DMX & George Zimmerman Boxing Match Confirmed

DMX is confirmed as George Zimmerman's opponent in an upcoming boxing match.

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman confirmed that DMX, 43, is scheduled to fight against George Zimmerman, 30, in a boxing match, according to TMZ

DMX, reportedly one of 15,000 applicants who wanted to box against Zimmerman, recently spoke about his desire to participate in the boxing match. 

"I am going to beat the living fuck out him,” DMX said of Zimmerman, who agreed to a boxing match against a celebrity. "I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up...Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my dick out and piss on him...right in his muthafckin' face...Zimmerman is a piece of shit and that’s what he needs to drink."

The official date, time and location of the boxing match are set to be announced Wednesday, February 12. The boxing match is slated to last three rounds. 

DMX was not the only rapper to volunteer to enter the boxing match. Game also said he was willing to box against George Zimmerman. 

"I will beat the fuck out of him," Game said recently, according toTMZ. "I would not be boxing for me. I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family...I would box him to knock him out. I would definitely take pleasure in it. It's legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon."

In July 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2012. Martin was 17. 

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  • rockyddogg

    Hopefully dmx will get punched sensless quickly that drug dealing dirtbAG!

  • D12WORLD

    More Proof tht DMX is tha REALEST IN THA GAME. Niggas try to hate on DarkManX but his Realness speaks for itself. Hes definately gonna whoop Zimmermans ass.

  • Lashunda Gates

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  • Anonymous

    A bunch a young punks talking shit ,X one of the realest there is fools.Everybody takes an setback in life nobody is perfect fags.

    • Anonymous

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  • anonymous

    Ya'll forget how strong crackheads are. X is gonna show up at the venue driving his neighbor's car whip GZ's ass with his own arm, collect the charity money and do it again for the next fix.

    • Anonymous

      He's gonna whip the cops ass with the cop's own arm too, take his uniform and wear it to the match, X is gonna snatch off everybody's arm off clap to that nigga, oh you can't. Then he's gonna make them watch porn for further suffering.

    • Anonymous

      you forgot the part about getting pulled over on the way home and locked up for the night for driving without a license.

  • Anonymus

    He will smoke the charity money for sure.

  • Shanice

    HHDX, has become the home from home where old 25+ bullied racist trolls can live out their keyboard warrior fantasies without fear of getting punched in the face.

    • Shanice

      I came back to see if anyone would respond...I guess no one did...damn...I don't have no one to talk to in real life so I try to act smart and get people to like me on the internet...I guess I fail again.

    • Shanice

      I purposefully didn't mention race as I knew it was only a matter of time before one of you took the bait like the brainless and lower class idiots you are Feel free to comment back like the angry little keyboard warrior you are ....However I wont be back to read it :)

    • Anonymous

      I know, black folk are crazy racist on here.

  • Anonymous

    HiphopDX labels their stories like attention hungary whores. Obviously, homie was joking, now they're gonna ask him about this garbage ass headline where they make it seem like hes shit talking. The popular media sucks and i have noticed HHDX wants to be a part of it in the past year or so. And yes, i can't forget the TMZ esque headlines of "Shia Labeauf steals Gucci Mane's apology. Way to improperly label jokes and try to make stories out of them. I used to like this site man. Yall are trippin

  • Dead Black kids

    Zimmie is my hero and I hope he beats the poop out of the black crack head guy, I donated 20 bucks to Zimmies website and all my friends did too, blacks deserve death for being jungle bunnies.

    • Anonymous

      You know trolling is a sign of underlining mental health issues In a lot of instances trolls failed at school and have a lower than average I,Q with a tendency towards being socially awkward ... Hope you feel better with time!

  • Hispanic People Deserve To Die

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    • R.O.F.L

      The funny thing is that anon dude would have paid no attention to the "Hispanic People Deserve To Die" statement But he takes offence at what the second dude said get a grip you pathetic troll

    • Daniel

      I assume you are probably the original poster whose message was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies No doubt you are also the same awkward weirdo who was seeking attention with the above "Kill All Black Children " statement . You are proof of what happens when a child feels invalidated when growing up Don't be a victim and let your child anger eat you up... your a big boy now !

