Macklemore Says He Had "An Unfair Advantage Due To Race" At The Grammys

Macklemore calls his Grammy wins, "The blessing and the curse."

Macklemore says that his four Grammy wins yesterday have both positive and negative aspects. 

“It’s the blessing and the curse, a little bit more the curse,” the Seattle rapper said during an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 that was published today (January 27). “First and foremost, Kendrick [Lamar] is a friend of mine. He’s somebody that I love his music and, in my opinion, had the best Rap album of the year. And knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew that there would be a great chance that we’d win that award and, in essence, rob Kendrick. That’s what happened tonight. It kind of sucks. I think we made a great album. I think that Kendrick made a better Rap album.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won four Grammys yesterday (January 26), including Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song. Macklemore said he knows why he and Lewis were so successful at the award show. 

“In terms of the people that are voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot,” he said. "This is not like a Rap Radar poll, like a 2DopeBoyz poll. This is not a Hot 97 poll. This is the Grammys. This is many different types of people. All different age groups filling out a ballot where they might not necessarily know the genre.”

Macklemore also explained why he said he felt he “robbed" Kendrick Lamar, in particular, at the Grammys.

“What makes it awkward for me is the fact you never want to be the person that is robbing somebody else,” he said. "I think if you look at what the Grammys are, I think that what people don’t understand is what the Grammys are a bunch of people that are on the Grammy committee or in the industry [that get] a ballot. I got a ballot this year. Now, as I’m filling out the ballot, I’m realizing I don’t know much outside of the genre of Hip Hop in terms of who should get what award. So I’m like, ‘I don’t really know about singer-songwriter or country music or whatever,' but people are filling out bubbles of genres that they don’t know about. And that’s the process of it.”

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  • -

    I think Macklemore should apologize for having a penis because he's kind of a pussy.

  • Anonymous

    "If Kendrick's hype deflated, people wouldn't be talking about him and other artists wouldn't be collaborating with him" The only people talking about him are on here lol As for collaborations, that's business, and doesn't accurately reflect someone's hype. Macklemore out selling him shouldn't of happened, especially after Kendrick's Control verse.

    • Anonymous

      he thinks an over hyped verse on a big sean song is comparable to #1 singles going 7x and 4x platinum

    • Anonymous

      Don't forget about outside the internet, there's radio stations and MTV, BET, and all other music channel networks that talks about him and plays his music. "Macklemore out selling him shouldn't of happened, especially after Kendrick's Control verse." Considering that Macklemore has two #1 singles and Control's not even a single, it makes sense for Mack to outsell Kendrick.

    • Anonymous

      "The only people talking about him are on here" Clearly you dont get around on the internet too much. He made national headlines in all the major newspapers, not to mention extensive coverage on every hip-hop and music website

  • casmir

    What makes it awkward for me is the fact you never want to be the person that is robbing somebody else" ...funny because the Big Tip off clue is they named their album "THE HEIST"

  • Anonymous

    Well I wouldn't say it was cause he is White. It's cause he was a Gimmick that's all.

  • Marx1684

    It's not his fault. He simply won. He got play on almost all stations. The Grammy's put on shows for artistic integrity but rarely does it seem that the votes are based off of that same integrity. More so sales & how an artist reached the masses. Kendrick may be honored later down the line as the Grammy's will most likely do all Hip Hop artists who help define the genre at one point in time. It's just a shame that they don't get to smell those roses while the actual impact is being made.

  • Chris O

    Damn this guy is an attention whore

  • Ugh

    This dudes fucking annoying, He is saying all this shit trying to act graceful and humble but he is just seeking attention. If he believed Kendrick should have won then thats the first thing he should have said when he accepted the award, not post HIS text to Kendrick on HIS Instagram saying he should have won. now this shit, again stop being an attention whore, your not spreading a message your just proselytizing and being annoying a shit.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously did not read the post HHDX put up. Mack stated that when he was giving his acceptance speech he intended to identify that Kendrick should have won. However, the music started playing and he had to get off the stage. Give the guy some credit for acknowledging that should have won. He clearly recognizes how the industry works.

