ScHoolboy Q Says "I Rap Better Than" The Other Members Of Black Hippy

ScHoolboy Q feels TDE is the best rap crew out, says fans can expect "groovy Q" on "Oxymoron."

Moments after sharing his belief that TDE is the best rap crew out during an interview with Torae of Hip Hop Nation, Los Angeles emcee ScHoolboy Q was then asked who the best rapper in Black Hippy is. He responded by stating that he’s the best rapper in the Los Angeles-based crew and went on to rattle down a list of reasons as to why he holds that title.

“Me,” Q said when asked who the best rapper in Black Hippy is. “Cause I am. I smoke weed. The most girls like me. I dress nicer than them. I rap better than them. You can listen to me by yo self. You can listen to me with the homies. You can play certain songs for your mama. You can play me in the strip club. I’m everywhere. I’m better than them niggas.”

ScHoolboy Q’s interview with Torae comes weeks before the scheduled February 25 release of his album, Oxymoron. With the LP set for release in the near future, Q was asked what fans can expect from the project. According to the rapper, Oxymoron will boast a “groovy Q” sound and will include a guest appearance from Wu-Tang Clan spitter Raekwon.

“Groovy Q. Shit, that’s all I can give them. Some gangsta shit,” he said. “Someone that’s doing bad for a good cause. Features? I got Raekwon on there. You know what I mean? I got my nigga on there. I don’t wanna give too much up because the tracklist ain’t out. And it’s gonna spoil it…We TDE, man. We kicked the door in and we do what the fuck we want. We tell iTunes when we gon’ put something out.”

During an interview with Life+Times last year, Q offered a brief description of Oxymoron, informing viewers that the “album is about me taking care of my daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present."

Shortly following the release of Oxymoron later this month, ScHoolboy Q is scheduled to embark on a three-month tour. The tour will begin on March 1 in Providence, Rhode Island and will conclude in Manchester, England on June 1.

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  • sean

    Of course he is going to say that and he should...don't buy into this lame attempt at journalism.

  • In other news.........

    A clown with average lyrical skills says hes great. Now that's hilarious. "Im the best because i am" is really all hes got to say.

  • nexttime

    time for a blumpkin!

  • Anonymous

    Q is soo average its funny

  • Anonymous

    ha... none of these busters can even rap that great. there are very very few new school rappers/emcees that impress me with their lyrical abilities. these guys are no exception.

  • RC

    It would be cool if we could get a studio album from Black Hippy, they could seriously be like the next A Tribe Called Quest. Unfortunately though as time has shown in the competitive world of Hip-Hop & young men trying to make a name for themselves egos can quickly become inflated & animosity can build, especially in these cases when one member inevitably outshines the rest. Still Oxymoron will probably be one of the top 5 releases of the year, hopefully these guys avoid the pitfalls that befell other groups.

  • Anonymous

    He's supposed to believe that.

  • epic

    He's joking right...he's average rapper at best.

  • Lashunda Gates

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  • Mince1946

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  • BOOM

    This guy is funny!! I do think it's sarcasm, but sometimes people can say what they believe so bluntly that we think its a joke as well. Still I do think that animosity will eventually come. It's happens to most collectives. When his album flops(doesn't sell as expected), then we'll see how he really feels.

  • Anon

    Amazed at how many idiots on here don't understand sarcasm, or the fact that he is kidding when he says hes better than all of them. You are all the reason the things you hate exists. You are everything you hate.

  • Anonymous

    "That song is a banger" Not even close, but thanks for commenting.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    really ... Who cares about TDE? we have grandiose and talneted new school rappers like Drake and Fredo Santana. at least trap rappers have lyrics and skills. These backpack rappers have totally nursery rhymes... swag

  • Anonymous

    "Cause I am. I smoke weed" WORD

  • vondell

    Vondell-Emmett till ,,,check it out very inspiring song

  • Anonymous

    Good answer. Why do you think you rap better than them.....I rap better than them.....


    1 - Shawty Lo - Foolish 2 - Plies ft. Ne-Yo - Bust It Baby Part 2 3 - Gorilla Zoe - Echo 4 - Gucci Mane - Lemonade 5 - Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings - Catalina 6 - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma 7 - Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way 8 - Sage The Gemini - Red Nose 9 - OJ Da Juiceman - I'm Getting Money 10 - Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint

  • Anonymous

    Manchester June 1st im there!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait for album to drop first tho

  • Black De La Rocha

    Q is probably the least lyrical member of TDE. He makes good music, but I'd take Kendrick & Soul over him 98% of the time. I'm not sure who's music I'd rathe hear between him and Jay Rock, but Rock is the better rapper.