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Is Latino a "race" now? Cause last time I checked, you could be white latino, black latino, just about anything latino lol

    • Black Mike

      You know that's a really retarded statement .. Don't blame the whole Latin race because one weak hearted coward chose to kill a child

  • This is embarassing

    X can talk hard all he want but its obvious GZ will destroy this nicca, SMH.

  • FactsMachine

    Two words: "CRACKHEAD STRENGTH" LOL LOL LOL LOL -I am your father

  • FactsMachine

    Zimmerman would kick Chuck Norris's ass, and Chuck Norris defeated Superman twice. It's not possible for DMX to win, a punch is nothing against a silver bullet. Game OVER.

  • cutesleroy

    they could dick-wrestle.

  • Fuck Yonkers

    If this nigga DMX lose... I'm bleaching my skin. For real, I can't take that much ridicule

  • Anonymous

    i got my money on my homeboy Zimmerman.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Why is this guy allowed to make money when Trayvon Martin is dead. He will never see a paycheck. I hope his parents sue him for whatever he makes on this STUPID FIGHT. DMX should be ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    When I see or hear about DMX, I usually think "A-yo bitch, let me get some water and some lemons ARF ARF ARF" Katt Williams is the shit. And on the real, Zimmerman has got hustle. He's the bad guy. And he is probably cashing in like a motherfucker. So many people wanna see him get his ass beat.

  • damnn

    lmaoooo if dmx gets his ass beat by zimmerman, that would be the funniest t=shit ever

  • Anonymous

    DMX gon make a music comeback after dis. First single wit the newly hot Young Thug

  • Fratty Ice

    Bury the hatchet, Zimmerman went through this country's legal system and was found not guilty. While it's sad a life was lost, this sort of thing happens everyday. But in this case, he was found to be innocent. It's done, close the yearbook, it's not gonna change anything.

    • bob

      Em on the streets doing anything? He kinda grew up on the streets. Go to 8-mile and spend a week there...

    • Nick

      Dont let the crack and trouble cloud your judgement.Have you ever heard of Jayz 50 Cent or Eminem on the streets doing anything?Im not knocking Em or 50 but X' swords speak for themself.

  • YoMamaIsACrackead

    Fuck all u hoes talkin down on tha Dawg.. X gon hurt em.. Bet all y'all muhfuckas calling him a crackhead listen to drake... Fucking faggots.. Do us all a favor and swallow a whole bottle of Xanax then slit your fucking wrists... Pussies..


    Best Possible Outcome: DMX hits the gym n ring. Trains hard as Fuck. Puts down the pipe. Knocks out this scums eyeballs then Skull fucks this piece chit & then releases It's dark and hell is hot 2.

  • dmxISfool

    dmx fell right into zimmermans trap this is a win - win situation for zimmerman...

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell the point in doing this? All this is doing is aggravating the situation. Even if they do this boxing match, it's not like there's going to be any true winners. This is just plain stupid.

  • Anonymous

    George Zimmerman probably chose DMX over GAME because Game would of knocked him out first punch, no doubt. This guy is 5"7 and Game is probably twice that height and is certainly more in shape than DMX. Don't know how an old drug addict like DMX will perform, but can't and wait to see. great news

    • DumbFucks

      Everybody know Game is not 11 feet tall. It's just a way of speaking on size in general you fucktards dayum. I knew it was silly when the the first anon said game is twice his size but I knew what he meant. Idiots everywhere on this site.

    • Anonymous

      "Game isn't exactly twice his size, " he's no where close to half his size though, if those numbers are correct he's only 9 inches taller

    • Anonymous

      Too much retards in here. What the guy meant is just a way of speaking. Why do you idiots have to take everything so litterally? Game isn't exactly twice his size, but you get the fucking point.

    • Anonymous

      LOLOLOLOL...SHM. Who even writes that? How old are you, 12? GTFO

    • Crip4Life

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol game is clearly untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media...he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol... all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about... dmx on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 30 mill and still is..

    • Anonymous

      that definitely isnt twice zimmerman's height

    • Anonymous

      "This guy is 5"7 and Game is probably twice that height " LOLOLOLOLOL since when is Game 11'2"????

  • jack johnson

    Remember a couple years ago DMX was supposed to do a charity boxing match but backed out because he wanted it to be a rigged match. I hope they don't do this, it will just be embarrassing

  • admin

    DMX is joke these days plus he's like 5 feet tall and skinny as fuck. Sadly he will probably get his ass kicked and behave ignorantly, making black people look bad.