  • Truth Hurts

    So basically .. Macklemore is a sexually confused, thrift shoppin' snitch that publicly posts private messages who literally can't just say "Thank You" and accept an award -- always some TMZ bullish to follow masked as a "cause"

  • Mee Jones

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  • Anonymous

    "Thanks to politics" It's not the grammy's fault Kendrick's hype deflated.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck are you talking about... People are still talking about Kendrick being jerked. How has his hype died deflated? SMH! Typical crab in the bucket!

    • Anonymous

      If Kendrick's hype deflated, people wouldn't be talking about him and other artists wouldn't be collaborating with him, but they are. So his hype is cool. Don't let your Kendrick hatred cloud your judgement.

  • stoph8

    Why can't black rappers be like Macklemore and flow about stuff like thrift shops and gay marriage..instead they rap about money and misogony. No wonder people hate blacks. Macklemore is doing blacks a huge favor. No apology needed here. Black heads across america are bobbing to Macklemore's beats.

    • kill yourself

      kill yourself kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      This is satire, right?

    • NRG

      Because black rappers don't want to seem broke. That's why they don't rap about thrift shops. They already come from a low income community usually. They don't rap about gay marriage, because they feel that they'll sound soft.

    • Anonymous

      Have met one person yet that listens to Macklemore... Fuck are you talking about? LoL

    • CJ

      WTF? I can bet no black man is 'bobbing' faglemores shit. The faggot has no right to even voice his opinion on any matter in hip hop. And who the hell said anything about 'people hate blacks'? wtf? You seriously need to check your head and stop listening to just fagelmore and eminem. Faglemore needs to respect the history of hip hop and stop flaming his gay ass into it.

    • Anonymous

      Birdman and Wayne are gayer than Macklemore by a mile. Ol child predator homo ass pedo nigga pimpin teenagers and kissin em on the mouth but gets a pass in hip-hop? Black people are ass backwards sometimes

  • Anonymous

    man will he stop it and take the grammy. and stop being modest. ok so u won. dont put yourself down for winning. if that was the case you shouldve called kendrick lamar on stage and just given it to him.

  • wiggerslayer

    Everyone on here licking macklmeores azz is white. Stop pretending you are not.


    At the end of the day WHO GIVES A FLUCK about a grammy. Any true hip hop fans know that Kendrick's album was fire. Macklemore's album was good as well so he should stop apologizing. Real hip hop heads don't give 2 flucks about the grammy's. They called it the grammys because its a bunch of old white mofos who know nothing about music so fuck it and keep hip hop alive...What up Tho!!

    • Anonymous

      Real hip hop heads also download everything for free. Macklemore basically reinvented the art of hustling, so it was only right the grammy's acknowledged this.

    • Awd

      except it's not a bunch of old white folks it's catering to the tastes of the mainstream world which includes a lot of young people. they are saying that hip hop is being misrepresented and watered down in the mainstream. what GOAT rapper you know won 4 grammies?

  • BigNoct

    Okay, we get it! Kendrick is a better rapper than you and he should have won Best Rap Album but I'm getting tired of your quote/unquote "Award Tour" where you're apologizing EVERY FUCKING MINUTE...We know that the Grammys are political...That's why I didn't even watch that bullshit...

  • Hollywood the God

    this is not some kinda in depth thought provoking revelation, it is true and we all know this...its cool macklemore understands that, but how many times is he going to keep saying the same shyt...he a grown man and cant control who will like his music and who wont...he should be happy hes getting all these accolades and stop talking about who is better than him and why he's winning...just do your music

    • Anonymous

      If the media is going to continue to ask him questions, he will answer

    • ChitownJ

      Well said. In fact, he started spewing this well before the Grammy's likely talking himself into getting the sympathy votes. However in his defense Macklemore isn't trash so let's be clear. No he is no Kendrick, but then who is when you really think about it?

  • Anonymous

    So does every black artist that ever won on BET get an asterisk next to their win? Unfair advantage due to race there too. Stupid comment, this guy needs to gtfo the game already.

  • dazeone

    Stop applogizing for winning Same love was a good song and a good concept ..and he is not a wack artist ...Kendrick is dope and will win in the future but the song was bigger than rap ... get over it

    • Anonymous

      @wade exactly. Nothing special about the concept. Infact is fucking corny. In 3rd grade I thought I was gay. Fags fell for that shit. I bet Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is laughing at you queers

    • wads

      that aint a fire concept my man!! it aint a fire concept!! it's just pandering to the homo masses!

