Drake Says Macklemore's Grammys Text Message To Kendrick Lamar Was "Wack" & Disingenuous

Drake on Macklemore: "If you feel you didn't deserve it, go get better. Make better music."

Soon after Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won four Grammy Awards this year, Macklemore posted a text message that he sent Kendrick Lamar as a snapshot captured on Instagram. "You got robbed," Macklemore said at the time. "I wanted you to win. You should have. It's weird and sucks that I robbed you." 

Drake recently spoke about the text message Macklemore sent Lamar and said "that shit was wack as fuck."

"I was like, 'You won. Why are you posting your text message? Just chill. Take your W, and if you feel you didn't deserve it, go get better. Make better music,'" Drake says in an interview with Rolling Stone. "It felt cheap. It didn't feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt? You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?"

Drake says Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' wins at the Grammy Awards were an example of "how the world works." 

"He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick," Drake says. "Whether people wanna say it's racial, or whether it's just the fact that he tapped into something we can't tap into. That's just how the cards fall. Own your shit."

Macklemore's text message to Kendrick Lamar also made Drake feel "funny" because he felt the sentiments should have been extended to more people.

"To name just Kendrick?" Drake says. "That shit made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages."

In January, Macklemore said that he and Ryan Lewis had "an unfair advantage due to race" at the Grammys

“In terms of the people that are voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot,” he said. "This is not like aRap Radar poll, like a 2DopeBoyz poll. This is not a Hot 97 poll. This is the Grammys. This is many different types of people. All different age groups filling out a ballot where they might not necessarily know the genre.” 

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  • Andre.CO

    LOL at Drake basically saying Macklemore won because he made music that appealed to basically non hip hop listeners. Drake makes music for non hip hop listeners too. Half his fans are white suburban teenagers. Someone needs to tell Drake he's a Canandian faggot who forgets he's half white. Macklemore > Drake and no I'm not white

  • Da Realest

    the reason why Macklemore won best album over Kendrick is, in my opinion because: 1. Macklemore is an independent rapper 2. A fairly older artist compared to Kendrick (3 year difference) 3. His raps are about political, social, and economic issues compared to Kendricks 1. Compared to Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are not a mainstream artist and is an absolutely independent artist. Firstly his label Macklemore LLC is founded by him and is his only label. Kendrick however, is signed to Interscope, Aftermath, and Top Dawg. The major difference here is that Kendricks labels push him to release 'mainstream' music whereas Macklemore can independently release anything on his own accord. 2. Although its a 3 year difference in their active roles as rappers, Macklemore has 3 years of experience as a new school rapper living through the eras of thug, pop, and modern pop music. 3. Kendrick Lamar's album was once again an excellent piece of work, but "bigger picture" wise, Macklemore's album covered topics such as gender inequality, homosexuality, racism, scepticism, and so many more political and social issues that 'mainstream' rap normally promotes. Thrift Shop conveyed the message that brand names aren't all the hype and that in essence you are what you wear. Wings sought to display how ridiculous people treat shoes. Jordans, most popular among collectors, are a massive hype. Mack goes to show that people get killed on the streets OVER SHOES, the same thing that mainstream rap seeks to empower. Same Love addresses love in all its shape and forms. That its not limited to a race, gender and even idea. All I'm saying is that people need to open up their eyes to the lyricism that these individual put into their work. I applaud Kendrick, but as far as the bigger picture is, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis covered many of the pivotal topics that typical rap seeks to promote.

    • Intellect

      That comment was downright retarded. First of all about the "His raps are about political, social, and economic issues" that's exactly what Kendrick's is about and not at all what Mack's is about. Then you say "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are not a mainstream artist" which is the king of dumb comments. He literally is so mainstream, he's even more mainstream than kendrick. But finally, let me tell you why he won. Because Macklemore made music that the majority liked(white people). That and the fact that he's white also made more white people listen to him. So at the end the grammy's is a popularity contest, the most popular win, and if you have all the white votes you win.

    • titooo

      I agree with Da Realest. In fact I do like Macklemore but I really dislike Ryan Lewis beats, hence I can't stand their album.

    • Anonymous

      "Macklemore's album covered topics such as gender inequality, homosexuality, racism, scepticism, and so many more political and social issues that 'mainstream' rap normally promotes. " ^ Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Eminem and Jay-Z are mainstream rappers. Do they promote these topics?

  • Nick T

    Don't let your hatred for Drake blind you. Drake is actually totally correct on this. Macklemore was disingenuous. He won the award; he was smiling when he won the award; he was happy. He apologized because he knew there would be a big backlash from the hip-hop community and he didn't want to be pigeon-holed as the guy who robbed Kendrick Lamar and castigated for that. He didn't apologize to the others who were nominated because he knew Kendrick losing was going to cause people to target him so he posted himself basically kissing up to Kendrick. If he just privately texted Kendrick - that's all good. But posted it for everyone to see? Clearly, that's a play to avoid hiphop community castigation. But to me, it came off worse - like "white guilt" or pity towards Kendrick. Hiphop has been missing from the grammys for years. They didn't even recognize when Guru died. Regardless, Grammy recognition has never cemented or destroyed anyone's status (Maybe more the latter). So relax Macklemore, you got a grammy but at the end of the day - history will determine the meaning of it.

