Christian Rapper Bizzle Responds To Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love"

Bizzle takes issue with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis comparing the LGBT struggle to the Black struggle.

Macklemore's presence at the Grammy Awards certainly ruffled numerous artists and fans' feathers, many of whom thought Kendrick Lamar was more deserving of critical acclaim than Macklemore.

However, Christian rapper Bizzle has a different bone to pick with the duo.

Bizzle released "Same Love," a response track to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis track of the same name, calling out the duo for comparing the LGBT struggle to the Black struggle.

"You rather fight God than fight sin / The Bible is alright until it calls what you like sin / And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate / You would compare your sexual habits to my skin / Calling it 'the new black?' Tell me, where they do that? / They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at? / They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?"

Listen to the song below (spotted at Bossip):

Bizzle joins Lord Jamar among artists who believe that Macklemore is trying to push a "gay agenda" that does not belong in Hip Hop.

However, some artists, such as Saigon, believe that a person's sexual preference is their own business.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed "Same Love" at the Grammy Awards this week, in a performance during which 33 couples were married on-air.

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  • Free2Speak

    I really think this whole gay thing is blown way too out of proportion. Everyone has their opinions and if you are not in the majority opinion you are a bigot, homophobic, etc. SO... Who cares what you call us. Who cares if u don't like me. Who cares if you don't like my opinion. What are you going to do about it. NOTHING. Nothing but run to someone else and gripe. What if it was common in the dissenting view to call the majority homo lovers, rainbow sliders, etc. You would like it too much, would you? I stand for my belief that marriage originated from the bible and it was intended for a man and woman. There is no changing the bible for your cause so two men and two women can't enjoy that union. If you don't believe in the bible, then you shouldn't believe in marriage either, since thats where it comes from. Now if they want society recognition, then thats another thing and I have no problem with that, as we all have a right to freedom of expression. Just don't compare their union with a godly union. Its a direct contradiction. I don't care what you write about my post. This is my opinion. DEAL WITH IT.

  • Namaste Anam

    I have an social experiment to challenge your beliefs. (1) Please read Timothy Kurek's book, "Jesus in Drag". Story about a homophobic straight man who takes the label as a gay man for a year to understand what gay men go through. (2) Pick a habitual sin that everybody is guilty of. I would pick lying. Everybody at some point lies to themselves, their children, their spouses or somebody for some reason or another. People do it to make them feel "holier than thou", better than others, or get people to do things they deem is right. For a year, I want you to have a buddy who belittles you, bullies you, makes fun of you, encourages others to do the same for lying. Lying is a sin, and equally, you will go to hell for it. Doesn't matter if it's a white lie or a lie by omission. That person must make your life miserable 24/7, every second, every minute, every day, 365 days of the year when you're at home, at work, at play, on vacation - everywhere you go. Maybe they can withdraw affection, or something everyone has an intrinsic right to like eating. And you must likewise, abstain from something like eating if you lie. You should feel they are right for hurting you when you lie and when you abstain from eating to the point of malnutrition, is right and okay because if you lie, you don't deserve food. That should be your belief and thinking. If they choose to be physical and beat you up for lying, don't report to the police even if you land in the hospital because no crime took place. The meaner their comments to the point that you hate yourself, cry yourself to sleep pretty much every single night, make you not want to be around them the better. The more unsafe you feel around them the better too. This buddy must make you feel worthless, sub-human, undeserving of peace, joy or happiness every second, every minute, every day, every month - 365 days of a year 24/7 reminding you how evil/an abomination you are for lying worthless excuse of a human being every single time you think about a lie, considering lying, actually lying, covering up your lie, etc. They have to make you feel guilty all the time that you lie and if they can be hateful or make you hate yourself for lying, so much the better. If what they do makes you want to kill yourself, they should encourage it and egg you on. They must also produced media materials that elevate honest people on tv, magazines, books, articles, etc and rams it down your throat all the time on a daily basis to show you how sinful, wrong and bad you are for lying. 3. I want you to elevate honest people to the point like they are omniscient, omnipotent and god-like perfection who for that trait along, pretty much can do no wrong. Only honest people deserve to be happy and eat food, for example without limitations or restraint. 4. Please read accounts of hate crimes that resulted in death/murder and personally talk to their parents. Try to put yourself in their shoes imagine their parent's pain of losing a son/daughter and the victim's pain while they were being hurt and brutally murdered by Christians who think they are not committing any crime. 5. Record all your observations, findings and experience. Give a detailed report of your experience. Not everybody who is a Christian believes the way you do. Not everybody is a Christian. Freedom to practice religion extends to non-Christians too. Freedom to practice personal beliefs extends to atheists as well. Even if you are right, and homosexuality is a sin, who gives you the right to cast stones and preach your beliefs ram it down people's throats saying it without love at all and think people will be receptive to your message? Where is your empathy? Where is your kindness and compassion? Where is your love that you Christians are "known so much for?"

    • Truthbeentold

      I'm sorry... but your social experiment makes absolutely no sense. "Not everybody who is a Christian believes the way you do. Not everybody is a Christian. Freedom to practice religion extends to non-Christians too. Freedom to practice personal beliefs extends to atheists as well. Even if you are right, and homosexuality is a sin, who gives you the right to cast stones and preach your beliefs ram it down people's throats saying it without love at all and think people will be receptive to your message? Where is your empathy? Where is your kindness and compassion? Where is your love that you Christians are "known so much for?"" Where exactly is all of that coming from? Are they assumptions about the beliefs and feelings of Christians? Can you look back, objectively, at your comments and understand how you fit the intolerant position Bizzle shows via his song and website ( No... not everyone is a Christian. Actually very, very few people are. And those who are are keenly aware of the fact that freedom of religion and belief extends to everyone. We, as those Christians, know that God gave us free will, and that it's not our place to take it away from other people. We're ambassadors and our home is not of this world and we know we will be hated by the world (John 15:19). We're just here to follow the commandments given to us (Romans 13:8-10, Matthew 22:37-39) and spread the Gospel. We know that regardless of what we say, the world's going to descend into what's described in Romans 1:26-32. We're just trying to help get those receptive to the message saved giving them the Gospel and helping them through fellowship until our time ends here. We know that all 50 states in the US, and even the world could very well legalize things like sodomite marriage and we're okay with that because it's expected as we have been told the future and comforted by the words "see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass" (Matthew 24:6). We know, however, that despite all of that happening, we must stand against it in belief and action - we must let people choose what they're going to do by personal decisions, voting and government action but we must not agree with it or accept that it is anything other than sin. We must separate ourselves instead, and make sure we're not unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor 6:14-18). So a much better question is "who gives people the right to throw stones and preach their beliefs, ramming it down Christians' throats and saying it without the love and tolerance the pro-LGBTQIA community is supposedly known for?" Where, Namaste, is YOUR love and compassion, that you can't understand and empathize with what Christians have to go through? Why do Christians have to compromise their morality to appease you or others who don't even want to be tolerant of us? Why do we have to have sodomite marriage in our churches? Why can't we protest peacefully next to pro-LGBTQIA groups without having our crosses stomped on? Why do our businesses have to aid in the promotion of LGBTQIA? Why aren't we allowed a voice, even when we're peaceful? Why don't we have freedom of speech? Why, even when we give our message (we're told to spread the Gospel by the Bible, after all) with love and empathy, much like Bizzle did, are we considered hateful bigots just for non-violently disagreeing with the practice of homosexuality? Why must we receive death threats for it? And where is our kindness and compassion and love, you ask? It's shown by the fact that we share the Gospel with you in the first place. To let the world go to Hell without trying to warn them is the true act of hate. Not telling them with hopes that they'll repent and see the truth of the Gospel message. Bizzle's song, for example, was full of kindness, compassion, love and empathy. He had his more upset moments, sure, but they weren't Bible-related. They were related to the fact that as a Black man, it IS insulting to compare what's going on now to what Blacks went through. They are NOT the same fight. Homosexuals being upset over not being able to have their union named what they want it to be named is NOT the same as Black people simply asking for the basic right to live and mind their own business without being hassled, forcefully rounded up and sold as chattel, tortured, murdered, raped, having a cross burnt on their lawn or having their children kidnapped. But when it came to the Bible and speaking of sin, Bizzle handled it well, with love, respect and a good deal of empathy and hope.