    • wads

      nigga if staring a song with "when i was in 3rd grade i thought i was gay" in that BS confession voice then let me be the fakest mother fucker with played out concepts

    • Anonymous

      he is doing that because he don't want beef with the streets of hip hop...

  • Equality

    BUTTHOLES! we all have them & they are all brown at least once a day.

  • Masta Hanksta

    The award was not for the the Best rapper but best Rap album. That means Best Rap album that sold the most copies ,played the most on the radio and got the most publicity . Macklemore's music actually struck a chord with the public not just the rap but the instrumental aspects as well. I'm not a Fan of Macklemore nor do I care for his music or career ,but I am a DJ and I have to play his music because it gets requested at my gigs. I DJ black,white ,Latino ,Asian ,middle eastern all sorts of parties and I have to say more people requested Thrift Shop a lot more than Bitch don't kill my Vibe. Why? Because Kendrcik's music is more for cruising then dancing. His music is not a club banger it's more of a gang banger.. It deals more with negativity than positive subjects. Just remember folks you want a Grammy don't go crying to Mammy.. My thoughts..Peace! Masta Hanksta

    • whalesonnen

      @hiphopaut: I think you're missing Masta Hanksta's overall point. He's not necessarily saying what he thinks Best Rap Album SHOULD BE based on, but what the criteria is REALISTICALLY based onunits moved, commercial appeal, production value, creative content, etc. BOTH albums have their strengths, but Kendrick was more niche to hip-hop heads and potheads (I actually know many casual hip-hop fans who dig Kendrick, but don't care much for his DRONING voice or lyrical technique). Macklemore's style, by contrast, carries a similar dynamic to the likes of Kanye West or J. Colei.e. he had the more popular radio jams (Thrift Shop & Can't Hold Us), controversial tracks (Same Love & Wing$), and hidden gems with meaningful content (Neon Cathedral & Jimmy Iovine). In this case, it does matter who sold more (among other things), because it reflects public influence and OVERALL appeal.

    • hiphopaut

      yeah but i have to disagree your point: "That means Best Rap album that sold the most copies, played the most on the radio and got the most publicity" the best and the most successful albums are two differences! the best rap album is the album with the best songs (lyrics, flow, content/meaning, beats). the reason the heist is played more often on the radio or at clubs is, as you mentioned, that the people want to here that more on parties, because of the "happy" message. but it does not mean, that the heist is a better album! (although it is a very good album) in my opinion GKMC is better, because kendrick's rap technique (with all aspects). it doesn't matter which album sold more. i hope you understand what i want to say.

  • titooo

    I was about to say that hip hop fans need to grow up, but then I realised that the problem is not hip hop fans. The problem is all of you who like pop-rap music but think you like hiphop music. Whether you like it or not Macklemore has been doing rap music for years and he still do rap music. Most of you don't know because most of you are ignorants without any capacity to do some reserch but before some of the now so called "rap stars" released any album Macklemore already released some material and made shows around US. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is rap music, due to the succeed that his album had their album also can be classified as pop-rap music. That's something that even he recognises and something he doesn't need to feel embarrassed about. He paid tribute to some hiphop pioneers since beginning and he still does. He also respect other artists and isn't afraid to say other mc's are better than him in his opinion. BUT still most of you hate on him because he is white and he had mad success: you are a bunch of ignorants and haters. I personally don't like the Heist album, I think his previous work was just decent and I hate the hipster thing, but he is a genuine and humble dude so he deserves respect for being real and honest (being real doesn't mean to be black or from the projects).

    • Anonymous

      "(being real doesn't mean to be black or from the projects)." true that. most of these rap niggas is lying. some of them come from good homes where they got educations. one guy even locked niggas up for a living but claims to be dope boy...

