Ma$e Says He Thought About Fighting J. Cole At One Point

Ma$e says he did not fight J. Cole because he realized he was "too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out."

Harlem, New York native Ma$e recently denied he had any beef with Cam'ron, and now in a new interview, the former Bad Boy Records artist says newer artists don't take diss records as seriously as rappers in decades previous.

Sitting down with 107.5 FM in Detroit recently, Ma$e said he wanted to punch J. Cole one day after he felt Cole publicly dissed him.

"I like J. Cole too when he's not taking shots at me," he said when asked about newer artists he enjoys. "I saw him one day, I was going to hit him but I was too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out. But I really like him as an artist. When I saw him I was like, 'Oh he a kid, he don't get it [laughs]."

In August 2013, J. Cole was rumored to be involved in an altercation with Diddy, a longtime Ma$e collaborator. Cole and Diddy denied that a fight took place.

During his  recent 107.5 interview, Ma$e also talked about reuniting with his Harlem World companions and was open to the possibility of working with them in the future.

"I did speak to Jim [Jones], we supposed to be working together, that's really dope," Ma$e said when asked about the last time he spoke with any members of Dipset. "And me and [Cam'ron] going to work together at some point. It's all love."

When asked about his run with Diddy, Ma$e said he was one of the few artists that made money under the Bad Boy boss.

"I'm the only artist that actually got paid by Puff (Daddy), like really paid," he said. "Puff would tell you I got really, really paid. Puff wanna give me another check and I'm going to take it."

Ma$e is currently working on his next album, Now We Even. According to him, the project will be influenced by his early freestyles and songs, and may also be influenced by The Notorious B.I.G.'s Life After Death, Tupac's All Eyez On Me and Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt.

Watch Ma$e's full interview with 107.5 FM below: 

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  • Anonymous

    J.cole is a bitch..... But Mase is soft as well...

  • Anonymous

    Mase is a pussy without the hair

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    mase woulda been a legend in the game if he didn't queef out and get all church nigga on us


      Mase made a lot of money with puff. The problem was he was spending like puff to and almost got his ass in trouble with uncle Sam.. Preachers get major tax breaks and that's why he went that route. But then of course those Christian organizations were throwing mad money at his events to preach so he said fucc rap. He is/was a sellout who follows the money and at the same time confuses the shit outta his fans. Like you said though he couldabeen legend if he kept it 100 with the hip hop community.

  • Mitcholos

    You Guys Love Grabbing All These Old, Angry And Irrelevant Artists And Giving Them Stupid Ass Headline Articles. SmH. This Site Is Such Garbage Because Of It. With That Being Said, imout.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha haaaaaaa, that foo laugh lmao

  • twerq

    it happened again, I farted and shit my pants for the 3rd time today.

  • Anonymous

    Mass is 40 and has nice fingernails hubby hubba, but Fiddy cant release an album

  • Anonymous

    "Mase" & "thought" are two words that really look awkward together.

  • Shyne's Pe'ots

    But you were down south paying trannys to have sex with you you fucking faggot

  • Anonymous

    And he won't even admit it or clarify shit. Guys a mindfuck who the fuckwould buy his shit. Bi-Polar motherfuka

  • Anonymous

    Mase was popping when Hip-Hop was at its worst he was never that good to begin with his like Young Buck confused as fuck

    • Anonymous

      hip hop was at its worst the past several years... at least there was actually good music during the shiny suit era

  • Anonymous

    "Cole is a bigger artist than Ross lol who are you kiddin" Whatever your drinking cut back on cause Ross is more successful than J Snore will ever be.

    • EvenOdd

      Cole's in the top 5 hottest rappers right now...didn't he have the 4th highest selling rap album last year? Ross can't even get his album out, label wants to shelf that garbage cause no one's buying. We don't believe you, you need more people.

    • Anonymous

      cole is hotter than fiddy

    • Anonymous

      coles last two albums did better and had more successful singles than ross's last two n soon to be mastermind...

    • Anonymous

      in 2014, rozay cant sell as much albums as cole who sold more than kanye, who all sold more than fiddy cause he cant get an album out

  • Glock poppa

    Please Mase we all know u soft nigga..........also can sumone explain how light skinned people are soft? Last time I checked the hardest nigga out was Styles P

  • Anonymous

    Does it matter what Ma$e think he just old bitter ass nigga who aint relevant and will never have the talent J.cole has thats why legends like Jay and Nas co-signing him lol

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  • Kenny M

    why he sound like a fake jay-z

  • gbaby

    Niggas don't see the preachers 'til we dead in the hearse Granny broke cause she always givin' bread to the Church Now pastor Mason Betha in a Lambo And little niggas holdin' desert eagles like they Rambo

  • Anonymous

    Is he a preacher or rapper now ?

