Rihanna Sues Former Accountant & Says She Was "Effectively Bankrupt" In 2009

Rihanna files a lawsuit against her former accountant for "gross mismanagement."

Rihanna says she was "effectively bankrupt" by the end of 2009, according to TMZ. Rihanna has filed a gross mismanagement lawsuit against her former accountant, who, she says, made decisions to negatively impact her finances at the time.

New legal documents indicate that Rihanna had $11 million at the start of 2009. Her accountant made decisions that left her with $2 million by year's end, she says. Some of those decisions are mentioned in TMZ's report.

According to the report, for instance, her accountant approved her buying a new home, which she later sold for a $2 million loss. Her 2009 tour, Last Girl On Earth Tour, was also losing money at the time, but Rihanna says that her accountant did not notify her of the losses. 

Despite the 2009 struggles, Rihanna's financial status has improved since 2010. In 2012, Rihanna made Forbes' list of the year's highest paid musicians. She ranked #12 that year with $53 million. That same year, Rihanna also made the publication's 30 under 30 list.  The singer's net worth is now estimated at $43 million. 

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  • Anonymous

    All the muthafucka had to do was tell her YO BETTER STOP SPENDING! or YO BEWARE! but no..good luck finding another job as an accountant

  • Savant

    LMAO, at all these comments, you guys obviously don't know what an Accountant is if you believe all the do are taxes. WOW.

  • john mickins

    right. like are we supposed to feel sorry for her?

    • real

      Noone said feel sorry for her but its the accountants job to keep track and advise her on her money. How many 18 year old can manage 9 million dollars and a multimillion dollars tour. That is the reason she hired an accountant to take care of these responsibilities.

  • Anonymous

    if 2 million dollars is effectively bankrupt, I must live in a 3rd world country then

    • Anonymous

      whats funny is im in school to be an accountant right now

    • Savant

      lol, ummm, Her accountant actually would be her financial advisor, and that actually is in the job description...

    • Anonymous

      its not like the accountant stole her money. shes the one who blew it all. hes not her financial adviser that aint in the job description.

    • Josh

      If you started with 11 million and ended with 2 million at the end of the year while you've been touring and selling records that year then yes, you are damn near bankrupt. Worst accountant ever, not only the 9 million already there was lost but the income for that whole year was lost as well, probably around another 11 million

  • Anonymous

    You'd think she'd have a brain underneath that Easter Island sized forehead of hers!

  • Anonymous

    can i blow all my money then blame the guy who does my taxes once a year for being broke?

  • Jay

    Her accountant is not her financial adviser. Lol. .. she Need to pay attention and stop making poor decisions.

  • name

    Effectively bankrupt with $2 million in the bank? Cut back on the $50,000 purses and shoes and that 2 million would last you a long time. Damn rich people are stupid. I've been down to my last $50 dollars after all my bills hit before. Try getting through 10 days on $50 with almost no food in the house.

  • Anonymous

    How can you be "effectively bankrupt" if you still had 2 million left? And it shouldn't be his fault if she made a poor decision and took a loss on the sale of a home.

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