  • Wow

    Man I actually had respect for Macklemore and his come up. Haven't really heard the album other than singles, and I would've said GKMC would win...but is this dude serious? You won bro, act like an MC who just won an award, not some guilty whiteboy. Guess what, you get hated on becuz you're've been attacked constantly, yet your come up is the epitome of what Hiphop should stand for, and did stand for at one time. You're an indie artist who came up and made it without major backing, you're the dream of every underground/indie MC who starts rapping. Fuck that you came up and worked through your own adversity to become successful, embrace that and not the pussy PC shit you're spewing to try and be accepted by the black community. Since when have white rappers had an advantage in Hiphop? Name a handful of sustained successful white mainstream rappers? For every mainstream white rapper, there's 100 Kirko Bangs that are stuffed down our throats on the radio and mainstream media.

    • Anonymous

      " You won bro, act like an MC who just won an award, not some guilty whiteboy." Yeah at this point they're gonna hate on him no matter what he does or says, awards or not. He should have said "Fuck you all, I won! I'm rich bitch"

  • Godenigh1994

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  • Anonymous

    "For one white man, hip-hop author and journalist Soren Baker, he consciously knew he was attracted to black women. As Baker explains in this video from "Dark Girls," his interest in dating outside his own race is something that reaches back as early as his days as a young student -- and was never an issue within his own family." ^^^ LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    ya think!!!!!!!!!!! smh...the same goes with Em and why some think Em is the GOAT. This is how they 'steal' art forms and put a white stamp on it. History repeating itself

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because if they said he's aight or wack they would be looked at as a "hater"

    • Anonymous

      you know who else thinks EM is one of the GOATS? ALL THE GOATS of Hip-hop from Kool G. Rap to Rakim to Nas to Jay-Z to pretty much everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne's The Carter 3 beat Jay Nas and Lupe for a Grammy.

  • Anonymous

    I'm white. I hate the following: Macklemore Drake Wayne Kanye Kardashian Lord Jamar MGK William Roberts

  • M

    This guy is waaay too politically correct. You won the award, now own it.

  • Drake Til Infinity

    I'm not big on Mackelmore, but I respect his comments. Dude has always seemed genuine and humble. Moreover dude has been in the game hustling for over a decade now, dropping positive music. To the people complaining about hip-hop becoming more "White" and saying it's a bad thing, you're completely off base. Newsflash: there are plenty of White folks who have done more to keep this artform going in a positive direction than most. El-P, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, Alchemist, Apathy, Ill Bill etc. To make blanket statements about White people ruining hip-hop, suggests to me that you don't know shit about hip-hop. There are plenty of Black folks who claim to be hip-hop artists who have done more damage to the culture than any White rappers. Soulja Boy, Gucci, Oj Da Juiceman, Chief Keef and all those other minstrel rappers are way worse and less talented and less intelligent than Mackelmore. It ain't Macklemore's fault that he got awarded the Grammy and it ain't Macklemore ruining hip-hop. Also before some a-hole accuses me of being "White", I'm not, I'm Black.

  • Anonymous

    I wanna suck drakes weiner & butt fuck Macklemore, they make me WANT to be gay

  • Anonymous

    The only current thing gayer than Mackelmore is Drake, but they are about even.

  • FactsMachine

    People It's not that complicated, Macklamore's music is more universal and reaches a further audience than Kendrick Lamar's. Although I believe GKMC is a superior album to the Heist, the Heist covered a broader spectrum of topics from Homo rights to self esteem issues to women issues. Reminds me of Oscar snub of Pulp Fiction in 1994, it was superior to Forrest Gump in terms of artistry, but Forrest Gump had more universal appeal. END OF STORY.

  • Anonymous

    he saying everything that he knew blacks would say to get some sympathy. u rob a genre of music with a gay song then apologize! die in a plane crash fool

  • Logic_L

    Man, y'all are a bunch of disrespectful people. It's kinda pathetic. I wonder if you took five random white guys and five random black guys and put them in a room a black guy would walk out. So stop with the madness.

  • Anonymous

    Boy the albinos are out in their normal form talking about white power shit lol.You are so inferior the only thing I will give you credit for is blinding the people who don't know your real identity. Pretty smart move to have the whole world blind to your antics, but the few of us that know your story,and who you really are will continue to tell it. Coming in here posting distractions about race "white and black" lol I know your history sucka!

    • Anonymous

      This is the truth here. This race stuff is a distraction and I don't know why people can't understand that this is going on throughout the media, not just on this site, but the media, blogs and the whole net in general. Wake up!

