Maino "K.O.B." Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

Maino has released his "K.O.B." mixtape, which features production from Reefa and guest appearances from T.I. and French Montana, among others.

Maino released his K.O.B. mixtape today (February 4). The collection  features eight selections and three bonus tracks. 

K.O.B. includes production from Reefa and guest appearances from T.I. and French Montana, among others.

With the King of Brooklyn title often used to describe some of the New York City borough’s most noted emcees, Maino was asked if the likes of the late The Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, and Fabolous are okay with his use of the title.

During a recent interview on the Whoolywood Shuffle, the Brooklyn lyricist said that Biggie would be “okay” with it and that Jay Z likely isn’t too concerned with his use of the title.

“Biggie okay with that, man,” Maino said. “Jay Z the king of the world. He ain’t thinking about me, man…He don’t care about my antics and my ways. He don’t give a fuck. Straight up.”

K.O.B. is available for download at

The K.O.B. cover art, tracklist and mixtape stream are as follows:

1. "Niggas That Love Me” (Produced by Forever Rich)

2. "Plotting” f. Uncle Murda (Produced by Reefa)

3. "K.O.B.” (Produced by Reefa)

4. "Bang” f. Tweezie (Produced by Reefa)

5. "Great” f. 911 Kev (Produced by Reefa)

6. "Watch Me Do It” f. T.I. & French Montana (Produced by Dane Beatz & Lee on the Beats)

7. "Tupac Problems” (Produced by Lavish/Sara J)

8. "Lights Camera Action” f. Meek Mill & Troy Ave (Produced by Stoopid On the Beat)

Bonus Tracks

“Just Watch”

“What Happened” f. Jadakiss

“Bet That” f. Raekwon Robbie Nova

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  • wuriebah

    respect maino u are real


    He wont even sell more than kreayshawn album lol

    • M'Deazy

      This is some bitch ass fake site i put up messages responding to the criticism Maino was getting and my messages get deleted but the criticism stays? The game is all fucked up every1 supports the nerds and kills the real. Go suck a pimple covered dick bitches.

    • M'Deazy

      Only faggots and bitches care bout the numbers we want good music and real rap, most real people don't buy music anyway so selling alot to the fake commercial pussy ass sheeps out there don't prove nothing.

  • Anonymous

    real DUMB street nigga; how do you think he got collared anyway? Maino isn't in the top ** 2000 ** Brooklyn rappers, the Fat Boys are like Rakim + Kane combined compared to this over-tatooed moron. The worst guy in Stetsasonic is Melle Mel + Nas by comparison. Fact: Maino is an embarrassment to BK, black folks and humanity in general. He should be out shoveling sidewalks today, not pretending to still have a career in show business.

    • M'Deazy

      Your nuts DMX ran rap for years he's not in the all time top 10 it's not all about being the greatest lyricist or MC rap has 100 different avenues. Why you anonymous anyway say it to Maino's face lool No real guys from the hood get a chance anymore and it's disgustin' it's the foundation of rap so it's good to hear Maino, who you faggots want Tyga and Trinidad haha Fuck the nerdy lames in the game by the way millions of good men been caught you dissin' every super gangster wit' that line you faggots allow Maino.

  • Maino best verse on Nipsey Hussle in the house remix

    Real street nigga but he is far from even making the top 20 in Brooklyn . Stop claiming king n take that crown off ur head u look gay/retarded/stupid as fuck

    • M'Deazy

      Being the king don't mean you the best or most lyrical could just be cos he's doin' it biggest and reppin' the most plus no1 from Brooklyn gunna say shit to him so that mean he a king in his own right na? Jigga's a better rapper but he ain't in Brooklyn no more, Papoose is a better rapper but makes terrible music lately has no lane. Maino's nice stop hatin' and the crown was wore by Biggie it's an advertisement tool a gimmick to get these dumb kids interested in the real not the fake Drake's an all that.


    Turning back hip hop to how it should be done... That 90's NY era!! Im from NYC and miss this type of rap... Another sick album Maino!!!


    Maino's album is official. one of the realest rappers out and he explains life in brooklyn. A lot of bs rap out there love this guys music. BK

  • Anonymous

    Nobody ** in ** Brooklyn is checking for this witless no-talent fuck, except maybe his parole officer. "Great" artwork on this, however. Basquiat must be proud.

  • Anonymous


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