    • Anonymous

      damn that realer than anything Drake ever wrote

    • Anonymous

      I see so many people lost who really try to pretend But am I just another white boy who has caught on to the trend? When I take a step to the mic is hip-hop closer to the end? Cos when I go to shows the majority have white skin They marketed the windmill, the air flair and head spin And white rappers' albums really get the most spins The face of hip-hop has changed a lot since Eminem And if he's taking away black artists' profits, I look just like him Claimed a culture that wasn't mine, the way of the American Hip-hop is gentrified, and where will all the people live? It's like the Central District, Beacon Hill to the South End Being pushed farther away because of what white people did, now Where's my place in a music that's been taken by my race Culturally appropriated by the white face? And we don't want to admit that this is existing So scared to acknowledge the benefits of our white privilege Cos it's human nature to want to be part of something different Especially when your ancestors are European Christians And most whites don't want to acknowledge this is occurring Cos we got the best deal, the music without the burden Of being black in a system that really wants you to rock Cause all you need is a program and you can go and make hip-hop And we hate the mainstream cause we're the ones that took it Now we listen to Aesop Rock and wear t-shirts that say "Brooklyn" But it's not about black and white, right? I mean good music is good music regardless of what you look like But when you don't give them props isn't that selfish? That's like saying rock was actually started by Elvis So where does this leave me? I feel like I pay dues, but I'll always be a white MC I give everything I have when I write a rhyme But that doesn't change the fact that this culture's not mine [Hook] But I'm gonna be me, so please be who you are This is something that's effortless and shouldn't be hard I said I'm gonna be me, so please be who you are But we still owe 'em 40 acres now we've stolen their 16 bars Hip-hop started off on a block that I've never been to To counteract a struggle that I've never even been through If I think I understand just because I flow, too? That means I'm not keeping it true, I'm not keeping it true [Verse 2] Now I don't rap about guns, so they label me conscious But I don't rap about guns cause I wasn't forced into the projects See I was put in the position where I could chose my options Blessed with the privilege that my parents could send me to college Now who's going to shows, the kids on the block starving? Or the white people with dough that can relate to my content? Marketed the music, now adapted to the lifestyle What happened to jazz and rock and roll is happening right now Where's my place in the music that's been taken by the media With white corporations controlling what they're feedin' ya? I brought up Aesop Rock, but I'm not even dissing, dude We love hip-hop, and what do you think caucasians are listening to? And I speak freely when I write this If a black emcee examined race, there goes half their fan base, white kids And this is so true And we didn't even have to fight the system, we just went and picked up the microphone too And we got good at it so we should be rapping But only supporting them is like burning Jimi and buying Clapton Now Clapton's incredible, but no Jimi, no foundation So here comes history and the cultural appropriation White kids with do-rags trying to practice their accents From the suburbs to the upperclass, mastering a language But hip-hop is not just memorizing words It's rooted in authenticity, something you literally can't learn [Hook x2] But I'm gonna be me, so please be who you are This is something that's effortless and shouldn't be hard I said I'm gonna be me, so please be who you are But as I'm blessed with the privilege, they're still left with the scars Hip-hop started off on a block that I've never been to To counteract a struggle that I've never even been through If I think I understand just because I flow, too? That means I'm not keeping it true, I'm not keeping it true

    • Anonymous

      "like "white guilt" or pity towards Kendrick. " I think he got a song called "White Privilege", you should check it out or read his lyrics

    • Anonymous

      " He apologized because he knew there would be a big backlash from the hip-hop community and he didn't want to be pigeon-holed as the guy who robbed Kendrick Lamar and castigated for that. " You left out the part about him saying Kendrick deserved to win before he even won the damn award.

  • Sean

    I'm sorry, but Drake is completely right in this situation. It would be ONE THING to do it and do it privately, it's a whole 'nother thing when you publicize it. What was that for ? Should of just said he respected his peers and anybody could of won it, no reason to post that on his twitter. Get with it people.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like drake is just sensitive he never got a text "we all should have gotten text" bitch ass catching feeling take your L and keep moving make better music your not even a rapper reincarnation of ja Rule circa 2002

  • Martin Veiland

    Drake is the one who should make better music...

  • Anonymous

    "Apologize for what? For making a better album than the one Nas did???" Please tell me you're joking.

  • Anonymous

    fuck these homo rappers real rappers make hardcore hip hop and look dangerous in a fight but these soft ass niggas would die in da streets

    • f@ckouttahere

      funny, you sound real hard behind the keys. you home reviewing hhdx between your slangin in the streets. cmon son.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny because Drake and Macklemore get played back to back on all the easy listening adult contemporary radio stations

  • titooo

    That Drake guy is a coward who only have balls to diss (some) white people, but is absolutely afraid to diss any black man even if they say "Drake I'm going to punch your momma". Drake says Macklemore robbed everybody and that he also need text messages. Drake, please explain how did Macklemore robbed you if you never ever released the best rap album of the year??? Oh, maybe is because you also do pop-rap like Macklemore? He also says that Macklemore winning a grammy just shows "how the world works" and I agree on him with that. That's how the world works and the reason why Macklemore won that grammy is the same reason why you are so popular: just because POP runs the music world.

  • Anonymous

    Drake just doesn't want to think that in reality, Kendrick should have WON that award. Not him. Nothing Was the Same wasn't that Inspiring at all! So I don't know what the fuck he is tripping on! Yes it sold great but that isn't the only basis for success. It wasn't Critically acclaimed. Drake has a great fan base (mostly women) but his music doesn't hold great weight. It's on the radio because his music style is the trend. But Kendrick made something that hasn't been made in like 10 years! Just a true lyricist based project. So Macklemore was RIGHT in sending that text! The Grammy's are a flawed award show and Macklemore acknowledged it and Kendrick understands that this was a learning lesson and what he needs to do next time. Kendrick is going to be go hard this year. The collaboration with Imagine Dragons was the start! Drake is upset just like his sport Idol Lebron that new legends are rising such as Kendrick and Kevin Durant. Don't get salty people aren't talking about you 24/7 and calling you Kings! Do King shit!

  • wow

    Mac better come back at drake, standup for yourself.

