Petition Calls To Stop George Zimmerman Boxing Match

A petition says George Zimmerman and boxing promoter Damon Feldman "are attempting to promote and profit off racial tensions."

A petition has been made in an attempt to stop the upcoming George Zimmerman fight from taking place. The petition, which has been posted on the White House's petition site, aims to block the boxing match from taking place because of several reasons outlined in the petition statement. 

"Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America," the petition statement says. "Damon Feldman has been known for fixing fights and taking short cuts in the past in bypassing state requirements for fighters to obtain a license to box. Mr. Feldman's past should be highly considered in this regard if Feldman is not going through the proper channels to ensure the safety of the participants it puts lives at risk.

"In addition, the entire idea of this event is to use racial tensions to lure people in to purchase the event," the petition statement continues. "This will only hurt America as it will continue to stir up racial tensions that have been on going in this nation for quite some time. No promoter or celebrity boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit." 

Zimmerman is slated to participate in a boxing match this year. Feldman announced that DMX would be Zimmerman's opponent. However, DMX's representative has said that while the rapper has verbally agreed to the fight, negotiations are ongoing

The petition has 3,763 signatures and needs 96,237 more signatures to reach the 100,000 signatures goal. 

In July 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2012. Martin would have turned 19 years old today (February 5), an occasion that Game recognized in an Instagram post made today

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  • man gee

    a 43 year old crackhead boxing a 30 year old murderer.

  • Lashunda Gates

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  • Mince1946

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  • jake from statefarm

    no, they should continue the fight. I pray to GOD that Zimmerman kills him like he killed trayvonn :)

  • jake from statefarm

    free my nigga juicee

  • Zimm Swag

    He'll drop an album in March. Win a Grammy next year for best new hip hop artist.

  • Anonymous

    god damn can a mexican make a dollar anymore ? let him make his money

    • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    I'm with George in the Trayvon case. George Zimmerman is not quilty! DMX is a certified street nigga. Not like I hate street niggas. I love true gangsters like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, but DMX was a snake ass nigga, a coward... swag

  • Anonymous

    who made zimmerman famous??? YOU DID

  • It's wrong

    This guys going to make money off killing a teenager, lol you Americans are crazy there isn't any other word for it, absolutely disgusting

    • Anonymous

      it was the black americans

    • Nana

      RIP to Trayvon. It's not about him getting money the killing of Trayvon was described as a racial killing. Sometimes we have blacks killing blacks, whites killing whites and so on but what the media captured in the Zimmerman case is that it was a racist killing. I think Zimmerman wants to fight any black male to let you know he is not racist, its hard because Trayvon is dead.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this Arab mother fucker! I hope X kills him

  • Anonymous

    It will be pretty sad if 100,000 people can sign a petition to get Justin Beiber out of the U.S, but we can't get the same number to stop Zimmerman from this foolish boxing match.

  • Marcus

    The fact that this clown is confident enough to come out of his hole after murdering one of our own shows that niggas ain't about shit. We talk, and scream, and holla about what's wrong but don't do anything to change shit. Zimmerman should've been marked, point, blank, period. Yet a nigga down the block will kill me for looking at him the wrong way, where the fuck is our racial sense of pride! These fake ass dudes out here can rap about a million ways to kill a nigga, but let this fuck parade around with a smile on his face. Disgraceful!



  • tom cruise mom shoes.....

    body count number 2 for the good ol boi Zimmermans

  • 6its6me6

    the illumanati has an agenda to kill DMX. Dont be suprise if he ends up brain dead, i can see Zimmerman beating the crap out of DMX and the refs(white) not even stopping the match(organized plan). People in society now days are too blind to see whats really right in front of them. #newslaves and y couldnt he(zimmerman) out of 15,000 people fight someone else besides the old crack man x

  • valintine


  • some guy

    I don't give a fuck if GZ makes money, I just still can't believe that he is agreeing to fight dude's that are going to literally shove his head up his ass until it comes out of his throat. I really was hoping that he'd have to fight The Game (6'5", pretty much all muscle) but I will gladly watch a 43 year old DMX beat the fuck out of him. I hope he stays true to his word and pisses on his face after he's done beating the life out of him.

  • Debra Noce

    This is blood money and a total disgrace.

  • White Power

    A ni66er crackhead fighting a murderous wettback, I hope both these subhuman animals kill each other so I can laugh.