    • Namaste Anam

      oops, sorry. * sorry for misspellings. Did not check my post before sending it and I can't edit it. *produce instead of producing etc. misspelling is little my thought and idea is there Also, I wanted to add, you must believe that only honest people are good people. If you lie even once, you are no longer a good person. Children must be kept away from you. Parents must not love you unless you are 100% honest or never tell a lie ever again. Friends must cease to be your friend if you ever lied. You have to be the butt of everybody's jokes if you are a liar or have lied in your life. You must either conform/repent and be honest forever 100% of the time to receive love or food.

  • ADC

    I'm 100% in support of Bizzle's song and its message. I'm tired of this gay media agenda being forced on everybody. Enough. And the comparison of the "gay struggle" to the civil rights struggle of the past is completely offensive. They don't equate. Black folks don't have a closet to hide in when it's convenient. Just stop.

  • It's not that hard

    It always amazes me when I see a black person quoting the bible in defense of bigotry against gays when the same book condoned slavery. I'm sure this cat cherry picked which "sins" to be against and I wouldn't be surprised if they matched his own personal biases. Leviticus also says that having tattoos, eating shellfish and wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics is a sin too. Why isn't he railing on about that? One would have to be pretty ignorant to compare being gay to being a pedophile or a person who has sex with animals. Gay people consent to their sex like heterosexual couples do. Pedophiles take advantage of children who can offer no consent and people who have sex with animals also do not receive consent (animals can't consent). It blows my mind that people are warped enough to see these as the same thing. One would also need to be ignorant not to see the obvious parallels between the civil rights movement of the 60's and those of today for gays. Many of the same bullshit arguments used today were used in the 60's. Was there a time in American history where gays were kept as slaves? No. But gays are continuously harassed, mistreated, beaten, and even killed for their sexual orientation. (And contrary to what you've heard, sexual orientation isn't a choice. No one chooses to be gay or straight. They just are. Do you think someone would choose a life where they would be marginalized?) There is no set amount of suffering a people needs to endure before they are allowed to stand up and demand equal rights, so it's laughable to hear that gays can't have civil rights because their lives were not as hard as blacks. That's like a jew saying that blacks shouldn't have civil rights because they were never forced into gas chambers and ovens by the millions. It never ceases to amaze me when bible thumpers toss out all of the teachings of love and compassion that Jesus toss and instead use the bible as a weapon against those who are different.

    • Truthbeentold

      "It always amazes me when I see a black person quoting the bible in defense of bigotry against gays when the same book condoned slavery." - You're saying that because of a lack of context. " I'm sure this cat cherry picked which "sins" to be against and I wouldn't be surprised if they matched his own personal biases. Leviticus also says that having tattoos, eating shellfish and wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics is a sin too. Why isn't he railing on about that?" - Likely because he knows his Bible, which, in and of itself, clearly tells the reader that what you said doesn't apply to Christians... since what you're speaking of was given to Jews. "One would have to be pretty ignorant to compare being gay to being a pedophile or a person who has sex with animals. Gay people consent to their sex like heterosexual couples do. Pedophiles take advantage of children who can offer no consent and people who have sex with animals also do not receive consent (animals can't consent). It blows my mind that people are warped enough to see these as the same thing." - That's quite the assumption about children when there's a perpetual push going on to make the claim that children are mature enough to choose their sexual orientations in elementary school. Children can't offer consent? Have you ever attended school before? Children are already having consensual sex with each other nowadays. And what's the issue with everyone claiming animals don't consent to anything? Does anyone watch the Animal Planet anymore? Animals have sex all the time. lol It blows MY mind that people go out of their ways to assume they know what children and animals think and feel, only to make conclusions that take away their consent and are the complete opposite in nature of what children and animals actually choose to do on a daily basis. "One would also need to be ignorant not to see the obvious parallels between the civil rights movement of the 60's and those of today for gays." - One would need to be ignorant to think they're similar. You say people just ARE gay or straight. But regardless of whether or not that's true, they can CHOOSE whether or not to display that to the world. Black people have no convenient closet they can step into when they've decided they don't want to be treated like a Black person today. They can't go somewhere and have their race not be noticed simply because they're silent, like homosexuals can if they choose not to let others know. They don't carry a label they can't remove on their foreheads for everyone to understand that they are gay from the moment they set eyes on them. It is, therefore, an insult to compare what open homosexuals go through to what People of Color go through for the sole reason of their being the race that they are. "Do you think someone would choose a life where they would be marginalized?" - I know quite a few actually. Those who want to "break new ground" or make huge changes to the world, or simply those who enjoy drama and prefer "not to conform" - there's a reason why that's a teenage stereotype lol "It never ceases to amaze me when bible thumpers toss out all of the teachings of love and compassion that Jesus toss and instead use the bible as a weapon against those who are different." - It never ceases to amaze me when people cherry pick those verses the same way they claim Christians do with the other verses, just because they feel Christians are being too judgmental. Christians are supposed to have love and compassion for their neighbors, sure (Matthew 22:36-40), but they're not to compromise with evil. They're to spread the good news of the Gospel with those that, by Biblical definition, are lost, but are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14-18). Jesus makes it QUITE clear that He didn't come to bring peace to earth but to bring a sword and cause division (Luke 12:51-53). Are those verses you've chosen to toss out?

