Game Says He Would Like To Box Against George Zimmerman

Game says he would "beat" Zimmerman in a boxing match and that he would "take pleasure in it" because he'd box "for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family."

Game says he would like to box against George Zimmerman, the man who was found not guilty in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman has agreed to a March 1 boxing match, but an opponent has not been selected.  

"I will beat the fuck out of him," Game says, according to TMZ. "I would not be boxing for me. I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family...I would box him to knock him out. I would definitely take pleasure in it. It's legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon."

Zimmerman recently spoke about his ability to box. "Boxing isn't new to me," Zimmerman said to Radar Online. "It's something I had picked up well before the incident, and it's something that I liked, I enjoyed." 

Game, who has a tattoo of Trayvon Martin, recently addressed how Martin's mother feels about the tattoo

“I actually got a text message from [Trayvon Martin's] mom, which was cool," Game said. "She appreciated the gesture. And I get tattoos all the time and that was just that whole story. I got a kid and I just thought that was so unfortunate, so I did it.”

In July 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2012. Martin was 17. 

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  • Killah Beez

    Yall need to quit cryin bout Zimmerman. Monkeys shoot monkeys all the time over some dumb shit. Then a white dude shoot a monkey and yall wanna start cryin! Get the fuck outta here with that shit!

  • Anonymous

    fight promoter said no to Game but apparently George wants to fight DMX

  • Anonymous

    boxing isnt new to me yet zimmerman couldn't even beat up a 16 year old so he had to shoot him in cold blood

  • Anonymous

    Game's tough when fifteen of his homies are standing right next to him.

    • Anonymous

      all the cats he brags about beating up n not 1 of them was his size or a fighter, he beats up drunk rappers and thinks hes a super thug


    Yo, after I box Zimmerman im gonna hug him, give him a lap dance, get a tattoo of him, and be his friend! and then im gonna hate that mother fucker and then I'm gonna make a petition that says all black people should forgive Zimmerman and then im gonna kick his ass again!

  • Anonymous

    GZ for president 2016

  • Timbo

    Nobody in this chatroom was in that courtroom and heard all the true, unbiased facts laid out to make a fair judgement on. The media purposely misled you dumbasses to hype racism right before the election. They wanted whites and blacks to choose sides. Younger whites sided with Trevon so the scales tipped in Obamas favor. You retards couldn't sense the news was manipulating your emotions with his young ass pics of him at 14-15 yrs old when he was a big ass 17 yr old?

    • Anonymous

      and Zimmerman was fit while he purposely put on 100 pounds during trial to make him look defensless.

    • Anonymous

      Im gonna keep it real here and say ive been in multiple fights and one time i got handled with dude finally on top of me after a couple minutes but i knok damn well if i had a gun on me i couldve easily pulled it and fired while he was on top of me, but from the sounds of it i was getting it like Zimmerman was LOL

    • Anonymous

      Even so, he might have been taller than zimmerman, if thats what you mean by big, but when it comes to fighting weight>height all day. zimmerman had the significant weight advantage he just didn't know how to fight, and he got his ass beat.Now if he got his ass beat to point where he felt he needed to kill martin thats debatable. I mean he did have enough time to pull the gun out while martin was on top of him so the beat down couldn't have been that bad.

  • Anonymous

    leave the judgment of character to God.

  • Anonymous

    If Zimmerman knew how to fight and not shoot we wouldn't be in this situation........

  • Anonymous

    rather see him box Drake.

  • well...

    Lets just hope Game doesn't fight him in Florida..............

  • Anonymous

    What if he loses, what then huh?! Does Game realize if he did happen to fight him he'd be putting Black America on his back. Even though i'm confident he'd win, losing to Zimmerman would be an L to everyone. I don't think Game wants that on his shoulders

    • Anonymous

      they'd end up getting shot likely, GZ is packing heavy heat

    • Anonymous

      you know what you're right..I didn't even think about the money factor. It shouldnt even be entertained. Instead someone should just beat his ass when he leaves his home to get the mail or something

    • Anonymous

      letting zimmerman fight anyone for money in a celebrity boxing match is an L to everyone. they paying him for this shit.... likely 6 figures

  • Anonymous

    sign me up! I'll beat on zimmerman until his meat slides off of his bones

  • Blue Chips 2

    He took some photographs inside of an automobile and shared them on an Internet profile.

