Nas Promises 2014 Album, Discusses "Illmatic" & "Street Dreams" Drama

Nas says writing his "Street Dreams" drama on Xbox has been "really therapeutic."

Nas' Street Dreams, the rapper's upcoming autobiographical drama series on Xbox, is set to be a genuine portrayal of the rapper's life, he says.

"I'm hands-on with everything, so this show is 100 percent authentic," Nas says in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Even if I don't look cool in it, I just want it to be real and raw. I didn't see this as a full autobiography at first. But I have so much that's happened in my life already. There was no room for fantasy. I wanted it to be entertaining, but everything from my life seemed to be so strong. It's all reality. There's nothing from my life I didn't want in there."

Nas, who is not set to act in the series, is slated to contribute music and co-write episodes of the program, something that he says has been cathartic. 

"It's really therapeutic," Nas says. "I look back and I think about my mom [Anne Jones, who passed away in 2002] and I know she's looking down. Sometimes, I have a conversation with her, like, 'Did you ever think that our story would be put to film for people to see? Did you know it was that special back then?' I felt it was that special. This is life. I have to accept that and that's what writing this is like."

Looking back at his career, Nas also says he is proud of what he accomplished 20 years ago with the release of his debut album, Illmatic

"It's like I gave myself a fortieth birthday present 20 years ago," Nas says. "It gives me a reference piece to look at myself and for me to analyze my life and what i've come from, my accomplishments, my dreams." 

Beyond his Illmatic anniversary project, Nas also says a new album is coming "sometime in 2014" and that after illmaticXX "comes fresh new music."

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  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Do people really think their loved ones are looking down from 'heaven' at their life? I mean come on...If there is a Heaven, which I'd say is quite a stretch, I hope I have better things to do than watch mothafuckas on Earth. I also hope my loved ones that are 'in heaven' aren't all huddled up together peering down at me while I'm fucking, shitting, jerking off, or doin' shit I wouldn't want them to see. No matter how much people evolve, their views on death and religion seem to stay on a childish level. With that said, Nas, dopest MC of all time. One.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Why is it cynical though? Is it cynical to not believe in Santa Claus too? Look, I RESPECT death, that's why I don't believe in ghosts or people in the afterlife watching us on Earth. Feelings are physical, so I think it's kinda ridiculous to think that people who are dead are somehow 'proud' of us or 'protecting' us. To me, that's an arrogant and egotistical point of view. I mean, people by nature are very self-centered. The same people that will laugh in your face for thinking there might be life on other planets are the same people that think there's a 'heaven' and that their dead 'loved ones' are watching over them in some cloudy paradise with harps and shit. It's okay for them just be dead. We will all die. Pardon the diatribe, but that's why it's important to appreciate your life and to express your feelings of appreciating for other people's lives. It's kinda good that we all die, otherwise we wouldn't feel any urgency to do anything. People just can't bear the thought that maybe their life isn't the center of the universe. With that said, I'd never want to talk anyone out of believing whatever makes them feel good. I'm just buildin'...

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      I think most people hope so, me included. What's childish is if somebody read your post, kicked in your door, and blew your head off because of your beliefs.

    • tim

      damn sensaye such a cynical view on people huh?

  • SDK




  • Damn

    The truth is that Nas cannot make as interesting an album as a 40 year old but also interesting is how others really helped shape Illmatic.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      If Nas isn't an interesting MC, then who the fuck is? Kool Keith? I mean, how creative a nigga gotta be in order to appease you? You want him to make a song through the eyes of C3PO? This dude breaks new ground on every album.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      That was the most rambling, incoherent statement I've heard or read this week. "Life is Good" was his MOST interesting album, if you've lived long enough to understand it. And of course others helped him shape Illmatic. If he sat in a padded room all day with no human contact, what kind of album do you think that would turn out to be. C'mon son

    • hollywood

      THe Truth is Nas been in the game 20 years and he looks younger than you on a computer commenting

  • gasoline

    smh..hip hop guys are slipping..i've read this article until the end waiting to hear about the new album but nothing..step your game up..

  • Anonymous

    Fuck outta here with this title.

  • DAMN

    Misleading ass title, fuck you HHDX

  • EvenOdd

    Maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't see anything in the article about a new album.

    • TRE

      Beyond his Illmatic anniversary project, Nas also says a new album is coming "sometime in 2014" and that after illmaticXX "comes fresh new music."

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