    • Anonymous

      X def weighs more than 150, cmon have u seen him?

    • oladioss

      as much as i don't agree with the boxing match how old are you little corny motherfuckers?? wtf are you talking about crack-head or not dmx is a thorough-bred and would knock half of these whack ass industry cats out..smh..when were you guys born 1994 or some bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      x is normal height 5'8-510 and probably 150. I doubt the dude lifts or does any cardio and is gonna go into this expecting a street fight. Supposedly Martin has been boxing for years and will probably win due to technical skills. Then again X came out and said hes gonna break every rule in boxing to win so who the fuck knows. Im sure hell be head butting and mike tysoning zimmermans face.

    • Anonymous

      DMX ain't 5 ft tall you ignorant retard. George zimmerman is 5"7 185 pounds. Thats pretty damn short if you ask me. Dmx is for sure a lot taller than that.

    • jack johnson

      DMX is a 43 year old skinny crack head unfortunately. He won't stand a chance

    • NinjaB

      exactly.. DMX and his crack-head ass gonna get ate, and add another L to the evergrowing list, and just empower this egotistical motherfucker even more... at least with Game, even if Zimmerman getting paid, he gonna pay for it too with his face lol

    • Anonymous

      5 ft tall? do u even know who dmx is?

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman fighting for protection money so niggas wont murk that dude

  • DMX

    I want to see this!!!!!!

  • OK

    x is a real niggaa He would whoop Zimmerman, whether in shape or not.

  • Thomas L. Scrivens

    Whoop dat Az !

  • Anonymous

    This is so dumb this faggot shud be dead not in a celebrity boxing match even if he gets the fucking shit kicked out of himself it still isn't enough.

  • Anonymous

    I will be boycotting this shit. this is honestly like some real life hunger games shit, its disgusting. FUCK zimmerman and FUCK the mothafucka that gave him a platform for this bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    DMX won't train and will turn up high and skinny if at all. DMX back in the 90's might've done some damage but this crackhead will probably lose. Should've picked the Game he's bigger and in better shape.

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke right? A man who shot a teenager, in cold blood or not, is becoming famous... This is the problem with the world. The media makes motherfuckers like Zimmerman famous, and for what, more publicity? This man killed someone's son and is now in a celebrity boxing match with a rapper and it's being talked about throughout the internet. Two people have to sleep at night knowing that their child is not living anymore because of the hands of someone else. And he is being made famous. Get this Bullshit off the site, hiphopdx. Have some expect and stop making this criminal famous.

    • Anonymous

      thats not really HHDX staff replying

    • Ben

      Sorry journalism isn't a neutral field . Online blogs, websites, on the whole are governed by advertising revenue which comes from improved page views . Of course it's in HHDX interest to garner more page views by promoting race baiting articles. It's a proven strategy for this site as a sure fire way to increase ad revenue and CPC/CPM ad rates .

    • Anonymous

      ^ True but you sure are eating off this ^ Less page bounce rate, better Alexa rankings,Improved link juice.

    • DX Staff

      Don't blame us. We're journalists. We're doing our jobs, and that's bringing the news to the public. Believe it or not, journalism is a completely neutral field.

  • MistaCGY

    I like DMX a lot but I think Zimmerman is gonna take the fight to him and whoop his ass. Unfortunately DMX isn't a fraction as tough as his lyrics would suggest and he will probably bite Zimmerman or kick him in the balls to get out of the match. I hope not though.

    • Y.O run shit

      And how the fuck would YOU kno how tough X is!? Poser are u from the same hood? did your older brother kno X back in the day like mine? Fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    of course hed pick dmx whos 43 and not game

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. He knows he has no chance with Game and is probably too afraid to get knocked the fuck out. It's easier for him to pick DMX who is older, smaller and long time drug abuser.

  • Come on now

    What a sad state of affairs this America isvery depressing.

  • Anonymous

    Whether or not DMX wins or loses..... Zimmerman is still gonna win! $$$$$!.... Anyone who is getting involved in this is an idiot!

  • AR

    DMX will beat the brakes off him.

  • f.

