J. Cole Announces Dreamville Partnership With Interscope Records

J. Cole says "much love to Interscope" as his partnership is announced.

J. Cole has announced a partnership between Interscope and his Dreamville imprint.

Joie Manda, Interscope's president of urban music, discussed the deal in a statement, as per Complex.

"Dreamville celebrates the sort of grass roots, out-of-the-box approach to connecting artists to their fans that can help move the music industry into the future," Manda said. "We are very pleased to welcome Dreamville into the Interscope family." 

To celebrate the announcement, Cole has also released his Revenge of the Dreamers mixtape, which can be heard here

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  • Anonymous

    Cole needs to try and go platinum like Drake.

  • Jessica Elliott

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  • Anonymous

    did anyone call that 888 number yet?

  • flahnicd

    This is major for the homie Cole and Dreamville! congrats fellas!

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