  • Anonymous

    I don't like Macklemore, but it's 2014, grow up and quit being homophobic. Are you afraid that if you let people be who they are that your mouth is suddenly just explode with dicks? If your that afraid, you probably want dick to begin with, just saying.

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Everybody shut the FUCK up....

  • smh


  • yeezusssah

    I dont understand yall. First of Mack can rhyme, not just words but flow and delivery and everything. You might not like his topics or whatever, which is fine, but you cant say he cant rhyme, thats bull. Secondly, he's proven over and over to be a gentleman. He gets dissed by Method Man, but still shouts out the Clan. All this hatred here, and he still is a gentleman enough to acknowledge Kendrick in a very decent and positive way. I respect that more than anything. His performance was crazy too! All those people getting married like that, amazing. So stop being trolls! If u cant respect his music, fine. But at least have the decency to recognise and respect his decency as a human being.

  • white power

    You fools dont listen, we run hiphop white power! White power white power white power. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

  • Lone Wolf

    If anyone really takes Macklemore or the Grammy's seriously, you have problems. Social programming is all it is.

  • Anonymous

    respect. dont know of too many white boys who would acknowledges what macklemore has. i still dont fuck with his music though

  • dinkler

    No he had an unfair advantage due to being pro-gay, from the homo run Grammys and the entertainment industry.

  • IsHulle!!!

    Ya'll know the award was between Kdot and Macklemore I get that people is upset that's what Mack said would happen. This race issue is getting tiring and boring really. GKMC deserved it and so did The Heist... Two albums that competed with each other for over a year now.

  • Johnny Blaze

    If you guys don't like Macklemore because he is too mainstream, maybe you should stop being so ignorant and listen to his shit other than The Heist. Macklemore has been a dope Underground MC from Seattle for 15 years. People think he is a new artist. Im a hip hop connoisseur and I love pretty much everything hes done BESIDES The Heist

  • Cultures Clothing

    The Heist was not a good album. But anyone saying that Macklemore is wack should check out his "Language of My World" album that he put out in 2005. The album is really dope. Soulful production and thoughtful lyrics. If you don't believe me just YouTube "Inhale Deep" by Macklemore. Really dope track. Also, check out "My Town (Sabzi Remix)" by Macklemore. You'll see what I'm saying. Sucks that his work since he went mainstream isn't as good. He still has a dope song here or there but I think his new work suffers from Ryan Lewis' poppy production

    • Anonymous

      Production is the only thing I kinda hate on with The Heist, he's an amazing lyricist who's tackling subject matter other rappers don't have the balls to. I'll def check out Language of My World.

  • Anonymous

    stfu is just too hard for the grammys which is what good rap is look at the past rap winners of the gramys ... all trash You think illmatic or all eyes on me or any good rap album ever won it's actually sad lamar was nominated remember when LUDA sold out to get one you gotta be a pussy to get a grammy YEEZUS was the reales rap album of the year and not one nom Because he pissed off the industry

    • FactsMachine

      Completely CO-SIGN

    • wads

      kendrick aint hard. his ears are very flappy indeed.

    • RealTalk

      rap wasn't even a category in 94 for illmatic so that comment is invalid. All Eyez on me was beaten by The Score which was critically revered. Yeezus was nominated. Kanye also got other nominations. Could you make anymore errors? You really think Luda's change in direction was to get a grammy?. lol. A number of songs on the album he won the grammy for aren't a lot different than his previous anyway, minus some more serious songs which it was about time for in his career. You stand up for Yeezus so you are probably a Kanye fan, who has won 4 rap album awards, yet you say every winner has been trash..... Outkast are trash as well?

    • Anonymous

      yeezus was absolute garbage...and kanye is one of my favorite artists, i have no problem telling the truth as to favoring it wih a biased opinion...

  • Hmm

    I can already see that I'm going to have to hear this guy's political opinions for the next 30 years. Macklemore probably has a loose pussy between his legs.


    im not a fan of macklemore, the one song with the black singing was cool, yes i feel kendrick should have one at least one grammy, but like mack said the voting process is messy. hes music was ok but im just not feeling him.... him ... some thing about macklemore is phony to me... hes just a guy who just so happen to rap ok and he put a lot of effort in to being heard.. its like... a bad MILLI VANILLI MOVIE... ITS FAKE..HES TRYING TO HARD TO BE SO COOL....JUST SAYING

  • Anonymous

    If he felt so hurt by it, he should have given the award to Kendrick Lamar.