  • oh really??

    ooo god dx please stop those posts... i mean whoo gives a fuck what drake says, what ryan lewis says it just makes mee saad fuck them all

  • SIG

    Read a few comments up. I was thinking best album of the year, got confused because Mackelemore and Kendrick were the only two nominated for both awards... FUCK you all. lol If Drake was nominated for best album of the year along with best rap album then maybe id agree. But he wasnt, only mack and kendrick, therefore the text to Kendrick is justified.

  • E.T.

    No way Drizzy really said that shit. Drake doesn't say mean things about other rappers. He's too soft. Why suddenly trash on Macklemore? Everyone knows hes a shitty rapper, most people know they shouldn't have won. Drake been bottling his emotions since grammy night. If he did say that shit tho, Drakes balls must have finally dropped sometime in the last week or so. In that case, we're in for a drizzy with more than a drop of testosterone. Diss Tracks with singing on the bridge. Weeknd on the hooks. Macklemore getting Ethered by Drake.I LOVE HIP HOP

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is Ryan Lewis? Never heard of him

  • DX love the dick

    Macklemore hair is the Drake of the hairstyle world .............GAY AS FUCK

  • tracerone

    I agree with Drake on this one. Macklemore's text message to Kendrick was really dumb.

  • william garcia

    truth hurts. ouuch

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Everyone CHILL! These two (three with Lewis?) will kiss and make up. Then they will probably make a song, no an album (Watch the Queen's Throne) together and win another Grammy for TRUE HipHop! By the way, don't forget your homies on Valentine's Day. Roses and give up the chocolate!

    • Drake Fan

      I'm just happy that hey are back together & that Johnny was able to overlook what happened last time. Future needs to stay the fuck away from Drizzy.

    • Mr. Ceeee

      2x OMG! You are so right! I bet Drake and Manziel "fit" very well together. Like interlocking pieces that were meant to be together inside one another...

    • Drake Fan

      OMG! I would so buy that album, they would be a cute couple, but I still like Drake & Manziel, they are a good fit.

  • Brian

    he really asked "why kendrick?" cuz he had the better album out of all of you! sensitive ass. Macklemore was genuine enough to say what we all know is true. its not about who would pay homage to who, its about what we all know; and thats who had the best rap album.

  • Anonymous

    how dare Drake insult a member of the master race doesn't he realize rap is a white man's game now?

  • Anonymous

    not as wack as drakes lyrics

  • Anonymous

    drake is wack as fuck

  • hikps

    Both of them lame fuck-boys but even king of the homos macklemore would beat the fuck outta drake that faggot is the softest bitch ever

  • Anonymous

    These two fags need to date, Drake wants some of tha Mack penis so damn bad.

  • Drake Fan

    Me & some of my pals chilled last night & listened to both of these artists. We just danced slow & hugged a little, it was really a fun night.

  • Anonymous

    its no secret kendrick had the best album out of all the nominees, drake has a point, he could've left out how he felt though, sounds like he is making the whole situation about himself

  • Anonymous

    I was cool with everything the nigga was saying up until he said it made me feel funny...Ol sensitive ass nigga

  • tigerking79

    Aubrey (Drake) needs to shut the fuck up and go back to Canada.

  • tigerking79

    Drake is nothing but a bitch. All he does is whine like a little baby. Drake needs to go work out his feelings with Chris Brown. Those two are a perfect match. Drake is the biggest bitch in the history of hip hop. Dude grew up with his rich white family in Canada, and he raps about people he lost during the past year like he grew up in the ghetto. Drake can cuss and say the n-word all he wants and front hardcore all he likes, but at the end of the day he is nothing but a lilly white bitch. Drake should be more like Macklemore and just be him self. Sorry Drake but you ain't from the hood, you don't smoke weed, and you're not hardcore. It's just like Havoc rapped about on The Infamous album, "Pretty boys frontin hard is the issue".

  • ETK

    Then why don't Drake apologize to Nas for robbing him on last year's Grammys???

    • Anonymous

      "Apologize for what? For making a better album than the one Nas did???" If you think that bullshit R&B album was better than Nas' album, you have hearing problems.

    • Anonymous

      No, Drake apologized to Nas last year for brushing/grouping his private area backstage, he totally back peddled but he was trying to gauge what kind of attractiveness Nas might have had towards him. When he saw that Nas was make about his advances his started with the apologies.

    • Sa'id

      Apologize for what? For making a better album than the one Nas did???

  • Anonymous

    You're feelings salty because he didn't extend the apology to you. Get outta here son! Perhaps you need to make better music so you can get your Grammy

  • Anonymous

    Drake a bitch anyway. He was a bitch saying he was the first to rap and sing and be successful at it.SMH

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of hearing about Fake, Wacklemore & Hypnitis Lamar. Who gives a fuck about this stupid news? Drake should hop off of Birdman and Wayne's tattooed dicks.

  • mike

    Dang about time Drake step up. The realest thang he said since 2010.

    • 614grind

      Nothin real about what that man said.

    • tigerking79

      Aubrey (Drake) has never been real. Aubrey grew up with his rich white family in Canada, and also was a child star. Yet he fronts like he is hardcore. All the people bitching about Macklemore should be bitching about Drake. At least Macklemore (like his music or dislike his music) is true to himself.

    • Anonymous

      the realest thing he ever said was "Mom wheres my tuna sandwich?"

  • Anonymous

    Lol wtf!!! So a softie has a problem with a gay activist. The game is fucked up son

  • hurricane game

    who...gives....A FUCK

  • honkey cracker

    Listen you c0cksucker. So what Drake sold more ? you know Birdman takin all his money. Macklemore independent album sales give him mad more money.