    "why is it every move i make turns out to be a bad one?" -DMX

  • Mary Paine

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  • damnhiphopdx

    yall niggas on here boy!,i swear,,,lol,,,,,,,foc boi couldnt beat a teenager so now he think he gonna be a nigga with base strength,,lol,,,,,rage is a helluva motivation,,,,especially black rage,,,,,gz,,is playin the whole black race,,,and niggas is falling for the gas,,,pssss!!1

  • Anonymous

    A crack head versus a child murderer. this oughta be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't it interesting how a significant part of Zimmerman's defence was that he was a weakling and simply had to use the gun as "self-defence"? They had his trainer come in and say that he was 0.5/10 ability-wise. Now, he's doing a fucking boxing match. Even if events transpired as Zimmerman's defence suggested that they did - and that's a massive "if" - shouldn't he feel a little bit bad for having killed someone? Even if it was apparently "justified"? This man is shameless and no-one should partake in anything he does - even if it is for charity.

  • CNN

    HAHAHAHA! Ohh this is great. We totally tricked you guys into thinking that Trayvon Martin was an innocent little boy and that George Zimmerman followed him with a gun in his hand ready to shoot because he was black and everyone bought it! George Zimmerman = Views = more money for all of us in the media! Ohh this is great, we love writing articles like "George Zimmerman followed an unarmed teen and shot him and got away with it". We know lazy ass America believes anything we say, nobody watched the fucking trial and made the decision for themselves, we made the decision for them! And now, our money making machine George Zimmerman is at it again! "George Zimmerman Vs DMX", this is great. We don't even need Al Sharpton anymore, we talk about George Zimmerman and everybody visits are websites and watches our channel and gets pissed about it! You get pissed, We get paid!!! Hahahah!!! suckers!!!

  • frank

    Imagine the shitstorm from the racist blacks when Zimmerman most likely wins the fight.

  • The Joker

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonights entertainment. You see, their morals, their code, its a bad joke. Theyre only as good as the world allows them to be. Ill show you. When the chips are down, these these civilized people, theyll eat each other. See, Im not a monster. Im just ahead of the curve. You know, theyre schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds. Im not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are. Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because its all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!This city deserves a better class of criminal. And Im gonna give it to them. All right. So, listen. Why dont you give me a call when you want to start taking things a little more seriously? Heres my card.

  • Anonymous

    i hope zimmerman collapses and dies during the bout. DMX break the rules and give him an permanent injury.

  • Anonymous

    This is disgraceful.

  • Adioncy

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  • tom

    this is a controlled fight can't see dmx winning no chance, seen state of him that's why ZImmerman has chose him

  • Anonymous

    Imagine the shame DMX is gonna walk around with if he loses. People never let Sticky Fingaz forget about the fight he lost to the heavy metal guy on MTV lol

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman is probably gonna make a nice seven digit number off this fight, him and the promoters are exploiting your hatred of him for money and your all too stupid to realize it. Whether he wins or loses the fight is irrelevant compared to the payday he's gonna get. Put another check in the win column for george.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion; regardless of whether Zimmerman gets his ass kicked or not, this is a way to turn him into a media celebrity: a position which personally I think he is undeserving of and unsuited for. He has no particular talents, and if he hadn't killed someone in questionable circumstances, he would not have this opportunity. Regardless if it's for good causes or not, I don't see how this should be supported by anyone.

  • Anonymous

    dmx better beat the brakes off of this maggit

  • Anonymous

    How the hell is this actually happening?

  • J. E.


  • deez

    George Zimmerman fighter tougher guys than Floyd Mayweather does

  • Anonymous

    this is the main reason why black folks get bamboozled. this dude kills trayvon, and now, we feed into this hype.

  • drake runs rap

    this crackhead gonna get knocked out. He was scared when drake called him out for talking shit. Drake told him if he ever saw this crackhead up front hed put him 6 feet deep. This crackhead gonna lose atleast he doesnt have to face king drake.

  • Rumley

    Yall doubting X? Are we talking about the same DMX? Yall really trippin' DMX is more dangerous than Game ANY day of the week. One is real and the other is a male stripper with a butterfly tattoo.

    • Anonymous

      this crackhead with the lungs full of coal wont last. He probably gonna gas him self out he ruined his body with drugs and not to mention hes old as fuck. Any diciplined fighter can easily evade the crackhead and tire him out then go in for the kill.

  • Anonymous

    What if X were to bring a shank and repeatedly stab the fuck outta Zimmerman, and then claim he felt his life was in danger, and then he subsequently beats the murder case at trial? Justice?