    • Sarah Ann

      I agree with much of your argument, but actually, it would be like blacks saying jews shouldn't have civil rights, because they were only in a Holocaust for 20 years and only 6 million were mass murdered, whereas blacks were in a Holocaust for 500 years and 113 million were mass murdered. As I mentioned, I do agree with much of your point. However, I do think it's disrespectful to compare gay rights as being the *same* as horrendous acts of lynching, and discrimination... when you can tell just by looking at someone if they are black. Black people were never able to "come out of the closet" and there were no "gay slaves" or "gay restrooms" and that's a slap in the face to hundreds of millions that died to compare it as such. Besides that I agree with everything else, gay people are humans like everyone else and should have EQUAL rights as every human in the world should, regardless of their label in society.

  • Ivy

    That word was 'struggle'. (Was typing to fast!)

  • Ivy

    I am so happy that finally a Real Christian took a stance on what is right!!! You can never compare gay rights to civil rights!!!! Are you serious?! I understand that innocent people may have died from being gay, but do you really want to compare dead body counts. My people was not allowed to go to school, forced to be segregated, and put into slavery for being a certain skin color!!! And you want to make comparisons?! I understand it is a stubble, but you still have a choice. It may be a difficult choice, but it is still a choice.

    • rednapkin

      Sarah ann,your 2 main points are contradicting... the first agrees that feeling disrespected because of the comparison of struggle between 'blacks' and 'gays'is unnecessary then you say comparing 'blacks' to 'gays' is disrespectful if it isn't equal nice attempt at trying to steal someones thunder though I think the comparisons point is fair as both struggle with being seen by society as below others. This could be the beginning as the discrimination for gays could remain long into the foreseeable future, in 100s of years to come gays might face a harsher existence on earth, people might be arguing in the year 3000 about how millions of gays were murdered and discriminated against for their sexual orientation and that neither jews or blacks have suffered as much..... an endless cycle of bullshit if you ask me...

  • Sadie

    I guess this guy has good intentions but I really don't think he understands homosexuality and you shouldn't write a song bashing something that you don't understand. Also, he claims that people hate on people who are anti-gay. Sticking up for others does not make you a hater.

    • Ivy

      You don't need to understand homosexuality, all you need to do is understand sin. It is a sin and we all struggle with it. Real Christians just don't like people to make it seem like its ok to homosexual. If all sin is the same then why is it that everyone can agree to come against killing, adultery, or any other sin, but don't want to touch homosexuality. Wrong is wrong. No one is picking on them, just don't come against my God and what he called sin.

  • Big Bang

    Its funny how you nerds come on here and act like black people ain't gay too. White trash coming on here acting like black people are so homophobic. So we are the only ones homophobic in the world. Like if the jail system isn't filled with blacks and Hispanics surrounded by dicks all day. I guess white people are the only ones born gay. Someone said it earlier on this article, this site ain't for the real hip hop fans. Its for the weirdos. Nerds, Fags and Wiggers. You Fags waited for Macklemore(someone who isn't even gay) to come out with a song and now all of a sudden you queers start coming out the blue with yall gay pride. Funny.

    • Ivy

      No one is saying that some black people are not gay. We are addressing the fact that homosexuals compare fighting for gay rights as if it was the same as fighting for civil rights and it clearly is not. There are no similarities what so ever. Know what you are talking about before you speak.

  • Big Bang

    I was in a lounge/club the other day,(Friday actually) and I holla at some girl. I guess she got her girlfriend with her. Her ugly ass Girlfriend start talking all this Gay shit "that's my girl". Im her man. I asked her how you her man do you got what I got. Bitch talking about I got all kinds of dicks in all colors and all sizes. Ugly bitch going on ranting I been stop talking about it. I then tell the other girl she can do better. As I'm passing the two girls, the girl I tried to holla at pulling my shirt telling me to come back to talk to her while her so called girlfriend was right there. Of course she was being sneaky. I left it alone cause the other girl(ugly gay chick) was going on talking about how guys is so disrespectful. She right tho guys don't respect girls with other girls and we feel we can take them. Point of my story is, some of these bitches is confused and don't know what they want. And the ugly girl wasn't a Dike bitch, she was just dumb wack and on the chunky side. But if I wanted I could have took that bitch from here if I wanted to. Another story(I will be short) I holla at one bitch and she tells me she scared to mess with Men because guys hurt feelings and make her cry. Females she don't care for they can't hurt her little feelings. Basically its a lot of confused mothers out here. Don't let the media with their gay views impact how you feel.

  • Hay Faggot

    I hate when gay people act like they went thru struggle. Just because you got teased when you were in school for being a homo and contemplated suicide doesn't mean you been thru anything. Also people been Gay since Christ was born. Most of those people got burnt by the Gods. You Gay people ain't never been thru shit. I don't understand the so called movement you people try and push on the society. I don't hate Gay people cause they gay, I hate gay people cause they act like they been thru some kind of struggle. Everyone knows most of the industry is gay and its been like that for a while. Don't nobody care bout yall like that. Nobody want's to here yall gay story. On another note, this Christian rappers spit some bars.

  • Anonymous

    Bars this Christian rapper just spit.

  • alonzo Cantu

    Dude is a great lyricist. This song has some really great bars. Solid track. Dude picked a pretty perfect time tho to come against Macklemore, using his own song to get his recognition. If he is thinks Macklemore is wrong, then why not have God make him his own beat? All respect to this dude's lyrical prowess, it's very impressive. It's hypocritical to use some other dude's music to push his own agenda, especially when he doesn't agree with you, and definitely when you don't agree with him. Christians need to stay in their own lane, create amazing music from the ground up. I'm tired of "christian rappers" jumping on "illuminati music" to promote their own "christian agenda" or "god's agenda". Bible might have been written by a higher power, but it was edited by men with their own agenda.

    • Ivy

      The point of using Macklemore's beat is to use his own sound against him. Bizzle does not need his beat, He used to to make people aware of which song he was coming against. He is very well in his lane. His job is to come against sin and thats exactly what he did. Trust, no True Christian would use a Macklemore's beat to get ahead!

  • Aaron

    Tell the families of young kids who'd been bullied to the point of suicide (or of course murdered) just because of their sexuality that their innocent young kids made a choice to be gay. Just don't be surprised if they don't react positively. Comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is so wrong and so irresponsible - fans of Bizzle, haters of Mackmore's song etc. are going to swallow that crap and run with it, but they aren't the same thing. This Bizzle accuses us of being wrong comparing the gay struggle with the black struggle (like it or not, there are parallels). Comparing consenting gay adults to pedophiles is even more wrong. I'm not saying all Christians are bad, but the ones that are saying being gay is a choice need to put the shoe on the other foot for a second. Did they choose to be straight? Did they ever question why they had feelings for girls (or guys in the case of hetero females) as they grew up, or was it natural to them? I can say first-hand, growing up in a very strict Christian religion myself it would've been a million times easier to be straight, but lol. It's not a choice. To hetero Christians I say, exercise a bit of common sense and compassion. For the compassion part, why should you judge us for not choosing to follow your religion which would deny us the right to relationships that you take for granted each day? Oops, there'll be a million comments like this, not just here but all articles and videos related to this topic and I probably just wasted a whole lot of time writing this, but whatever :p.