  • drake is a homosexual man

    I think dude just jealous

    • tigerking79

      Drake sold a lot of records, but Baby is getting all the money from it.

    • Anonymous

      At least Macklemore didn't steal someone's style and run away with it. I think Drake should surgically attach himself to Lil Wayne nuts, and also.....Who Gives A fuck HHDx???????

    • Anonymous

      Not likely dummy. check the sales he sold more than Macklemore. He's trying to be the nice guy to hard and it's getting played I can't stand mack and lewis they are overrated by white america


    I cant believe all these people with comments have let their hatred for Drake completely delude themselves. Macklemore posting his text was wack If you hate Drake, that's another situation. But there isn't black man from Alaska to Miami who didn't feel the same way as Drake just mentioned. White boys on here hating...garunteed

  • OVO

    There are way too many hipster Kendrick dickriders on this website. When has it ever been cool to text someone after you win a Grammy, telling them that they should have won? Never. It`s one thing to say something like, "the other nominees were deserving as well, because they had good albums". It`s another to say that another nominee should have won instead of me and post what amounts to an apology for winning Instagram. It should never be cool, OWN THAT SHIT! Also Drake was asked a question by Rolling Stone magazine and he provided a logical answer.

  • Drakes true colors

    Wow, Jimmy seems kind of bitter here for not winning with his trash album.

  • 3Peat

    Hahahaha might aswell change the name of the website to kendricklamardx.com, SMH.



  • COCA

    "To name just Kendrick?" Drake says. "That shit made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages." THIS IS THE BASIS FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE... HE GOT MAD CUZ MACK DIDN'T SHOUT HIM OUT.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Lmao this caveman looking jew nigga is feeling himself too much again. This reminds me of when Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist in 2011 over him and Justin Beiber. Everybody was saying Justin got robbed, nobody mentioned Drakes bum ass lol. He probably still salty from that. By the way, Drake makes more soft ass commercialized pop music than Macklemore does. Yeah Mack got Thrift Shop and Same love, but at the same time he got songs where he spits real life shit on a deep and conceptual level. Drake's shit is vapid.

  • Anonymous

    drake is super intelligent.. and hes got irony down to a science.. ooo e.. calling mackelmore wack.. yeah, hes got irony down pat..



    • Anonymous

      You've got to be joking. You got it backwards, it's Kendrick and Macklemore that are mature and intelligent while Drake doesn't have and never will have. And, yes. Drake is real, real bitchmade.

  • West_Coast_G

    hahahahahahahahahaha yo Drake.. u mad bro? hahahaha Macklemore sent the text cus he knew, just like every other mother fucker who knows anything bout rap that Kendrick had the better album, The Heist had more commercial success and definatly reached other fan bases.. as far as THE BEST HIP HOP ALBUM?? Kendrick had it with GKMC... point. blank. fuckin period.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas need to learn to keep other niggas names out of their mouths. t This is some hoe shit.

  • Rok

    Macklemore and Kendrick are FUCKING HOMIES! BEEN HOMIES FOR YEARS! Drake needs to keep his mouth shut on shit he doesnt know. Macklemore has Schoolboy Q and Ab-soul on his album. and those tracks were recorded 2 years before his album came out.

  • Yssup Kidz

    "He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick," WTF is this dude talking about? My grandma listens to Drake shit!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick the type of nigga that his hand hooks up with the bitch while that nigga watches

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick the type of nigga to go to a five star restaurant then sneak out the bathroom window when it's time to pay.

  • Anonymous

    As a matter of fact Macklemore did apologize to drake but drake must of missed the text due to the overload of gay pics of lil wayne and birdman having gay sex being sent to his phone

  • Anonymous

    "To name just Kendrick?" Drake says. "That shit made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages." funniest shit ever AND true. macklemore WAS the weakest in that bunch

  • bveli

    I haven't heard Macklemore's album but I have heard Drake's... and Drake didn't get robbed of anything.

  • Anonymous

    Drake needs to be smacked the fuck up so hard. A wake up call to shut the fuck up.

  • Steve Real

    Drake needs to stop whining like a little bitch every time Kendrick gets more shine than him. Kendrick won 2013 dawg. sit the fuck down.

  • FUDrake

    drake, you didn't get any text message because you didn't deserve it. NOBODY takes you seriously as an emcee. your music is a joke, your career's a joke, everything about you is clownish. lol macklemore is rightfully sorry for robbing kendrick's grammy, but let's not all get an amnesia and act like macklemore is a credible LEGIT emcee. THE DUDE CAN SPIT. he made an excellent album and deserves every bit of his success. gtfoh with that shit drake you fucking faggot. stfu with your bitch i-can't-rap-to-save-my-life ass.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is scared of Kendrick's success lol. Get his name out of your mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Jealous ass dork!!!

  • Dean

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha Drake is so funny, wah wah wah wah I need a text messgae too, grow up you little bitch and a grow a penis

  • Anonymous

    Drake just upset his bullshit music did not get honored, recognized or awarded at the grammy's with his wack/fake ass, lol. Drake eat dick, homie!!

  • Jose Gomez

    Probably one of the realest things I've heard Drake say. I'm in Seattle and alllll these fuckers out here are on Macklemore's bandwagon. The dude is okay, but he's not great. The fact that he posted his text to Kendrick is corny, like Drake said, why do it? Just take the W and shut up about it.

  • WordUp

    Props to Drake .. Speaking the Truth .. Own your Shit #MackleLESS

  • RealTalk

    Since when is Drake allowed to speak on rap matters? That motherfucker's R&B. He's only allowed to talk on Usher and R. Kelly. He has no merit in the hip hop world. To sit there and call Macklemore's text disingenuous is complete bullshit. Does he know how good of friends Kendrick and Macklemore are? No. Does he know how Macklemore actually felt about it? Nope. And to think that everyone needed a text is a laugh. Macklemore felt like it should've went to Kendrick Lamar and only Kendrick Lamar so why should he text anyone else? Hip hop is dying and it's due to all the goddamn arrogance. Nobody can just be real anymore. Everything's gotta be a competition and it's ridiculous. Grow up.

