Drake Criticizes & Champions Kanye West & Jay Z

Drake criticizes Jay Z's art references and Kanye West's "questionable bars," but says the two rappers are "gods" to him.

Yesterday (February 12), Drake criticized Macklemore's Grammys text message to Kendrick Lamar in an excerpt from the rapper's upcoming Rolling Stone feature. Today, more has been revealed regarding the article, which also features Drake criticizing and celebrating the work of Jay Z and Kanye West. 

Drake critiques Jay Z's references to art, for instance. "It's like Hov can't drop bars these days without at least four art references," Drake says in the article, as found on  DDotOmen. "I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole Rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny." 

Drake also finds flaws in some of Kanye West lyrics, citing content on the rapper's most recent album, Yeezus. "There were some real questionable bars on there," Drake says, before also referencing Fabolous. "Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that." 

Drake has made comments about Jay Z and Kanye West in some of his raps in the past, though at times indirectly. "I'm just feelin' like the throne is for the taking" Drake raps on "I'm On One." "Watch me take it." Rolling Stone notes that this line appears to reference Watch the Throne, an album crafted by Jay Z and Kanye West. When asked about a past rift between Drake and the Watch the Throne duo, Drake admits that tension once existed. "It was a lack of communication paired with natural competitiveness," Drake says. "But those two are gods to me." 

Kanye West, specifically, Drake says, has been an integral influence in his work. "Kanye’s the reason I’m here," Drake says. "I love everything about that guy." The respect appears to be mutual. In December 2013, Kanye West referred to Drake as "Rap God." 

Drake, who says he is planning to work with Kanye West on an upcoming project, also speaks about his recent "Saturday Night Live" gig as the show's host and musical guest. In the Rolling Stone interview, Drake says he hopes the appearance reopens doors to his career as an actor and he shares more about other goals he had before agreeing to do the program."I wanted to prove that there's a distance between me and the people you consider to be my peers," he says in the piece. "I have something special." 

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  • Anonymous

    "Did you go around the country and asked everyone their favorite movies? If not, then shut up." Iron Man - Domestic Gross $318 m Schindler's List - Domestic Gross $96 m Feel free to eat shit...

  • Anonymous

    "Kendrick's album got more critical acclaim and respect in the hip-hop community than any of body of work released by Drake thus far, that has to sting a little" Schindler's List got critical acclaim, yet 99% of America would rather watch Iron Man. All record labels care about are sales, and last time I checked, Drake was easily winning that game. The part that stings for Drake is probably the fact people are taking shots at him when in fact Kendrick started this, but instead of the hip hop community calling Kendrick out for it, they embrace him because he's the new kid, so they want to ride his popularity dick train.

    • asd

      Drake simply has the entire female community behind him because he makes half r&b music. He still claims to be a hardcore rapper and the best rapper in the game when he is only succesful because of female support for love songs. That being said he has made plenty of great rap bangers, but Kendrick blew up the spot with 100 percent real straight rap, no singing, no emotional sensual love longs, just delivery flow and lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      quote-man's the type that'll eat a dick sideways and tell it to you like it's an obscure way to approach a culinary art say I'm lying, lol

    • Anonymous

      "The part that stings for Drake is probably the fact people are taking shots at him when in fact Kendrick started this" Oh, yeah. Blame Kendrick for people talking shit about Drake when that's been going on since he first became famous.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a true lying idiot. It doesn't matter what the labels want, sales doesn't make better music and Kendrick has better music than Drake. Also, Kendrick didn't even start anything, it's Drake who's getting all sensitive over nothing and dissing people. "Schindler's List got critical acclaim, yet 99% of America would rather watch Iron Man." Did you go around the country and asked everyone their favorite movies? If not, then shut up.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, HOW DOES DRAKE CALL ANY OTHER MAN CORNY????????? This guy hops around the stage like a flaming homosexual who's suffering from a seizure. This nigga is a straight cornfield. This nigga is high-fructose corn syrup. WHEN IS SOMEONE GONNA SMACK THIS NIGGA UPSIDE HIS FACE FOR TALKING SHIT ABOUT DUDES THAT ARE BETTER THAN HIM????