  • Anonymous

    My grandfather always told me to never trust a man with a Dollar sign in his name.

  • LOL

    WOW GREAT ARTICLE.... hey guys "Ma$e thought about eating Taco Bell but he didnt want heartburn" These articles are fucking idiotic....and Mase is old and washed up whats up with faggot nigggers like him and Scarface who are butt hurt by the younger crowd???? LOLOLOL THESE LAME AS FUCK BLACKS....and im a white kid....get the fuck over it...yall old heads are corny as fuck

  • sam snead

    J.cole can make a new track, let ghost down

  • Anonymous

    This site is all gossip

  • Matt

    what a retard Mase would lose to George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing fight, he definitely could not take J. Cole

  • Anonymous

    oh ok mase, remember when that light skinned individual Ghostface punched you out?

  • nick

    this dude is just trying to find a way to get back in the mix of things and sale some records. and quit w all the tough talk, puffy protected you and when he didn't you found god and become a pastor and thats cool and all, but you where never known for your tough talk and gangster ways.............all of the sudden u wanna punch young light skinned ppl lmao.......a church going man making racist remarks. What ppl do to sale records.

  • Fish

    Why are all the has-been rappers coming out of the woodwork with racist statements at the minute? What does J Cole being light skinned have to do with whether or not you hit him 'Murda' Mase?

  • Anonymous

    lol everybody hates jermaine. canibus, charles hamilton, diggy, mase? random

  • Anonymous

    "I was going to hit him but I was too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out." wtf? That remark exudes irony and is the definition of puerile. You ain't grown son.

  • Supreme Thoughts

    ........ I hope he's not talking about the "way before mase was a reverend" line on forbidden fruit....... his arms must be tired from all that reaching.

  • samboyle

    Yall 20 yr olds talk yall sh*t both of Murda albums went triple platinum and then some his shit sold more than anyboy yall listen to now ... he was selling more than Hov back then. Bottom line when rap was at its best which it will never be like the 90s he was one of the best lyricist point blank period

    • Anonymous

      everyone went plat in the 90's, especially being under diddy after big died

    • GetAGrip

      "He was one of the best lyricist point blank period"... HAHAHAH!!! First off all you're judging lyrically ability off of record sells??? If that's the case then nelly is one of the best rappers too??? Lmao... And 2nd he has one album that went mult. platinum, all his other shit flopped! Get off "Murda's" dick!... Just cuz your old doesnt mean u know shit, just means your old. Get a grip

  • beezy

    Mase you know your goin to hell for that gangster rapper turned pastor turned gangster rapper shit rite? Fraudulent.

  • Anonymous

    didnt wu tang break your jaw home boy? cole would fuck your old ass up

  • Anonymous

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  • lord jamar

    Mase got the right idea. Knock these litte punks out. shout out to real mcs

    • Young Guwop

      You just fed the troll. That's not Lord Jamar dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      Man fuck u Lord Jamar u aint no Lord u a lame some should knock your bitch ass out HATING on the new school I use to like mase to and I was happy he got saved and became a reverend until he teamed with g-unit that year it was just for the money huh mase fuck mase u fake ass wannabe Christ all he did was hang around sin and everybody know g-UNIT had some corruption mase is fake as they come u better ask God for forgiveness mase before your sensitive ass burns in hell I hate old school mcs that get so butt hurt when new school mcs say their names in their songs lil Kim, canibus, common, krsone, and now mase all y'all SOME crybaby has beens HURT over the fact that your careers are washed up and that u no longer have the spotlight instead of bashing the new schoolers imbrace them for once shot out to the mature old school mcs for that Nas, believe it or not foxy Brown she encouraged nicki minaj to join lil wayne when nicki was searching for spot in the rap industry so hats off to foxy for that, busta rhymes, Dr dre, snoop dogg, jay-z, ll cool j y'all are real u pave the way for newcoming mcs and u don't strike them down in less THEY are taking shot at u u embrace them and thats what separates y'all from these fake emotion old school mcs so fuck u mase and fuck u lord jamar for your wack ass hating ignorant comment u don't know real mcs so shout your punk was up and go suck a cock cause u sound just as sensitive as mase hoe ass LOL LOL LOSER LOL

