Ab-Soul Says Upcoming "Project Is Finished"

Ab-Soul also says Top Dawg will have further details about the release soon.

Ab-Soul announced that his upcoming project is completed in a Twitter post made yesterday (February 4). Soul's upcoming project does not have a title, but it has been rumored to be called Black Lip Pastor. Nevertheless, Ab-Soul recently reiterated that Black Lip Pastor is not the project's title.

"That's not the title, kids," Ab-Soul said in a Twitter update. "Told ya that." 

Following this Twitter post, Ab-Soul also said that the project "is finished" and that Top Dawg would have more details revealed on his Twitter timeline soon. 

In January, Top Dawg announced that TDE would release six projects in 2014. Soul's upcoming project could be one of them

Ab-Soul's Twitter posts can be found below, followed by a recent Twitter post made by Top Dawg regarding the project.  

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  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone so dumb as fuck? The album title is undecided or a surprise as of yet. Black Lip Pastor is a nickname for Ab-Soul, basically saying the album is coming soon... it's just what they're referring to Soul as. Call yourselves fans but don't know jack shit about your artists? you're like blind people in an art gallery smh.

  • Anonymous

    Top Dawg is callin it BLP tho. SMH Ab-Soul aint never coming out lol

  • rip offs

    you aint touching on strange music

  • Mary Paine

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  • Anonymous

    but ya boss tweeted black lip pastor. wtf is wrong with these people. if ur boss don't even know the name of your album. something is wrong.

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