  • Anonymous

    I don't support this at all. Trayvon Martin just rolled in his grave. What a phuxxin crying shame

  • Anonymous

    This iish is a joke smh. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    We shouldn't even entertain this shit. George Zimmerman got off for killing a child and DMX is basehead.. this is disgusting if it happens

  • Luke

    I'm with everyone that thinks George was too scared to fight the Game. Game would've killed him. George is 30 and DMX is a 43 year old drug addict that doesn't stand a chance. It's a shame because I want George beaten to death like everyone but instead all we're gonna get is us looking at the TV cringing at DMX embarrassing himself. This isn't good.

  • Anonymous

    3 rounds of DMX saying fuck you! while George dances around mugging for the cameras. Sounds epic.

  • Anonymous

    X is gon give it to ya

  • Anonymous

    If DMX gets the money he shouldn't donate to Trayvon's family. He needs to give them to all of those illegitimate children he has running around fucking cunt.

  • Anonymous

    If DMX knocks him out I will go out and buy all of his cd's.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how this dickhead chose to fight DMX and not Game, DMX looking frail atm; Game would have destroyed zimmerman

  • Anonymous

  • cp3

    Giving Zimmerman exactly what he wants.

  • Carl E. Allgood


  • Anonymous

    Its three rounds meaning both are going for the KO. If you think DMX wouldn't last 3 rounds, you're bugging. DMX has history in boxing. Zimmerman doesn't..

  • wall912

    Why promote this garbage at all? It's insulting that GZ is given a platform to taunt black folks while making a small fortune in the process.

  • Anonymous

    hope X is in good shape, got to assume that this other Mf's hard as nails the way he callin out people to box!!!!

  • lob

    Game too big he scared.. so he chooses the out of shape skinny DMX. zimmerbitch a true coward

  • Gluver

    Is this COWARD zimmerbitch really going to show his courage by fighting a known crackhead who has been arrested for drug abuse 22 million times? If he was so courageous about boxing then why the fuck didn't he box a fair one with a teenager instead of pulling out a gun and shooting him?

  • strik nyne

    DMX really only like Bieber's size though...

  • Anonymous

    "I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up...Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my dick out and piss on him...right in his muthafckin' face...Zimmerman is a piece of shit and thats what he needs to drink." REAL MATURE FOR A NIGGA PUSHIN 50 LOL!

  • Conrad

    Why should we support this? it's a money scheme. George don't care if he gets beaten up. He know that people wants to see him suffer. The more we promote this the bigger his pockets will get. Why not fight the father of the slain victim. Are we forgetting he killed an unarmed young man.And his case was self defense. Please don't promote or endorse these actions. Those who support this are making him a murdering millionaire.

    • wally912

      Exactly. Why even give this guy a platform to promote himself? His claim to fame is murdering a child and now he wants to fight a recovering drug addict. This terrible that he's allowed to promote something like this at all let alone during Black History Month.

  • Anonymous

    Dmx loses this could insight a riot and put the nail in dmx career.

  • Anonymous

    And the other day someone tried to tell me America wasn't racism anymore... I hope u do win X and piss on him because If DMX loses that's travyvons grave pissed on.

  • x fan club president

    you cant beat a crack head

    • PAhiphopFAN

      Word. DMX is undoubtedly going to lose control, bite George's ear off (or kill him) and X is done. DMX has no control and will probably catch a charge.

  • Anonymous

    They could've chosen someone who would've put in the discipline to train. Saigon, LL Cool J, pretty much anyone in hip hop who's in shape.

  • cinavenom

    I love X, one of the best ever but he might get his ass handed to him in this one. X probably has emphysema and all kind of other health problems that will make him gas out pretty quick. But then again a 17 year old child whopped Zimmermans ass so who knows. Couldn't Zimmerman have fought Busta or something. Now that I'd like to see.

    • cinavenom

      That is what you would think, normal logic would say if X wasn't fit to fight or what not he wouldn't, but then again this is X we are talking about, he never ever uses normal logic. That's what makes him great. I just hope he beats the shit out of the that piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      nah X will definitely beat him. If he wasn't fit to fight, scared, or unconfident, he wouldn't have applied.

  • 1fire

    this is like the Outback Bowl of boxing, or should it be said the Cracked-Out back Bowl

  • Deez

    yeah DMX should win barring any last minute crack smoking on his part, or you name the drug for that matter...

