50 Cent Says Kanye West Can't Just Walk Into The High-End Fashion World

50 Cent says luxury car companies no longer have to put out commercials thanks to rappers.

While touring the country last year as part of his Yeezus tour, Chicago rapper Kanye West spoke on his desire to infiltrate the fashion world. Through tour rants and radio interviews, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee took aim at the fashion world as he called out the likes of Louis Vuitton, Nike, and other companies.

Fellow rapper 50 Cent recently commented on Ye and the musician’s attempt to break into high fashion during an interview with XXL. According to Fifty, the Windy City emcee’s goal is one that won’t be met overnight.

“In Kanye’s case, wanting to be a part of high-end fashion that’s a process,” 50 Cent said. “It’s not something that just happens. It’s like—they’re not gonna allow you to tomorrow wake up, say ‘This idea, that idea. This idea and I’m in. and I’m hot.’”

Prior to speaking on Kanye, 50 Cent touched on the evolution of fashion in Hip Hop. He recalled seeing rappers sporting white t-shirts with their names or labels plastered on them at past BET Hip Hop Awards. The Queens emcee then went on to point out that Hip Hop artists are now leaning more towards what he referred to as “European-cut clothing.”

“It’s a shift in the way the actual audience is hanging. Now they’re into high-end clothing now,” he said. “They’re wearing European-cut clothing. And as clothes got tighter and tighter and tighter they start buying designer clothing that’s—the person probably wouldn’t want to see them in their clothes. But they don’t realize how much influence pop culture actually has.”

Fifty also discussed high-end car companies like Ferrari and Rolls Royce during his interview with XXL. He pointed out that most of these high-end car companies rarely release commercials since rap videos double as ads for them.

“Just look at the major car companies,” the rapper said. “Look at Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini. Those car companies, when’s the last time you saw a commercial for them? They don’t have to if they’re in our music [videos]. And we’re not sending them a bill for it. You see what I’m saying?”

Although 50 Cent has taken time recently to promote his SMS Audio line of headphones, the rapper at one point did launch his own fashion line, G-Unit Clothing Company. Backed by Ecko Unlimited founder Marc Ecko, the G-Unit Clothing Company launched in 2003 and has since taken a hiatus.

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  • Lori Harper

    up to I looked at the receipt which was of $9860 , I accept that my best friend was like really taking home money parttime at there computar. . there neighbor had bean doing this for under 1 year and a short time ago cleared the loans on there place and bourt a top of the range Land Rover Defender . learn the facts here now... www.Fb39.Com And Tells him what to do. Then thats a label. No matter how you want to look at it dumbass's

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the white homo fashion industry, stop asking these white demons for entry into shit and build your own shit. Get your own designers, get your own materials and get you a website and sell your fuckin clothes bitch ass boy. It looks weak and pathetic when a multi million entertainer is begging white devils to join their club when he can create his own fuckin clubs.

    • Anonymous

      look its the 40 year old groupie racist nigga who takes selfies in his car with long ass fingernails and posts on twitter all day instead of taking care of his kids!!!

    • Anonymous

      The faggotry is not only in their ancient arts, sculptures, literature and church but the faggotry is embedded in their subconscious. Notice how they always use slang expressions that deal with butts, dicks, nuts and balls? "Butthurt" is their new homo styled slang but they also like to use buttmunch, butthead, butthole and buttbuddy. Its a part of there culture. The show JackAss gives you a glimpse into their nature. White Devils have sick fascination with the continent of Africa, they constantly bring it up in conversations usually saying "hey n1gger go back to Africa"...too silly to know that all humans come from Africa and not all Black people on this planet live in Africa. If dead Prez can sell music to white devils then I can sell clothes to white devils, we need to continue exploiting white consumers and continue to sell them our culture in the form of clothing, music, and other cultural creations.

    • Tony

      you sound real butthurt are you also gonna create your own market to sell it to cuz with an attitude like that you aint gonna sell no clothes to those white devils you speak of so stfu I wouldnt go to africa and try to alienate the black people get the fuck over yourself

    • Anonymous

      and thee award for best comment of the day goes to.... stop begging the dominant society for kudos and crumbs on the table. Its pathetic. But i guess that how the "New Slaves" do it..