  • Anonymous

    Bruthadee is obese and has long fingernails in the picture of his Twitter profile. He is racist.

  • Stfut

    I would like to box him to death if i get the chance.Those who support him should go suck his niddle dick,mofos

  • TRE

    I truly believe GZ was fearing for his life when Trayvon was following him and thats why he shit but the bottom line is he had no business following him in the first place and he essentially started the confrontation which is why he should have been GUILTY

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Why not just shoot the motherfucker??

  • Lori Harper

    up to I looked at the receipt which was of $9860 , I accept that my best friend was like really taking home money parttime at there computar. . there neighbor had bean doing this for under 1 year and a short time ago cleared the loans on there place and bourt a top of the range Land Rover Defender . learn the facts here now... www.Fb39.Com And Tells him what to do. Then thats a label. No matter how you want to look at it dumbass's

  • Anonymous

    Remember when they let OJ off for killing 2 white people

  • gnigga_pleeze

    there is no indication that zimmerman is a racist, so why is everyone claiming that his motivation had anything to do with race? why do people assume that the cops did not arrest him solely because of his race and the race of the victim. if you arrive at a scene and see a man with a broken nose crying, and was the one to call the cops on himself after the fact, and a kid with sagging pants and a hoodie who clearly beat the shit out of the man first, who are you going to believe. yet everyone pulls the race card like a bunch of ignorant shits. why cant you people realize that YOU are the ones making this about race and YOU are the ones being racist. most black people i have talked about this case with don't even know that zimmermans nose was broken. he should have not followed the kid to begin with, it was a poor decision that ultimately resulted in a kid dying, but it's not a crime, and it's all that he was really guilty of. trayvon should have not reacted to the weird old guy following him with violence and he would still be alive. simple and plain. stop picking sides based on race and actually show some critical thinking skills you ignorants.

    • Anonymous

      ps. you are a racist fuck

    • Anonymous

      zimmerman approached trayvon on the street if trayvon was at his doorstep self defense may have been a defense but it wasnt zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder

    • Anonymous

      the state didn't want to press charges due to lack of evidence and the fact that DA's don't want to go to trial without a slam dunk case charges were filed after the media decided zimmerman was guilty

    • anonymous

      The court was racist tho. The prosecution took a dive and the trial was more like Trayvon was the defendant more than the defendant. Fuck what people are saying that's what happened.

  • RIP Trayvon.

    One thing that was profound about the case is how many white people came out in support of George Zimmerman for murdering a Black teen. He had petitions, fund raisers and picketers. White people invented a social media craze called "Trayvoning" where they layer on the ground next to Skittles and Ice T pretending to be dead and posted pictures of this act online to share with other whites as an ongoing joke. After Trayvons murder the white community celebrated his death on Halloween by dressing up as Trayvon in Blackface with fake bullet wounds and Skittles to show their contempt and hatred for Black people. Just go Online and research how white people reacted in a celebratory fashion over a young Black man being murdered by a man they considered white.

    • Anonymous

      Ima guess the person that made this is actually white lmao

    • OH HAY NSA


    • Anonymous

      "White people have proven themselves to be the #1 enemy of Black people on this planet, they have done everything within their power to destroy Black people and their homeland." Black people are their own worst enemy. They shoot each other over sneakers and candy.

    • Anonymous

      White people have proven themselves to be the #1 enemy of Black people on this planet, they have done everything within their power to destroy Black people and their homeland. When you share this historical fact with insecure white people they become afraid and call you "bitter" but other people of color will simply call you educated. White people are racist by nature which is why they have hundreds of White Supremacist Hate groups while other races don't.....could you imagine Chinese people forming hate groups? LOL. I don't advocate violence towards these white creatures but you can help speed up their fall and their destruction by educating yourself and pooling resources with your own people and building strong relationships, friendships, families and communities with your own people Black man. Always remember that the strongest hatred that has ever existed in this planet is the hatred that white people have for Black people.

