Pusha T Says Kanye West's "College Dropout" Wasn't On His Radar

Pusha T and The Neptunes have found a "hard direction" for "King Push," according to the Virginia rapper.

This month officially marks 10 year since Chicago rapper Kanye West released his debut album, The College Dropout. As the anniversary of The College Dropout draws near, MTV’s Sway Calloway took some time to speak with G.O.O.D. Music emcee Pusha T about the album during the Virginia rapper’s recent appearance on “RapFix Live.”

When asked about Kanye’s solo debut, Pusha revealed that he’s more of a Graduation fan and didn’t necessarily have The College Dropout on his radar.

“I was a Graduation Kanye fan,” he said. “You know what I’m saying? College Dropout…I probably was listening to some type of gangsta music…It wasn’t necessarily on my radar…Listen, I thought ‘Through The Wire’ was like the greatest video though. I thought that was like the greatest video and I thought like the story of it all—like I was familiar, I just was like, I just was into another music at the time.”

With a solo album of his own in the works, the Clipse rapper also discussed his King Push album and the time he’s spent in the studio with The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, two artists he’s collaborated with heavily in the past.

“It was so good just to be back in the studio with them,” Pusha said. “Like I haven’t been back in the studio with both of them in forever. So, we all flew down to—well, me and Chad flew down to Miami. And we were down there for like three weeks and I think it’s safe to say we got a hard direction going into the new King Push album. We still in the early stages. But it was just so good to like be back in that creative space and that creative energy with those two guys. And playing things that I like and showing them what I’m into these days. And them showing me what they into and revisiting our inspirations coming up. And so on and so forth, so it was really good.”

As a member of the Clipse, Pusha T has worked with The Neptunes on a number of projects. The production duo fully produced both the Clipse’s debut album, Lord Willin', and 2006’s Hell Hath No Fury.

Late last year, Pusha informed fans that he would be in the studio with both Chad and Pharrell for 20 days beginning in January.

"I don't know when I'm dropping the next one, but I can tell everybody January 2, me, Chad [Hugo] and Pharrell are going in the studio for 20 days," he said during an interview with Miss Info. "That's what's going to start off the King Push album....The title is definitely King Push."

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  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    Pusha T is done. Drake and Lil Wayne killed his short 15 minutes of fame. Seriously, this irrelevant ass nigga thought he can diss the legends of hip hop? Nigga, you can't fuck with Weezy. He is creative and innovative, while you are just a coke rapper. swag

    • Anonymous

      ^ Just thought you could do with a little bit more light seeing as trolling articles is your true calling in life May I say how impressed I am with your trolling about missing kids i.e scarface's son Irony----> "I am very successful at everything I do" You strange little creature ...lolz

    • ^Remember this weirdo^

      I am very successful at everything I do, especially trolling the likes of the idiots on this site. It gives me great pleasure to annoy people like you who get all bent out of shape about a song or artist.

  • Bryan

    This nigga still around? didn't his album go double plastic and shit ? fucking queer ass nigga

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    It's definitely not science. Fear of God and Wrath of Cain were both better than his album. In all honesty, it seems like whatever Kanye gets involved in these days is hyped as genius, but the truth is it's really just underwhelming experimentation. I feel like the Neptunes are fuck this album up too, tho. I think Cardiak would be great for his flow, and you can't go wrong with Timbo these days. I guess we'll all see.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      In all actuality, Pharrell has always been "on fire", if we're talking about his ability to make hits for the masses and make a fuckload of money in the process. Doesn't mean that he'll be right for Pusha at this point tho. The contrast between these two albums is gonna be miles apart. Hopefully he doesn't go too commercial but with Pharrell, it's likely he does.

    • Anonymous

      Pharrell is on fire these days. He will cook up some dope shit

  • Anonymous

    Judging from sales, MNIMN wasn't on any ones radar...

  • newnenew

    I farted and shit a little bit at the same time. umderwear not happy right now.

  • LOL

    i think HHDX has people commenting on this post, because Kanye did not drop the fucking ball on MNIMN. It was a good solo debut but not a classic OMG what a total fuck up.. not. i saw that stupid HHDX editorial that went on and on and on about how Kanye ruined the direction of Pusha T's debut like Pusha had no say in the creative process.. arguably the dumbest editorial HHDX has ever "pushed".

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone tryna talk shit about pushas album when it was solely produced by kanye who fucked it up badddddd beats dont mesh with pusha at all they did him so bogus, hopefully round 2 will be better

  • lol

    this guy dropped a shit album and is still talkin about other ppls projects. when someone asks u anything other than ur album all he needs to say is no comment and keep it 'pushin'..until he drops anything solo of quality he shouldnt speak on shit.

  • rRGeezy

    You can tell Pusha is in that I'm going to do me mode. Kanye dropped the ball in my opinion on Pusha's last album.

  • Lashunda Gates

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  • Anonymous

    thats honest still

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