  • john mickins

    outlets such as this are what george zimmerman wants yall to do which is to keep his name in yall mouth and keep him relevant smh...why is this shit even being entertained?!

    • Anonymous

      Because these racist white folks who run a so called hip hop website (DX) is doing what damon feldman is doing... capitalizing off of racial tension SMH

  • Jeff Prutzman

    Shut this down

  • music junky

    "Forgive Me For My Sins" depicts the destitute streets of the inner city of Chicago as it promotes most people to a life of sin in an attempt to survive. The struggle of so many retold through the lyrics and depictions of A'Thang a talented MC from Chicago. Check out the video below and share!!!!

  • One

    If he agrees to it.......... then fuck it, let it happen. Just beat his ass.

  • Anon here it is at the bottom of that

  • Anon

    Everyone is complaining that he is going to make profit of it but i swear i read somwhere he said all the profits will be going to charity...?

    • Anonymous

      There are other ways to profit than a direct monetary exchange between promoter and fighter. Last month, Zimmerman sold a painting on eBay for over $100,000. With this fight, his fame grows in a setting other than the courtroom, and thus his ability to profit off of his name in the future. I personally can't believe Zimmerman can sleep at night, using the murder of anyone (not just a black kid) to make money. That being said, I can't wait to watch this fight.

  • Anonymous

    DMX is a type of nigga who would kill someone, and go to their funeral

  • Kizman

    DMX is the only dude with enough influence who's actually willing to say something about wack motherfuckers. When Nas said hip hop is dead, he said he meant that it was because label heads controlled the music, and rappers lost control. But, DMX is actually calling out wack motherfuckers for their content.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he raps with people like Nas,Jay Z, The Fix classic album

    • Anonymous

      yet scarface fucks with rappers that are more of an embarrassment to the hiphop community than X could ever be

    • Anonymous

      Content? DMX had lyrics about having sex with a corpse, he has invited men to his dick and threatened to rape underage girls.....WTF can he say about content? Scarface can say something about content because he isnt a functional drug addict who is an embarrassment to the entire HipHop community.

  • bewitness

    I swear being black I can honestly say, niggas can be slow sometimes. When I heard how DMX wanted to fight this guy and how he wanted to fight the Game, I'm like you know this fuck just wants to make some money and y'all are going to let him just because you want to beat his ass. Obviously he doesn't care about getting his ass kicked he cares about getting paid.

  • Anonymous

    Just signed the petition, you guys do the same...Do not enable this piece of shit to profit for the killing of an unarmed Black child....

  • Anonymous

    Bet you it will be cancelled since Zimmerman is a "law-abiding citizen".

  • ok

    who cares? We just get to see Zimmerman get beat down and the videos will be online, so no need to pay for tickets, DMX is a hiphop legend will also get some publicity. This is the chance in which someone can injure Zimmerman, which will affect him throught his life.

  • Anonymous

    Finally some people are trying to make some sense instead of trying to make some cents.

  • Fck Zimmerman

    Please sign the petition everyone! We don't need to make this guy rich for killing an innocent kid! RIp Trayvon.

  • Anonymous

    "If you were Black or of sound mind you'd understand Zimmerman needs his ass whooped" And that will prove what exactly?

  • Anonymous

    "Huge, huge fucking difference between why black on black crime happens and why this incident happened" Why not just black crime in general? There are so many murders being committed out there by black youth that make Zimmerman's random encounter seem tame in comparison. If you want to get technical though, blacks kill blacks everyday over the dumbest shit, yet that's ok to Game, DMX, and countless other hypocrites, but a neighborhood watch guy makes one mistake and the world wants him killed.

  • Anonymous

    So a guy doesn't fight a kid and decides to shoots him in fear of his life because the kid is winning , yet feels professional enough to engage in a boxing match? America is just crazy!

    • lol

      He's an idiot he thinks killing children is ok fucking retarded peasant

    • Anonymous

      ^^^You sound stupid.

    • Anonymous

      A random street fight has no winner or loser. Martin was assaulting him, so Zimmerman defended his life. We played this by your rules and had a trial where a jury found the dude not guilty. Move on with your life and stop acting like Zimmerman is public enemy #1 simply because he shot some punk who was a walking urban clich.

  • Anonymous

    This petition is right, as much as I would like to see George Zimmerman in a situation where he might be knocked out. This is just allowing this guy to have more exposure and make money off of negative bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      You didn't say of any good that came out of those events, only that they didn't get prosecuted. All of those characters remain dysfunctional and don't bring any good to any one including themselves. They didn't go to jail because they have money.