  • Lannister


  • Anonymous

    Lol, it's funny that he said he robbed Kendrick like Nothing Was the Same, Yeezus, Magna Carta Holy Grail were worst than his album foh

  • IROC

    For once we must boycott the grammys it has never been fair to black artist anything that was created by them and for them we can never expect them to be fair or honest thats out of the question! thats why i stop watching that crap along time ago .We the people must send that message, black artist must not attend as well ,only the mass of people shall end this crap !

  • ggqzggg

    I hope he stops making music, his music is trash and not hip hop

  • ff

    the heist was trash, not even top 3 in that category

  • azerty

    at least he knows he shouldn't have won against gkmc.

  • zeezee

    they snubbed gkmc.. for this reason I won't even listen to macklemores next album

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors should have album of the year anyway

    • hit boy

      VLADR was a solid album, big boi laid it down, but nah nigga don't get it twisted not album of the year by any means

  • Cannah

    This entire post is based on a misquote. If you actually bothered to listen to the whole interview he says that the reward was a gift and a curse. Not his race...

    • Richie

      Actually, Peter Rosenberg brought the race into play with the question, it's not a misquote, just not typed right.

  • Anonymous

    This RACE shit is getting waay out of control man, its like everywhere you go, media, tv, blogs and black/white issues is always at the core of it. There is seriously an agenda to push this race hate agenda and all the hate coming our way but the majority of folks throw stones and hide their hands. I get it no one wants to seem like an overt racist on either side. Only place in the universe to live and we bout to implode and end up extinct

    • Ano

      calm down guy we talking race in terms of who's voting & IMO black people are wayy more focused on race now an days, the average white person (not talking rich white people)could give a damn from what iv'e seen.

    • Blah

      It is tiring to see all this prejudice baiting. They do it with gays, women, blacks, and to a lesser extent latinos. Whites and Asians are the last acceptable groups to publicly make fun of. Any time you see an ADT commercial, it is always some white dude, when white people make a majority of the population and are a very small minority of the crime. Dave Chappelle would never be allowed to be on TV with the butt hurt police running around. This shit is getting outrageous. You can't ignore reality because it is inconvenient for your world views.

  • Vandal

    Don't like Macklemore's music but props to him for showing respect

  • Kramer

    Wow, ok. Now Macklemore is being racist. Really bring in skin tone Macklemore??

  • Anonymous

    This American Society will fall just like Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc...

  • Anonymous dont have to say that to make us feel good, bro. If you expected macklemore not to win then youre naive..You cant even really be mad. Its like if you a real brotha you expect certain shit to happen..You expect to not to get a job over a white guy with the same qualifications. No it won't happen all the time..but you expect it. Yeah album was better than Macklemore but macklemore is more popular and hes been making PR moves, and he yes he is white. I respect Macklemore as a artist. No i don't like his shit but plenty people do. He didn't wanted to win the best rap album because he knew people would be mad as hell. You won isn't your fault.

  • sam snead

    but to be fair to macklemore, the grammys rarely gets it right

  • sam snead

    I support gay marriage...if two people love one another - they should be together), however...if someone tunes into the Grammy's (i choose not to...because it truly isn't about the music anymore)...what makes anyone think people want to see a man marry another man, woman marry another woman, a cat marry a dog, or a "traditional marriage" for that matter? Isn't it an AWARDS SHOW? I would never force my beliefs on another person, NEVER....i would appreciate the same from everyone else. Furthermore- whacklemore is not gay,he is an opportunist, he just wants gays to buy his music. Just like when he was on the underground and some Seattle mariners announcer died and he made a song about them. He talks about consumerism and corporate influences in hip hop but will be the first to be in any commercial that will have him. Hip hop found the lady gaga of hip hop to sell to you followers and you people ate it up. What a shock....

