Tech N9ne Says Kendrick Lamar Met Dr. Dre On His Tour

Tech N9ne recalls visiting Lil Wayne at Rikers Island to thank him for mentioning him as an artist he'd like to work with.

Prior to his rise to fame with the Grammy-nominated good kid, m.A.A.d city, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar served as hype man for fellow TDE artist Jay Rock. As Jay Rock’s hype man, Kendrick traveled with the rapper as he toured with Strange Music emcee Tech N9ne.

While chatting with Peter Rosenberg and Cypha Sounds of the Juan Epstein show, Tech N9ne spoke on his encounters with Kendrick while on tour. He says that after K-Dot gave him his Section.80 project to listen to, he recruited the rapper for his All 6’s And 7’s record, “I Love Music.”

In addition to appearing on All 6’s And 7’s, Tech says Kendrick also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Dre for the first time during his tour.

We signed Jay Rock some years ago. That’s how I met Kendrick because I took them both on tour with me,” Tech N9ne said. “Like a year or two ago. Something [like that]…Kendrick came as his hype man…When we got him he [Jay Rock] was on Warner Brothers and they had him sitting for years. So, we got him up out of that deal…So, I met Kendrick on that first tour I put him on. And he gave me the Section.80 CD. And I listened to it, I said, ‘We gotta get you on something.’ So, my All 6’s And 7’s album, which was probably another year and something ago, he was on there and nobody knew who he was. We did a song called ‘I Love Music.’ And then after that he blew up. He met Dre on my tour. When we did the House of Blues.”

During his interview, Tech N9ne also touched on the Bloods street gang infiltrating his neighborhood in the mid-80s. While speaking on the gang, he says at one point he was able to bring two different gangs together to create the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains.

“Some guys from San Diego moved in our neighborhood, Dr. Bop and Rock Daddy,” he said. “They were the niggas with the money and everything and they were Bloods. Before then our neighborhood was 5 6 Ville. 57th Street Rogue Dogs. And later on I put ‘em together and we created a rap group called the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains. You know what I’m saying? I merged the two gangs. But Rock Daddy and Dr. Bop came in and fucked up the 50’s. And when I say ‘fucked up the 50’s,’ this is why we wear the colors we wear. Even though we’re out of that shit some things, some habits are hard to break. I can’t say that I’m not a Blood because I really—I grew up with these dudes and I’ve done things with these guys.”

As a result of Tech N9ne’s former gang ties, the Kansas City rapper says he was able to set up a visit with Lil Wayne when the Young Money emcee was serving time at Rikers Island.

“We’re well connected to a lot of good people that did a lot of crazy things back in the day…That’s how I got into Rikers to see Wayne,” Tech said. “It was a street connection…I think Flex asked him ‘who do you want to work with’ when he gets out and he said Andre 3000 and my man, Tech N9ne…To tell him ‘thank you’ for even saying my name. And he said ‘Man, I been on you since the Gang Related soundtrack, 98’…Then he said right after that the ‘Wake Up Show Anthem.’ That’s what he said.”

As one of the founders of Strange Music, Tech N9ne has assisted in signing a number of artists to the label including Jay Rock. Through his deal with Strange Music the Los Angeles rapper was able to release his debut studio album, Follow Me Home.

Other artists signed to Strange Music include Rittz, Krizz Kaliko and Wrekonize.

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  • Dirty Matt

    I met these sounds on a street corner in Boonton NJ

  • Anonymous

    we already know that from the nardwuar interview

    • NancyEVinson

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  • Anonymous

    The voodoo doctor and the chipmunk performed together, and history was most definately not made.

  • ETK

    I Love Music is a banger, both Tech and Kendrick killed it. definite recommendation

  • lolk

    blood life must of been difficult to handle in the mean streets of kansas city

  • mike

    people laugh at the fact that kendrick was jay rock's hype man but kendrick was weak back then.. i was a big TDE fan since before Q was there.. kendrick used to be weak. he sounded like a lil wayne rip off back in the days, ab was always dope and there was another rapper from compton name Bo who was also more hyped then kenrick back then.. you guys don't understand how far kendrick came as an artist... warner bros even removed him from jay rock's single with wayne and replaced him with Will i Am.. people listen to Kenrick today and think that was the same kendrick from back in the day.. he sounded like a lil wayne copy with even weaker lyrics earlier in his career. he was rapping about bullshit with no lyrical content back then. you guys are NEW TDE fans that just know about Q,Rock,kendrick & ab.. y'all wasn't listening when Bo and RJ was there years ago.. I've watch these niggas come up.. i bet ya'll didn't know Q was part of TYGA's crew which was GDE(getting every dollar) before he was TDE.

    • Slimer

      I hear that listen to Cali Niggaz by game and hear K-dot's verse he was a typical gangsta rapper as well with dickies and chucks, now he's a slimer from ghostbusters hipster looking dude with a more complex flow. Also that's why Q made alot of 40 Glocc disses as well back when he was part of tyga's GED crew b/c that's when Zoo Life allegedly took Tyga's chain hence why Tyga mentioned the Hoover set a few times.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Macklemore is the king of independent hip hop, he outsold Tech N9ne's whole discography with 1 album. I can't wait for the next Macklemore/Ryan Lewis album. Another classic coming soon. swag

    • yep

      The Heist managed to do that because Macklemore and Lewis basically paid subdivisions of major labels to push their singles on the radio to blow it up the way it did. Tech had a hard time with radio some 12 years ago so he did a more grassroots way. Props to both of them but Macklemore's strategy of staying independent for creative control, as genius as it was, only proved that blowing up is largely based on the industry itself choosing what gets to blow

    • draketrashboy

      macklemore doesn't have any classic album... the fact that the hip hop industry (rappers, producers, fans, media) is shitting on macklemore for having "robbed" kendrick's award is the proof that macklemore's album isn't good.

  • LilChief

    If more people knew the stories of how these rappers got on.. they might not give up so close to their dreams. Keep your faith and around the people doing it and you can't lose... Only way you fail is if you quit

  • pewq

    I laughed so hard I farted and shit my pants

  • JRich

    This is true, Kendrick says the same thing in his Nardwuar interview. Tech's the realest out there.

  • Anonymous

    Dope story. Kendrick was Jay Rocks hype man, that shit is crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I heard that Dre heard Ignorance is Bliss which came out way before Section 80 and that's around the time they met, or at least Dre had his eyes on KDot

  • zee

    interesting, I didn't know that..

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