    • Anonymous

      its especially funny after putting out songs like new slaves

  • CP

    "thats not bruthadee" How can we be sure that it isnt bruthadee?

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent popularized homo thuggery.

  • Anonymous

    Dumb monkey, how many people with Lambourghini money even listen to rap music? If you got that type of money then you buy luxury automobiles based on what's in the Robb Report not what's in a G Unit video.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously have never been to Europe. I have seen Lamborghini's driven by regular black guys and young whites, both playing rap music. Porches and Jaguars included. Also that 'monkey'comment which was a cowardly way to be racist, you misspelled 'Lamborghini'.

  • CP

    The less I hear of 50's music, the more I like the guy. I think he should dump the gangsta persona and lay it out honest on the next LP.

  • lajlaylow

    he just now realizing this?

  • KanGay West

    If Kanye would just come out of the closet and ditch the gold digging fame whore they might let him in. The fashion industry is something like 97% gay so he's gotta conform to that.

    • Anonymous

      Not anymore. We don't like him because, whatever he is sexually, he still sucks as a designer. KK is also annoying. They are sort of the same kind of person. Fashion is not interested in low grade acting people like this.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye wants to compare himself to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney but doesn't want to put in the real work and struggle like they did. He thinks because he's Kanye West everyone should just bow down and let him do whatever he wants...

    • Anonymous

      He really is. His music is supported by tards. KK has a fan base composed of gossip mags that want to talk negatively about her. Everything about these people and even Hip Hop is fraud. Broke or with money, the music and the culture is just dumb.

  • enrico palazzo

    umm 50, you're generally smart, but exotic and high-end luxury car companies not making tv commercials has nothing to do with rappers.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like I've seen commercials for Maserati before and definitely seen a bunch of Porche ads on tv.

    • Anonymus

      @ Enrico I believe he speaking from a hood point of view, true enough those car companies been around for a while but before rap videos the most inner city kids would wish for would be a Caddy, Beamer, Lexus or a Benz maybe a Saab or volvo here and there but not a Bugatti, or Ferrari, or a Labo. Heck there's auto brands people don't know about til a rapper talks about them, the same with watches everybody wanted a Rolex til Jeezy said Frank Mueller, next will be Breitling or Patek Philipe I hear Hublot somewhere lol. So in reality rap videos are free advertising at least for this demographic.

    • enrico palazzo

      @ Storm- I'm 30+ and dont think I've ever seen a tv commercial for Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls, Aston Martin, Lotus, Maserati, Bugatti, etc.. even in the 80s before rappers had the kinda influence they have in brand promotion. These super high end auto makers have never really needed commercials- well before hip-hop was around.. Those in the know and in the market for a car like that dont need to see it on a tv commercial, with or without hip-hop. The most high end lux/exotic brands you'll see commercials for are Benz/BMW/Audi/Porsche/Land Rover.

    • storm

      actually 50's take on the matter seemed pretty smart I'm sure theres other aspects as to why not, but I'm sure what he said is a big reason.

  • marc

    Yo what fifty is saying is true, hiphop as a culture always undervalue our worth. We give alot of free advertisement that is impact full. Say wat u want but fifty is legit, music wise, he revolutionized the mixtape game and released and sold da fuck outta GRODT and The Massacre, those are classic. And he has a boss business sense to boot, making it to 240 mil. The man has made his stitch in the fabric of hiphop and entitled to his opinion...especially on business. And his opinion is that rappers adapt and promote European brands and luxury brands that we don't usually ger much back. The fact is we promote to a whole other set of audience that those companies probably wont advertise to cause hip hop has a broad reach and influence. Thats the bottom line of it. Some of that audience is poor and never be able to afford such things and some are middle class to rich that can afford such things. Its free advertisement to all of them and it reaps for the ones that can afford. Someone said rappers should promote like chevy and honda, if they did that definitely a certain check which is smart. Again business wise hiphop (and my people) undervalues its power.