    • Blevins

      He didn't say it was a choice. He said it's a choice to act on it, just like any sin. I am attracted to women, I was "born that way" but it is a choice not to sleep around, commit adultery, etc. I was born to lie, be selfish, have unrighteous anger, but I have to choose to do all those things. Just like homosexual desire. You may not be able to control the feelings, you can control how you respond to them.

    • Ivy

      It is no comparison! You can choose to not be gay, a person cannot change the color of their skin!

  • Dan

    People understand what he is saying. His message is about turning from sin and being born again in Christ. you will not understand your need for Christ until you understand what sin is. People cannot make you understand sin, only God can. All we can do is plant a seed (like this song) and pray that the spirit moves through the person. Weather struggling with homosexuality, lust or idolatry sin is sin, but Christ is ready at any moment to save you from that sin and being new life to you. I would know I am a believer that struggles with homosexuality, but Christ is worth much more than my sexual desires. And people will not get or understand this unless the spirit of God convicts you and shows you your sin. God bless.

  • Christie Yerby

    You asked the question "It angers you if I compare you to a pedophile, because he's sick, right, and you're better, how?" so I hope you were expecting a response from listeners. Here's mine: Pedophiles victimize children, the majority of gay men and women (just as the majority of straight people) DO NOT. Which makes your comparison SLANDEROUS. Wait! Wasn't "slanderous" a descriptor in your song used to describe the evildoers who describe themselves as righteous? Interesting.

  • John

    Dear Bizzle. I think you should remember what Dr. Martin Luther King taught. Matthew Sheppard did nothing wrong and he was beaten and strung up to die. How many gay people need to be strung up to die? One too many black people died this way and so this is the same struggle. Whites used religion to kill black people. I don't care that you do not understand the life of others but I do ask that you think about Dr. Martin Luther King's message. I'm sorry that you are angry with everything but please do not say it's not the same struggle.

    • Blevins

      He isn't saying you can choose or not choose to be gay. He is saying you can choose not to allow it to control your actions. I am straight yet I can choose not to have sex. When you are black, it doesn't affect your actions or desire and you can't hide it. It's not the same thing. Once is inherent to you and the other is something you do.

    • Anonymous

      you can't choose to be gay. You're born with it.

    • Ivy

      It is not the same struggle!!! You can choose not to be gay, we can not chose the color of our sin!!! Never compare gay rights to civil rights!!!!

  • Mike

    Support Bizzle! GOM. God Bless everyone!

  • Mark

    Your rap says I can fake being straight. You can't fake being black. So with you, they have proof that they are wrong. With me, they don't.

  • uwillhateme

    Discrimination against any group that is different from you is injustice. If that particular group is not out hurting people or people in the community why not allow them all equality. Black folks should of all people know about being discriminated against. As a black person I don't understand how we as black folks can hate so much on the gay community when they too are being treated as if they are 2nd class citizens. MLK wasn't around marching for "black civil rights" he was marching and fighting for all rights. Black people can't just take a movement and make it their own. We as black folks should focus on all the things that are killing our community.

  • Anonymous

    They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at? / They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?" Did Bizzle go though that ? hell no bitch ass nigga...


      Only muthafuckin genre I see gettin that gay shit pushed on it is hip hop. Why I ain't seein no country, latino or rock artists come out with a song about homo love last year??? Oh that's right, because my people went through that...So now today they use us and our genre of music to push whatever they feel is appropriate. You ain't got to be from the 60's to feel the racism that still exist alive and well here today...

  • Mo_in_VA

    So the folks being marginalized are turning on each other. One-ups-manship on whose experience was more horrific. Just what they want.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore going to hell.

    • Anonymous

      says who? LOL the bible? do you drink your own piss like the bible says to do? did you have pre marital sex? LOL loser virgin

  • damnhiphopdx

    we are all visitors on this planet anyway,,,,da fuck you gon do!

  • damnhiphopdx

    let he without sin cast the first stone!,,,,,,

  • Malcolm X's Ghost

    LMAO house negroes worshipping the Bible as always.

  • True

    Black folks get pissed by this comparison, but at the end of the day discrimination against HUMAN BEINGS is just wrong. The argument is that gays can "hide" their gayness, but they SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. If there was some way for Blacks to hide their Blackness it wouldn't make anti-Black racism any more acceptable. And religion... huh.. any religion that justifies racism is BULLSHIT. Black people you are claiming religion to justify being anti-gay, yet for hundreds of years the White man used your same religion to justify slavery. C'mon sons..

  • uncle ruckus

    Lol and u assholes said I was uneducated. Macklemore and his followers don't know shit about morals or values. But what the hey you kids are all fucked up in the head anyway. Its wrong morally wrong. All you defending mack and his bullshit are full of it trying to justify it. Its not accepted in hip hop and does not compare to being black in Amrica. Being black is a racial issue the homo shit is a moral one. And judging from alot of post in this comment section alot of you were not raised right or raised at all.

    • Anonymous

      morals and values?? according to who and what? the bible says to drink your own piss!!! the bible says you cant fuck a bitch until you marry her!!!! fuck outta with your morals and values eat a dick nigga

    • kress

      When referring to "Macklemore and his followers" do you mean his fans? Or just his immediate circle that tours with him? What about his family? You're stating a logical fallacy as a fact. How can all of the people aforementioned be completely free of knowing anything about morals? Sexual preference is not a choice. If the majority of the world was gay and persecuted you for being attracted to the opposite sex, I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy. "Being black is a racial issue and being homo is a moral one." I want to hurl an insult at you. Being black ISN'T an issue. It's the discrimination that people undergo for simply being black... That's the issue. Being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered is NOT AN ISSUE. It's the ridicule they face on a daily basis from people like you... That's the real problem in your country. It's a shame hip hop is dissing Macklemore for standing up for the rights of his fellow human beings. I thought that's what hip hop was about, in truth... Rest in peace Pac. I'm sure he would agree with Macklemore and probably get on a song with him about the issue.

  • Assassin221

    In principle I agree with him. However, when he says "They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?" the obvious answer from the gay community will be, "Yes, as a matter of fact, we did." So while I agree that being gay and being black shouldn't be equated, I don't know if this song will change any minds.

  • Prick James

    Love it, this is dope and a lot of good points.

  • George

    Um, you didn't suffer anything like that. Your ancestors did. BTW, yes, gay people were hung, tortured, mutilated, raped, killed, genocide in the Holocaust. Ever read about Matthew Shepard??? And they are talking more about equal rights under the Constitution. The struggle African Americans went through and the struggle LGBT community is going through.