  • How Could u Be a Drake Fan?

    Haha Drake is sensitive over not getting a text?!?! This dude is pathetic!

  • Macklemore

    Big Bang come and suck my cock. I love all my faggot fans

  • Big Bang

    Drake just lost like half of his own fans. Which are faggots. Drake mad no one taught he should have won. What nerd niggas. Yall all come out for these kinds of articles.

  • the truth

    macklemore didnt call his album the hiest for nothing, people need to get on to the next one fuck grammys too

  • how it is

    the grammys is a pop culture thing always has been. so the most radio popular people get nominated. and every once in awhile u see people like the foriegn exchange win or something. but just look at the numbers of the nominees. i liked drakes album, jays album, even kanyes album. but drake shouldnt be in that category anyway with rnb ass. at least macklemore can put alot of bars in a song. drake is like one verse per song, excluding the intro. kendrick definitely had the best album out of all of them and deserved to win. and he had the most bars . drake needs to keep to himself or just stay invovled with canadian shit. tell drake to get beiber under control or something. fuck drakes opinion

  • Truth

    Award should have went to Yeezy or Kendrick. Jay, Drake, and Macklemore all put out horrible albums. Run the Jewels, My Name is My Name, and Acid Rap should have been nominated instead of gay ass Hov, Homosexual Drake, and "Same Love aka I Love Men" Macklemore

  • Anonymous

    Drake being sensitive. if he thinks his RnB album is better than Kdot HIP HOP album....he's clearly out his rabbit ass mind

  • CoonNamedDrake

    Macklemore's crappy record was better than Drake's crappy record. Both of that garbage would have got a grammy over Kendrick. Dumb azz nig ger

  • half Draked

    Drake's just mad he didn't get a text. He didn't text everyone, he just texted the dude that he thought had the best hip hop album of the year. And it's funny that Drake thinks he has different fans than Macklemore, it's all Hip Pop, it's got the same damn fans

  • In money we trust

    Drake is right on this shit, why you need to txt this motherfuck...er, you won ya shit, stfu and move on, like this dude thinks if it was kendrick he would have do it ..... lmaooo... ppl be like drake is jealous of kendrick... drake has more than 1 platinum album... kendrick just got 1... kendrick album been out for a while now..and still didnt sale more than drake, that dropped hiz like4 month ago... drake is platinum in U.K, australia, holland, canada, and germany... lol kendrick is still in the us and canada ... lol how the fuq would he be jealous

  • jondion

    Drake you need to shut the fuck up before i beat your bitch ass and leave you in a wheelchair like you were in degrassi you pussy ass bitch

  • Pistol Pete

    Both of these clowns are wack.

  • Anonymous

    he has some solid points here, but the way he says everything makes him just sound jealous as fuck. like "we all need text messages". and the ways he's like "you think those guys would send text messages" sounds like he's resentful of kendrick and his team. also laughing so hard at drake grouping himself with kanye, hov and kendrick. drake's album was better than jay z's, and the music he's made from 2010 onward is better than jay's from 2010 onward, but he is nowhere near the level in terms of being a pure hip-hop artist, and is in my opinion not nearly as good, as kanye or kendrick. he just does not belong in that category. he just doesn't make the same kind of music. he's a lot more similar to macklemore than all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is jealous!!!!!

  • Sham

    GKMC>Yeezus>NWTS>The Heist>Magna Carta Holy Grail im only hating on MCHG because compared to his old shit its depressing, and i actually agree with drake, even though i usually think he is sadly mistaken on his level next to kendrick, Macklemore put it on instagram as a terrible publicity stunt, and i really wish kendrick wouldnt be so humble and just say yeah i deserved the grammy.

  • Anonymous

    Drake the type of nigga that tells the truth from time to time.

  • Anonymous

    I said this when that bitch-ass 9th wonder said "its a beautiful thing".

  • Kramer

    Gained some respect for Drake

  • True

    Drake is so jealous of Kendrick it isn't funny. He constantly keeps Kendrick's name in his mouth on some petty, insecure, bitch shit.

  • Anonymous

    You know how it goes, the pussies will be in their emotions, and the wise will see reality. And I've said this numerous time here on DX, Drake is going to have to decide which side he's on.

  • Drake is right

    Don't let your hatred for Drake blind you. Drake is actually totally correct on this. Macklemore was disingenuous. He won the award; he was smiling when he won the award; he was happy. He apologized because he knew there would be a big backlash from the hip-hop community and he didn't want to be pigeon-holed as the guy who robbed Kendrick Lamar and castigated for that. He didn't apologize to the others who were nominated because he knew Kendrick losing was going to cause people to target him so he posted himself basically kissing up to Kendrick. If he just privately texted Kendrick - that's all good. But posted it for everyone to see? Clearly, that's a play to avoid hiphop community castigation. But to me, it came off worse - like "white guilt" or pity towards Kendrick. Hiphop has been missing from the grammys for years. They didn't even recognize when Guru died. Regardless, Grammy recognition has never cemented or destroyed anyone's status (Maybe more the latter). So relax Macklemore, you got a grammy but at the end of the day - history will determine the meaning of it.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao Drake just mad macklemore aint text him. all these niggas cornballs son