  • max

    You advertise not just for people to buy instantly but also to make them aware of what you offer.50 got a half point though.

  • josh

    Just like 50 has shown he can't walk straight into boxing either.

  • static

    fifty is a smart mofo.. kanye gonna hate him again lol

  • Anonymous

    Kanye ain't no fucking businessman like Jay and 50. That's why he always whining and complaining about shit instead of actually using his head. I swear this nigga got a mentality of a teenager. Kanye Kardashian needs to stick to producing. nigga's bars are fucking wack now, rapping about clothes and kim. Corny ass nigga will never get into high-fashion after what he pulled on Sway. Nigga straight up played himself for a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Did luxury companies ever have commercials? Their clientele are mega rich and aren't influenced by what they see on TV. It's not like Aston, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc are all majority black owned now. They still have mostly white customers and most of them are in Europe, as well as a huge market in the Middle East

    • P

      50 was wrong on that point. Unless hes talking about Deltron in the hood and how he bought a Ferrari. How he know what that is? Must be from music videos.

  • Davontae Hill

    50 cent was beating Kanye West on 106&Park by over 200,000 records on the first day then Jay Z stepped in and bought the rest to catch up I.e. Jay Z quoted saying "Didn't 50 Cent cash that Vitamin Water check he could've bought some of his own albums just like others" who the fuck is the others he's referring to besides himself and Def Jam

  • gi jane

    50 u washed up like a beached whale no 1 looking for u anymore when planet of the apes 2 coming out??????

  • Curtis

    "It's an anthem when I rant, fuck you think I am, Kanye? I had them wearing vests, now these niggaz wear dresses" LOL!!!!! Kanye AIN'T getting into fashion industry cuz his style is HORRIBLE!!

  • Curtis

    I wish 50 would bring back G-Unit clothing!!!


    Yeezus is superwack dude makes dope beats tho

  • Anonymous

    The salty keyboard clowns talk shit about a successful person over the internet to make your lame life seem better.... LMAO

  • Anonymous

    damn, only 1 star, the video isnt shaky enough.

  • Boolue

    Man so what that shit is ol nigga stfu and put out some dope music.

  • Joe Dix


  • Anonymous

    I remember when boxing didn't really want 50 to be a promoter he didn't go on stupid rants he kept working and grinding, Kanye need to do the same and stop crying

  • kayne

    this is your conscience yeezus talking. please come out of the closet to the world. I promise you will feel a lot better about yourself all those tourettes syndrome rants will go away.. and when u finally leave the whore than everyone n their dad smashed u will have peace atleast.

  • Anonymous

    If rappers were smart they would start rapping about Toyotas, Ford's, Hondas and Cheys in their songs and maybe even get an endorsement for it! The average rap fan is 100 000 times more likely to buy that new Corolla or Explorer, etc than a Rolls Royce Wraith or a new Lamborghini Aventador they be rapping about when they cant even afford one themselves (Jay, Diddy, Dre, etc... excluded of course)

  • Anonymous

    Lucasfilm (now owned by Disney) don't fuck with losers. They partnered up with SMS instead of Beats by Dre for a reason. Quality!

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe Kanye has put his entire career/reputation on the line over some gay ass clothes and a hoe that a bunch of his peers/co workers already fucked and she even did a goddamn porno we all busted a nut to!!

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West is a sucka thank God he had a girl. Would not want him raising a boy to be a sissy like him smh

  • Kanye Lost So Fucking Hard

    Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is making headlines this week for reportedly getting into a heated argument with Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour recently over Kim Kardashian missing out on a cover. Too big for your designed sneakers, Kanye? During a recent power lunch at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge, the hip hop star demanded answers from Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour to the question: Why did she judge Girls star Lena Dunham as being cover worthy for the famed fashion bible, while his fiance, Kim Kardashian, has long been overlooked? Kanye, 36, insisted to the British-born fashion icon that Kim is "just as talented as Lena, if not more so," The main issue reportedly centered on Kim losing out on a cover shot to inferior female entertainers. "Kanye thinks that Kim has a much bigger fan base and appeal than Lena," said the insider. "To Kanye, it's insulting that his friend Anna is still refusing to even consider putting Kim on the cover of Vogue. He thinks Anna is listening to a bunch of 'know-nothing' corporate haters, as he put it. He's upset that Anna isn't willing to do him this personal favor and put Kim on the cover. Kanye knows that it's always been a huge dream of Kim's to be on the Vogue cover and Kanye wants to make it comes true. If nothing else, Kanye is persistent."

