YDB Blasts Jay Z For Not Teaching & Says He Wants His Money From Dame Dash

YDB says he's willing to get aggressive over the money he feels he's owed by Dame Dash.

During a recent appearance on Forbez DVD Live, YDB criticized Brooklyn rapper Jay Z for not teaching others about the Five-Percent Nation after Hov was pictured wearing a chain that boasted a jewel-encrusted pendant of the Five-Percent Nation’s Universal Flag during a radio interview with Power 105.1 last year.

YDB, son of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, prefaced his remarks on Jay Z with brief talk about the Illuminati, a secret organization both Jay and Beyoncé have been rumored to be a part of for quite some time. He then stated that he has no problem with the rapper wearing the Universal Flag, but says Jay Z isn’t teaching anyone about the symbol or the organization it stems from.

“We the only people talking about Illuminati,” YDB said. “I don’t see no country artists biggin’ up Illuminati…You got people like Jay Z in the game. You know, doing other stuff to other artists. You know what I’m saying? I could burn a bridge right now, but I’m telling you the truth…If he spreads this, which we are all his messengers, I don’t see nothing wrong with it. But if he says anything bad about it—And he not teaching nobody right now. Him and Beyoncé—Beyoncé’s a beautiful woman, but they not teaching nobody shit. All I’m trying to say is we here and we only here to teach. I’m Elijah Muhammad’s student, he had a lot of children and I’m putting a lot of babies on this planet right now.”

YDB also addressed his relationship with Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash. Months before ODB’s death, the rapper signed to Roc-A-Fella Records upon being released from prison in 2003. During an interview last year, YDB revealed that Dame is currently withholding material and rights to ODB’s music.

"Tell Dame Dash that I'm looking for him and I want those masters back right now," YDB said, according to SOHH.com. "Why we gotta go through the courts when we could do this man-to-man. We need to build about it and let's get this thing right. He got my father's songs and I want them back.”

While speaking with Forbes DVD Live, YDB informed listeners that he has no issue with Dame, but is willing to “get aggressive” over what he feels he’s owed.

“And I don’t hate Dame Dash,” he said. “I just want the money from Dame Dash. But if shit get aggressive then shit get aggressive.”

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  • the truth


  • the truth

    why do all these kids who have dads that rap think they can jus take theyre fathers place after they die dont they know theyre forever going to live in their fathers shadow if theyre trying to mimic them??? didnt their fathers ever teach them to be their own man??? i doubt it.... its funny cause big puns son is doin the same thing....its funny how wen their dads were alive they didnt try that shit,, even puns son wasnt tryna rhyme like him and now that their fathers are dead they feel they have the space to mimic them....this lil nigga wasnt rappin as a kid he studied what his pops did n waited for the chance to replace em i guess thats what u have to do wen ur pops aint leave u no money n he was the one makin the money hahahahaha BE YOUR OWN MAN YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK TWICE AS HARD ACTING LIKE HIM TRYNA OUT GROW HIM YOU WOULD HAVE TO DO WAT HE DID N THEN DO BETTER QUIT IT W THIS FAKE SHIT TRYNA ACT LIKE UR DAD DONT U SEE THAT NIGGA WAS A CRACKHEAD? NO REAL NIGGA FUCKS W THAT DRUG ADDICT THE ONLY NIGGAS FROM THE WU WHO COULD ACTUALLY RAP WAS GHOSTFACE RAEKWON N METH THATS IT!!!!!!!

  • huhhhh

    so you mad jay z wont give out free advice??? smh broke boy

  • Anonymous

    YDB should have the family lawyers handle this, not trying to act gangsta by pretending he's going to put hands on a broke dude. If anything, he should blame his father for spending every dime and leaving his family penniless.

  • Barbara Mixon

    uptil I saw the paycheck 4 $9693 , I did not believe ...that...my best friend was like they say truly receiving money parttime from there new laptop. . there neighbour has done this for less than and resently took care of the mortgage on their place and purchased a brand new audi . this website... www.Fb39.com so zimmerman takes interviews and behaves like a celebrity now... makes me sad

  • Anonymous

    W Fard Muhammad was bloodline and from high power sources , also at the top of certain societies and a mystic with poets, he simply was passing on the truths secret societies hold about the originals and the truth of why slavery even had to happen.

