Styles P Refers To The Music Industry As A Rat Race While Discussing Interscope Departure

Styles P speaks on the competitive nature of New York City rappers, says "the power of the streets" is underestimated.

Prior to the release of the Lox’s The Trinity EP last year, the Yonkers-based trio had not released an official project in years, and when the EP was released it took fans of the group by surprise.

Released on December 17, The Trinity followed the release of another surprise project, Beyoncé’s self-titled, fifth studio album. While speaking with DJ Envy of Hip Hop Nation, Styles P revealed that the release of Beyoncé’s album served as a motivator for the release of their own EP.

“That was another thing with the Lox. We not just gonna be doing no slave, coon, buffoonery shit,” Styles said. “Coming out for niggas and not eating. That’s not how we was raised. We was raised to get a dollar. You know what I’m saying? So, that was our plan then we actually seen Beyoncé did [that]. I woke up I was like ‘What the fuck is everybody tweeting about Beyoncé for?’ You know what I’m saying? Then I seen what she did and I was like ‘Oh shit, we really fucking doing this.’ Great minds think alike…We just wanted to shoot back like letting niggas know we really was coming."

Styles P and Sheek Louch again confirmed that the Lox are no longer signed to Interscope Records. Both emcees seemed optimistic about the group’s latest label move with Styles P commenting on “the power of the people.”

“Let me tell you something about this industry, man,” he said. “The power of the streets is always underestimated, man. The power of the people and the power of love. Like when you focus on what everybody else is focused on and you in the rat race with everybody else for whatever the fuck rat race you in. You get caught up in that shit. When you remember—when you stay real and your fans know you was real and they know how you keep it and you always keep it one-hundred, they can believe in your brand. You always real and you can always stand that fuckin chance.”

“Wherever they wanna go I’m a hundred-percent with it,” Sheek Louch added. “[As] long as it’s—and not necessarily the money, wherever we go to I just need it—I need them to understand the LOX. On what they need to do for us.”

Late last week, the Lox’s own Jadakiss was pictured in the studio with fellow rapper 50 Cent. According to Styles P, the two rappers do have a record together and Fifty dropped off another record he might personally appear on.

“We was chopping it up. Him and Kiss had a record. He dropped off another record I’mma fuck with,” Styles P said. “Just kicking it, man. I think the beautiful thing right now about New York I think is just the—I seen Maino a couple of weeks [ago]. Maino and Busta in Brooklyn. It’s just the feeling of—New York we competitive. We’re supposed to be competitive. Like you know what I’m saying? I don’t want Maino doing better than me on a song. I like the nigga. I got love for the nigga. That’s my nigga, but if we on a fuckin song I’m not on no ‘Hey, let me be tender and me and Maino is the best pals right now.’ That’s my nigga. I’m fuckin with him. We both gon’ try to eat on this mothafuckin record though. You know what I’m saying? And that’s what it’s about it. But you salute—I salute what he does. And I salute everybody who deserves to be saluted. And that’s how it should be in the city. This is the Mecca. I think a lot of people have woken up.”

Jadakiss was the first to speak on the Lox’s departure from Interscope, referring to the rappers as “free agents” during an interview with The Breakfast Club this month.

“We’re actually free agents right now, for about a week now,” Jada said. “Maybe two, week and a half. We handled business.”

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  • Elias

    Ghost definetly a legend has only put out solid material the last couple of years. flow is unique, the aggresiveness and at the same time philosophical street shit contenwise makes him one of the best to ever do it time is money ghost sessions master of ceremonies all classics albums

    • Anonymous

      time is money and ghost sessions back then were his weakest albums imo, master of ceremonies was descent and so was worlds hardest mc and float, all these albums have 4 or 5 tracks that were better than others, if he were to fall back and build up all his best shits and put them all on 1 album with 20 somethin tracks he would have a classic master piece imo, instead of dropin a project every year

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to hear that 50 and Styles song.

  • COCA


  • adrian street

    I don't think people know how gay they sound when they talk about sales and relevance. These are the people who follow trends, have no balls, can't think for themselves and pretty much eat what the mass media puts out. WHAT THE FUCK DOES RELEVANCE AND RECORD SALES HAVE TO DO WITH QUALITY OF MUSIC? You fucks like "Pop culture" not the "hip hop culture" don't get it twisted. Faggot ass bitches need people to tell them what to listen to. I've fucked with the Lox and hip hop since i was a child, that's my shit. if you like drake, eminem(recently garbage) and lil wayne , rick ross and all of those garbage rappers who know nothing about the actual hip hop culture, then power to you. But don't think you are an expert because you started listening to this shit in the year 2000 and have jay-z and lil' wayne albums to reference to. Sure thats 14 years, but you fucks don't know shit. i listen to what i listen to, follow your trends and listen to what you listen to. simple. Maclemore just won fucking hip hop grammy's, do you not see the direction it's going in? Dumb kids don't know that they are being brainwashed with this shit. Not just music either, twitter (who follows people?), facebook (who spies on people?), snitching (who tells on people) faggotry (what man fucks another man?), hip hop (garbage rappers with no skill, sense or mature subject matter are considered the best). Brainwashed into thinking these are good things and don't even know it. Fucking Dumb!!

    • Anonymus

      Co Signed and notorized. Good to see someone from the "what you know about that?" school instead of the "who's hot, what's hot now" sheep. There's no exclusivity in listening or wearing what everybody else is doing. I rather hear a "that's dope who's that?" or a "where you get those?" than to line up with everybody.

  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    Styles P is irrelevant. All of his albums are certified wood. This nigga can't sell records! He should learn some tricks form the more talented rappers like Lil Wayne or Rick Ross. This has been will be never innovative without this help. swag


      "I am very successful at everything I do, especially trolling the likes of the idiots on this site. It gives me great pleasure to annoy people like you who get all bent out of shape about a song or artist." Maybe God meant for you to be a Comment Section troll *shrugs*, some people are meant to be doctors and lawyers and some are meant to be politicians. Glad that you found your calling in life.

  • Anonymous

    life is a fucking rat race for most people.

  • Anonymous

    Strugglin ass mofos

  • Real HipHop

    Dude are you you serious?(Anonymous) Regardless of the lenght the ghost gets the message across! all of those albums are some of the best released during this time of "hip pop". As long as he is putting out quality music i will continue to purchase his music!

  • Anonymous

    Styles P is Top 5 but he aint drop a solid album in a minute, he drop an album every year wit short tracks smh, i dont wanna hear another album from him in like 2 or 3 years, if you hear GREEN GHOST PROJECT, MASTER OF CEREMONIES, WORLDS HARDET EMCEE and FLOAT and put some tracks together it would be a master piece. his last best album was SUPER GANGSTA EXTRAORDINARY imo

  • Shanice

    Anybody on here know, be friends?? No one really talks to me in real life so Im trying the internet.

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