Talib Kweli References Chuck D Quote While Discussing Disdain For The Grammys

Talib Kweli says "Kanye West and Jay Z don't have shit to do with" the Illuminati, speaks on Hip Hop and politics.

Seattle duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ recent win at the Grammys has resulted in many in the Hip Hop community voicing their thoughts on the pair’s various Grammy wins, specifically Best Rap Album. While some have let their criticism fall on that of the Grammy committee others have expressed anger at both Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, an anger Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli feels is misguided.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Grammy debacle was one of many topics discussed during Talib’s interview with Out Da Box Radio. Talib went on to state that given the Grammys history, those watching the annual awards ceremony should not have been surprised at the outcome. He also called attention to the fact that prior to the Grammys last month, Macklemore himself said that Kendrick Lamar is more deserving of a Best Rap Album Grammy.

“I agree with the statement that it’s kinda silly to have been shocked by this decision,” Talib said. “The Grammys [has] historically made the same type of decisions they made when they gave Macklemore that Grammy. It’s not a shock or surprise. I do think it’s misguided to direct your anger towards Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I don’t think it’s their fault. I think they worked hard. I think they deserve all the accolades and praise that they worked hard to achieve for. And I think Macklemore himself has done a lot of things from making a record called ‘White Privilege’ years ago to putting out that Instagram message to Kendrick. Or to saying a week before the Grammys that he feels like Kendrick deserves a Grammy. I feel like there’s nothing more for that man to do. What’s he supposed to do?”

Talib went on to reference a quote from Public Enemy's Chuck D as he further commented on his disdain for the Grammys.

"I’m still on my Chuck D," he said. "Chuck D said 20 years ago ‘Who gives a fuck about a God damn Grammy.’ I’m still on that. I don’t give a fuck about the Grammys."

The Brooklyn wordsmith later spoke on the issue of misinformation when it concerns rumors of celebrity involvement in the Illuminati, a secret society founded in the 1700’s.

“I think that misinformation can be far more dangerous than lack of information,” he said. “I’d far rather somebody not know shit than know a bunch of nonsense that they try convince me…Well, the things that people are worried about. You know, population control, one world governments, stuff like that. Lack of privacy. Those things are real, but Kanye West and Jay Z don’t have shit to do with it. It’s a ruling class that’s enacting [these things] on the people. And the people have to be willing to fight against the [ruling] class.”

Lastly, Talib addressed Bill de Blasio, the current mayor of New York City and politician’s connections with Hip Hop artists, a move he says was “slightly scary” given the history of New York City politicians.

“It made me feel like I was doing the right things. I’m definitely a fixture of Park Slope, Brooklyn,” he said. “Anybody that knows my history knows that’s where I come from. I was happy to see the homie Bill get elected. I definitely—he was reaching out to me during the campaign. I try really to stay away from endorsing politicians during the campaigns. Because I’m—for a lot of reasons. You get into bigger [issues]. But I was rooting for him. And I was like ‘Okay, I voted for him and I’m glad he got elected.’ I hadn’t been in the city in enough time to really chop it up, but yeah I’mma go up to Gracie Mansion as soon as I get back and go knock on the door…I’m not gonna front it’s slightly scary for me because I come from counterculture. I grew up in a New York City where we didn’t fuck with the mayor like that. You know what I’m saying? So, it’s like this is a different mentality for me as an adult. As someone who people are looking at as someone in the community who’s been there for a minute. I’m not just some young rapper dude from Brooklyn.”

Talib Kweli’s interview with Out Da Box Radio comes weeks after the rapper released his Gravitas album. Released on December 15, the project includes guest appearances from Rah Digga, Big K.R.I.T., Raekwon, and a handful of other artists.

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  • zee

    hes right, all of us know kendrick should have won but what can you do ? nothing...