  • BGG

    I'm putting a lot of babies on this planet right now???? Great more of my tax dollars going towards your kids welfare you fucking scumbag loser.

  • Anonymous

    this kid is dork dawg does he even rap??? ODB was one of the best in the Wu and this little bird is shitting on the Wu legacy

  • Anonymous

    Look up prodigy's letter from jail Look up the jaz-o and Jay z video Look up Malachi z York Look up God is consciousness Shit connects It's about programming Look up odb interview about illuminati

    • Anonymous

      He follows Dr York's teachings look up the originators video in around early nineties Dr York is serving a life sentence in a supermax prison shit gets weird and the rabbit hole gets deeper

    • thareal

      Yo that shits fucked up what's the whole Jay z, Malachi York, five percenter bullshit

  • Rick

    Dat lil bitch from my hometown in Texas He call hisself Yung B ha ha ha ha Biiitttccchhh what. R u smokin?? Ho ass fake boi don't even treat his real daddy wit respect Just bcuz Bun knocking ya mother asshole out don't mean ya gangsta faggot See ya at sHSU my bitch

  • Tag

    Yea Bun B stepson be actin like he tha real bloodline Bitch where ya real daddy? Stop treatin Bun like he beatin your ass up bitch U aint in charge when he knocking ya mami puusssyy block of erynight my bitch Fake ass gangsta bitch

  • ODB

    ODB died broke RZA did not help him one time VH1 killed ODB for illuminati purposes YDB is not ODB real son Just like Bun B son ain't his real son A lot of fake leeching pussy bios out here They should be true to they real dads but treat tha fake ones like Gawd Fake ass rappers son who ain't even they real blood!!!! Fuk outta a here!!!!!! N

    • Anonymous

      "ODB died broke RZA did not help him one time" so it's RZA's fault ODB had like 15 kids and smoked away all his Wu money? I remember seeing him take a fucking limo to cash his welfare check LOL

  • Jun

    Errrr boy knows not to trust ODB He bitch ass robbed my granny in 94 Dat fuk boy died cus Pharrell n Dame put illuminati juice in his pussy Fuk ODB He sold wood and was dumb as fuk from smokin dust w Rza

  • Anonymous

    Jesus was not black ignorant fool he was of middle eastern complexion . 5% are racists

    • Anonymous

      @Sudanic I'm from Sudan and Arabic so you do some homework

    • Sudanic

      @anoymous2, You are the ignorant one when you say Arabs are killing the original people in Sudan these "Arabs" are actually black Africans who happen to speak Arabic and adopt Arab culture I'm actually Sudanese so I know more about this than yourself. I dont deny there is genocide that is going on but dont get it twisted do research before you comment.

    • ???

      @orignal man do some home work, instead of spreading bs propaganda you little iggit

    • Anonymous

      So your logic is saying that Arabs are black because they occupy North Africa. Do you know the Arabs are killing the indigenous black people of Sudan. Many kinds of people live in Africa that aren't black and Northern Africa was always diverse since it's ports encouraged trade. The Sahara was called the white man's grave because not many crossed it, thus less mixing.

    • Original Man

      @Anonymous, The Middle East is part of Northern Africa, which means the man known as "Jesus" a Black Man!

  • Fukdisbitchleach

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  • Anonymous

    ^^ Y'all sleeping on David Ickes I bet none of u have even visited his website he reveals everyday truths about what's goin in in the world. Ignorant motherfuckers

  • kennyken

    i mean, i understand him saying jigga needs to teach, but who taught jigga? teach yourself man. Look at how dumb jigga and beyonce are looking, including kanye, and learn how to be better.