  • Spencer

    LOOOOOOOOOL Drake's mad that he didn't get a text

  • blackbeltbreeze

    I 75% agreed with Drake right up to that line about Mack singling Kendrick out. Then his whole argument made less sense to me. But that is one Drake beef that would actually be cool to see. Drake vs. Macklemore. I'm interested in where that would go. No other beef between Drake and anyone else is interesting to me because he would never commit to it. His music is not interesting to me, even though its often great. It's just not interesting. I keep waiting for him to hang this music shit up and start getting to the Hollywood money, but he keeps coming back. He is a great actor too; look at how he has played this rapper role so well. I feel like he has twelve Oscars waiting for him. He is one of the few guys who has the potential to surpass Will Smith in terms of being a star actor and owning a production studio. He will be the one black dude to be on a Tom Hanks level. But he keeps coming back to this hip hop shit. I wish he would either do only pop/global music and get on a Yanni or Michael Jackson type level or just start up his acting movement. But as a hip hop artist who avoids ever saying anything controversial and confrontational in his music, and avoids conflict with artists and society, EXCEPT for the few sideways comments he makes in interviews. I just can't man. Hip-hop is a full contact culture. It's hands on. It's call and response. But he won't let himself get touched. He won't touch back. He feels like he can skip the brawl and go straight to the Jay-Z/Eminem type of untouchable level. And the music industry was so deep in debt and in need of a sure shot that they allowed him to ascend to this level. Jay, Em, Nas, Andre, Jadakiss, Scarface, Bun B, Common, Blackthought, Mos, Ice Cube, Snoop, etc. Those guys spent years and years in battles with police, culture, record labels, artists, journalists. They took so many losses. Now they are at a level where most casual and hardcore fans feel like they are damn near Super Sayens, but they earned that over years and years. Drake is super gifted and could probably earn his way to that level, but he has no interest in the conflict and lots of interest in the types of respect that conflict earns. Maybe it's just me though.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Drake gonna have to decide which side he's on. Y'all will see you were sold a dream when it came to Drake, Soon enough is now,

    • Big Bang

      Drake is definitely an actor playing a Rapper. Well he doesn't even do that right. He is more like an actor turned RandB singer. Hip Hop turned out to be to tough for him so he started making RandB albums. R.Kelly's black panties(good album) is harder then drake shit. These comments prove that Drake is jealous of both Kendrick and Macklemore. Drake should keep quiet, cause I guarantee you he lost a few fans with his comments. Half his fans are fags and the other half are young girls. I thought mostly all females bumped Drake shit, until my Aunt and My cousin(female) out of the blue went on about how they can't stand drake's soft ass. My wifey can't stand his shit either. Those are grown women. Shit he sings about grown men don't even feel like that.

    • Big Bang

      Yeah what blackbeltbreeze said. Couldn't put it no clearly then that.

    • d mac

      "He is a great actor too; look at how he has played this rapper role so well" ^ lol, even though Hollywood at calling his name the honest assertion is that Drake, although "annoyed" by 'Control', feels some type of way about Macklemore sneak dissing Kendrick Is this the time he realizes he's no longer "the one" with a lane and the love? We'll see. But what I do know is that Drake can't sing and is a mediocre rapper at best, and if he doesn't choose a side & adapt, his sound will be dated and his career will be a footnote. The reality/truth/written scroll is Macklemore already sold out, he has his "hit" to eat off the rest of his life. After this "next" album, he can fall off the grid and do it like Les Claypool until he croaks.

  • sam snead

    F#ck a grammy, look at 1996 best rap album winner and the albums that came out that year...nuff said

  • John smith

    Drake is only 50% blacker than Macklemore

  • juce

    macklemore didn't feel no type of way about beating drake, jay z, or kanye. but he understands as a fan of hip hop that gkmc is a true hip hop classic. the uproar over him winning was not simple cause he won, but because he won over kendrick and gkmc. the whole text thing was weird, coulda been bs. Bottom line, grammy voting is flawed in the rap categories, but everyone knows who shoulda won. just be clear macklemore was fine with beating drake's sensitive tucked in pj clothes ass.

  • Anonymous

    All these niggaz SWEET Common tried to tell yall dumb fucks.

  • Anonymous

    Not that anyone needed one, but here's another reason to dislike Drake. Tosser.

  • venom

    drake didnt get robbed of shit cause he sucks.. hes just butt hurt macklemore has respect for kendrick

  • detroit slim

    How can Drake bring up a racial aspect when he's white AND jewish lol?

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    I can't stand Drake's music but this dude has a good head on his shoulders, is intelligent and seems to know what the fuck he's talking about.

    • Anonymous

      "this dude has a good head on his shoulders, is intelligent and seems to know what the fuck he's talking about." You must be talking about someone else because none of this describes Drake.

    • Anonymous

      What in the world is intelligent about these comments?

  • Return Of Bobyahed2dis

    Drakes right, macklemore is a wack dude and his homo raps have no place in rap. Drake and YMCMB don't approve of that homo shit.

  • Trizzle

    Aww... Drake's sad Macklemore didn't send him a text. LOL... He doesn't need to send Drake a text, because Macklemore's album was better than Drake's mediocre emo record.

  • Anonymous

    Drake should have sent Nas a text last year after he robbed him at the Grammys with that BS adult contemporary bullshit he called a rap album.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a human croissant

  • JeanBaya

    I completed agree with Drake in a sense, I think the fact that he posted a text message to show us that he actually sent it to Kendrick just looked weak, more to the point it also made his music look weak, like he didn't deserve it he was nominated, it also looked like he was bumlicking him, if he really meant what he said he would have mentioned it in his speech to owe homage, it looked at a really pathetic attempt at gaining a different audience, Mac's audience is mostly pop fans not so much hip hop fans like Kendrick's, it was just weak.

  • miniBoss

    once again Drake failing to understand the situation.