  • RC

    Sounds like the voting system for this is VERY flawed, no wonder of bunch of complete shit garners all these awards while quality material is pushed to the wayside. No one with any amount of accreditation whatsoever is voting.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever, the Grammy's haven't been relevant for years now. Only has been's and "not quite there yet" artists actually win those awards. I mean, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Queen, Bob Marley, Nas, The Doors, etc. didn't get Grammy's for any of their music. Meanwhile, the Baha Men, Fergie, Puff Daddy, and Milli Vanilli all won Grammy's. Think about that for a second.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, shut the fuck up already. The grammy's award achievement, but a little popularity helps too. Always been that way, always win. If you expect anything less you really should turn off the tv and read a good book.

    • wads

      look at all of nas dick riding bi curious fans storm this comments section.

    • Anonymous

      If you dont like Nas, then you don't like hip hop. In Lamen terms, Nas IS Hip Hop you fucking idiot. Get off a hiphop website

    • Anonymous

      ^ Nas is a legend you jealous faggot. lol

    • Skool 4 Klownz

      @truthman2014. Get the fuck outta hip hop right now and dont come back. Stop frontin you dont belong here.

    • truthman2014

      Did you really compare nas with jimmy hendrix,bob marley and other legends. nas is only looked at that way by his delusional small bi curious fanbase to the rest of the normal logical people nas was,is and always will be garbage and irrelevant.

    • Anonymous

      that's the realest shit I've read about this whole saga. So it's official the Grammys is dead! (to Hip Hop)

  • disclosure

    Am I the only one that just stops and looks around the world and sees whats happening as its occurring? Now Im NOT against gays, I actually have gay & bisexual friends, Im not disrespecting anyone please forgive me if Im coming off like that, Im just stating my opinion. But man, I'm tired of the promotion of homosexuality in America. Its like theyre not looking for equality, theyre just want your approval. Like can gays learn to keep their sexual preservations in the bedroom like the rest of us? Like dont think you being gay entitles you to be anything more than special. & I understand all that shit about Its their own choice, no one is forcing anything on them to become gay" & yada yada yada, But I'm assuming they are pushing something on us, us as a society, promoting an agenda in every form of entertainment. Just like the grammys last night with Macklemore with his Same Love performance. Remember when music award shows was only about the music? & second of all, since when is a man and a woman the same as two men? How are two men the same as two women? Thats Propaganda at its finest. Like In movies, music whatever type of entertainment boom its right there in your face. I can understand that we just want to be entertained, thats cool, but can we become entertained without the attempts of brainwashing?!? Dont forget about kids theyre watching too, and ive seen kids assuming their ages are like 11 12 becoming gay, at such an early age. I never seen anything like that & If this rate keeps going eventually chances are it might cause destruction of natural marriage and destruction of the core family unit, which has happened in Europe in the 60s I believe. But really all im tryin emphasize is this, Okay look, go ahead be gay, cool Whatever thats you. But can it stop being shoved in our faces of every form of entertainment. Keep it organized, Its like saying Nobody watches the super bowl to see gay people get married you know whaat i meaan?

    • ho3

      captainobvious too ignorant to know what it means to have different opinions among others but still have acceptance

    • CaptainObvious

      So you're not against homosexuals, they're just a perversion. And they should keep their sex life in the bedroom and not on stage at an award show that's opening number was a celebration of the sex life of one of the most famous couples on the planet. But hey--you've got LGBT friends.

    • Anonymous


    • TreeUnity

      Very well put. i agree with you. My personal opinion is that the elite want us dumbed down and weak as when martial law or civil war happends the people will have no idea how to fight. Now this has nothing to with being gay but it sure looks like it. All kids know is iphone, twitter, facebook, social status and materialistic shit. Plus this Rcae thing has gotten out of hand as well. kids are growing up with the govt making the decisions for them. Everything around us is going down.

  • Laylow

    At least he said it and it doesn't look like black people are hating because honestly Kendrick is the shit and Mack is not even on my radar. I'm glad that he knows why he is where he is because of his skin and not talent. As far as the gay thing,I don't endorse it, is not what nature intended. Gay animals are considered defective, I suggest we take the same outlook. The purpose of sex besides the fact it feels good is reproduction. That alone proves that homosexualality is unnatural

  • HuntingtonROB

    Macklemore song from 2005 called "White Privilege"...

  • FENC

    Your a fucking idiot! Macklemore even said he robbed kendrick! Ask jay-z and Nas how many times they been robbed! Fuck the racist grammy's and fuck your racist ass!