  • Anonymous

    be he cant beat up Eminem.....

  • jake from state farm

    eminem is scrawny you dumbass. he have no muscles

  • SmD306

    These 2 dudes ain't even in the same weight class smh lush Zimmerman had to take the skinny man X

  • Anonymous

    So you pick a crackhead, why do white people think black people are stupid, what are the trying to prove black people always lose no matter what, DMX is a crack head the nigga can't even hold the mic must less to throw a punch, really

  • jake from state farm

    bet he cant beat my nigga 3pac. fuck whites, blacks, and latinos.....and asians...3pac is an alien from another planet. best rapper ever. fuck dmx and hhdx. smd haters

  • Anonymous

    A kid killer vs a crackhead. A freakshow to entertain the USA.

  • king

    This guy kill Trayvon he said he have been into boxing before the incident , but remember this guy said trayvon was whipping his ass before he shot him in self defends ppl cant u guys see he kill trayvon intentionally he is just making it clear he was once a boxer cant we put hands together and put this guy away he kill an innocent boy and now ppl are making him rich for killing a young man .am sick


    Hopefully DMX will just pull out a ratchet and shoot Zimmerman in his fucking face. This is proof he didn't need to shoot TM


    X better watch out, Zimmerman kills niggas for fun!

  • bobby light

    Damn X is a skinny crackhead now if this was ten years who it be different think X is gonna take a L, Game been working out for 2 years straight that's why he don't want it with him

  • fuccya

    Lmao these niggas make zimmerman feel like some star! So dumb.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Politics aside, DMX's endurance and lung capacity are gonna be an issue, not to mention if it turns out that he can't fight. I have a feeling Zimmerman is gonna take this more seriously than X, and the result is an L for us all.

    • Anonymous

      Its three rounds meaning both are going for the KO. If you think DMX wouldn't last 3 rounds, you're bugging. DMX has history in boxing. Zimmerman doesn't.

  • Anonymous

    DMX needs to back out of this now son I really don't want this to happen...

  • Anonymous

    all these dudes are fucking idiots

  • We are at War

    As this marinates away from the visceral of my limbic system it is sad to see DMX after all his music sales have to be in a financial state to be cast as a side show...Really thought he would be my generations Al Green with all the prayers on his albums. Earl represents who George thought he was shooting when he shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman is living a hell and he and those who aid him can't run from the fire. Earl and George need their legal bills paid somehow and why not no matter the outrage there will always be an audience will to pay per view even this.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Gdollar

    Why didn't Floyd throw his name in the hat? Dmx would slay him in a street fight but he's a 43 year old and past his best.

  • Anonymous

    I hope DMX pisses on him.

  • Anonymous

    DMX has 11 kids, thats right ELEVEN KIDS. There is NO possible way DMX can take care of all those kids, he owes millions in child support. Hell, even if you are a billionaire there is no possible way to spread your TIME with each kid when you have 11 of them. Who's the bigger asshole? DMX bringing in all those kids without a father. I'll be happy when Zimmerman knocks his dumb ass out.

    • Anonymous

      You dumb fuck. My point was DMX is on his fucking high horse talking about Zimmerman. DMX is DUMB FUCK lowlife, much worse than Zimmerman. Go smoke some more weed, you dumbass, and dont be late for your job flipping burgers.

    • Nameless420

      Wtf does him having 11 kids have to do with anything u stupid fuck?... U acting like regular ppl dont have more kids then that... That stupid ass tv show 19 an counting they were having kids left an right for no reason... Stupid ass comment from a ignorant ass fool... Ill be happy when ur bitch ass gets laid out...