    • Anonymous

      Only 'BruthaDee' would make such a ridiculous generalization about 'the white community' based on the extremely stupid and distasteful actions of a couple white people on Halloween, etc.

    • gnigga_pleeze

      ive seen pictures of black people trayvoning. and zimmerman was found innocent of murder in a court of law. after examining the evidence, there was not enough proof to determine that zimmerman had done anything wrong. he was just an overzealous neighborhood watchman who followed the wrong kid, and it took a turn for the worst when the kid proceeded to beat the shit out of him because he was a punk who didnt want to be followed. if you can prove otherwise, let's hear your evidence. anonymous you are an ignorant loser and personify the mindstate that is holding the black community of this nation back.

    • Anonymous

      you're just an old bitter racist loser. a black supremacist if you will

    • Anonymous

      Feel free to Google the people who mocked the death of Trayvon, these people have white skin and are not people of color. White colored people have proven themselves to be the number one external enemy of Black people on the planet. White people through various methods of warfare have killed hundreds of millions of Black people including some of the most powerful black people on the planet, men like MLK. White people are the natural enemies of Black people and should be treated as thus, the celebration and mocking of Trayvons death and the support for George Zimmerman is a perfect example of the hatred and contempt that is a part of white people nature. Dont hate whites just understand that they are your enemy.

    • Anonymous

      "After Trayvons murder the white community celebrated his death on Halloween by dressing up as Trayvon in Blackface with fake bullet wounds and Skittles to show their contempt and hatred for Black people." So now 2 people = the white community? Fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      Theres blacks and mexicans supporting him too so don't put that all on white people. I'm white and I cried when I heard that motherfucker was found not guilty.



    • Anonymous

      these young kids are tuff mane. Kanye punched a white boy 30 times and didnt even make him bleed or break his nose.

  • Anonymous

    I think Zimmerman just protected himself, he is not a murderer

    • Anonymous

      why did he follow him though

    • gnigga_pleeze

      but in florida that is defined as self defense. and i may agree that what you can and cannot shoot somebody for needs to be recalibrated, but that does not mean that zimmerman is a racist, or even a murderer. he might have actually feared for his life and done what he thought was best. the liberal narrative that he saw a black kid walking and decided to shoot him is just plain stupid. once again, stop taking sides based on race.

    • Anonymous

      "if it was murder, why would he call the police crying immediately after it happened, and why did he have a broken nose, " Just because he didn't want to murder the kid doesn't mean he didn't do it and isn't guilty, he was probably crying cause he knew his life as he knew it was over because he murdered a child. A broken nose is no reason to shoot someone dead.

    • gnigga_pleeze

      if it was murder, why would he call the police crying immediately after it happened, and why did he have a broken nose, and why did a court of law find him not guilty of murder? do you have information that that jury did not have? if so, please share.

    • fuckyou

      You think it was self defense and that he didn't murder martin? Apparently he knows how to box so how the fuck could he not stop a 17 year old kid? get the fuck out of here

    • Anonymous

      I think you're an asshole.

  • Shuttaman

    The worst thing is that that racist fuck zimmerman is now considered a celebrity? Kill a black kid based on prejudice about his skin color and you are now a celebrity? Amerikkka, they don't care about us.

  • 901DATSME

    Mane fuck all dat can't wait fo Game's Blood Money tour to 5tart

  • Jayceon

    I guess Game movin on from slappin around Yukmouth and Joe Budden and going straight to Zimmerman. Id laugh if Zimmerman knocked out this stripper

  • NA


  • Me again


  • Whites created hiphop

    And I'll laugh when gz Knicks this ugly n!gger out

  • Truth

    "He was ACCUSED of murdering Trayvon Martin." Stellar work, HipHopDX.

  • rofl.

    "I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon." like the sidewalk that trayvon was slamming zimzams head against.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck dat fat Mexican n fuck dat stripper faggot

  • Anonymous

    If Game lost his career would be over.

  • Anonymous

    no one should be helping zimmerman make 1 dollar, fuck a celebrity boxing match. catch him in the streets and beat his ass

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