    • mr2tymez

      Whats the difference of him profiting off of a negative situation rappers do it all the time. Chris brown beat the shit out of a woman and didnt get a single day in jail and got more popular. Justin bieber gets pulled over for a dui and all his fans gathered outside the jail to praise his release. Mj molested lil boys and didnt see a single day behind bars. So why not Zimmerman.

  • RR

    DMX thinks he's being a hero, when in reality he's just adding to the circus. By participating he's allowing Zimmerman to profit off this whole thing.


    MY GOSH, just let it happen. I want to see a Zimmerman beat down,just leave it alone, shit.

  • frank knows

    So the fuck what? The media and government do it everyday.

  • Black Unity

    There can never be peace between the races, MLK foolishly tried that and it didnt work, you Negroes have the Crips & Bloods that hate each other but your enemy has the KKK and Aryan Nation that hate YOU. You Negroes have the Disciples and Vice Lords that hate each other but your enemy has the Skinheads and Neo Nazzis that hate YOU. White people have millions of members inside white supremacist groups all around the world because they view you as their ENEMY, they have websites like Chimpout and Nigg*rMania dedicated to hating you, they call you slurs, they shoot your babies, they do whatever they can to destroy you..... Recognize who your true enemy is and love your brothers and sisters, let's stop fighting amongst ourselves and join forces to fight our true enemy, let's fight the enemy that raped your great great great grandparents lets go to war against the true enemy of our people.

    • Auntie Shequesha

      awwww shiiittt preach it brotha. dem white folks aint so bad tho, dey be da ones gettin me my welfare and foodstamps. I be sittin at home all day long takin cure of my 17 childrens, I go downtown, as dem white folks fo mo money day be like Ms Jackson, we caynt be givin u mo money n im like awww lawd dat be raccisc and shiiittt. and den day be givin me mo money n after dat I be goin down day hur saloon gettin my weave did, my nails did, my 17 childrens I don't kno where da fuck day at, day come in my hou day be like mama why I gotta go skool mayne da only thing we be in life r rappers basketbawl playa and drug dealers n I be like im not fidden tell u child one mo gin u bet git yo ass to skool you aint fidden be no mon fuckin drug dealer or rappa, get yo ass to skool be nice to dem white folks so u can git a job, and giv auntie shequesha mo money, peace niggas

    • Anonymous

      and thats why they run the world

    • Anonymous

      @JusSayin Very true but one race in particular specializes in killing other races.

    • JustSayin

      All races of people fight and war against themselves because tribalism precedes and supersedes racism. Gang is a modern urban term for tribe. The hells angels have warfare with other white biker tribes/gangs. Asians fight and war with each other. Japan and China are on the verge of war. Taiwan hates China. Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons aimed each other. And nuclear weapons is the only thing that has prevented Europeans from having more world wars against each other. Do a search engine search on how many Caucasian people died during the World Wars.

    • Anonymous

      keep preaching faggot, its never gonna happen

  • M

    You have to admit, it would be hilarious if DMX got his butt whooped.

  • True

    No way this murderer should get to profit off this.. bullshit about "charity" he wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't getting paid. He should be harassed and hounded for the rest of his life just like they did to O.J.

  • lord jamar

    Give me a shot at that punk. And after I whoop his ass yelawolfs next.

  • niggroedamus

    the money goin to charity you bitch ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      doubtful, some crooked boxing promoter and a dickless george zimmerman are going to do this for the children? quit kidding yourself...

  • Anonymous

    Can I make a petition to kick LeBron out of the NBA??????

  • Jay

    not only should this not happen he shouldn't be able to sell his shitty art on ebay

  • Jay

    DMX is 13 years older and it'd probably be a draw but what's this guy have to prove by beating up another black guy? it's a stunt to make money and turn this murderer into some sorta celebrity. the fact he's even challenging to fight a black man after that incident proves he's probably guilty

  • Anonymous

    Bigot Child Killer vs A Deadbeat Father of 11 children who smokes crack Only in America, smh.....