  • In Your Fucking Face

    NON FUCKING ISSUE. Any sincere fan would have an opinion on their favorites work. THIS IS CALLED THE SPIN CYCLE. Pay attention yuppies

  • lowprofile

    no member of YMCMB has a right to call anything corny period...I mean yes Jay z is getting carried away with his art collection but fact it he is the only one doing it, how about Wayne and his pussy eating lines on every verse. these days it seems like drake is some lord jamar tip tryna sound smart but sounding stupid at it... couple of weeks ago he referred to American gangsta as just a bunch of crack songs when truth is that's probably top 5 jay z albums of all time, he also complains about macklemore's apology being corny... newsflash faggot that's his opinion he felt that Kendrick deserved the award better than anyone... take it lika a man white boy

  • Anonymous

    look at Jay-Z he is a friend with a rich canadian nick/disney star but he forgot about his real friends who lived in the ghetto with this camelface

    • anonymus

      Nick,Disney, CTV whatever nigga he was on Degrassi that's one song away from being Glee for Canadians. Far from Disney or Nick but very close to Logo and Bravo.

    • Johnny Blayze

      It originally aired and pushed by Much Music, so silence, dummy.

    • Anonymous

      "made by the equivalent of MTV in Canada." CTV is not the equivalent of MTV in canada, MTV Canada, or MuchMusic is the equivalent to MTV in Canada.

    • Kroell

      Drake was in Degrassi. Your argument is invalid and incorrect

    • Johnny Blayze

      Drake was never on Nick or Disney... He was on a teen/young adult drama, made by the equivalent of MTV in Canada. Deals with sex, drugs, gun violence and discrimination. Far from Nick and Disney material.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is the best Rapper alive. Isn't he?

  • Anonymous

    Drake is getting more news now than when his his last album was released.

  • Drake is Almost Cooked

    The first sign that a rapper is slipping is when instead of talking about themselves they use their time in the media to diss others to get a headline. Just like Drake has done with his hypocritical, perplexing jabs at macklemore, jay z and kanye.

  • Anonymous

    I just spoke to Jesus , he said what up yeezus- corny Jay z - head of the fam-I-ly....corn dog


    lol ok after reading through this thread I see why out of towners get capped all the damn time. Let me break it down for some of you bamas. They are hood niggas EVERYWHERE. Real talk. I don't care how hard you think your hood is how serious you think you bang but that shit only holds weight in your city. Period. End of discussion. Once you enter another city you gotta abide by a new set or rules or that is your ass. If you seriously think that their aint not killas in Oklahoma you done lost your damn mind. I aint even never been to Oklahoma but I've been to enough cities to know that there are hoods everywhere and in everyone of them if you aint staying in your lane something will happen to you. When I used to go to school in Richmond I used to see it all the time. Niggas would come from out of town thinking that they hard and get sent home in a body bag. So you can be like come out to Cali and try that shit and see what happens but lets be real that is in your hood. You go out to their hood and try to test niggas and see how you end up. You will prolly find your ass face down in the dirt of some Oklahoma prairie on some cowboy shit. Niggas forget that Oklahoma is the wild west. Niggas been had guns and been shooting fools up BEFORE they started banging. Just because they flashing colors now don't mean that they just started going hard. Y'all need to learn to respect gangsta cause if you don't that shit will get your dumb ass killed off some stupid shit. Just look at what happened to when T.I. thought he could G check niggas in Cincinatti. They sprayed that niggas whip reloaded drove back around and hit his ass up again. When you in someone elses city you gotta play by their rules.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHA what a pointless rant from a low life fucking loser... so sad that you live in a world of fear, violence, anger and retribution. You dumb ghetto "hood niggas" are the lowest members of our society because of this way of thinking. Do us all a favor and stay in the ghetto and leave the rest of the country to the civilized individuals who contribute to its growth and prosperity.

    • Anonymous

      what does this have to do with Drake being a female

  • Really

    "Do I love these hos? Kinda, sorta. I got em drinkin Sangria like it's fucking water." - Drake. Alright, let's break this down. Does Aubrey love females? Well, a little bit.. he's kinda half way on it. So since he's half way, he's saying he's a bisexual (he's also half white/half black.. double entendre!) But when he is loving the hos, he has them drinking some fruity ass wine punch beverages. No real n---a has any damn sangria in his house. Unless he's gay. So, the second line is once again referencing his homosexuality. Drake: 2nd best rapper in homosexual history (1st is obviously Macklemore)

  • QB

    This half-White boy is really showing his true colors. He's been jealous of Kendrick now this and he throws shots at Fab for no reason at all. Plus he cried at Rolling Stone because they put that actor that just died on the cover instead of him. What a bitch..

    • Anonymous

      "Drake's mixtape had as much acclaim and buzz in the industry as Kendrick's album, so...." Maybe when it came out but it wont stand the test of time.

