Kanye West Appears On "Late Night With Seth Meyers"

UPDATE: Kanye West appears on "Late Night With Seth Meyers'" and discusses his "Yeezus Tour," Margiela mask, "The College Dropout" and creativity.

Kanye West is set to join Late Night With Seth Meyers' premiere-week line-up, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Vice President Joe Biden, Lena Dunham, Brad Paisley and Kelly Ripa are also slated to appear in the show's premiere-week line-up.  

Late Night with Seth Meyers is slated to air weeknights at 12:35 a.m. EST. Meyers is set to takeover the time slot that Jimmy Fallon has left behind as the host of The Tonight Show February 17. 

Meyers has joked about West during his time as a Saturday Night Live cast member. "Kanye West reportedly asked Kim Kardashian for her brand in marriage," he once said on the program, as per Saturday Night Live's tumblr page.

In 2010, West dissed the Saturday Night Live cast members on "Power." "Fuck SNL and the whole cast," West raps on the track. "Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass / More specifically, they can kiss my asshole / I'm an asshole? You niggas got jokes." West changed the lyrics to the song when he performed the selection on the program. To view the variation to "Power's" lyrics, click here

Late Night With Seth Meyers' premiere-week line-up can be found below.

Late Night With Seth Meyers Premiere-Week Line-Up 

Monday, Feb. 24: Guests Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden and musical guest A Great Big World.
Tuesday, Feb. 25: Guests Kanye West and author Robyn Doolittle (Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story).
Wednesday, Feb. 26: Guests Kelly Ripa, Brad Paisley and musical guest Brad Paisley.
Thursday, Feb. 27: Guests Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie and musical guest John Mayer Trio.
Friday, Feb. 28: Guests Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush and comedian Michael Che.

(February 13, 2013)

UPDATE: Kanye West appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers today (February 25). During the interview, West discussed his Yeezus Tour coming to an end. 

"I thought it went really good," West said of Yeezus Tour. "It's kind of sad when it's over because you put so much into it, so many people are excited to see it and it's fun to express something that you created." 

During the interview, West spoke about the Margiela mask that he's worn throughout the Yeezus Tour.

"The mask is great," West said. "It's freeing. A place where you can express yourself to your audience without being judged, without having to live up to whatever you represent, whatever your name means or doesn't mean." 

He also expanded on his passion for a variety of creative endeavors, his daughter North West and his appreciation for being interviewed. 

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty much ripped the reason for performing in a mask straight out of DOOM's book. This guy is such a creative leech its criminal (autotune anyone?). He's dope though, but still a thief.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    dang it kanye, quit talking like a preppy british guy. we all know you're faking that shit

  • wow

    this was a great great interview. Seth was able to have back and forth rather than getting railroaded..I was impressed.

  • Suzanne stewart

    Kanye west is such b****sh*t! Not a good thing for Seth Meyers! He could do way better! Kanye calls that "music." NOT. Please spare us this guy's arrogance. I will never watch Seth Meyers again.

    • Come On

      Shut up you whiny bitch... He has other guest just cause you don't Like him doesn't mean its fuck the world if they have him around you sound as much of ignorant ass as Kanye does with your little temper tantrum. It's funny how ppl like you complain about him but then you came over and read news on him Hypocrite much?

  • Anonymous

    i wish these hosts would stop asking him about fashion. he goes on for minutes when no one cares. no offence to kanye.


      'no offense to kanye' lmao what are you scared he might read this n go off on a rant cause he cant design mens panties. Fuck kanye n his cum-dumpster wife

  • ima hate y not

    Kanye is a fuckin lame his faggot ways the last few years has made him a joke. All his music got deleted from the ipod (never paid for one of his albums)fuck him fuck his wife (half the industry already has) fuck his music fuck his shit rapping skills fuck his dumb rants fuck his pussying out of face to face shit talking in interviews FUCK his skirt and fuck his obsession with designing clothes for dick sucking niggas in the homo fashion world

  • funnyordie.com

    Is it just me or all these white "comedians" with talk shows just not that funny? Seth Myers is the worst of them, along with Jimmy Fallon, who's delivery is way too stiff. He looks so nervous on camera when he's performing a joke. Ugh. And Letterman and Leno? Don't get me started on those old washed up hasbeens. I liked Arsenio Hall better, at least he wasn't corny or old fashioned like the previous generation of talk show hosts. The only older talk show host I could tolerate was Johnny Carson and that man was the definition of hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      Conan is funny tho and he stay havin real niccas perform after his shows

    • Star n bucwild

      Yea Jimmy Fallon is the worst one I ever seen so fuckin awkward not funny terrible interviews shit jokes really uncomfortable laugh and the whole way he acts is just fuckin weird. Dunno how the fuck he got that job he looks like the type to hide in the bushes jerking off to women joggers in a pair of his sisters panties sumthing is so fuckin weird bout that twitchy fuck-boy

    • Anonymous

      For sure ..... White people tend to have a very prim and proper .... But this interview was great overall .... Kanye is a wise dude

    • Anonymous

      It's not you, all of them are corny as shit. All the new ones come from snl, and that show had some of the lamest comedians ever.

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