Drake Denies Criticizing Kanye West's "Yeezus" In Rolling Stone Article

Drake says he is "done doing interviews with magazines" and adds that "the press is evil."

Today (February 13), it was reported that Drake criticizes and champions Jay Z and Kanye West in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. However, Drake has issued a statement on Twitter in which he denies at least one portion of the interview. 

"I never commented on Yeezus for my interview portion of Rolling Stone," Drake says in a Twitter update. "They also took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue...I'm disgusted with that. RIP to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil."

Drake's criticism for the press was followed by a promise regarding future interviews. 

"I'm done doing interviews for magazines," he says. "I just want to give my music to the people. That's the only way my message gets across accurately." 

In the Rolling Stone piece, Drake is quoted as saying that there are "questionable bars" on Kanye West's Yeezus. "There were some real questionable bars on there," Drake was quoted as saying. "Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that." 

To read more about the upcoming Rolling Stone interview, click here.


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  • detroit slim

    this jew is just in love wit himself aint he lol? God forbid the half a nigga dont get on another weak ass magazine.

  • Ghildish Cambino

    This nigga learned the hard way tho. You just can't trust these mofuckas

  • adrian street

    Yeezus wasn't that great, but it still had more substance than anything this kid could ever put out. Drake doesn't talk about anything at all but himself just like Jay-z. But Kanye likes to talk about himself and also tries to "seem smart" with controversial topics for shock value. They are both garbage but Kanye has a bit more to him than drake and his production is better than drake's

  • Anonymous

    Jewish run media fighting with one of their own. Good shit.

  • lord jamar

    A crybaby talking about a skirt wearing muthafucka. Both these dudes need to get knocked out.

  • Anonymous

    Just imagine what rappers say about Drake behind his back...

  • Anonymous

    TDLR; Drake criticized Yeezus in his chitchat with the journalist before / after the interview, and the Rolling Stones employee was screaming "ON MY WORST BEHAVIOUR!" all the way back to the office.

  • Anonymous

    he just admitted to saying it but thought it was "off the record"

  • Anonymous

    real niggas stand behind their words

  • Anonymous

    Started from the upper-middle class now he's here.

  • eddie vedder

    Rolling Stone has a lot more clout in the music industry than Drake does. I don't think they will take to kindly to be called liars. This should be good.

  • Anonymous

    hope they release the audio haahaha

  • Markymark

    Drake got sand all up in his vagina

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of when they had photos of Ross in an officers uniform and he said it wasn't him, it was the jealous haters photoshopping him.

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee they got him on tape saying it

  • anonymous

    "never said it in the interview portion" so what does that mean? you said it to him outside of the interview portion.....? what do you think a journalist is gonna do, not publish something you say to them especially when that something is criticizing one of the most popular persons in pop culture right now.

  • Anonymous

    Philip Hoffman (RIP BTW), will be far more respected than drake's bitch sensitive ass.

  • al bo

    Phillip Seymour hoffman was a J. A fucking crackheahd. It's own fault he died. now they wanna give him a cover when Drake supposed to have it? fuck outta here now

  • Truth

    HOW DARE Rolling Stone interview Drake, and then publish things that he said? The nerve! What a bunch of evil, evil people.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ROlling stone. That's the same magazine that left wale off their best albums list.

    • Anonymous

      Ya know Wale is a bum when hes getting compared to Tony Yayo

    • Anonymous

      She betrayed wale dumbass and signed to rico's label. Of course she's no longer going to record. Tony Yayo, however, is still part of g unit but can't get an album out.

    • Anonymous

      whens tiara thomas gonna get her album out on wale's record label, oh wait

    • Anonymous

      When's Tony Yayo gonna get his album out? That wale copycat bitched when his album bombed. Wale's album is underrated by everyone. He was going through hard times just because not enough people checked out his album.