    • Johnny Blaze

      Johnny Blayze you have no credibility because you a) are dumb and do not know that Blayze is spelled Blaze or b) you are trying to be cool and spell Blaze Blayze which is also equally dumb and unnecessary. So keep on glazing your dick to drake songs and hope that one day Aubrey will tell you he loves you. Obviously someone needs to

    • p

      Shut up, Lord Jamar.

    • Johnny Blayze

      Drake's mixtape had as much acclaim and buzz in the industry as Kendrick's album, so....

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick's album got more critical acclaim and respect in the hip-hop community than any of body of work released by Drake thus far, that has to sting a little.

    • ^

      We got a lying, delusional Drake stan here.

    • Johnny Blayze

      Drake jealous of Kendrick? LOL are you serious? Every album Drake came out with outsold Kendrick. Drake brought Kendrick on his tour to give Kendrick at the time his biggest tour exposure. Drake has 40 city arena tours. Kendrick tags along as a warm-up for the headline on arena tours. Drake kills hooks and verses and is sought after by everyone in the game to be featured. Drake is not jealous at all. Kendrick isn't even at Drake's level at this moment in time. Let Kendrick first have the body of work (albums, singles, features, tours, business, etc) that Drake has. Funny part, Drake has single, that aren't even on any album that get major spin (Trophies, Girls Love Beyonce, etc).

  • anonomilly

    Yeah, corny huh? like "i can speak your language Rosetta Stoooooonne" and countless other corny bars in Drake's verses... I used to like Drake for the most part but he needs to do a little self evaluation before he starts calling dudes like Jay and Kanye corny... Lil Wayne isnt corny?? Nikki Minaj isnt the least bit corny?? Fuck outta here Drake

  • Anonymous

    I would love for someone to caption that picture. Looks funny.

  • Anonymous

    drake calling someone else corny. I've heard it all.

  • Anonymous

    gotta agree with Aubrey on this one... Hov raps like an old white guy who manages hedge funds. we get it, you rich, whoopty doo

  • nonsense

    ha...haha...hahaha.....Bahahahahahahaha!! the only worthy person in this article is Jay, and he's been wack as hell his last couple efforts

  • One To Talk

    "...A B I bought your CD" Enough said

  • sam snead

    Kanye is about beats and production and crafting a good song or album not bars, is what I ment

  • Sam Snead

    After being around for so long Jigga has to rap about something that he was not talking about before I guess. Not that Jigga should have not stayed retired or at least when he came back he should have retired after BP3 (not that it was great but better than Kingdom). Kanye- questionable bars? Every Kanye album has had more than it's fair share of them. Kanye is better known for beats and crafted a good song or album but not bars

    • @KingZulu

      Word! Jigga's been in the game so long he has to try new topics. Drake may be right Jay is overdoing the arts thing, but thts the kind of thing u notice when u either jealous of a nigga or studying him. Dudes shld give Jay a break, he has done enough - Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint,American Gangster. Let him make his paper now!

  • Anonymous

    What's the Kanye bar he's talking about?

    • Anonymous

      Time to take it too far noAnnotatew Uh, Michael Douglas out the car now Uh, got the kids-and-the-wife life Uh, but can't wake up from the nightlife Uh, I'm so scared of my demons Uh, I go to sleep with a nightlight Uh, my mind move like a Tron bike Uh, pop a wheelie on the Zeitgeist Uh, I'm finna start a new movement Uh, being led by the drums Uh, I'm a rap-lic priest Uh, gettin' head by the nuns Uh, they don't play what I'm playin' Uh, they don't see what I'm sayin' Uh, they be ballin' in the D-League Uh, I be speakin' Swaghili

  • Sa'id

    Oh, the irony of Drake calling something "corny"...

  • Barry Johnson

    I don't think the word "criticize" should be used regarding Drake's comments. Dude just made an observation about Jay's raps that are in fact true. Jay has referenced art pieces a lot recently, which he actually started doing after Ye made it cool. Also, what's wrong with him pointing out some of the questionable bars from Yeezus? He shouldn't redact that comment. Many people made similar points about that album after it dropped. Given all of the flack Drake caught after dropping NWTS, it makes sense that he's taking more an authoritative tone.

    • Anonymous

      criticize verb 1. indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way. "states criticized the failure to provide an adequate and permanent compensation" 2. form and express a sophisticated judgment of (a literary or artistic work). "a literary text may be criticized on two grounds: the semantic and the expressive" nah b hes criticizing.. you just forgot what shit means

    • Anonymous

      Drake has so many more questionable bars on his own albums though, Homie said "Drinks on the House like Snoopy"

  • Aaron

    This shit dont even sound like Drake. apparently this is in the upcoming Rolling Stones feature and Drake basically backtracked this statement. THEN we shouldnt see it in the Rolling Stones article. I doubt Drake would take his statement back if its wrote in an article. All in All, i think this article and quotes are bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Coming from the guy who said "Shout out to asian girls let the lights Dim Sum"?