  • Truth

    The ignorance in this rap is beyond disgusting. Please be educated. People like you are the very reason why lgbt kids commit suicide every single day. Dont be moronic. Watch this video:

  • da1

    33 degrees of freemason. saigon right your sexuality is your own business dont need to be on front street unless its porn

  • Anonymous

    its become "pay us and we'll write an article everytime you say anything"

  • Anonymous

    This site has become a complete shithole

  • Moses

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are fucking queers.

  • Mitcholos

    Must Be In The Closet.

  • Lori Harper

    up to I looked at the receipt which was of $9860 , I accept that my best friend was like really taking home money parttime at there computar. . there neighbor had bean doing this for under 1 year and a short time ago cleared the loans on there place and bourt a top of the range Land Rover Defender . learn the facts here now... www.Fb39.Com And Tells him what to do. Then thats a label. No matter how you want to look at it dumbass's

  • cliff

    He is dead on in this song. He does not hate gays. Pay attention. God loves ALL of His creations. He does however hate sin, regardless of how it comes, homosexuality, stealing, murder...its all the same in God's eyes. The song is his belief, not forcing it on anyone.

    • Anonymous

      I was just readin the bible and it says that we should drink our own piss!!! I wonder of Bizzle complies

    • Marcus

      Exactly why we won't talk about it. Black people are more into creating drama and scandals with each other. They do not know how to shut up, let alone be nice. The bible is a piece of doo doo and African Americans worship the flying doo doo monster.

    • Anonymous

      I bet your faggot ass does kinds of shit the bible says not to do. Did you wait until marriage to have sex with a woman? Got any tattoos?

  • Cerge

    Just another bubble-head African American with no brains to power them. When you fail at everything, you end up at church. I think he was once a homo and is now mad because he is stuck with a wife and kids. African Americans are insignificant to me. I prefer to hang around Caucasians than my own. African Americans are very upset right now and they can only bitch as usual. One day they will realize that they are not selling to Caucasians or anyone else because they cannot be trusted to have a normal attitude about things. Keep Justin Beiber instead of me. He really wants to be one of you. I do not. It sucks to be black. African Americans can fool themselves into thinking they can make it alone without the world. You will end up broke and lonely with no friends.

    • CS9

      LOL@this low budget Uncle Ruckus wannbe. Anything for attention on the Internet. You wouldn't have the nuts to say any of what you wrote to someone's face. That's why I don't take any of it seriously. You're a joke x10.

    • Anonymous

      this is a house nigga if i ever seen one!!!

    • dadonjuan

      is this drake posting on hiphopdx?? you are a bitch made faggot!! you are a bitch

  • C Barry

    Anyway...kanye had the best album of the year onsight.

    • Anonymous

      why did you take time out of your day to type that...your life must suck but yea yeezus was not very good aside from 4 songs...

    • Anonymous

      I would rather buy a George Zimmerman Greatest Hits before I even download a song from Kanye Pest. Him and his plastic beard need to take Norvirus somewhere and stfu.

  • C Barry

    Actually LGBT folks HAVE been hung, burned and killed for years... Primarily by Christians... who seem to be the biggest bigots of them all. Wiki Christian Terrorism for fun and see what an eye for eye gets you.

  • Not an idiot

    Absolutely disgusting, fuck this kid.

    • Syllvya

      He ugly. Looks like the Family Guy baby with that big old pastor's son head. Betcha he got caught in a park masturbating like TD Jakes kid. Why are black people so non-thinking? Africa is wack. Nothing positive ever comes from there. Only mean and thoughtless people who follow Caucasian religion a thousand years after Caucasians left it.

  • Anonymous

    The guy has a decent enough flow. However "Same Love", which could've been an interesting musical devil's advocate when it came to LGBT issues, has actually done nothing notable in that regard (to my disappointment). This guy's actual lyrics leave a lot to be desired (and there's also a UK rapper called Lethal Bizzle).

  • Kev

    While his song is his opinion. He is showing his ignorance and lack of education by thinking that LGBT people have not been persecuted. In fact LGBT people have been persecuted for a whole lot longer then African Americans. Even more amazing is that he is complaining about the persecution of blacks, saying that the fight of LGBT people is less legitimate, and using his "religion" as a reason for it... 200 years ago religion was the reason blacks were in slavery... ladies and gentleman, have an opinion, and voice it, but do us all a favor, be educated before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

    • CadBrav

      So, dadonjuan, setting aside generations of the "paper bag" test in African American culture, if one could hide being black, would that make racism OK? Just because some gay people can pass as straight doesn't make heterosexism OK.

    • dadonjuan

      @kev, that is a damn lie. you can hide being gay, you can't hide being black. blacks have been persecuted more and longer than gays. i'm with you on religion but bizzle was spot on with this song. religion is a fairy tale in my opinion, but if gays can now criticize people about pushing religion down their throats, then religious people can criticize gays for trying to push their lifestyle down people throats. i personally don't give a fuck about either side because they are two sides of the same evil coin.

  • Drake

    I wanna buttfuck him so bad right now

    • Anonymous

      No thanks. He's just another useless gay person turned hetero. Could not cut it with the gays as heteros tend to have small penises. Black men scream loud since they have to make up for the lack. According to the penis map, they are tiny. I have seen nothing to report among the heteros. They are nice people, just not attractive. I would not waste my sperm on this hidden homo.

  • Jay

    At the end of the day, when we all die, someone will be right and someone will be wrong. If you believe in God, then you already know what is right. This gentleman made all very valid points and made them all in love. For all of you who do not agree and are spewing hate and curse words, well, you are who you are and no one will ever be able to tell you any different. He is a Christian and this is his right to believe NOT to believe in homosexuality. Those of you who DO believe in it, well, do what you do as but don't come down on him for speaking up for HIS beliefs. Those are the true ignorant ones, those who think that they can MAKE someone believe what they believe. #goodforhim

    • Putt

      @Jay, you are 100% correct, this man is a Christian, and as is shown throughout history, Christians are about HATING and PERSECUTING others. It was Christianity behind slavery, it was Christianity behind racism, sexism and now homophobia. If this man did truly love others as Jesus Christ teaches, his lyrics would be asking for patience and understanding; instead of outright condemnation of a group of people who I am 100% certain has never bring harm to him! Do you know how many gays suffer deaths, attacks, discrimination, bullying, threats, made homeless, having to turn to prostitution, suffering depression, thinking about committing suicide EVER DAY of the year??? All these things are in the news around the world, and this man finds time to pen lyrics to promote hostility towards gays and then pass it off as God-inspired? I know for a fact that God has NEVER sat down with you or this man and told you He hates gays, and if He had done so, I am certain you would then expect God to take matter into His hands...So far it is inhumane people like this man carrying out abuse against Gays: God is simply there excuse to persecute others...I have never heard of God abusing a man because he is gay; have you?

  • Kev

    He put put bars together speaking HIS truth.... Gotta respect it. "If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is wack."

  • Kev

    You dudes respect Caucasian rapper fighting for gay rights! Why not Respect African-American CHRISTIAN rapper who opposes it too? You wanna respect Macklemore's opinion on gay rights; then you can respect Bizzle for his religious views as well!

