Joe Budden Addresses Potential Battle Against Hollow Da Don

Joe Budden says he is going to battle Hollow Da Don "once the business gets right."

Joe Budden addressed a potential battle against Hollow Da Don in a Twitter update and in an Instagram post made today (January 30). 

Budden posted an image of himself standing in front of Hollow Da Don. "Niggas always think they want a problem til they get it," Budden wrote in a caption. Hollow Da Don also posted the same photograph with the following caption: "Who want to see me vs Joe Budden." 

Battle rapper JC asked Budden to "lock" the battle in via Twitter. Budden responded that he and Hollow would do that "once the business gets right."

Yesterday (January 29) Budden and his fellow Slaughterhouse members announced a Battle Rap tournament that pits eight battle rappers against each other. Slaughterhouse also announced Road to Total Slaughter, a reality show that is set to air the preparation for each battle, including matches that feature Dizaster, Daylyt and Math Hoffa, among others.

Hollow Da Don recently battled Loaded Lux as part of UW Battle League's "High Stakes." 

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  • Anonymous

    y'all are crazy. budden would lose EASILY, just as Canibus lost easily. Studio MCs are a different breed.

  • Looduh

    Budden is more than capable from a lyrical standpoint to rap as nice as many of these hyped up battle rappers. If you really been following his career - all the way back from the Desert Storm, Mood Muzik 1 and 2 days - you'd see that Joey can do punchlines and gunbars better than a lot of these dudes, and has talent in putting together concepts. He might lack in flow (which won't really matter in a battle), and his delivery is decent. His lyrical ability will stay the same if not improve for a live stage, his main problem might be his presence and delivery when getting his bars across.

  • Anonymous

    Budden got bars listen to ransom note and Pain in my life, but that nigga has taken to many L's and will get clowned. Like all the Tahiry stuff, Raekwon and all that

  • Lori Harper

    up to I looked at the receipt which was of $9860 , I accept that my best friend was like really taking home money parttime at there computar. . there neighbor had bean doing this for under 1 year and a short time ago cleared the loans on there place and bourt a top of the range Land Rover Defender . learn the facts here now... www.Fb39.Com And Tells him what to do. Then thats a label. No matter how you want to look at it dumbass's

  • Aint gon work

    No rapper is really gon stand a chance against a top 10 or 20 battle rapper cause they will have too much shit to say against them that everyone in the crowd gon know about. You could slaughter budden for 20 mins straight just about his bitches and getting punched in the face or snitchin on ransom his friend getting slapped up you givin them too much ammo

  • Lo

    Joe I think the forgot!!!

  • WTF

    Why the hell is Ho Budden getting so much pub? isn't this the lame who got rejected of vh1 hip hop tv show by Tahiry. This nigga emo and always tryin some ho shit.

  • Anonymous

    I'm actually getting hyped about this show... This has the potential to be the only good program on tv.

  • 614grind

    I actually think Royce or Joel would do way better than Joe. Joey don't have the charisma to last in a 3 round acapella setting.

    • Anonymous

      ^ anonymous? do you know where you read that? seems like an interesting read or video even. Royce definitely seems like he could battle but maybe he's really just a studio cat

    • Anonymous

      Royce doesnt do well in battles...he also said it a few years ago

  • Anonymous

    to those who say Joe aint ready for the battle scene, go listen to Ransome Note.

  • arapbattlefan

    I've been watching rap battles for a good 15 years now...Following Hollow's career specifically for a good 5 years. I've been listening to Joe Budden since the early 2000's...and Joe Budden isnt ready for this. Hollow is one of the greatest battlers alive. Joe is completely out of his element.

    • Anonymus

      Maybe Joe Budden wants to show versatility and you can't knock that, people always want to rappers in their little boxes and the rappers let them, at least Joe Budden is trying to diversify himself, that's hard to hate on.

  • Sam Snead

    When someone semi-famous battles a battle rapper that is lesser known the advantage goes to the battle rapper. So many more things he can say about joe that everybody knows.


    Thats like battling Bizzare from D12. You want a challenge then battle crook



  • Anonymous

    Hollow lost tho why would you battle the loser? LoL this nigga Hollow think he slick. After slaughterhouse announced these battles and Lux vs Mook nobody was focused on Hollow. His name was lost in the wind. Then outta no where he starts a spark with joe? Lol yeah ight I see whats going on here. If your surprised more than I am. This look mad fake and shit came outta left field. Like I said seem like Hollow didnt want to get lost in the wind with all this commotion buzzing right now. An attempt to salvage himself to keep his name mentioned. As far as Joe. No. Dont do it. You got way more to lose then these niggas. When they lose they just go home to their apartment c-43. When joe lose he gonna have to look every member of slaughterhoue in the face. Its just only going to get worse after that.



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I just can't see Joe battling other rappers like that.. But whatever, I will watch that!

  • J.O

    Big fan of Joe but he is NOT ready for the battle scene! He's an excellent "diss back" rapper but this is in a whole other league. I highly respect that he's trying to expand his brand but I feel this may hurt it. He really has nothing to gain. He's an established artist, he's signed to a major, he has material in stores, and he tours on the regular. That's everything these battle guys are trying to do. Above all tho, while I love his bars, these battle dudes are insanely crafty at what they do. To put it in perspective, it'll be like a veteran NBA baller going against a rookie in the league. They know how to ball and their good at it, but they don't know the ropes yet, the ins and outs of the sport. My Opinion

    • RealSpit

      Fair point .. But I imagine this is really coming from a more strategic place and you know Shady is around plotting .. All Joe Budden really has to do is not F up Canibus style .. Even if he shows up and holds it down to make it an interesting and engaging battle, it won't really matter the outcome -- because Hollow is absolutely in the conversation of one of the better Battle rappers and there's no shame in a respectable L to him .. Key is Joe has to take it SERIOUSLY because there's a lot of Upside for him if he does it right, but It's over if he F's up lol (Canibus)

  • Anonymous

    would be the dumbest thing budden could do. but I get it...its just to hype shit up

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