9th Wonder Calls Macklemore's Text To Kendrick Lamar "A Great Thing"

9th Wonder says Macklemore was able to tap into the soccer mom market, a market most rappers don't consider.

In the week since Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ numerous wins at the Grammys last month, and Macklemore’s resulting text message to fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, a number of artists and fans voiced their opinion on the Seattle emcee’s post-Grammys text. Among those artists is North Carolina beatsmith 9th Wonder who referred to Macklemore’s text to K-Dot as “a great thing” during an interview with the NE Hip Hop.

The producer went on to state that Macklemore has tapped into a market that other Hip Hop acts have been unable to and according to 9th, that market is soccer moms.

“Well, I mean people are gonna talk, man,” 9th Wonder said. “If you really look at the situation. Macklemore and Kendrick are—they’re acquaintances or friends. You know what I mean? That’s number one. Number two, a lot of people think what Macklemore did was kinda like ‘Aw, that was weak.’ It’s sad we live in a world where it’s being called weak to reach out to somebody and say that. You know what I mean…I saw that as a great thing, man. We can’t blame that man for winning that…We can’t call him no gimmick. We can’t call him none of that. Whether we like the music or not he made a song about going to the thrift store. Who thought that was gonna bang? It banged. You know what I mean? And he tapped into an audience that a lot of us Hip Hoppers don’t tap into and that’s the soccer mom crowd.”

9th Wonder also expressed his excitement at Outkast’s upcoming festival tour and says he’s even more excited at the prospect of the Southern duo releasing new music.

“I got more excited about the notion of them doing some more music,” he said. “Them touring is one thing, but knowing they getting back in the studio the way they have progressed both as emcees, especially 3000. Like come on. So, what would really bring it home is if Organized Noize get back involved in it. Cause they made their living off creating their own niche every album. So, you know they’re not gonna come out with a single that’s gonna sound like everything else. So, I’m happy about that.”

The producer also offered details on how “Betty Shabazz,” one of his favorite beats, was created. 9th Wonder says the beat came about after DJ Premier gave him a bunch of records to work with while he was at Premier and Showbiz’s studio.

“That ‘Betty Shabazz’ beat, man. And the crazy thing about that is I made that beat in DJ Premier and Showbiz’s studio,” 9th Wonder said. “And Premier gave me—I asked him for some records…And he just reached down and just gave me some records like that. And so he said ‘Take that. Take that. Take that.’ And I ain’t question it, so I went down to Showbiz room and I made the beat on Showbiz's MPC500. And I asked Showbiz for some drums cause I ain’t have nothing. I said ‘I just need to make something.’ And I made one it was okay. And I made ‘Betty Shabazz’ and Prem’ came down the hall and was like ‘Play that, man.’ I played it, he was like ‘Man, you made it off that record?’ I said ‘Yeah, I made it off that record. He said ‘Man, damn.’ So, ‘Betty Shabazz’ is probably—I like that.”

As a renowned producer and head of Jamla Records, 9th Wonder has had the opportunity to work with Jay Z, Rapsody, Sean Price, and countless other artists.

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  • Cheryl Berger

    before I looked at the bank draft which had said $8617 , I did not believe that...my... brother woz actually earning money in their spare time on their computer. . there mums best friend started doing this for only 8 months and a short time ago paid for the morgage on their house and bought themselves a Lancia . try this web-site... www.Fb39.com it had to be publicized that he did that. Makes anyone with half a brain question the motive.

  • Anonymous

    9th is just a tool anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Why would soccer moms like Macklemore? You think they'd like Kesha or JT.

    • Anonymous

      soccer moms like Flo Rida though and hes urban

    • PhillyMu

      You, my friend get the "dumbest question of the year" award, lol. Why would soccer moms lie Macklemore, umm lets' see. #1. He's WHITE, #2. He's SAFE, #3. He's not rapping about anything too "urban" so they understand everything he's talkking about. Dude, really, do I need to explain any further?

    • Anonymous

      he cracked the top 40 but he didnt run that shit all year like mack

    • Anonymous

      and Kendrick aint ever on the top 40? lol

    • Anonymous

      they like whatever is on the top 40 radio in their SUV's and minivans while they take their kids to school and soccer practice.

  • Andrew

    Totally agreed with 9th. It is a great thing. Kendrick's album has made an incredible impact and there is no question of its quality. But you can't knock what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did with The Heist either. Being bitter about not getting this award or that does squat. They both did great and the dudes should and need to be genuinely supportive of each other. It's good for Hip-Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit. 9th is a bitch anyways. Plus, what was weak about the so called text message was the fact that it had to be publicized that he did that. Makes anyone with half a brain question the motive.

    • Anonymous

      Like I said, 9th IS A BITCH ANYWAYS. You two fools can 69 over that statement if you like.

    • PhillyMu

      9th is a bitch? That's classic hater language right there. Besides that, Macklemore publicizing that text WAS a good thing because he even said BEFORE the Grammys that Kendrick deserved to win. By making the texts public, he's trying to not look like the Great White Hope that came to steal hip-hop cultre by showing respect to the dude EVERYBODY knows is a better artist who made a better album

    • Anonymous

      read what 9th said again moron.

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