  • HA

    You'd think Drake would cosign it with his gay ass personality. Finally something I can agree with him on.

  • Anonymous

    "Drake is a real soft corny nigga who doesn't run anything. He's not even a hip-hop artist and sales doesn't make a better artist." There you go with that sales bullshit again. You keep dickriding k dot for going platinum while hate on the ones that do become successful.

    • Anonymous

      You brought up the sales. I didn't dickride anyone. You constantly dickride Drake while hating on other rappers who don't have the same sales.

  • BigWo0orm45

    I dont think the text was wack, but I def think him posting it on IG was wack. kinda takes away the sincerity of it, more like you just did it for public eye. Only way ppl shoulda known about the text was if Kendrick brought it up. Drake, I like ya music but stop cryin bruh.

  • Spinoza

    Drake is right that shit was ingenue as fuck, if kendrick would have posted the text to his IG it would be different but he post is own text to his own IG so everyone would know he texted kendrick saying he should have one, that was some attention whore shit. He could have mentioned it when he was giving his acceptance speech, did he? nope, that was as good a time as any if he really felt like Kendrick deserved it. Just shut up take the W and move on be humble. Stop with all the antics.

  • Willy

    LoL, drake thinks his album was on par with GKMC. There's a reason you didn't get a text message drake, go back to making bitch music.

  • FkmainstreamHH

    Drake a bitch, get Macklemore's name and Dick outchur mouth, Faggot ass!

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a little attention whore

  • SIG

    He was nominated for best Rap album... my mistake I was thinking best album. Drakes newest album kinda sucked tho... It wasnt even comparable to either CD. So Drakes now a hypocryte. He says own his win and act better than his competition but if your gonna apoligize, apologize to everyone. Hes mad his album was not good. Lyrics werent even on point!!! GKMC shouldve won best album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    drake is jelly he aint get a text from the homo rapper

  • z

    Drake is wack and uninteresting

  • Anonymous

    I don't know about all this race advantage thing, but I will say that all of these guys are elite cornballs and bring a degree of pure femininity to hip hop as well as a gay undertone. Just sickening

  • albert jacquart

    Drake mad his album wasn't up for discussion ahahah

  • Anonymous

    Real niggas like drake champion wins, not feel bad about someone else losing. Drake's running the game, outselling macklemore and k dot. And don't give me that sales don't matter shit because it obviously does when your hero went platinum.

    • Anonymous

      Drake is a real soft corny nigga who doesn't run anything. He's not even a hip-hop artist and sales doesn't make a better artist.

  • lg

    Drake needs to retire, dude has yet to drop a good album and hes already working on his 4th project.

  • JRich

    There goes Drake catching feelings over not getting an apology text.

  • Anonymous

    He's probably butthurt that he lost to macklemore.

  • SIG

    DRAKE JUST MAD HE WASNT EVEN NOMINATED LMFAO I like Drake too. What a salty bitch tho! lol Talking about a conversation that had nothing to do with you. Little boy shit. SIG

  • trommmmz

    Every rapper of this generation > drake

  • Menzo

    When will drake release his first great album ?


    gkmc > heist > yeezus > mchg > nwts

  • Anonymous

    Drake is real as fuck so real that you can just tell that he is a bitch when he opens his mouth.

  • br

    the only album better than the heist was gkmc, so no, macklemore sohuldn't apology to someone else than kdot

  • Prick James

    This jigga mad cuz he didn't get a text.

  • Spawn

    losing all respect I had for Drake...

  • killaze

    I don't even understand how drake got nominated for this average album

  • Anonymous

    drake had me until he threw in the part about everybody needed a text. basically saying why isn't anyone talking about my album?? I do think macklemore did look like a bitch the way he was apologizing for winning.

  • Is It Really True Them Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Ay Drake, why don't you apologize for robbing Nas on the last year's Grammys then?

  • Anonymous

    hahaha. k dot stays losing.


    Top niggas in this rap shit 1 - Shawty Lo - Foolish 2 - Plies ft. Ne-Yo - Bust It Baby Part 2 3 - Gorilla Zoe - Echo 4 - Gucci Mane - Lemonade 5 - Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings - Catalina 6 - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma 7 - Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way 8 - Sage The Gemini - Red Nose 9 - OJ Da Juiceman - I'm Getting Money 10 - Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint

  • d mac

    I agree it sounds like a sneak diss to Kendrick. And Macklemore tapped into the "lemming" audience (thus why it was called 'The Heist'). And that last Drake album was weak. Step up the game in 2014

  • G

    Realest shit Drake ever said

  • G

    Its how they feel Drake. Of all people, you should know about feelings with yo singin emotional self


    Drake should make better music if he wants a text message...

  • Pat

    drake jealous he didn't get an apology text for his mediocre album

  • every HHDX commenter ever

    I hate DRAKE. I hate KENDRICK. I hate MACKLEMORE. Everyone's a BITCH. This album >>>>>>>>>>>> that album >>>>>> this album. Eminem is the goat.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Macklemore is a bitch for that. and Yeah his hoe ass should've written little screwball apologies to every other rapper cause they all had good albums

  • GuillaumeSHM

    I have to correct that : Drake is wack and disingenuous.

  • Anonymous

    Damn whenever you bring the name Kendrick Lamar up Drake turns into a crying bitch.

  • STAN

    Drake is the epitome of average.

  • ahah

    drake should start making better music.

  • fjjj

    gkmc > heist > yeezus > nwts so no, only apologies to kendrick.