  • Drake Looks Like A Thumb With Eyebrows

    This ol' washed up nigga clownin'

  • Anonymous

    Mase although had a great run in the game, is top 10 softest, he isn't knocking anyone out. Murda Mase was 16-17, not no mo

  • Anonymous

    i thought made was retarded but turns out he's just an asshole

  • nasty

    ma$e is not still being paid by bad boy, hes talkin about when he was signed to them, that pay day is overr

  • LOL

    WOW GREAT ARTICLE.... hey guys "Ma$e thought about eating Taco Bell but he didnt want heartburn" These articles are fucking idiotic....and Mase is old and washed up whats up with faggot nigggers like him and Scarface who are butt hurt by the younger crowd???? LOLOLOL THESE LAME AS FUCK BLACKS....and im a white kid....get the fuck over it...yall old heads are corny as fuck

    • De

      hahah why yall catching feelings over some comments on the internet. Mase old as fuck and hes salty Cole got some spotlight dont care if the kid is black or white...hes making points

    • oladiossmoz

      why you gotta fuck shit up with that "yeah im white" it was even something you needed to bring up...your an embarrassment with comments like that...smfh

    • oladiossmoz

      and for the record why are you even on a Hip-Hop site if you use terms like "you lame ass blacks" you said your in your 20's which means no your not a "kid" your an adult, start acting like one.

    • LOL

      LOL of course someone responds!!! LLLLOLLLL and his comment is about "Lord Jamal" hahah WHO???? i said im a white kid in his 20s and i actually buy music and go to shows...etc yaup lets bring the "race" card in....gtfoh

    • Anonymous

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    • haha

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  • dnucks

    if mase smack j-cole..jay-z will make sure mase never finds work in the music industry!!!

  • Not Impressed

    Mase is clearly having an identity crisis. First he joins G-Unit and says he wants to stab Fat Joe, to impress 50 Cent, now he's talking about beating up rappers for name dropping him in songs? Since when do pastors talk like this? Mase needs to just shut the fuck up and file for unemployment. Both of his hustles...I mean careers, are dead, it's time to leave the game now. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    So you praise Cole when in fact he simply went gold twice. Ross has more albums, money and is higher profile than J Snore.

  • Anonymous

    J Cole has dropped two albums already and we are still waiting on Street King Immortal

  • Sco*

    ole hoe ass that patterned leather jacket is murkin' something....

  • Anonymous

    Gotta give props to J Cole. His album sold more in 3 months than Mastermind is going to sell in 2 years.

  • TRE

    Lol but hes young enough to be seperating people by light and dark skin? clown

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck would want to interview this nigga in 2014

  • Anonymous

    Mase heard his name on one of Cole's raps and thought it was some sorta diss. SMH Mase you a legend, but don't so sensitive man.

  • Anonymous

    couldnt have been this one Stole Mase flow just to say i ain't gon stop,

  • Anonymous

    J Cole is half white he can't help his lightskinnedness

  • Anonymous

    when did cole take shots at ma$e?

    • Anonymous

      hes talkin about MISS AMERICA...not forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit wasnt a shot. the line in miss america WAS (about the reverend ballin off of people's money)

    • Anonymous

      I know right J.cole didn't take shots at mase at all made is just jumping to conclusions j.cole said his name on the forbidden fruit track off j.Cole's born sinner album in the verse j.cole said quote all on my line like caller number nine cause a nigga POPPIN like Harlem in the 97 way before Mase was a reverend I was a young nigga making A's at eleven trying to get a taste of the heaven or hell, really mase come on MAN u have no case or proof that j.cole dissed u he just mentioned your name all j.cole is saying he's hot like mase was in he's prime days of the mid to late 90s wow old school rappers get so sensitive easy when newcomers say their names in their raps see this is way y'all need to stop and just listen to the lyrics of these rap songs so can understand what they are really saying before u snap off get all offensive and butt hurt love him or hate him j.cole is one of the hottest mc's of this new generation right now next to drake and Kendrick Lamar, two number one gold albums and four certified hit singles j.cole is just getting started so don't get mad and hate shit just get used to it or just listen to something else's it's simple LOL

    • Anonymous

      He didn't. People are reaching when it comes to shit these days.

  • Anonymous

    "I'm the only artist that actually got paid by Puff (Daddy), like really paid," you hear dat, french aint making a dime at bad boy

  • Anonymous

    What shots did J.Cole take at Ma$e?

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