Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Sales Of "Same Love" Spike 350% Post-Grammys

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis enjoy more than triple the sales of their oeSame Love single after the Grammys.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” single enjoyed a sales boost of 350% the week following the Grammys compared to the week before the broadcast of the annual award show, according to Nielsen SoundScan data. The Grammys was broadcast January 26. 

“Same Love” sold 51,000 units the week ending February 2, which is the sales week following the Grammy broadcast. During the Grammys, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were joined by Madonna and Queen Latifah in a performance of "Same Love,” which has sold more than 2.4 million digital songs, according to Nielsen SoundScan data.

Queen Latifah married 33 couples on stage during the "Same Love" Grammy performance. The marriages were reportedly between people who are gay, straight, young, old and from different ethnicities and nationalities.

Prior to the performance, Ryan Lewis said that the weddings, “Will be in our minds the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing.” 

Among those who were to be married was Lewis' sister, Laura, to her then-boyfriend. “A night that is already tremendous for me, for the music,” Ryan Lewis said, “but to have my sister get married and my family there watching it—that makes it a whole other level of amazing.”

The week before the Grammy broadcast, “Same Love” sold 11,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan data. The week ending January 26, “Same Love” sold 24,000 copies. 

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  • Come On

    What? This is Lame ppl are Lame, this is embarrassing I fucking guarantee you it's all white ppl buying this shit.

  • Kramer

    Sickening. I hate lovey dovey Policical Correct bullshit

  • Anonymous

    who cares these fags dont deserve to be in hiphop

  • Anonymous

    This song is what got him that Grammy. Yea thrift shop was another single that helped him out. But same love got him that award..2 singles beat a dope album bullshit.

  • Lashunda Gates

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  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    Macklemore is the greatest new school rapper. his lvie performance is incredible. did you see his grammy show? all those people who were happy around him? it was amazing! at the end of the day Macklemore is the best selling rapper and he is independent. swag

    • Anonymous

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  • Not Impressed

    What I find interesting about this whole Macklemore situation is how white hiphop fans who hated Macklemore, suddenly love him because he won a grammy over the black artists and black people are complaining about it. The same whites who were dick riding Kendrick Lamar and saying things like, "fuck Macklemore, he's pop trash" are now saying "Mack is not that bad, GKMC is overrated, he deserved to win." I don't remember ever seeing a white macklemore fan on this site or in the hiphop community before he won. Now they're suddenly on his dick because black people are not happy. It's stuff like this that makes me not want to support white people in hiphop. I'm not impressed

  • francisco malendez

    yeah he has done alot for the gay community he was at my gay club with ryan lewis and even posed for pictures and his mink sweatwer was 2 die 4!

  • Anonymous

    enough of this gay sh*t!

  • Anonymous

    more rappers should try to corner the gay market wayne and birdman should have embraced their homosexual tendencies

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