  • Cornel West

    Pretty sure bitch tits Ricky and his label are actually responsible for the decline of Maybach sales, they put that shit outta business. No wealthy businessmen wanted to drive the cars these cooons were screaming about in their fairytale gangster raps. Who starts a label called Maybach Music in 2009 when you only have a used 2004 Maybach thats leased and worth worth $55,000??? Fake it till you make it I guess.

  • Anonymous

    number 5 bitches. in half the time

  • Eli

    Kanye West went from talkin about jesus, speakin out against the president, making songs with Talib, Mos Def, and Rhymefest. To talkin Illuminati shit, speakin out against gay clothing designers, and making songs with Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross.... this is what happens when fame gets to your head and you forget when you come from!

  • Anonymous

    The Richest Rappers In The World 2013: 1. Diddy Net Worth: $580 million (up $80 million) 2. Jay-Z Net Worth: $500 million (up $25 million) 3. Dr. Dre Net Worth: $360 million (up $100 million) 4. Master P Net Worth: $350 million (no change) 5. 50 Cent Net Worth: $260 million (up $10 million) 6. Birdman Net Worth: $150 million (up $35 million) 7. Eminem Net Worth: $140 million (up $20 million) 8. Snoop Dogg Net Worth: $130 million (up $10 million) 9. Ice Cube Net Worth: $120 million (up $20 million) 10. Lil Wayne Net Worth: $110 million (up $15 million) 11. Kanye West Net Worth: $100 million (up $10 million) 12. LL Cool J Net Worth: $85 million (up $5 million) 13. Timbaland Net Worth: $80 million (up $5 million) 14. Pharrell Williams Net Worth: $80 million (up $2.5 million) 15. Akon Net Worth: $80 million (up $2.5 million) 16. Beastie Boys - $75 million each (no change) 17. Ludacris Net Worth: $75 million (up $5 million) 18. Busta Rhymes Net Worth: $65 million (up $5 million) 19. Nelly Net Worth: $60 million (no change) 20. T.I. Net Worth: $40 million (up $10 million) 21. Big Boi Net Worth: $40 million (no change) 22. T-Pain Net Worth: $35 million (up $5 million) 23. Ice-T Net Worth: $35 million (up $5 million) 24. Drake Net Worth: $30 million (up $5 million) 25. Rick Ross Net Worth: $28 million (up $3 million) 26. Nicki Minaj Net Worth $25 million (up $5 million)

  • Anonymous

    The god is talking

  • Anonymous

    Def jam bought kanye album

  • Anonymous

    He also said Kanye wouldn't outsell him and he did.

  • Anonymous

    here's the thing tho... (1) Kanye didn't just wake up one day and try to get into the fashion world, he BEEN TRYING for years now and finally got frustrated enough to rant and tell people about it... he said in an interview that back in 08 or 09 he told one of those fashion companies to do leather sweatpants and they laughed and told him no but this is the SAME idea/fashion that is being worn today... and (2) those car compainies don't have commercials because of their prices... you ain't gon see the average person driving them so why spend millions of dollars trying to sell it to them? that's a waste of money being only rich people buy them type of cars

    • Anonymous

      " he told one of those fashion companies to do leather sweatpants and they laughed and told him no but this is the SAME idea/fashion that is being worn today..." Worn today by homosexuals exclusively

  • Anonymous

    He's right though Kanye can't just expect to walk into high end fashion and think they'll accept him, he's got to play his position and be patient

    • Anonymous

      LOL exactly shit like that isn't going to help

    • Anonymous

      Kanye running up on Vogue magazine editors mad cause why they wont put his trashy porn star no talent bitch on the cover but they'll put an overweight HBO star from Girls on there. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • HU

    We don't see ads for those high-end cars because people who can afford them know what they are. Generally speaking, people that watch rap music videos don't have money for high end cars. Most rappers don't have money for the high end cars in their videos. There is no luxury brand out there in a boardroom saying Hmm, how can we sell more of our stuff to a bunch of young rap listeners. Not one person on this comment board nor anyone who works for XXL will ever in their life be able to afford a Lamborghini.

