2 Chainz Says Ludacris Helped Him Open His First Bank Account & That He's "A Huge Dipset Fan"

2 Chainz details Leonardo DiCaprio birthday performance, says "B.O.A.T.S. III" won't be the last installment in the "B.O.A.T.S." series.

In the time since Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz released his debut solo album, Based On A T.R.U. Story, the Playaz Circle emcee has collaborated with countless artists. Although the number of records 2 Chainz has been featured on may be substantial, there is one group he hasn’t collaborated with and recently expressed interest in working with during an interview with MTV News.

While speaking with Sway Calloway of “RapFix Live,” Chainz revealed that he’s a fan of the Harlem-based crew Dipset and says he may get some work done with The Diplomats in the future.

“I’m a huge Dipset fan,” he said. “I can’t even front. I remember when Diplomatic Immunity came out, the red and the blue disc. I just felt like they changed the game…So, at the end of the day I’m really fans of these guys and I’m the type of guy that I acknowledge that. You know what I’m saying? Like I don’t think I’m too good to be like—you know I see Dame and just be like—I be tripping like ‘You Dame!’ Everybody else might try to like ‘Oh.’ But this is Dame. Forget what you talking about, this is Champagne Dame right here. So for me those be experiences in my life, in my timeline. So, I’m sure we gonna get some work done, but as far as me just revealing things for social media to go crazy? I’m not gon’ do it.”

2 Chainz also shared some insight into his B.O.A.T.S. series, informing viewers that B.O.A.T.S. III won’t be the final installment in the series he calls a “healthy timeline.”

B.O.A.T.S. is like a real healthy timeline. Tity Boi, 2 Chainz, whatever you want to call it,” Chainz said. “You know what I’m saying? When I say ‘started from the trap, now I rap,’ it’s basically that being—when I signed with DTP and I remember Luda wanted to give me my check, I didn’t have a bank account. Cause this was my first job. So, he had to give me my bank account…It’s just a healthy timeline of how I’ve grown. You know, some of the things that I like. And the whole trying to embody the city of Atlanta. You know I come from Atlanta. I finished school. You know, a lot of people like to talk about how they dropped out and made it. You know, I went to school and made it. So, it’s just a few elements in there, but I still have that ratchet side.”

Late last month, 2 Chainz appeared alongside rapper Kanye West at a birthday party for actor Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the Def Jam musician, he was invited to the party under the guise that he would be performing at a charity event.

“This is what happened—since it’s over I can tell y’all,” he said. “They told me and my people that we was going to a foundation or a charity event. So, you know when black people hear charity event—even if I invite you you ain’t coming…That’s how he kept all the hoopla out of it. You know what I mean? So, when I get to the charity event they gon’ tell me ‘Congratulations. We’re happy you’re here. It’s the first time this club has ever been opened.’ It’s Leo’s birthday…I didn’t get it until I got there. But you know everybody was in the building.”

Earlier this month, 2 Chainz announced that he was working on B.O.A.T.S. III, an album that will serve as a follow-up to B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime, in a tweet sent on February 4.

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  • Lashunda Gates

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the next 2 Chainz record just has a bunch of Heatmakerz beats and Cam'ron appearances then. I would love to hear 2 Chainz rap about crab legs or whatever he raps about over "I Really Mean it"

  • Mince1946

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  • Anonymous

    this nigga a walking contradiction ... he says "yea im from the soufside... click clack blaw blaw" tho when you were robbed you cleared the scene.. this nigga say he started in the trap now he rap... yet in the interview all of a sudden he "went to school, finished school".. no way in the world i will believe no grown man, going to school and finishing AND playing on the bball team that he wasn't able to learn about a bank account... niggas be so quick to want to impress another nigga..

    • Anonymous

      Maybe this nigga had rich parents who paid his tuition and floated him the cash for books, food, clothes, and expenses. I guess we'll never know.... But for someone who calls him albums Based On a True Story shit aint adding up and he been exposed for lying more than once!

    • Anonymous

      Thats cool and all but his story just aint adding up. Not to mention this nigga ran like a sprinter at the sight of a gun, tripped and fell down, got robbed then denied ever getting robbed at all. Seems like he's just faking the funk to sell record. Theres video of him playing college basketball. I know when I went to college no one was walkin in there paying tuition with stacks of street money, it was credit card, check or money order.

    • ty337225

      Have you cornballs ever even been around a real street nigga before bruh? I'm not here vouch for 2chainz or say what he did or didn't do l cuz I don't know homie and neither do y'all. But it bothers me that yall clowns think every hustler or street nigga quit school or just cuz u went to college that you're not hood. That makes you sound just as ignorant as the nigga u tryna clown. Nigga I started sellin weed when I was 14 and started selling CRACK at 16 and I went to college...and when I got to school and when I left I never had a bank account. Stop believing what u see on tv or what yo grandmas say. I lost 15 ppl in the last 7 years to gun violence so I would say I'm a certified street nigga,( I sell cars now so no I ain't bum 26 and got close to six figures in 13). I met some of the smartest ppl I've met so far in life on the streets and some of the dumbest mafuckers I ever met are the niggas with Masters degrees n all that shit. So shut all that nerd shit up if u don't really know about that life

    • Enlightened

      Exactly!! And on Snoop Dogg GGN, Snoop asked him about his grade point average being like a 3.5 in high school and this nigga said he "never got a C" in high school. Then when Snoop asked him if he wasn't rappin what would he be doing this fool said "Trappin or coaching" then apparently he realized how stupid that shit sounded coming out his mouth and just said "wait, coaching, coaching." For real? A nigga with all A's and B's and school and you still would let it come out your acting-ass mouth that you would be "trappin" if you were not a rapper. LOL. Nigga be yourself! I got Masters degrees now but I got plenty C's in high school. That shit is an accomplishment. These niggas is characters.

    • Anonymous

      that issue was brought up the last time he mentioned the no bank account shit. like how the fuck was you going to college with no bank account. he expects us to believe he was paying everything out the shoebox?

  • Anonymous

    Did Luda set up your debit pin as well? lol

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    album flopped so he already onto the next one

  • Anonymous

    that bank account story is hella old i remember reading it on this website

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