Target's Version Of ScHoolboy Q's "Oxymoron" Features "Californication"

UPDATE: ScHoolboy Q says that one of the two additional tracks available on Target's version of ScHoolboy Q's "Oxymoron" is "Californication."

Target has announced that its deluxe edition of ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron album features two exclusive tracks, according to the retail chain’s website.

The two tracks are not identified, however. “Collard Greens” featuring Kendrick Lamar and “Man Of The Year” are slated to appear on the Target version, according to an image of the album cover on the site, which is below.

Oxymoron is slated to feature Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Tyler, the Creator and Kurupt, among others. The tracklist can be found below, as reported by Complex.

1. “Gangsta”
2. “Los Awesome” (f. Jay Rock)
3. “Collard Greens” (f. Kendrick Lamar)
4. “What They Want” (f. 2 Chainz)
5. “Hoover Street”
6. “Studio” (f. BJ the Chicago Kid)
7. “Prescription/Oxymoron”
8. “The Purge” (f. Tyler, the Creator & Kurupt)
9. “Blind Threats” (f. Raekwon)
10. “Hell of a Night”
11. “Break the Bank”
12. “Man of the Year”
13. “His & Her Friend” (f. SZA)
14 “Grooveline Pt. 2″ (f. Suga Free)
15. “F**k LA”

(February 13) 

UPDATE: ScHoolboy Q says that people should "go to target" if they want to get the version of Oxymoron that includes "Californication," which also features A$AP Rocky. 

The TDE rapper's tweet today (February 21) about the song is as follows. 

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  • Erika

    • Anonymous

      OMG really? I"m DEFINETELY going to that site and taking my free viruses!!!!

    • Officeir

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  • Anonymous

    So does "Including 3 bonus songs plus 2 additional songs" mean it has 20 songs, cuz the Itunes version only had 17?

  • Dip$et

    heard a leak of the album... its amazing. If you were expecting a Kendrick replicate your dreaming. Q has his own style and is ruthless. Pre-Order that shit today. Fuck LA is SO HARD!

  • Jay Rock is a real blood no doubt

    I know the tracklist I downloaded it off piratebay yesterday schoolboy acts like a weirdo I aint believing his claiming crip so I aint buying his shit

  • Anonymous

    Still a shame that they couldn't get the sample cleared for Druggies With Hoes part 3. Still looking forward to this album though.

  • Anonymous

    No shitty 50 music on this tape so it is safe to purchase.

    • Anonymous

      damn thats hater shit. nigga said he wished 50 was on his album its obvious jimmy made him take him off since he left interscope.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like a fuckin retard, I've listened through the album like 5 times now and I just realized my tracks 13-15 were fake from other Q work, I was fuckin loving my fake Fuck LA track tho, really want to know what that one was lol.

  • Kris

    K cool. But just went. To target's site. And didn't see. The deluxe version. Anywhere on there. Also wish fif. Was still on there. It's ight tho. Fresh ill album.

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! They took off that horrid bum Fifty and put ASAP on it!! Im copping it now!

  • Jarnyy

    Schooloby Q`s Oxyomoron album has already leaked. This album is just awesome, I get it here goo. gl / oI4TmL

  • Anonymous

    They'll be interest in this from people for a month maybe, but this won't see Kendrick numbers unless Kendrick buys them all up.

  • FaDeD ObSeRvEr

    i know ppl tryna say it's too early to call this a classic but... ITS A CLASSIC DUDE. think about it, there has never been a gangsta rap album that's ever sounded like this...EVER. Q really shows some range, despite popular belief, in this genre. He approaches G shit from every angle while paying homage to his hometown. "and if you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack". i grew up in the same neighborhood as dude and i can feel the authenticity in his work. and if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and peep some of the new snippets. you'll see what i mean. i sound a lil geeked cus i am, this album is gonna be fuckin dope.

  • Anonymous

    50 in on the deluxe

  • mando

    surprised there was no soulo, danny brown, asap and mac miller features.

    • Anonymous

      he said soulo track woulda been a banger but didn't pass samples, although idk if he knows what a banger is since he has stated on twitter that his two favorite songs are blind threats and hoover street. One is okay and the other is awful. He also said he hates the track Prescription/Oxymoron which is the best track on the album out. He will probably release those tracks seperate from the album that I will manually put on the album.

  • Anonymous

    The album title and cover art concept is based on Schoolboy Quincy's duel personality of being a Black Hippy while simultaneously being a Black Ganngster. The Skimask represents the criminal and the bucket hat represents the hippy and thus we have the title "Oxymoron".

    • G

      The album is called oxymoron, because he talks about all the bad he had to provide something good for his daughter. He explained this in interviews already.

    • spliffyjones

      No its not. In an interview he says that the ski mask cover and the cover with his daughter(not a young hippy self, idiot) is meant to be an oxymoron because he is having to do all these things that a ski mask might be a necessary item. Its an oxymoron that he is having to do all these bad things to provide a good life for his daughter. There is the article. Here is an excerpt from it. "The album [...] is all the bad I'm doing, to do good for my daughter. Whether I'm selling drugs or robbin', gang-banging or beating people. It's to do good by her. That's why you got me with ski mask, and in the standard, you got my daughter on there with the same hat. And she looks innocent, but the same time she's tryna mean-mug. She's on top of the throne." Please stop talking out your ass. Fucking internets.

  • Anonymous

    "French Montana wasn't on the Mastermind tracklist but he appears on 2 songs.." The listening session review stated that French was on two songs doing two bar hooks with no 16s on the album, Diddy also wasnt on the track list but he talks on one of the songs, you might also hear Keith Sweat sample and Tracy T on a hook. (the MM track list has been updated to include French, posted on @FrenchMontana at Twitter.

  • sam snead

    I like some of his music, mostly because he takes risks but what is up with the cover of the album? Has entertainment industry became so uncreative that they have to recycle an album cover that looks like Kanye's from less than a year ago?

  • Anonymous


  • rahrahrah

    If 50 is on "Bangers" that would be great. That song seemed perfect for him.

  • Anonymous

    French Montana wasn't on the Mastermind tracklist but he appears on 2 songs.. THATS BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANA PUT PEOPLE OFF BUYING IT SEEING FRENCH MONTANA ON THE TRACKLIST WILL SCARE PEOPLE OFF

  • OUCH!

    One of those extra tracks is the one with 50 cent.

  • Anonymous

    No 50 on the track list, I might actually buy this Raekwon BJ and Kurrupt, wow that is a diverse lineup.

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