    • Anonymous

      Christianity is fraudulent, that's why. All religion is this way. You can say all you want. No one will care.

    • bible thumpers are ignorant

      Anybody that lives their life by a 2000 year old book and thinks 'god' wrote it is a dumbass.


      His 'religious beliefs' are shit and nobody who agrees with him is a good person, and if they all died I would not care. They are a waste of space. People who don't learn from history, they are holding us back as a people. KILL ALL THE BIGOTS. See how it feels? I'm going to start a war against these fucking bigot bible thumping assholes. I'll shove that bible of yours right up your fucking ass.

    • yeah

      I for one don't respect the opinions of racists but I do respect their right to have them, maybevyou should do the same.

    • Putt

      In that case you should have no problem respecting the opinions of racists! You people are so hypocritical...another trait of Christianity. But Jesus did tell us they would kill us, thinking they are doing God a favour.

  • Moot

    Damn, that was a hard remix Bizzle, I just love to hear an intelligent response and I can't think of one rapper out that could of put this track together any better.. #SALUTE

  • Wizzle

    Apparently Bizzle has never heard of Matthew Shepard or the shit that goes down in places like Uganda, where gays are tortured and killed for who they are. One of the biggest differences is the ability for gays to "hide" their lifestyle, where as racism is spark by visual identifiers.

  • haha

    headline should be...a christian rapper nobody cares about wants to get his name in the headlines.

  • Anonymous

    a lot of uneducated niggas on this surprise though...maybe you should have been paying attention in class instead of wanting to be like your favorite rapper.

  • Whatthefuck?

    "It's the same hate that's caused wars from religion Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment," is simply saying that the "hate" is the real evil. He didn't say it's the same level of hate or an equal evil, he just pointed out that the people who perpetuate this sentiment are hurting those who they target unnecessarily. Hate is hate, and I think he is simply saying that the black, specifically hip-hop community, could have a significant positive impact on people by telling people not to hate members of the gay community.

    • johnny

      Agree with these two people. Hey newsflash to all the haters on this site of Macklemore, you are further enhancing the stereotypes that us black people are 1) Ignorant 2) Overly religious and worship a white god.. makes no f'n sense! get real bitches!!

    • anonymous

      This couldn't be more spot on. Hes not saying that the civil rights struggle and gay struggle are the same at all. Love the people on here who use God as a defense, did you even read the bible? Check out leviticus, you can't eat shell fish, have a tattoo, or watch football on Sundays. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean that it's wrong.. ignorant pricks

  • uncle ruckus

    Damn spellcheck wrong is wrong

  • uncle ruckus

    So macklemore fans still calling people haters, homophobes etc.. whatever.Right is right and Sting is wrong period. You can rant all you want, denounce god, hate people who let you whats up or hide. Deep down you know you and him are wrong. Its the reason why you do all of this to try to make wrong be right in everyone elses eyes. Race and sexuality can't be compares because race is not a Choice. Nobody is born gay. Born with mental issues possible but gay no thats a choice. We didnt choose to have darker skin. You chose to be gay and choices have rewards or consequences. You faced the consequences discrimination and persecution. You make your bed lay in it period. As far,as mack goes if you really think he won that award due to talent your mistaken. Macks gay agenda is just another gimmick. Alot of rappers not emcees but rappers use gimmicks to sell records win awards these days macks was one of the worst and underhanded ones in history.

  • detroit sllim

    "They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at? / They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?" WTF this niggroe talkin about lol? He aint been thru that n neither has his parents. Shit, his grandparents prolly aint seen that shit either

  • fucking idiots

    why do you care who someone else fucks? talk about some insecure niggas...

  • DJ shadowmack

    Thank you Bizzle You said everything that i would have said if I was a rapper.

  • DJ shadowmack

    This site is crazy you got a million motherfuckers defending macklemore but bash every other rapper on here. HMMMMMMM what kind of people are really commenting. This cant be a fucking hip hop site. Best rap album hahahahahahhahahahh fuck this new hip hop

    • Anonymous

      Wayne in the closet and Nicki too. She was in a hoodie on the stairways talking about eating females. They all stupid. Black music sucks. The only thing we do is attend slave movies and think that this is how we all should be. Not we, YOU all.

    • ^

      Who made you the gay meter? Gay is gay Maclemore fans moved on from Lil Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      This site is crazy you got a thousand motherfuckers hating Macklemore for making 1 song about gay rights but they all probably bought Lil Wayne albums and he kisses men on the lips and wears his daughters pants. Thats 2000 times gayer

  • Aaron

    Why do I give a shit about what this person has to say? You guys pulled up some nobody rapper to stir more controversy. This shit boring. Guys wanna fuck each other in the ass why do I care? I know I like watching two chicks go down on each other. You guys really need to figure out how to generate actual news. Maybe talk more about the business side of hip-hop. Or create publicity for rappers charities. Hearing about how some brothas (or white boys) are making a positive influence sounds nice for change. Anything is better than these non-stories from Lord Jamar and company. Listening to ignorance is something I won't tolerate. Probably why I barely listen to rap anymore and sure as fuck don't watch Fox News.

    • Anonymous

      lol looks like you do care, why else would you write a comment in response LMAO

    • C

      Gay people are not going to care. This guy seems like Kirk Cum,eron and went into hiding with a wifey and children. This guy should sell bobble heads. That is one huge encephalitis head.

  • Anonymous

    talk about a gimmick

  • Equality

    At the end of the day we all have buttholes & they are all brown once a day.

  • room2roam

    Human rights for everyone there is no difference. in other word f your religious beliefs. if we start mamking laws based on religion then what makes us any different than these muslim countries that we judge on the daily. believe whatever it is you choose and practice those beliefs with conviction however that does not mean forcing others to adhere to your beliefs. the foundation of this country (in words) is built off of freedom justice and equality. making laws based on religion is a direct violation. there are the very 1st words of the very 1st amendment to the constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, Enough said....

  • Stephan Casey

    "However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way." Leviticus 25:44-46 --- We cannot just trust everything that is said in the bible. We have to look at things in context and realize that the people who wrote the bible were human and got things wrong. The only thing we can truly say is the word of God is what Jesus said and he never said anything about homosexuality (also Jesus never wrote the stories about himself either :/). If anything he just used a man and women becoming one through marriage as a way to explain that marriage vows should not be broken. Just because he didn't mention homosexuality (or at least, he was never quoted doing so) doesn't mean that God doesn't have a purpose for it. Also, Jesus was very clear on the fact that it is not our place to act as God and pass judgement on one another. If you think that homosexuality is against your God's will or you believe the exact opposite, you cannot tell other people that their belief is sinful because you do not know God's judgement

    • L Boogie

      I wish people would stop quoting Leviticus. That was Levitical created for that time and for the Levites. Those very specific laws do not apply to us. Also, slavery was totally different in that time period, where heavy labor was necessary in order to survive. It can't begin to be compared to the Chattel slavery that occurred here in America. "Do not judge" is taken out of context. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brothers eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 42 How can you say to your brother, Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers eye. If I struggle with something, of course I shouldn't be the one to check my brother/sister about that same thing. I need to remove the "plank from my eye" first, and then can I talk to my bro/sis about the issue.