    • Anonymous

      "Not only that though, spending that much money on a car beggars belief no matter how much cash you've got. They all go from a to b." I remember 50 once said in an interview that he was now just getting to the point where he could comfortably afford to have all these luxury cars and nice things all these rappers be making songs about. They're all fronting.

    • Anonymous

      " people that watch rap music videos don't have money for high end cars. Most rappers don't have money for the high end cars in their videos" Real talk. fronting ass niggas

    • Cuban Missile Crisis

      exactly. some good sense shown there HU, more than 50 has. Not only that though, spending that much money on a car beggars belief no matter how much cash you've got. They all go from a to b.

    • Anonymous

      that's a good point.

  • Anonymous

    50 really is a smart articulate dude. he does have solid points here

  • C

    Those car companies don't do commercials. There's no need for those car companies to do commercials. They are probably wondering if the images do more damage than good. Only a few purchases are coming from them if any. You don't wait for a commercial and say "I think I'm gonna buy a lambo." If you have the money, you know where they can be bought.

  • Anonymous

    "this guy has made 1 headline for his music (song for fat joe) in the last 10 years..and 100 articles about other people.. stop talkin gabout other ppl n get ur music game right. on top of that if u choose to rap about a lambo n put on in ur MV why should lambo pay you.. it was ur choice." I would rather hear French or Guccis opinion at least they are still connected to the streets and dropped albums in the last 5 years.

    • Anonymous

      french was never connected to the streets and his album bricked after saying it was a classic!!!!! bruh was a former g-unit groupie who jumped from dipset, to bricksquad to mmg and probably a few other crews in between. hes an A/V club video geek who sniffer more blow than he ever sold, coke boys my ass nigga

  • J Willz

    He is right about luxury car advertisement in music videos. Without any prior desire for cars, 9 X outta 10 the first high end luxury vehicle for a young hip hop fan to see is in a rap vid.

  • Anonymous

    Just shut up about fashion and prove you're better than ross by getting that album of yours released.

    • Anonymous

      he proved he was better than that C.O. 10 years ago. Ross still can't do what he did in 1 year with the entire rap industry backing him trying to help him

    • Anonymous

      50 is at his most relevant when he is talking about other people, his music just cant actually gain the attention of the rap audience.

  • lol

    this guy has made 1 headline for his music (song for fat joe) in the last 10 years..and 100 articles about other people.. stop talkin gabout other ppl n get ur music game right. on top of that if u choose to rap about a lambo n put on in ur MV why should lambo pay you.. it was ur choice.

    • Roma

      so because we don't wanna hear 50 talk about everything under the sun, the only alternative is to hear gucci or montana speak on it? all right then....

    • Endgame

      "on top of that if u choose to rap about a lambo n put on in ur MV why should lambo pay you.. it was ur choice." Umm if you didn't get it that is the exact point he is trying to make, its free advertisement for them!

    • MrYepp

      But what he says is relevant to the culture itself, and he is one the few rap dudes that are intelligent enough to make you wanna hear whats he going to say, right? I mean srsly, u wanna hear gucci or montana talk about any issues?

  • Anonymous

    he should b able to just walk in tho...hes kanye west

  • Anonymous

    50 always has an opinion doesn't he....

    • Anonymous

      Kanye has put his entire career/reputation on the line over some hoe that a bunch of his peers/co workers already fucked and she even did a goddamn porno!!

    • Anonymous

      it is a bad thing. lol. because he thinks he is an expert on everything and comments on things that aren't his business. how about kanye comments on how 50 has been treading water musically for 10 years.

    • Anonymous

      He has more opinion than he does new music which is good if you are Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton who are media whores but terrible if you call yourself a music artist.

    • Anonymous

      is that a bad thing? lol

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