  • Anonymous

    Drake is so much more powerful than Kanye and Jay put together.

  • KGR

    And you Drake can make a song without fucking singing like a hoe to pleasur your lil girly fans who won't care about you in 10 years when you're old instead of making some dope hip hop stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Sup wit that Fabo line tho? Wud luv to see Fab take that the wrong way and really get @ this guy, Drake is a talented artist and holdin' it down these days but Fab is the most underrated kat in the game today and cud really be a thorn in this guy side...

  • the truth

    Jay z only raps now cos them cats from the 90s are all dead - made it to the top of the class 18 years later (jigga corny) PAC,BIG,PUN,BIG L,NAS,KOOL G,DOGG POUND,SNOOP, all these cats where way bigger the Jigga in the 90s (go make a remake of GREASE with Beyonce you clown)

    • Anonymous

      In the 90's Jay-Z did not sell more records than BIG. Maybe now he has

    • Dmill

      Jay-z sold more records than Nas, BIG, Pun, BIG L, Kool G Rap and The Dogg Pound in the 90s How was he not big?

    • Anonymous

      nope he's right. Hov didnt really blow up until the competition got watered down. went at that boy nas and got ETHERED. nigga was distraught on the nyc radio like "man... cant believe he said that it was just..... harsh"

    • Na

      Stupid fucking comment...

    • Picasso Micheaux

      When did being one of the last men standing become corny? When did slow and steady professional growth become corny? When did cuffing one of the all time great female entertainers become clownish? Do yourself a favor...Find a mirror, and ask the guy you see a simple question.... "Are you out your rabid assed mind?"

  • the truth

    if you listen to Drake music go pop yourself - if u listen to kanye you got to be a homo - and jigga needs to retire 47 years old and still rappin thats corny - plus he never sold no drugs stop lying - big lips

  • Hans Dolo

    Who the fuck is this guy to talk about questionable bars???? Should we make a list?

  • Anonymous

    Drake needs to be about instead of talk about it! Stfu and prove you are better than Kendrick, j cole, jayz, and kanye. Right now I'm not seeing it!! Money and sales don't mean shit!!!


    This the type a cornball ass nigga who pulls up in the McDonalds drive thru to order a smile wit his meals nahmean. When he aint craftin summa the most bitchmade songs known to man he probably spends his time twirlin round in prairies n braiding blades of grass together to make clothes for wild animals n stupid shit like that yo. Nigga probably swings his window shutters open in the morning n has birds n squirrels crawlin up his curtains while he sings songs to them n shit. You might catch that nigga in the forest playin a harp or sumthin namsayin. Son probably got pictures on his walls of miniature babies sittin in fruit bowls n sproutin from gardens n shit like that. That muthafucka mussa got bit by a radioactive butterfly one day namsayin. Word is bond.


    Drake aka the Patron Saint of Tenderness aka the Human Glee Episode aka The Inventor of the Audio Scrunchie aka the Merchant of Cuddles otherwise known as The Wizard of Pause. When son aint travelin the world collectin magic wands n lookin for next level china patterns... you can usually find the boy doin lyrical origami on a track or out rescuin strippers from captivity nahmean. You kno you soft when you feel good bout droppin 10 Gs on a shower head that sprays lavender fragrances n shit. Word is bond... you kno you soft when chicks be showin how to do makeovers on youtube to look like you. You kno you soft when you inspire muthafuckin Zac Efron to get YOLO tatted on his creamy little hand b. You kno you soft when the furry mascots at ball games n shit be askin if they can get pictures wit YOU son. You kno you soft when you got a pink budgie, a baby owl n Aaliyahs face all tatted 5 inches apart from each other on ya back. Son I can keep goin but you should get the point by now

  • Anonymous

    Getting tired of DX using the term "champions" , the shit is dumb as a mother fuck.


