T-Pain Says Chance The Rapper Is "As Weird As Me" & That They'll Record Together

T-Pain also says he's the best to ever use Auto-Tune.

On January 15, Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper showed his appreciation for T-Pain's music in a tweet saying, "Yo huge fan lets work!"

"I just saw it [tweet by Chance The Rapper] on the way here," T-Pain says during an the interview with RapUpTV. “Eah. That's happening...Chance The Rapper, I'm down with that. He's just as weird as me, so yeah, I'm down with that. Him and I were both on episodes of [The] Eric Andre [Show]. So, if anybody understands Eric Andre then yeah, you're a friend of mine. I'm down with you. He did much more crazy shit on Eric Andre than I did. I feel like that's going to happen.”

T-Pain also discussed Future during his interview. When asked about how he feels about Future using Auto-Tune, T-Pain said he was pleased. "I feel flattered,” he said. "I feel like that's what's working because, I made it work. People wouldn't be using auto-tune at all if it wasn't for me right now. I feel like I'm the best to do it, I use it the best, you know so, when people try to compare me to other people that's using it, I really don't see the comparison. But, at the same time, I changed the world, so I can't expect people to stop using it because I say that's my shit and y'all need to stop using Auto-Tune."  

Chance the Rapper's January 15 tweet is as follows.

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