  • daveEDMOND

    So he'd rather fight gays than fight sin/ don't forget plenty gays have black skin/. this guy is an idiot. plenty gay people have been fucking murdered for their "sins". and plus macklemore is talking about today. and there is no black hangings. no one denies the terrible times black ppl suffered but let the guy make a ppoint

  • Anonymous

    he's referring to Homo's in America you idiots, so tell me......did Homos in America go through what African Americans did?????? no stop comparing their "struggle" to that of which African Americans go through and still go through....people in here talking about holocaust etc smh

    • Anonymous

      lol gays were burnt.....not only gays get burnt lol

    • aha!

      you said "Still go through" meaning African Americans are still discriminated against. Sad but true. They are not burned, hung, or sold.But discriminated against... Like Gays!!!You would think anyone who has experienced discrimination would HATE all forms of it, racism, sexism, bigotry, and feel for fellow human beings, but nope, its all me me me. Another person saying compare...smh NO ONES COMPARING BUT YALL!

    • stupid

      gays were burned in america, read your history.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Still didn't' answer the fucking question? being descended from Arawaks. Dumb fruit, read two books which leaves you short of about maybe a million short to stand on my level. Moreover, I can formulate my own thoughts in three different languages, French, being one of them, the point being I pick a Jeune Afrique about once a month, so don't fucking talk about Africa and two I get things straight from real live griots as history gets passed down. Recess. dumb ass fruit.

    • calling me a fag is a valid point?

      Well I've read Howard zinn's "A people's history of the united states" for starters... and what was your "valid point". How can you compare slavery to genocide. Slaves are forced labor, genocide is forced death. just because the requisite( in your sick fucking mind, gas chambers, nazi salute et al,)was not present then you are a fucking dummy.-I didnt realize there was gas chambers and heil salutes in darfur, cambodia, rwanda. Keep swearing dude, most people do when they can't form intelligent thought.

    • Anonymous

      And before your fakeyo ass say something what the fuck do you know about Arawaks?

    • Anonymous

      LMAO@ your fag, oops tag name is self-explanitory, the only 'gay or faggot here' is your pussy/emo ass FakeyDoe@ You are THE fucking idiot up on here, rambling nonsense. First I do not need no fucking link to read up on shit, they do have books and something call sense. To show that you are fuckinh moron to the tenth power, you generalize then get butthurt cause I made a valid point, get the fuck outta here if you don't think the middle passage qualifies as a "holocaust' just because the requisite( in your sick fucking mind, gas chambers, nazi salute et al,)was not present then you are a fucking dummy.

    • Tatum

      And Native Americans, Let us not forget.

    • Anonymous

      My pain is the greatest of all the pains that have ever existed painfully in this painful world. Feel better now?

    • LMAO

      'Another holocaust in the making' wtf is wrong with you? Stop arguing with him @REALLYDO, this guy is mad paranoid and probably closeted gay, thats why he so scared of emasculating and shit.

    • Really Doe

      I never said "the new anything". I don't know if that corny rapper macklemore did either. What I got from same love was he thinks the hip hop culture or black people should have sympathy for people being oppressed, since they did and DO still go through it.Of course not having marital rights isn't the same as slavery, but its still oppression. By the way, do you realized YOU just downplayed slavery: "You go to war, you get captured, what do you call that? enslaved?" And not all African slaves were spoils of war idiot. But that kind of slavery is okay, where is the logic in that. How does crossing the Atlantic make that it more foul than the centuries of slavery before, or shooting and gassing millions of people

    • Anonymous

      Africans enslaved Africans? Wow, how long did it take you to come up with that? You go to war, you get captured, what do you call that? enslaved? The middle passage was the worst fucking holocaust the world has seen and still suffering the consequences and these tight ass jeans wearing emo/skirt wearing Kneegrow rappers don't see it as an emasculating process, another holocaust in the making. By the way, do you thing the Native Americans would like it if you were to refer to gays as the 'new' Native Americans?


      Greatest crime in history? Naw bro... Armenian genocide Bosnian genocide Cambodian genocide Darfur genocide Holocaust Herero and Namaqua Genocide Holodomor Arawak Peoples Mass killings under Communist regimes Rwandan genocide And slavery: Records of slavery in Ancient Greece go as far back as Mycenaean Greece. It is certain that Classical Athens had the largest slave population, with as many as 80,000 in the 6th and 5th centuries BC; two to four-fifths of the population were slaves. As the Roman Republic expanded outward, entire populations were enslaved, thus creating an ample supply from all over Europe and the Mediterranean. Greeks, Illyrians, Berbers, Germans, Britons, Thracians, Gauls, Jews, Arabs, and many more were slaves used not only for labour, but also for amusement. In early Islamic states of the Western Sudan (present-day West Africa), including Ghana (7501076), Mali (12351645), Segou (17121861), and Songhai (12751591), about a third of the population were enslaved And if you weren't already aware, AFRICANS ENSLAVED AFRICANS:

    • knowledge

      There is no reason to argue with this guy. Anyone who starts a debate with "fuck you" is so closed minded and so involved in his own pain he has no sympathy for others pain. He said I was comparing my struggle(assuming I'm gay, which I'm not) to the black struggle. I never compared. I could never. How can you compare one horrific pain to another.

    • dude needs a hug

      knowledge makes a good point regarding Bizzle comment that gays haven't been persecuted. Then he says to stop comparing one to another. A Genocide is a Genocide-Nas. Then this clown says fuck you blah blah and says knowledge don't compare. WOW. This dude must not be able to read.

  • Pagan

    So a Christian makes beef? Isn't this religion about love? He will burn in Hell and Lucifer makes him suck Pope Benedict XVI while Lord Jamar is fucking his asshole.

  • knowledge

    Will someone please teach this rapper and everyone who has commented on this post about the HOLOCAUST. I can't believe not a single person has mentioned it. The Third Reich persecuted, tortured and murdered thousands of homosexuals during the Holocaust. Homosexuals have been mad persecuted over centuries. I hate it when one persecuted group thinks they have been through more than another. Jews, Slavs, Africans, Serbs, Arawaks, they are all different but all the same in that what happened to them was horrible! So to all the God fearing Christians who live without sin, let God judge these individuals, not you. We live in America, EVERYONE SHOULD BE EQUAL. Marriage is a much more complex entity than just love and religion. The first step of persecution is dehumanization. If one individual doesn't have the same basic liberties as another he isn't as 'human'. Thats how violence starts.