  • imho

    for the record. i think GZ is a piece of shit and i hope dmx wins but hes 13 yrs older, less weight and been smokin crack for last decade lolll. but the irony in this situation with rap fans is to funny. u dont like murder or real life..switch to country music bitchs

  • imhol

    whats funny to me is this is 1 known murderer against a drug user, known armed robber and possibly murderer himself. i mean all rap fans are so 'real' they love murder talk in rap about shootin this n that..but GZ actually shot someone unlike lil wayne or whoever ur fags idols are and now u guys are all pissed off? but ur never made when a black boy kills another black boy daily. since trayvon died do ou know how many blacks killed other blacks? prob 1000 times more than that 1 incident.

    • Anonymous

      Anon he has a point. The media is scared to highlight the black on black, community leaders don't want to do shit BUT those that do don't get any recognition. The minute its white on black (in this case Half White on black) all hell breaks loose. On the Wayne thing UNFORTUNATELY he has Grown ass fans too

    • smfh

      not much of a difference at people starting trouble and up to no on black or zimmerman/trayvon same story

    • Anonymous

      Huge, huge fucking difference between why black on black crime happens and why this incident happened. Rap fans don't want guys killing each other. You ever realize that most of Lil Wayne's fanbase is teenagers? You also type like a fucking dumbass so I'm not surprised that you'd come out sounding like you have no idea what you're speaking on.

  • Anonymous

    The comments on this page will kill more brain cells then huffing gasoline.

  • Die N1gger Die

    Cheers for Zimmerman he killed a blue gum baboon and made money from it! Only in America!

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman and that promoter are just exploiting your own stupidity in not letting this issue fade into obscurity and making it a big headline every time this asshole leaves his house. You made him a star by giving him all that attention even after the trial was over, he was bound to find a way to profit from it eventually, and their banking on your hatred to sell tickets to people who want to see him get knocked out.... Even if he loses, he walks away with a huge payday and gets the last laugh regardless.

  • Anonymous

    WE ARE SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THIS GUY. Fuck man, whether you think he was guilty or not, nobody wants to hear about this shit bag anymore. The fucking media is what keeps racial tension alive. We need a media blackout day where we don't watch any news station or come to any gossip news websites to show we're sick of this race bating bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    "Our people and whites don't like each other, so a boxing match seems more than appropriate. If this leads to race wars, so be it. There's too much racial tension between Black people and whites, something has to give." Keep your body combat ready and learn how to properly use your weapons, make friends with them to manipulate them.

  • Ni66er Mania Forums

    Ni66ers die every day but you welfare subhuman apes want to act outraged because we killed another one of your teen chimps. My dad joined the police force as a Klansman and inside every police force their is a secret klavern of klansmen and you earn your rank with ni66er kills, ni66er beatings, ni66er frames and other acts of war on the ni66er population. My dads rank is Grand Titan but my great grandad was a Grand Dragon. We have gained entry into every government agency and we work clandestine in the shadows to destroy you subhuman apes. We will continue to kill your people and I fluency you to kill your own. RaHoWa!!!

    • blackworld1

      Egyptians were black and the Pyramids are Museums of what we did to your ancestors! the Asiatics, Greeks, Hyskos, Sumerians(all whites) were the first to be enslaved and well you catch the drift. Egyptians were the original Black Panthers. They destroyed any outside kracker race who tried to invade or integrate. It wasn't until the second war with the Arabs the black race fell...

  • Irving

    Thanks for the LInK HIPHOPDX

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Word. We can't just keep feeding this fuckin' raging fire of ignorance and hatred. It's gonna consume our whole god damn society soon. I'll sign that shit. DMX...go away. You've ruined whatever legacy you had by stooping to lower and more pathetic levels every day. George Zimmerman...stop whistling past the graveyard, and just be glad you're alive. America has become one big Jerry Springer episode.

    • Anonymous

      Doubl Negative, you're clearly trolling

    • Anonymous

      So you condone this type of bs? Well, that tells me your intelligence is close to zero. This fight will solve absolutely nothing. All that DMX and Zimmerman are doing are making fools of themselves.

    • Doubl Negative

      @ Sensaye, you're obviously white or shooting meth. If you were Black or of sound mind you'd understand Zimmerman needs his ass whooped, or better still murdered. Also, the jury scum that found him not guilty deserve the same fate. I recommend DMX, or whichever Brother takes on this bastard watch Django Unchained for some inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck are guys not going to include a link to the petition in this article?

    • Anonymous

      it wasnt there when i posted that comment, i checked all the links beofre, thats why so many others have a similar comment about it below

    • Anonymous

      they did dumbass.... you have to click the phrase "White House's petition site." Also formality.. but Zimmerman wouldn't profit, its charity shit. Not saying its right to allow Zimmerman to fight but I wouldn't mind seein DMX fuck his bitch ass up

  • Anonymous

    The streets shoulda bin killed this fool.THE FUCK ARE YALL DOIN!?!?!?