    • Anonymous



    Drake aka the Patron Saint of Tenderness aka the Human Glee Episode aka The Inventor of the Audio Scrunchie aka the Merchant of Cuddles otherwise known as The Wizard of Pause. When son aint travelin the world collectin magic wands n lookin for next level china patterns... you can usually find the boy doin lyrical origami on a track or out rescuin strippers from captivity nahmean. You kno you soft when you feel good bout droppin 10 Gs on a shower head that sprays lavender fragrances n shit. Word is bond... you kno you soft when chicks be showin how to do makeovers on youtube to look like you. You kno you soft when you inspire muthafuckin Zac Efron to get YOLO tatted on his creamy little hand b. You kno you soft when the furry mascots at ball games n shit be askin if they can get pictures wit YOU son. You kno you soft when you got a pink budgie, a baby owl n Aaliyahs face all tatted 5 inches apart from each other on ya back. Son I can keep goin but you should get the point by now

  • deez

    One sensitive man is drake

  • Anonymous

    This is great news, No more Drake magazine interviews

  • Anonymous

    FUCK THIS WEB SITE: All I ever see is trolling Kanye,Drake or Wayne, Then its off to sweating Eminems balls.... Fucking rookie editor

    • Andres Tardio

      No, fuck YOU, you punk ass bitch made motherfucker. I'm sick of taking the blame just for doing a motherfucking job. You don't like it? Then go fuck yourself with a rusty pitchfork, asshole.


    This is a conflicted nigga rite here. If this aint a nigga wit a identity crisis I dont kno what is namsayin. First you got the Drake thats like the Taio Cruz of hip hop. The nigga got the most bitchmade voice on earth so its not like it takes son much effort to go FAM (Feminine As a Muthafucka) on a track. But then you look again n the niggas hollerin soo woo n twistin his fingers in all sortsa stupid ways while he takin a picture wit Jeezy. Then you hear the nigga promisin to wife any broad that glances in his general direction in a song. Then theres Drake who dont give a fuck bout a bitch or a hoe. Then theres Drake who will snuggle up in a broads lap n fall asleep. We all kno who the real Drake is but son wants to have his cupcake n eat it too namsayin. First off this nigga had approximately zero male role models in his household to look up to while he was growin up. So it aint came as no surprise to his moms when son had a Jack Sparrow walk n stuck his pinky out when he held his teacups. Son probably weighs about 190 or 200n at least 50 of those pounds gotta be due to female hormones alone yo. But aint nobody mad at the nigga for all that effeminate shit. That cornball shit aint the facade. Its the fake ass shit that niggas cant look past namsayin. Ayo sonwill.i.am. is a corny nigga too. That nigga Travie McCoy a corny nigga. Even Will Smith is a corny nigga. But those dudes stay in they own lane. They jus some pop niggas. So nobody got problems wit em. Even Nelly accepted that he was better off livin his life as a pop nigga n stopped talkin bout street sweepers n blowin weed in his hooks namsayin. But them dudes dont represent US as a culture like that. If this nigga wanna step up n be the face of hip hop n talk bout how he gon follow in the footsteps of niggas like Jay-Z then he better rep the culture correctly. Otherwise he need to take his Febreze-garglin, B-throwin, hoe-savin, bubblegum R&B ass home son.

  • Anonymous

    What message is he pretending to get across? Materialism, egocentrism? He offers little else. Man can rap and write a catchy hook or two, but don't pretend to have a "message".

  • Anonymous

    AUbrey don't want it with Fab. Fab got up this morning and went straight to the studio to craft his response. I bet he already got like 15 corny punchlines about Drake.

  • Anonymous

    Hes backtracking hard now.. Respectable magazines don't just make up quotes like that. I bet they got him on tape saying that shit.

  • OUCH!

    Notice he didnt say anything about jayz's art rapping being CORNY lol

    • Anonymous

      whats even cornier than Jay-Z's art rapping is when Ross and them started doing the same thing just cause Jay did it.


    This the type a cornball ass nigga who pulls up in the McDonalds drive thru to order a smile wit his meals nahmean. When he aint craftin summa the most bitchmade songs known to man he probably spends his time twirlin round in prairies n braiding blades of grass together to make clothes for wild animals n stupid shit like that yo. Nigga probably swings his window shutters open in the morning n has birds n squirrels crawlin up his curtains while he sings songs to them n shit. You might catch that nigga in the forest playin a harp or sumthin namsayin. Son probably got pictures on his walls of miniature babies sittin in fruit bowls n sproutin from gardens n shit like that. That muthafucka mussa got bit by a radioactive butterfly one day namsayin. Word is bond.

  • Happy

    So gald we are back to the 24 hour Drake coverage, I sure have missed the daily Drake segment the past few weeks.

    • DX Staff

      You'll love the 24 hour rick ross coverage around the time mastermind is released. That is, unless, of course, you are a groupie unit groupie.

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