    This is a conflicted nigga rite here. If this aint a nigga wit a identity crisis I dont kno what is namsayin. First you got the Drake thats like the Taio Cruz of hip hop. The nigga got the most bitchmade voice on earth so its not like it takes son much effort to go FAM (Feminine As a Muthafucka) on a track. But then you look again n the niggas hollerin soo woo n twistin his fingers in all sortsa stupid ways while he takin a picture wit Jeezy. Then you hear the nigga promisin to wife any broad that glances in his general direction in a song. Then theres Drake who dont give a fuck bout a bitch or a hoe. Then theres Drake who will snuggle up in a broads lap n fall asleep. We all kno who the real Drake is but son wants to have his cupcake n eat it too namsayin. First off this nigga had approximately zero male role models in his household to look up to while he was growin up. So it aint came as no surprise to his moms when son had a Jack Sparrow walk n stuck his pinky out when he held his teacups. Son probably weighs about 190 or 200n at least 50 of those pounds gotta be due to female hormones alone yo. But aint nobody mad at the nigga for all that effeminate shit. That cornball shit aint the facade. Its the fake ass shit that niggas cant look past namsayin. Ayo sonwill.i.am. is a corny nigga too. That nigga Travie McCoy a corny nigga. Even Will Smith is a corny nigga. But those dudes stay in they own lane. They jus some pop niggas. So nobody got problems wit em. Even Nelly accepted that he was better off livin his life as a pop nigga n stopped talkin bout street sweepers n blowin weed in his hooks namsayin. But them dudes dont represent US as a culture like that. If this nigga wanna step up n be the face of hip hop n talk bout how he gon follow in the footsteps of niggas like Jay-Z then he better rep the culture correctly. Otherwise he need to take his Febreze-garglin, B-throwin, hoe-savin, bubblegum R&B ass home son.

  • Anonymous

    When it comes to Aubs you are lookin at the most softboiled creature on Gods green earth yo. This niggas music is so light in the ass that if you look real close at ya speakers when you playin his joints you can see tiny little heart bubbles comin outta em son.

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Kayne and JayZ's career is now officially over! When REAL HipHop artists like Drake, Macklemore & Lewis, and Bruno Mars talk people listen. Kayne can now focus on making women's shoes for ADIDAS, while Mr. Carter can build up his sports agency. PS Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Don't forget to show some love to your homies!

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Jay-Z's art references are annoying and Kanye's lyrics on Yeezus were garbage. Drake is 100% correct, yet again. If Kool G Rap said this nobody would be complaining, but because it's Drake he's "stepping out of line". Drake's paid his dues he has the awards, accolades and sales to back it up. Jay-Z ain't had a hot album since American Gangster, and Kanye is a bigger bitch than Drake.

    • Anonymous

      If Kool G said it, then he would be getting the same treatment as well but for different reason. Niggas would be calling him "old" or "irrelevant" or "broke".

    • Anonymous

      So I guess your just over looking the fact that he is homosexual

    • Anonymous

      Dont even mention his name son, you a Drake cheerleader.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      I'm not comparing the two on any sort of dimension/characteristic retard. I'm using Kool G Rap as a "referent" to highlight the hypocrisy of so called "hiphop fans". I could have used just about any rapper to do that. Again not a direct comparison.

    • Anonymous

      Dont ever compare Kool G Rap to Drake again you fucking herb

    • Anonymous

      But Drake is homosexual & a lot of hip hop fans aren't down with that shit. I know it's taking over & politically correct to embrace them but real niggas down like that gay shit man. I see what your saying though, I just think since he's gay no one respects him.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Drake the one calling Kendrick a lame for name dropping?

  • Anonymous

    Drake epitomizes being a cornball. He dissing other people's actions, calling them wack and corny like he never did some wack/corny shit.

  • Anonymous

    Sure hope Rolling Stone got this shit on tape to put out now that he's backtracking. Rick Ross style.

  • Anonymous

    SMH!!! the second he's going at other heavyweight heads and we respect him a lil for it...he's now backtracking. what a BITCH

  • Aubrey's Mom

    Drake is really sad they took away his Rolling Stone cover and replaced him with that junkie actor that Overdosed on heroin.

  • Anonymous

    Drake already backtracking on this. He sneak dissing but cant stand by it.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga dissing everybody.

  • Anonymous

    Drake been talking lately. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there



  • raps wack

    all three of these clowns are wack - Drake (pussy) Kanye (overated) and Jigga (washed up ) plus Jigga thinks he's TUPAC and B.I.G - add them to the current crop of ROSS,Slim Shady, 50 , Wayne (Rap is wack i only F**k with Instrumentals)

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Kendrick only proved his wackness and got shined on by big Sean. Drake sold more in four months that what Kendrick did in 14 months. Swerv.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick ended this nigga on Control

  • Anonymous

    This boy just ain't been the same since that Control verse..... But he's already denying saying anything about Yeezus

  • Cuffin Season

    Sad thing is Fab probably won't say nothing cause he needs a verse from Aubrey the human croissant.

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