  • Blacks will be lames forever

    Blacks lots it when whites came to take some of them, some of what they felt was valuable and still ruled and tought them how to live. With out whites black will still be winging from tree to tree and still struggles food with animals but now that things have been this way blacks are still lost and backward in all they do. God I don't even want to go to Africa them and their leaders over there can't get things right that is why they are losing their lives because they can't rule their world but I have come to figure out that most blacks in Africa are more enlightened than the blacks in the hood... God they are the most stupid people to come in contact with, they are so dom to to be in the same spot for years when Amarica is the land of opportunity even immigrant are more determin than the black Americans but Hov and some are just gifted to do what they do and keep proving they can be useful in live and not come on tv or interview to say stupid things like your lame favorite rappers do. Say all you want about your fellow man but he will keep doing what his doing and say nothing to you and other foolish blacks out there and have one thing in mind the moment they start acting like you want that's the moment they will fall. You rat bastard.

  • Anonymous

    Hurry up and get old so you don't talk this young nonsense.

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Peace See this ain't for everybody including this idiot. Lessons were made for you to add on and it is obvious this fool doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about, specially when it comes to Elija...whom was not so 'righteous', I'll leave it that. PEACE

    • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

      PEACE Proper knowledge of self started way before I sat and was instructed by the older gods and that is the reason they nurtured me. Bro, my family educated me, given I come from an Afro-Caribbean heritage; family talks centered around our ancestors, Moors who were brought to the new world and who unsuccessfully rose up against the Spaniards; fight was later pick up by Bookman and then Christophe and Dessalines. Thus, I knew I did not come from slaves from prisoners of war. What I said about Elija I stand by them; Malik stood against him for his promiscuity, if you remember. Now, that misguided pup, YBD whatever the fuck his name is, is riding on words he can't comprehend and doing deeds that are reckless. Money is riding on his pop's coattails and most likely will end up broke and then what?, What will happen to the babies? PEACE

    • Original Man

      @Har-magedon, G.O.D., Before Master Fard Muhammad and Messenger Elijah Muhammad, what Black Man in America taught you the word "PEACE" as a universal greeting? You want the benefits of The Teachings yet you judge The Man from which The Teachings derive, which is not so righteous ( right and just )!

  • Non

    This just made me feel sick.

  • Sam Snead

    "All Im trying to say is we here and we only here to teach. Im Elijah Muhammads student, he had a lot of children and Im putting a lot of babies on this planet right now" The mis-education of YDB, the nation of islam has always preyed on young men that are either locked up or missing guidance in life. If a member of the cult gets educated beyond those teachings, he finds out that it's BS and that he is a radical. Malcolm X found that out but by that time was known and spread the word about it, so they killed him

    • Anonymous

      Malcom was killed in the process OF tryin to get back into the nation (1) and he converted to "orthodox" islam, which was founded by a pedophile (2)... its wise to actually study malcom history beyond the misrepresentation in the Spike Lee movie....

    • ???

      Realist comment of the day!!!

    • Original Man

      @Sam Snead, you can educate YDB and others by sending them to watch this video, Malcolm X Apologizes To The Hon. Elijah Muhammad In His Own Words >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ttI2YXk_Q

  • Anonymous

    The pyramids are tombs not buildings to live in and the Nation of Islam was created by a white man W Fard Muhammad.

    • Anonymous

      Fard's white http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xko4mQQDI20

    • anonymous

      ok you said his mothers from spain and hes from afganistan well neither of those countrys have black ppl middle eastern ppl are not black dont try to claim them jus to hold some type of truth to what ur sayin

    • Anonymous

      Yes I did, that's why I listed the prior, they were after FBI's research which was limited. Did you look at Fard's pictures and read his history of having "multiple" stories.

    • Original Man

      @Anonymous, did you read the FBI findings in the article that you cited? The FBI admitted: It was not definitely determined whether the individual referred to as W.D. Fardwas identical with the subject of this summary (i.e. Wallie Ford). In April Hoover terminated the investigation. On April 15, 1958, he sent a memo to SAC in Chicago stating: The Bureau feels that continued expenditure of investigative time in this matter is not warranted. Therefore, this matter is being closed by the Bureau. You should take similar action in your office. In a note added to this memo after the fact, the FBI admits, after listing possible records of Fard: Actually, since birth has not been verified, subject's true identity unknown (emphasis added). Thus, at the conclusion of the FBI's year long investigation of Wallie Ford and its broader search for Master Fard Muhammad, the Bureau conceded that Master Fard Muhammad's true identity remained unknown! They were not able to identify Walli D. Ford with Master Fard Muhammad. " @Anonymous, stop spreading non-facts! Truth seekers can read the complete story here >> http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/article_6699.shtml

    • Anonymous

      "His true name is Wallace Dodd. He was born in New Zealand, on February 26, 1891. His father was British arriving in New Zealand via Australia on a sailing schooner. His mother was a Polynesian native." http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/article_6699.shtml

    • Anonymous

      TRUTH! Another false doctrine! The black man are the true jews!

