Pusha T & 2 Chainz Champion Tech N9ne

Pusha T and 2 Chainz praise Tech N9ne's business savvy and longevity.

Pusha T and 2 Chainz celebrated Tech N9ne's work in the music industry during separate interviews on MTV's Rap Fix yesterday (February 5). 

"When I heard [Tech N9ne] was gonna be here, I was like, 'Oh, man, this is it,'" Pusha T said speaking to Tech N9ne. "Man, the business, man. I feel like you've mastered this business of music." 

Pusha's praise was echoed by 2 Chainz, who also appeared on Rap Fix.  

"That boy can rap, man," 2 Chainz said during a different segment on the show. "When I first did the cypher for the [BET Hip Hop Awards]...I'm like, 'Who gon' be in the cypher?' I promise to God, [Ludacris] said, 'Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne.' All I was thinkin' was Luda, Busta Rhymes and this fool - they gon' be tongue twistin' to see who can rap the fastest. But God worked it out where he got rid of [Tech]." Tech N9ne performed in a separate cypher for the Award Show, one that included Kendrick Lamar. 

2 Chainz Celebrates Tech N9ne's Wealth 

Chainz's comments regarding the cypher were followed by additional praise for Tech N9ne. 

"This man's rich, too" Chainz said, pointing to Tech. "Ask him how much money he got." 

During the show, Tech revealed that he recently spent $4 million on a warehouse for Strange Music. 

"For all you rappers that's gettin' some money, he just put 4 million on his warehouse," Chainz said. The comment was followed by Sway, who said he made a mistake when he stopped being a part of Tech N9ne's management team years ago. "Slap yourself," 2 Chainz said to Sway regarding this. "Stab yourself. 20 percent of that...That's supposed to be you." 

During the interview segments, Tech N9ne also said he is finalizing his Strangeulation album, a compilation project that includes artists from his Strange Music imprint. He is also set to begin working on a new album. When asked if Eminem would be involved in his upcoming album, Tech said he would have to get past Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg. Tech has previously spoken about his hopes for an Eminem collaboration on his solo projects

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  • Anons

    2 Chainz is a fake sellout nigga. He just determines how much money a person has to mess with them. All the radio and industry brats recognize Tech, they just never acknowledge him because he isn't a sellout.

  • Anonymous

    Tech is often really corny and really fucking annoying, but his rapping skills are undeniably among the best of all time.

  • smh

    dont expect an eminem collabo unless u can sing, play rock or country..eminem dont do those petty hiphop collabos anymore.

    • David Bunz

      No shit. I hate how Em talks this big talk about how much he loves hip hop but then never does any collaborations with OG rappers or rarely even with current mainstream rappers (i.e. Ludacris, Tech N9ne) who he could go toe-to-toe with. He literally has the pick of the litter. No excuse for it bein 15 years big in the game. Clearly he's not making that effort.

  • Lashunda Gates

    uptil I saw the check which had said $5551 , I didn't believe that...my... neighbour woz like trully bringing in money in their spare time from their laptop. . there mums best friend started doing this for under ten months and by now repaid the loans on there appartment and got a great Fiat Multipla . see here now... www.Fb39.com At this point I'd rather hear him talk about his money and cars like every other rapper.

  • Mince1946

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  • Anonymous

    Lmao to the people who say Macklemore is on top of Tech! Lmfao!!! Funny shit Strange Music has already taken over this whole rap game!Macklemore is garbage compared to Tech!!^S^

    • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    when did Tech Nine go platinum last time? Oh, never! And gold? Oh never? And wood? Numerous times... at least Macklemore and Ryan Lewist are platinum selling superstars and INDEPENDENT. Tech will be never the King of independent hip hop. never! swag

    • InYoFace

      LOL! Listen to this dumbass hater. Tech N9ne has more talent in his pinky than you have in your entire loser body. Smack yourself.

    • Anonymous

      yes but macklemore had to pay a lot of money to radio stations and to TV stations to get his music heard on the radio and on tv. Tech doesn't pay for air play and does over 100 shows a year all his money is straight profit he has endorsements from monster energy drink, and gets deal on distribution from target and walmart provided he gives them exclusive tracks. say what you want but the man is a genius album sales dont mean shit if you dont play your cards right.

    • Anons

      Yo bitch, Tech is the definition of indie. I like Macklemore but he is not indie, just because he claims independent doesn't mean that he is. He is being distributed through a branch of Warner Bros. called ADA. He is getting help from a major. That is why he blew up.

    • Carpe Diem Fruitcake

      "I am very successful at everything I do, especially trolling the likes of the idiots on this site. It gives me great pleasure to annoy people like you who get all bent out of shape about a song or artist." Job available In USA, UK, Canada,Australia my buddy's step-mother makes Dollar 73/hour on the computer. She has been without work for six months but last month her income was Dollar 12032 just working on the computer for a few hours. why not find out more... - See more at,,,,,,, Works6.COM

    • So Icy Boi! Is Back

      I'm sorry for upsetting everyone. Let me make it up to you all.....I'll suck all of y'all dicks.................................please!

    • Anonymous

      wait...what? Mack's good and all but the only reason he's sellin so much is because he is easier for you basics to grasp. He's a good rapper, but Tech is doing circles around this nigga, you don't need a hip hop chart or grammy to be better than these mainstreams. you deficient ass life form. please oh please dont comment on rapunless you actually know a thing or two. Wanna be hip hop head.

    • lol

      Tech N9ne | Caribou Lou Goes Gold! Boom! what was you saying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz4O-tgOYbc

    • Anonymous

      Tech and Macklemore are cool with eachother. Didnt Tech remix Thrift Shop?

    • Anonymous

      Tech N9ne>>>>My farts>>> Macklemore

    • BRYANt

      Kill yourself homie

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore can't even compare to Techs shoes 1 song got him famous fucking gay ass Vanilla Ice motherfucker.

    • trill281

      These gay macklemore supporters be on that bullshit.....LOL

    • WOOD

      Tech has made a career out of roadshows. He's one of the best in the game. He's the first black rapper to cross over to black folks - haha. Mackelmore will have to stay relevant for another 5+ years for him to be considered a seasoned vet.

    • Anonymous

      He became the first independent rapper to get to a million overall sales years ago

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne is the shit

  • wack

    Tech cant get enough sucking wack ass n*ggas. get em tech and suck them!!!

  • Slumerican

    Finally Recognition. Techs the mother fucking shit.

    • pickle

      charity...........................right..... the charity of food for rick ross' stomach maybe

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross actually made far more than him, yet donated most of it to charity.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean finally? He been recognized already he doesnt need 2 chainz bum ass to tell him. He was on the Forbes list last year with the big dogs, making more than Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

  • Anonymous

    independence is where its at. fuck a major label.

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