  • tooILL

    Q is hilarious!!! He is def a talent and better when it comes to versatility. Ya'll hating at the wrong artist. Hate on 2 chaniz and chief keef

  • Anonymus

    Ya'll shoulda figured out he was joking the minute he said he's best because he dress the best.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes after watching an interview of a artist, it makes you wanna go check songs of that artist. Just because of their character. This guy is so f'n arrogant, it makes me sick. And to think that he's not even as good as he says/thinks he is. He's always talking big shit... dude is a youngster in the game!!!Never will check a song of his.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why is this news, he's been saying that since he got on lmao. Y'all aint like that with your homies?

    • Real Talk

      and now that i notice your i realize u must be trolling

    • Real Talk

      o catching feelings nigga ^ stop crying. he just being confident and cocky. everyone know they got love for eachother. thats what buck, banks, and yayo shud have been saying. Same goes with everybody in the rocafella records when they were hot. same shit wale, meek mill should b saying. u gotta put ya self out there or no one will pay attention. Thats y ab soul checked everybody with the magazine title"Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy" if he didnt they would easily fade to black in a year or 2. Cuz the only niggas that make it are the leader of the groups. u have to fight your way up to that spotlight. so far Q is on his way.

    • Mr. Ceeeee

      ScHoolboy shoudl be like, showing love for his homies. Not trying to be dissing them on the sly just cause his album be coming out. Valentine's Day is next week, yo. You gots to show out for your homies, give them a gansta ass hug, and a straight mafia kiss on the lips!

  • Mr. Ceeeee

    You know who's better than any Black Hippy? Macklemore & Lewis! Check the Grammy scoreboard!

    • MGThatOneGuy

      You know who is better than that mediocre "artist"? Anybody from the midwest. I mean, Krizz Kaliko can destroy them with a single verse and hook. And he dont need a damn grammy nomination to prove it. Get your whack-rap-lovin ass outta here...

    • sam snead

      ya.....but not really

  • sam snead

    let the hate and dick ride fest begin, oh wait it already has

  • Anonymous

    if you don't think you're the greatest then you shouldn't be doing this.

  • papi

    This album ''oxymoron'' is gon be either the biggest hit or the biggest flop of q's career and he should be careful, playful too it doesn't be the latter

  • jeffrey

    kendrick is where its at....he is the best rapper in TDE and in the world questions!

  • Anonymous

    you know he is joking right? they have always been like this always

  • Ayo I herd Danielle gives free chewies.

    Yawk yawk yawk yawkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! School boy a def tha best in tbe!

  • Anonymous

    I know niggas supposed to THINK they're the best, but come on with that product, homie. I dont just want to hear about shit you talking all the time. Let the product speak for itself. Product, Q! Product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product, product!!!

  • Anonymous

    The fact this nigga has to keep telling everyone he's the best, his album will be better than Kendric's, etc is making him look mad lame. Dog, just make some dope shit be who you are and let everything be everything. If you got the personality of a door knob, than thats just what it it is. What you gonna do? Pretend you got some other kind of personality? Do your music and keep on livin my nigga

  • fribberg

    worst artist to sign to tde

  • ymcmb

    even isaiah is better than q

  • Ken Junior (EA StreetWear)

    Hahahaha....yes. I luv it. We need more competition like this around hip-hop. It's get tiring listenin' to "We Are The World" records and ere'body havin' that buddy, buddy type atmosphere. Sometimes competition can bring out the best in ya abilities. #KeepItGoin #Salute Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog:

  • yaaaaaa

    Too bad this isn't going to be on Oxymoron, it's my goddamn jam.

  • ultimatemegadon

    he aint fucking with no jay rock fuck outta here


    Jay Rock n Kendrick far better than Q dunno bout ab-soul aint listened to him properly but id guess he's got more skills than school he a fuckin weird ass nigga in the back of class wearing glasses n a hat in 100 degree weather ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    This isn't news Q always talks shit

  • BP

    this doesn't mean anything. even if Schoolboy was serious, he'd be doing the exact same thing Kendrick is doing. Kendrick went after his friends too nigga! most of the emcees Kendrick namedropped on Control, he's cool with em! even niggas who was cool with Kendrick responded with freestyles. the competitive spirit has to keep being shoehorned into hip-hop to make everyone bring out their best. schoolboy just doesn't feel like playin second fiddle, and that's totally cool. i expect somethin good out of oxymoron now.