  • asdads

    Drake needs to stfu,that bitch nigga and everyone else knows he wasnt even in top 3 when it coems to rap albums this year but he feels like he deserves that shit. Niggas ego is getting to big someone needs to check that nigga quick. As the text, so what if he posted it? What if that is how he really felt? He knows the grammys are biased when it comes to certain things and he acknowledged himself and liek any real rap fan did that K dot had the best rap album. If Kdot had got something, one award I bet he wouldnt of posted the text but macklemore got EVERYTHING! EVERY. SINGLE. AWARD. It was ridiculous and Mack wanted the world to know he was on the same page as him.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a real dude even though you fake thug geeks always try to bash him

  • R.Pgh

    "just the fact that he tapped into something we can't tap into" Nothing preventing Drake from making a song about Gay rights, which is the lane that Macklemore tapped into. They both would have had a reason to make a song about things that are gay. Macklemore has his uncle, and Drake was on Degrassi. Perhaps only Kendrick got a text saying he was robbed, because all the other albums up for the Grammy were pure shit and should have never been nominated. Drake, Kanye, and Jay Z were nominated based off of who they are, not the albums they put out. If Grammy's were about the best album, Kendrick would have won, and the other cats wouldn't have even been nominated. Stop being such a sensitive ass sore loser.

  • Anonymous

    I fucking hate drake and all hes fucking bs music but macklemore is a fucking bitch there are so fucking much better white rappers that should blow up, but NO this fucking bitch sells because he is a fucking faggot!

  • ak

    Drake's on that if you can't beat them, join them. What we need is an apology for the last half of your album bruh

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge Drake fan but I have to agree with him, this society has been championing the ambassors of homosexuality so you already knew that the White Grammys would reward one of their own for promoting homosexual friendly themes in a fiercely homophobic genre of music. Drake raps about pussy so I give him kudos, these rappers that rap about two dudes fucking each other should take their sick abnormal deathstyle and use another dorm of music to push their agenda.

  • What

    I agree with the text being wack and shit but why does he HIMSELF deserve an apology, he wasn't even involved

    • Anonymous

      Drizzy is involved in everything, everywhere, at all times. Didn't you know that the earth, the sun, actually the whole universe revolves around Drizzy?

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate Drage, I'm ashamed to admit that I agree with him. Sending Ken a text message was kind of tacky. It would've been more tactful for Mack to say what he had to say in person & keep it moving.

  • Zack

    I agree with Drake, Macklemore's only out for attention, this text is the same thing he did with same love, he just atatches himself to whatever idea's popular then milks it

    • R.Pgh

      1. you do realize his uncle is gay, so it's not as if gay people not having equal marriage rights as straight people has had zero affect on his life. 2. "attaches himself to whatever is popular" - technically, Macklemore is more popular than Kendrick seeing how he sold more albums and won a grammy.

  • deez

    I need a text msg too... drake is so sensitive

    • NinjaB

      for reals... once he got to the "why just Kendrick, we all need text messages" part, i was like ohhhh that's what this is all about lol... maybe cuz Macklemore and Kendrick/TDE are actually friends and have history, so he felt like he should say something... get ya panties out a bunch Drake!



  • EarthToneDaProducer

    I agree wit Drake all the way. Shit was wack B....

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuk would mack post the txt message tho? thats some corny ass shit right there. Macklemores a real dude, but he corny as FUCK, I feel like him and Drake should do a collab track called "I'm Sad Please Hug Me"

  • ofay watcher

    The text did feel corny and cheap though. real nigga shit.

  • Wow

    For once I agree with Drake, but only half...He's right, that Mackelmore should've took his victory and been proud of his achievement instead of caving to the black community's racist hating of a white MC. But why does Drake feel he deserves an apology too? The point was that Kendrick had the album of the year not Drake...he was apologizing to the only other cat he felt deserved the award. Drake didn't have a better album than Kendrick either. Drake saying this shit cuz he knows the same thing happened last year when he beat out Nas, only difference is that Drake isn't a "corny whiteboy" so there was no "controversey"

    • Hater Of Honkies

      Black community's racist hating? Now listen here you dog kissing, mayo eating, inbreed. Macklemore's album was garbage. Did you even listen to it or are you just picking his side because he's white? "OMG THE BIG BAD BLACK PEOPLE ARE HATING ON US. THEY SHOULD JUST ACCEPT OUR RACISM AND WHITE SUPREMACY" Fuck you. Every single album that was up against his was better, and that's not even debatable. It's true that Nas did deserve to win over Drake, but Drake's album was still tolerable. Macklemore's album is complete and utter bullshit. He didn't deserve anything, stop acting like you're entitled to this shit just because you're white.

  • Anonymous

    Fruity maple syrup rapper still mad at K. Dot. After that control verse everybody was waiting for a battle but it seems that the pretty albino girl don't want it with King Kendrick so sht your mouth forever drizzy!!

  • zeerax444

    why would macklemore send a text message to drake if the hist >>>>> nwts ???

  • Anonymous

    Drizzy's is an emo hater, who knows that he's got Nas' grammy somewhere in his house. Also, he deserves no texts from Macklemore.

  • Jay radio play

    Drake sounds like a sore loser

  • maddog

    Drake is salty his album wasnt in the grammy conversation

  • Tony

    They should give out a grammy for best mixtape; sure Tony Yayo would win that

  • Anonymous

    Drake is 100% right. Macklemore was acting like a little pussy by texting his competition and saying he shouldn't have won. Ten years to get to that point and he was acting like a groupie. Kendrick's a big boy. He'll get over it.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Like always, Drake is 100% correct. REALEST NIGGA IN THE GAME! Fuck Kendick aka the chipmunk looking nigga and Wacklemore.

  • adillyo

    in all other instances aubrey can suck a dick...but i actually agree with him completely on this

  • truth

    Drake's just mad no one talked about his album deserving a Grammy

  • Anonymous

    anyone else find it funny how drake and these 2 white boys have grammys for best rap albums lol

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