T.I. Says "Kendrick Should Have Won" Rap Grammy Over Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

During his interview with T.I., DJ Whoo Kid says he's working on a Hustle Gang mixtape.

T.I. said that Kendrick Lamar should have won at least one Grammy award last week.

“I think Kendrick should have won,” T.I. says during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45’s Whoolywood Shuffle. "I think Drake should have won something, man. I really do, bruh. I think what Kendrick and Drake did, it was significant to the culture. And Macklemore, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t think Macklemore deserved what he got. I’m not trying to say that. I’m just saying in some kinda way, Kendrick should have got somethin’…With you giving it all to Macklemore, it’s like you saying this is all of Hip Hop.”

Macklemore, who was the recipient with Ryan Lewis of four Grammy Awards at this year's event, says Kendrick Lamar was robbed at the award show.

DJ Whoo Kid also said during his interview with T.I. that he’s working on a Hustle Gang mixtape that will be released in conjunction with the MAGIC MARKET WEEK, a clothing convention typically referred to as the "Magic Convention.” MAGIC MARKET WEEK is slated to be held in Las Vegas February 18, 19 and 20.

T.I.’s next album is slated to be Paperwork: The Motion Picture. It is being executive-produced by Pharrell, who last month won the Grammy for Producer of the Year.

T.I.'s interview with DJ Whoo Kid is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    "Did you even read it?" Yeah, did you? T.I. talking in circles despite saying I think Kendrick should have won.

  • Cheryl Berger

    before I looked at the bank draft which had said $8617 , I did not believe that...my... brother woz actually earning money in their spare time on their computer. . there mums best friend started doing this for only 8 months and a short time ago paid for the morgage on their house and bought themselves a Lancia . try this web-site... www.Fb39.com it had to be publicized that he did that. Makes anyone with half a brain question the motive.


    the heist is the worst album out of the nominees tbh

  • zeeg

    macklemore is trash and robbed kdot

  • Arthur Jackson

    Damm ti need need to eat a sammich, dude got those boney girl arms.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Do you negros ever shut up? Geez. Every time one of you monkeys loses an award, you got to start crying & pouting like a spoiled child. You got your own award show: The BET Awards. Stop trying so hard to bend over backwards for the almighty white man. It's bad enough you ghetto gorillas stole rock & roll from us. You've also got jazz, gospel, r&b, and hippety hop(aka congo jungle African noise.) My point is, stay in your own damn lane.

    • stfu

      hey dumbass. STFU...black people created every major genre of music..including rock n roll..you just been school by a "gorilla"

    • the real uncle ruckus

      Lol racist whitefolks. Next time choose another name to use asshole. T.i. speaking the truth.

  • Anonymous

    mackfaggot and ryan lameass are garbage now shutup n stop riding them u bandwagons wannabe fans

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up Tip. Macklemore deserved the awards. Maybe Kendrick wins next year. Maybe not. That's just life.

    • Anonymous

      Did you even read it? " And Macklemore, too. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying I dont think Macklemore deserved what he got. Im not trying to say that"

  • Whatthe

    No shit, stool pigeon

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for saying something that a lot of people in hip-hop were saying, TIP.

  • Anonymous

    Hay big bang I am a Geek and I'm proud of it. I bet you ain't so tough. I'm proud to be a gay nerd. At least I don't act tough behind a computer.

  • Big Bang

    Before all my brothers attack Macklemore over this website filled with Geeks and Nerds. Just realize one thing. Its not Macklemores fault. Don't hate him for his Gimmick. Overall respect dude cause he ain't bad at all. He's aight. He, Himself acknowledge that Kendrick should have won the Rap album of the year. Dude is humble, maybe a little too humble. Grammys just isn't for real hip hop fans. Its not Macklemore fault and honestly I think dude is a real dude.

  • Me

    I just read Macklemore's White Privilege LYRICS and my hats off to the dude, every black person who loves Hip-Hop should respect this dudes honesty.. Don't get it twisted about the gay stuff because he broke down the history. Don't listen to the song, READ THE LYRICS..

  • 101

    kendrick murdered em on love game and he still got aint no grammy smh wtf wrong with the world and WOLF shouda won album of the year too man that shit better than that random access memories thing #based

    • Anonymous

      People who say Kendrick beat Em on that track don't like the song because of the beat and hook, so they don't even bother listening and assume Kendrick killed him. Em's second verse was far superior than Kendrick's, and they are tied for my favorite rapper so no bias here.

  • imho

    haters r mad at the fact macklemore deserved those grammys..its just so did Kendrick. Macklemmore didn't deserve all those

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