    I agree, rap album belonged to kendrick lamar, no doubt about it, but it's the grammy and it's not the first time an artist got robbed (ie: 2pac all eyez on me in 96)

  • fribberg

    Honestly, I think those Grammy snubs are going to help gkmc's reputation/respect in the hip-hop community because of how clearly he should've won.

  • IROC

    Who controls the grammys ,They have never been fair to black artist not in the history of music have black artist been treated with respect back in the day they stright up robbed black artist we make some of the best music in the world this just a brief over view from the 60's 70's 80's we ruled the game but had to endure these devils giving wack artist 5 and 6 grammys for crap, the 90's saw rappers taking over and made some millionairs but once the internet emerged down loads killed sales but a few who have crossed over are making money ,But if guys like Jay Z would stand up for anything and boycott this wack grammy mess it would really shine some real light but that may never happen ,Only men like Chuck D and professor Griff , KRS 1 could do only problems the main stream have closed them out the youngsta's dont knw these guys

    • .

      dude ur on some 90's shit rite now. obviously the system is flawed racialy but ur overexaggerating it. we just gotta give it time and it will even out for all races and nationalities. one love.

  • Denise Valadez

    up to I saw the bank draft four $8925 , I accept that my neighbours mother woz like actually bringing home money part-time from there labtop. . there great aunt haz done this 4 only about 18 months and just now repaid the debts on their condo and bourt a great new Acura . visit this site... www.Fb39.com But then im gonna count R.A the rugged Man, vinnie paz, ill bill, necro, celph titled, alchemist as black because they are down with the culture.

  • Anonymous

    remember on the simpsons when homer threw his grammy in the trash? yeah, that was about 20 years ago too

  • Anonymous

    He's right about the Grammys, Talib should teach a hip hop class or be involved in some sort of PBS show for the government. He really could teach everyone.

  • Wah wah wah

    wah wah wah, everybody needs to stop crying. Nobody bitched when Drake beat out Nas last year, nobody said Drake was "pop shit". Black people are so scared of white people getting any credit for something they dominate. Dudes be acting like white MC's are taking over..Eminem is the only white MC to sustain commercial Hiphop success. We all like Kendrick's album more, but let's be honest...Mackelmore had more singles and more commercial publicity. Kdot had a great album and a dope verse that everybody overreacted to. You don't win Grammy's that way...nobody should be shocked, and nobody should be playing the race card either. Mackelmore's a bitch for not accepting credit for his achievment, and trying to suck the black community's dick.

    • .

      lmao at you fools who keep bringing up race. that shit's old, and we're past that. find a new reason to hate on shit you f*ckin idiots

    • thisisJESUSCHRISTspeaking

      I should have noted that when I meant snubbed, I was talkin about "Song of the Year" on the Grammys. Even white people thought that Lorde album was whack. Biggest one hit wonder ever. I guarantee Mack sticks around for a minute... he will be to rap like Pitbull is to rap.. yeah technically he's a "rapper" but we all know he's irrelevant.

    • thisisJESUSCHRISTspeaking

      Wah Wah Wah: you speaks the truth my son. Why the f does Macklemore need to apologize? I don't dig the album but the first time I heard that shxt, I knew it was gonna pop off on mainstream radio. Second, Mack himself got snubbed. That "Same Love" homo shxt was perfectly timed. Even the Super Bowl commercials were all over that gay ish. Lastly, everybody need to jump off Kendrick's d. Yeah that little n1gga is tight. But it ain't like he's the only dope rapper in the game. I haven't seen this many n1ggaz suckin a dudez dik since Dre dropped Eminem. Peace, Da Jesus

    • .

      sounds like your the one whining bruh

  • Anonymous

    we all know the grammy's would love to make Hip Hop a white thing make it look like the white rappers started it but the world know who really win that grammy this year

  • Anonymous

    if Talib made as much money and won as many Grammys as Jay Z we wouldn't be hearing a peep out of him about this.

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny that he's saying fuck the Grammys, but was riding Macklemore's dick in every interview last year.

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