  • wads


  • RC

    Anybody nave enough to compare the circumstances of gays to the Black struggle obviously knows little to none about either situation. They're apples to oranges, two completely different issues & comparing one to the other in an attempt to gain acceptance or legitimacy in the public eye is not only disingenuous but straight up wrong.

  • stankinASS

    heres my beef with homophobes, as a man wouldn't you want there to be less men out there actin like douches bangin all the women? I wish every guy in the world was gay so id have all the women to myself.

    • Tom

      don't forget that gay doesn't just mean male gay... women are more flexible in their sexuality and can be gay too.

    • wad

      except it dont happen like that. the gays fundamentally change the behavior of women. so if there's more gays. there's more women acting like men, and other kinds of messed up behavior. meaning less women that will last in a relationship. so more gays = less women for you.

  • Anonymous

    any haters could go burn in hell just because he made a rap against macklemore's song does not mean anyone could say shit about this and there are too many crazy ass things in this world for a couple of dumb ass atheist to say that god doesn't exist scientist use the fuckin bible for an ass load of reasons just because some dumb ass person doesn't believe in god dosent mean he isnt real.

  • Anonymous


  • Bhargav Surapaneni

    "They burned us like tree ornaments you go through that?" Bizzle, did you go through that? Nah, you didn't either. So stop lingering on what happened in the past and move on.

    • Anonymous

      and how about smiling in the photo and stop portraying to be 50 or some shit. PS, Faggots come in assorted colours and flavours even black so what the fuck is your point

    • Anonymous

      BIZZLE THE IGNORANT ONE. FIRSTLY WHAT IA A FAGGOT? ITS THE PIECES OF WOOD USED ON HOMOSEXUALS TO BE BURNED WITH. SO YEAH IN THEORY AND HISTORY THEY WERE BURNED AND GAYS WERE HUNG! The blacks and the gays were all the fucking same, take a look at the jews too, they treated us all the same. Stop using your fucking race card and stop being a hater. nobody likes a a soured pussy. for fucks sake mate.

  • Anonymous

    More like Bizzle joins Jamar in rappers nobody cares about, who some how seem to be making the news for hating on others. Who cares about this guy exactly? Some weak ass rapper with a name that sounds like a coke head... Bizzle. I hate losers that think God would be upset with people being homosexual. If He created us, then He created gays, and he created us all equally. It's not a decision to be gay.

    • me

      how is he hating he just disagrees with them. hating is much deeper than that. Your comments are more hateful than bizzle's. Now if you dont like his music that is fine with me its not hating

  • Anonymous

    i hope they respond and kill this fagot christian bitch rapper

  • Anonymous

    At the end, drake is still making more money than macklemore. It took macklemore almost a year to go platinum while drake did it in only a month.

  • 110Atheist

    I didn't listen to this song but the dude does have a point about black people being hung from trees and shit. The problem with this guy is that he took Macklemore's comparison of black struggles and gay struggles way too literally. All Macklemore is saying is that gays have been persecuted and spit on just like the blacks were at one point in time. That's it. Oh. And god doesn't exist so neither does sin :)

    • Anonymous

      "you think that just because you don't harm someone else it's alright to do anything" - That is exactly what I think; look at all of the violence you bible thumpers (OT, NT, Koran) have caused throughout history in the name of your Gods and your rules. Be free, be yourself.

    • sd

      you fucking retards think that just because you don't harm someone else it's alright to do anything, that's exactly what is leading to a complete upheaval of civility.

  • Missing the point

    I don't trust any rapper who rhymes sin with sin. Maybe he should pray for Jesus to give him some bars.

  • Anonymous

    i love God but Christian rappers cant rap historically... idk about this guy in particular

  • Anonymous

    VVVVV that word was herterosexuals*

  • Anonymous

    all people deserve respect, but not all actions or the bearers of detestable and abominable actions. if it doesn't yield positive fruit natural, away from perversion it is detestable. heaters rape, and molest, but if you remove the perversion the natural state of hero is to yield fruits and generation. hiphop was created soley for the black and latino community to give themselves a platform to live an experience that other races freely have afforded, homosexuality destroys the black community, which is why it isn't acceptable. a penis wasn't designed to house fecal mater of any type. psycosis develops when u reject natural order, which s why sodom was such an evil place, with the upper hand historically gays have been known to rape start men , and we know why. take prison for example , its gay as fuck, and niggaz hate prison for the #1 reason of possibly being raped, no man is above 10 niggaz really getting at you unless ur the baddest nigga of all time.

    • Anonymous - be real

  • Pat

    I hate how when one expresses a different viewpoint on gay issues they are seen as hateful or stupid. Both sides should feel free to voice what they believe.

    • wads

      the left has a great PR campaign that makes anybody on the right look like a monkey -- and the only way to be intelligent is to be left leaning.

    • Bambino

      Or they're instantly labeled as ignorant, homophobic, religious, closed minded. I'm not religious but I'm against homosexuality... Boom I'm all the above! ffs the people who aren't even gay are worse than the gays, cramming down they're views down everyone throats...

  • StephenP

    Y'all tripping, just because he has a different way of thinking, he's the bad guy? He is representing Christianity to the fullest; giving love to all and following God

  • Anonymous

    This idiot wasn't even born when lynching took place,so just shut the fuck up. It was Macklemore's song, so he can say whatever he wants much like how 2pac did, or scores of other rappers.

  • jay415

    he is an idiot he implies just because someone is gay they do not believe in god that is false. also gay people have been lynched and murdered just because they love the same sex he should check his facts. gay people are oppressed by society and government not too long ago a person could be lock up for having anal sex. 2 pac was charged with sodomy in 95 and he was heterosexual. if you disagree with a stance thats one thing you shouldn't make stuff up to discredit and degenerate a person own belief

    • jay415

      ok he was not convicted of of anal sex he was charged and found not guilty and texas was last state to overturn their sodomy law in 2003. "you dont believe in god hey the universe says if we are all gay we have to die off or do it gods way". he saying marriage is made by god and defined as as a man and women and if you dont believe that you cannot believe in god. marriage is a social construct if he did not realize i am not going to question other peoples belief in the bible or god but i put my faith in people and the only devil i see is humans. a person can disagree that is one thing everyone has their own opinion but check your facts

    • Pat

      1.He never implied that, he actually said the opposite when he called out christians struggling with homosexuality. 2.The 2pac thing was because of non-consent claims. Gays HAVE gone through pain but that still does not make the ideas correct.

  • s

    im pretty sure that the lgbt community has had to deal with hangings and beatings and rapes and all the same atrocities as blacks...

  • jdz

    God isn't even real, fucking idiots

  • Anonymous

    He could've released this long before macklemore made his song. Everyone is just trying to profit off of this issue from both sides.

  • RealTalk

    jez. talk about an exaggeration of the lyrics to gain some attention.

  • Truth

    young dude with a dinosaur/fox news state of mind... sad to see. God created Racists, Starvation, Murder, ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC

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