  • PPV

    I hope DMX with all his reach, height and aggression beats this racist piece of shit into intensive care before he pisses on his face in hospital. Niggas all over the world are gonna pop some corn and grab chicken wings for this shit. Pay Per View is on deck/

  • Anonymous

    damn...DMX probly aint fit for this fight. he too drugged out and shit, but if he trains and wins the fight, i believe he really would piss on him. he that crazy lol

  • Wake Up People

    For all you people out there that think DMX will hands-down win this, you are completely delusional. I hope to hell he does but DMX will much more likely get his ass handed to him. Zimmerman is a trained fighter who will put in all his effort and discipline into fighting DMX over the next while whereas DMX will probably barely train, be a "big talker" but ultimately prove the phony "tough guy" rapper image wrong. He's been riddled with drug problems, a lack of discipline etc. over the years. This is more likely gonna be a celebration for racist republicans -that's it- as they will get to see a black man/rapper who talks tough and represents (in their view) every black stereotype get beaten up by a racially-profiling gun-toting moron. This will be a disgraceful and embarrassing event for DMX, hiphop and black people, in general. It will be a mockery to Trayvon Martin's legacy. I'd actually put more faith in Drake kicking Zimmerman's ass. Scoff if you want but this is a trap and DMX is playing along . Even DMX's comments reveal a man lost, impulsive and just out of control. This is no different than when FOX news digs up the most absurd commentators to represent the black perspective during their TV debates.

    • We are at War

      I'm rooting for DMX. But doubt his effort to truly represent let alone stop scarfing down cigarettes enough to put in the training to beat dat ass! Agree with Wake Up People.

    • Will $teel

      fuck off X is gonna come out 2 where da hood at, fill his gloves with led or brass knuckles and knock zimmerman the fuck out. he "allegedly" got his ass whooped by Travon. People dont kno this but DMX has a TON of experience fighting. Drugged out or not hes gonna knock zimmerman da fuck out

    • Anonymous

      Its sad but you're spot on. No way DMX can handle this. From the age difference, to weight difference, to the fact that DMX has had so many drug'd be a miracle if he could knock the fuck outta the guy, though.

  • magmatic123

    wow they found the oldest pic of dmx..smh zimmerman ass should be locked up especially if this story is actually real. jail aint only for black men who murder or sell drugs

  • Anonymous

    Instead of choosing to box Zimmermann, X could have went back to his catalog and listen to The Professional--my favorite X song--camped out in the backseat of Zimmermann's truck with some fucking chicken wire, jumped out like Jack-in-the-Box from behind, strangled the shit out his ass, cleaned up the mess, and got away from the cops!

  • Anonymous

    I thought you Americans are christians. I mean if God wanted to imprison Zimmerman he would be in jail now. And who you are to judge? Only God can - it's what Bible says (and also rappers do). You f**kin' hypocrites show some forgiveness or God smash you..

  • Anonymous

    Z-Dogg gon kill X.

  • Damnnnmayne

    this is gonna be badass as shit, one thing i hate about this whole ordeal is that most black people blamed white people on this whole thing when zimmerman is 100% mexican like wth right? black people need to slow there roll.

  • Anonymous

    Americas obsession with criminals made this guy a celebrity. You want to cry to somebody for making this happen, look in the mirror. If ya'll hadn't of continues to keep his name in the public forum after the trial was over, he'd have faded away just like that Casey Anthony bitch, but no, ya'll had to cry and cry and cry some more and keep his name alive so now he's capitalizing on it...... I can't even say I blame him for this shit honestly, in his position I'd milk some money out of it too. And DMX should be ashamed of himself for getting involved in this shit.

    • Anonymous

      So in your opinion, nobody should bring up the Zimmerman trial and how fucked up it was, and we should just "forget" it? Its the media that puts this shit out to capitalize on it. Its a human reaction to see a news story about Zimmerman and being like "FUCK THAT GUY!". He doesn't deserve to ever be forgotten for being a piece of shit. This shit is on the media.

  • razor

    It's insane that this guy milking fame he received from getting away with killing a kid.... Somebody needs to pop this dude on sight for real...

  • Cocaine spitter

    How they even think this is gon end proper X is gonna bite off his nose or sum shit

  • cool dude

    He should go up against Chris Brown!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bet DMX got his ass whooped

  • SMH

    lol you americans are stupid.. A Killer murders a innocent child and you turn him into a celeb.. Thanks fuq i just enjoy your music and don't live in your messed up country

  • Lord Lhus

    I hope dmx kills him.

  • Kizman

    People dont let the crack and trouble cloud your judgement.Have you ever heard of Jayz 50 Cent or Eminem on the streets doing anything?Im not knocking Em or 50 but X' swords speak for themself.

  • Anonymous

    DMX is gonna get beating and its a fact,i do like this dude but that was a bad move,more like an embarrassment dog!

  • nate the snake

    wow I cant believe its happening... well.. beat the shit out of him DMX!!!!!!!!

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