ass so he can sell ad space on it for a higher amount..... Just another black man acting a fool to make money for a white man, nothing more, nothing less

    • tn

      Stupidest comment I have ever heard. Jamar is being Hip Hoop something you have no idea about. He is spreading the message for the better of the Hip Hop community. Does not matter that he may not get paid for it. Hip Hop is not about getting money for everything. He is protecting and defending his culture like he is supposed to so that it will be around long from now to benefit the younger ones on the come up. Here is a legend who cares about hip hop and what its about in this instance.

  • Anonymous

    better than you white faggotts giving your two cents is the reason hip hop died

  • lt

    The only reason this piece of shit is relevant is because HHDX keeps him in the news. Danielle Harling quit promoting this bullshit you dumb fat b!tch it makes you and HHDX look bad.

    • lt

      Fyi I'm not a broke ass nigga. I'm white, well educated, and probably do make more money than you.I enjoy all hip hop just not this racist ads shit you guys keep promoting. It's 2014 you idiots

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      Worldstarhiphop.com Least they not some ignorant junkies haha

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    • DX Staff

      He sponsers our site so shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      It's everyone at HipHopDX... but Soren Baker is leading the whole group, not Danielle Harling.

  • Sebastian

    Can this dude STFU? Any rap artist that sells a single about catching a body is get "paid off of murder" too. Tired of hearing from this guy.

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