  • Anonymous

    Another mis-use of the whitehouse petition. People complain about tax dollars being wasted, yet they do this type of shit. Dumb fucks

  • Anonymous


    zimmerman know he deserve that ass whoop somebody really needs to whip that smile off his face.

  • arcanebeats

    where is the petition?

  • fuccya

    Only want a boxing match if he gettin killed as a result of it, no matter the fight, whatever. Then you can bury him with his precious money. Or bury the money and throw the scumbags body somewhere else to rot. Whatever.

  • Gluver

    Watching a coward box a crackhead is sad... but people like this kind of bullshit like it's on Worldstarhiphop. Zimmerman should not be able to profit off of fighting a black man when he already lost a fight to a black teenager and shot him because of it. If he wanted to box so bad he should've boxed Trayvon. Fascination will make a lot of people watch but it will be a sad day for Trayvon's family whoever wins this ridiculous event. DMX is approaching 50 years old and should be ashamed of himself.

  • Yo!

    What, no link to the petition? I would also love to see Zimmerman get reckt but this whole situation just belittles the fact that this dude got away with [a racially motivated] murder. *goes to find and sign petition

  • numba1stunna201

    honestly, would people be petioning if he was fighting somebody that he would CLEARLY lose to?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because the point is that he's profiting off of the fact that people will watch him, knowing that he's only getting attention because he knows that he killed a black teenager and got away with it.

  • Anonymous

    I'm white and i will say this I would love to see this scumbag get his ass kicked. However, more people watch it more views and more money for him. So let's not watch this fool make money

  • Deni Giulio

    His a Murder not a Celebrity, this is a shame for America!!!

  • jimjim

    fuck you and Zimmerman I think dmx is alittle to small though

  • komosky

    Who would petition this, Let DMX bet Zimmerman ass into the fucking ground and piss on him like he promised he would!

  • Anonymous

    The idea of this fight happening pisses me off, but it would be so great to watch.

  • Doubl Negative

    Our people and whites don't like each other, so a boxing match seems more than appropriate. If this leads to race wars, so be it. There's too much racial tension between Black people and whites, something has to give.

    • Anonymous

      Wtf? My whole point in my post was to say this boxing match is fucking ridiculous and that racism is a learned behavior. I'm saying we're all human. All brothers. So next time don't assume 'you ignorant prick'.

    • Anonymous

      @ Doubl Negative just remember: you need us more than we need you and that's factual

    • Brotha Dee

      Your wasting your time trying to convince the dumb and ignorant . Not all whites are poor uneducated trailer trash

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Shut up you ignorant prick. You want racial tension until some white cops come and beat your fuckin' ass. Then you'll be the first one yelling 'stop the racial tension...and give me a million dollars'. You're a dumb fuck and you don't even know it. As if a 'celebrity' boxing match is somehow gonna solve racial tension in America. Neither one of these scumbags are respected by anyone that has any sense. This is not different than two assholes fighting in the street over a parking space. When Hulk Hogan bodyslammed The Iron Sheik you probably thought tension between America and Iran was healed. Damn you're stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you racist cocksuckers. My parents are from the middle-east and I was born here. We're all human beings. We all inhabit the same fucking planet. Have you guys ever seen a person, animal, or any living thing being killed? They all struggle for life and fight to live in those dying seconds and in that moment, your skin color, ethnicity, cock size, etc. don't matter because you're a spirit in a body, fighting to live. Fuck ya'll.

    • Sco*

      Realest statement I ever read on this bullshit site...too real as a matter of fact....remember, they're watching comrad..

    • Anonymous

      Whites will just simply say that Zimmerman is Hispanic and that his white fathers genetics got overpowered by his Hispanic mother so therefore he is not white. I don't trust a drug ravaged DMX to fight this pig, I would see someone with an athletic background like Game to fight him.

  • nikolai


  • Anonymous

    It's probably true, but i'd still pay to see that shit. It's not everyday you see a crackhead rapper getting in to fights. Legal.

  • Anonymous

    Obama might actually want to see this mofo get beatdown

  • Anonymous

    People will pay to see it, so who cares if it sparks a riot or tension. That never stopped rap concerts from happening.

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