Childish Gambino & Action Bronson Cited Among "Books By Rappers We Would Read"

Chance The Rapper and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are also among's "Books By Rappers We Would Read."

Rap music personalities such as Jay Z and Questlove have written books recently and now has crafted a list of “Books By Rappers We Would Read."

“What if rappers sat down and wrote more than autobiographies?” the story says. "What if hip-hop artists took their expertise and applied it to writing a book about more than just their lives? The following is a collection of artists whose books, whether they are a how-to guide or a cookbook — with one autobiography as an exception — we would definitely pick up off the shelves.”

Childish Gambino and Action Bronson are among the Rappers says it would like to write books. Also on the list is Chance The Rapper, whom the site would like to see pen a book called Chance The Rapper’s Guide To Starting An Independent Grassroots Music Movement.  

For the complete list of "Books By Rappers We Would Read," visit Green Label.


  • Mee Jones

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  • Disclosure

    The Rose That Grew From The Concrete by Tupac is the greatest book by a rapper ever. Nobody can come close to it.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill has a book out and he can't even read.

    • Anonymous

      lest we forget the great service he did for the black community

    • Anonymous

      ross was a CO? Thanks for the reminder. I forgot.

    • sickcunt

      How crazy is it that Meek Mill's name is Robert Williams and he was locked up in prison before he signed a deal to Rick Ross whose real name is William Roberts who used to lock young black men like Meek Mill up in their cells for a living. Hip-hop blows my mind sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      where i live they give GED's out like welfare especially if you're in jail

    • Anonymous

      This dude tryna make a GED sound fancy by calling it a General Education Diploma smh

    • Anonymous

      LOLOLOL @ thinking a GED means you can actually read and write

    • Anonymous

      Foolish to say Twitter is a stage to display your intellect, the best indication of your true intellect as an entertainer is business acumen and Meek is handling his business like a Harverd Grad.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! the main commenter has no idea that twitter is the stage to display your intellect.

    • Anonymous

      Vicious lies and slander. Meek Mill (Robert Williams) has a General Education Diploma and frequently displays his superb reading/writing skills on his Twitt account where he is followed by 2 million fans around the world.

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