  • music junky

    "Forgive Me For My Sins" depicts the destitute streets of the inner city of Chicago as it promotes most people to a life of sin in an attempt to survive. The struggle of so many retold through the lyrics and depictions of A'Thang a talented MC from Chicago. Check out the video below and share!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ITS a Fucking JOKE people, like my dude deez stated, sarcasm is truly lost on most...

  • Anonymous

    That Collared Green song with Kendrick sucks balls.

  • oladioss

    how can you not like this motherfucker!! lmao Q got jokes.

  • Anonymous

    Hip hop DX loves to stir up drama (frankly, that's all this websites for), but les be honest: unlike the legacy rap that most posse tracks are now, Kendrick, Q, Ab Soul, and Jay Rock are a competitive bunch. And it's fun competition, amping eachother up and making eachother better. Q trash talking is a part of this.

    • Anonymous

      No, you guys take your own articles out of context to get reading. And I just assume this isn't actually anyone important from DX, otherwise you would have a laundry list of comments to respond to before responding to my own.

    • DX

      It's not like we were inciting a war against his homies or anything. Geez, you readers take EVERYTHING OUT OF CONTEXT. WE KNOW THAT HE'S NOT SERIOUS; you can tell by the tone in Q's voice that he's obviously joking and that it's just promotion for his upcoming album. Stop making us the scapegoat all the damn time.

    • DX Staff

      We're sick & tired of people like you pointing fingers at us every time we post an article. Exactly how are we starting drama? School Boy Q was expressing his opinion (which we realize he was probably joking). That's all we did.

  • Remember Gator Crunch chips?

    Yes people! Q is OBVIOUSLY joking! LOL at you kendrick STANS! K DOt is my fav rapper at the moment, but chill!

  • Vandal

    Do people not get that Q is just joking around? obviously HHDX doesn't...

  • deez

    SARCASM is lost on alot of people

  • Anonymous

    So Kendrick and ab soul left tde? that's the only way that statement can be marginally accurate.

  • Anonymous

    This dude ignorant as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone in Black Hippy can outrap Q.


    dude is the worst in black hippy lol, I love his music though

  • Jack

    Y'all don't get it do you? He is only saying this so he can get a bit of hype before his album drops, everyone knows and even q knows he can't touch Jay Rock, Soul and Kendrick when it comes to rapping. He just wants people to talk about him more and with the album coming at the end of the month he wants SALES! Plus we all know Kendrick is getting recognition so him saying them will make people want to listen to his album to see if he is the better rapper out of his peers.

  • smellbum

    I scratched my ass hole through my shorts only to find my underwear charred with shit when I was done....not much I could do but sniff that shit.

  • Fribberg

    not even top 3 of tde

  • zeezee

    hes the worst in tde (with objectivity)

  • Anonymous

    lol this nigga was high when he was talking he trash rhymes mad weak kendrick top then ab soul then rock this nigga in the bottom say he dress best also lol he dress like Gilligan island with that ugly ass hat lol

  • Anonymous

    I think hes music is hot, but in every fucking interview hes acting like a complete idiot!

  • Anonymous

    lmao, so because he smokes weed, dresses better, and girls find him the most attractive, that makes him the best rapper? Even if all 3 of those were true that has nothing to do with rapping.

  • lol

    fans to schoolboyQ- no u dont

  • ProbablyNotComingBackToThisSite

    HiphopDX labels their stories like attention hungary whores. Obviously, homie was joking, now they're gonna ask him about this garbage ass headline where they make it seem like hes shit talking. The popular media sucks and i have noticed HHDX wants to be a part of it in the past year or so. And yes, i can't forget the TMZ esque headlines of "Shia Labeauf steals Gucci Mane's apology. Way to improperly label jokes and try to make stories out of them. I used to like this site man. Yall are trippin

    • DX Staff

      It's not like we were inciting a war against his homies or anything. Geez, you readers take everything too sensitively. You can tell by the tone in Q's voice that he's obviously joking and that it's just promotion for his upcoming album. Stop making us the scapegoat already.

    • Truth


    • Jared

      You are so correct. HipHopDx, shame on you, you should really be better than this. Fuck this site I'm going elsewhere.

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