    • Anonymous

      He said that his mother was from Spain and he was born in Afghanistan

    • Anonymous

      He changed his ethnicity and past countless times. His picture tells the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Fard's mother was from the mountains of Europe near russia and his father was a dark complexsioned black man from the holy city of Mecca

  • Anonymous

    Yes, call him out for even trying to pimp the universal flag.... doubt that he's an enlightened one anyway, you'd be able to tell, Nas, 2pac ect... so why's he rocking it

  • Ayyo

    Real shit though, Dame has Ol Dirty's last recorded album still in his position, and shelved it after Dirty died. Yea the tracks are out on the internet, but we need a proper release

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    Man, FUCK Jay-Z already! Dude has got to be the most overrated rapper of all time. Can't stand that clown ass faggot.

    • Big Bad Mara Salvatrucha Trece

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  • Anonymous

    Damn this dude trying way to hard to be like his father. He ain't teaching nothing to no one other then how to be ignorant. He's an attention whore. No respect for this dude. He's just a odb bootleg

  • Anonymous

    Dame is out here still eating off other niggas hard work.

  • Anonymous

    He speakin' TRUTH tho' Ya' (other) minorities or white people don't gotta' rock with it, but it's FACTS

  • Anonymous

    Get your royalties lil DB, bet Dame thought he was in the clear when ODB passed now his Son on his tail for the ones. When you owe somebody, and they pass, the debt collectors offspring come after you. He doing what he should be doing getting at Dame. And as for the 5% talk, he's right to call out HOV, how you going to rock the symbol and not teach? Was it a fashion statement? That's not something to be rocking for fashion.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is this nigga smoking ,. so Jay-z and Beyonce suppose to preach your beliefs to everyone nigga??

  • Anonymous

    This guy needs a hard smack to the head...

  • ALex

    He sounds like a dumb nig who has no idea what he's talking about. You have not brought a single thing to this world since you let your dad bust a nut in your moms pussy. Shut the fuck up. You make black people look retarded when most are not.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    This dude is ruining is dads legacy! Shit even the Wu don't want anything to do with this lame dude. Stop trying so damn hard to be an odd ball.

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy? your dad was a legend, what have you done? pssh

    • hollywood

      He doing more than leaving comments on the internet, thats the worse you can do in life.... Now what have you, your father, and your grandfather done??? We'll Wait...

  • RHX

    FUCK the 'five percent nation' it aint real knowledge it's racist ideology that masquerades as such. so called 'mathematics' etc. is bullshit. People like David Icke spread real shit. Oneness is what it is. NOT tall tales about a black man creating whites who are labelled devils from creation. And jesus was middle eastern not black or white. This guy is an idiot. Needs to create his own identity aswell

    • Anonymous

      Moreover, all of y'all motherfuckers, old or young, who have never held an actual book in their hands need to wake the fuck up and do so, all that 'go to this website' bullshit make y'all look and sound retarded as fuck.

    • Anonymous

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    • Sw

      ^^ Y'all sleeping on David Ickes I bet none of u have even visited his website he reveals everyday truths about what's goin in in the world. Ignorant motherfuckers.

    • Anonymous

      David Icke? that space bullshit? yeah, and you believe that fucker with all those 10 dollar bill doomsday shit? right. Go suck on a dick, wait, that is your fucking hobby, Fucking fruit.

    • Anonymous

      its straight up new age doctrine with false prophets, go look for that bible black man, that is our true history and book of laws. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is our Lord!

    • Joey

      Lol that David Icke comment made you lose all credibility, dudes a money grubbing scam artist.

    • Anonymous

      "People like David Icke spread real shit" LOLOLOL

  • Black Dave

    You are not your father.

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