  • Anonymous

    Quit crying you bitches. Macklemore is a great rapper and also had a musical element that appealed to more than just cracked out hood rats with big rims and subs. If I were to judge by a black person's logic, everything a white person achieves is gifted while black people had to earn it. That is total horse shit. Actually it is the exact opposite when Affirmative Action places people who can barely write and speak in important positions. If you don't like it, beat it with something better and stop crying about how everyone is cheating you. You will not hear me crying when the BET hip hop awards snubs Macklemore.

    • Anonymous


    • ^

      You didn't listen to GKMC.

    • Anonymous

      What, are you really surprised that most grammy voters don't want to listen to crappy instrumentals combined with lyrics that are arrogant and uninspiring? How many songs can you have about crime, violence, and drugs before you yawn at them? Lamar may be the better rapper, but his content was lacking, so let's not pretend a song is nothing but the rhythm of a person's voice. Get over yourself.

    • Fenc

      Your a fucking idiot! Macklemore even said he robbed kendrick! Ask jay-z and Nas how many times they been robbed! Fuck the racist grammy's and fuck your racist ass!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Rap album of the year was Kendrick's award" Which he didn't stand a chance of winning.

  • the truth

    who cares that kendrick didnt win yall should've known this was a white broadcast of voters it has been for many years, if you want kendrick to win an award, dont worry theres always the BET awards!!!

  • SDK


  • anonomilly

    I always liked Section.80 better than GKMC... Love Kendrick but I only really liked 5-6 joints off of GKMC

  • Anonymous

    There have been 19 of the awards given and 7 of them have gone to white rappers despite white rappers only being 5% of the rap year when Iggy Azelia wins it will be exactly HALF of the Grammys have gone to white rappers.

    • Anonymous

      White Rapper* Eminem is the only white rapper to ever win the award before this year. Don't try to make it sound like they consistently cherry pick out white rappers.

    • True

      Thanks for the stats, and forget about next year cuz Eminem will win everything. Same old shit..

  • Afro

    white and a faggot. Bring hip hop back to the streets mofos

  • spawnggg

    cacklemore is not hip hop

  • spawn

    hopefully maclmemore gets labelled "pop" after that shit


    can't believe kendrick lost THAT particular award smh

  • ATL Engineer

    GKMC was released forever ago in Grammy terms. Too late for last years awards, too early for this years. Its all about timing! Kdot should know that Mac had an amazing year...and album...let that man enjoy the success.

    • Anonymous

      The Heist was released on the same month as GKMC.

    • Anonymous

      your comment makes no sense. The Heist was released a few months before Kendrick was it not? I dunno how it was even eligible this year

    • Anonymous

      I'd be fine with him if he didn't have to rub it in everybody's face about how independent and non-mainstream he is. Nah, instead he's gotta promote how humble he is so that the WORLD must acknowledge how great of a guy he is.

  • g

    Vince from ODD FUTURE IS RIGHT, it won't change the legacy of gkmc, but yeah it should have won

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore isn't real. If he really wanted to promote the kind of shit he talks on, then he should've outright refused/rejected the awards he received. That would've been far, FAR more impactful.

  • spawnggghhh

    stealing kendrick...smh


    Even q tip said he was sick of macklemore for robbing kendrick.

  • g

    macklemore is a fag, he isn't hip hop


    Like Ice Cube said yesterday, gkmc isn't the first classic to get snubbed (grodt, tupac-all eyez on me, the cool,...)

  • Sir Stax

    Kendrick Lamar is to Black to Strong....He is to political in his Music thats why they have a problem with him.

  • vv

    hes right, gkmc was by very far the best album in that category but hey... white america

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar is to Black to Strong who speaks out about political issues in his music.

  • zeezee

    Gotta give macklemore respect for being humble and realizing that k dot has the better album...

    • Anonymous

      No. Mack loves getting attention/press off being the "good guy". Why didn't he tell Kendrick all of this at the show? Why he gotta put this shit up on Instagram? Because he NEEDS us to hear about what a fucking humble guy he is, right?

  • Poitier

    that awards belonged to Kendrick or Kanye...

  • azerty

    kendrick should have won but thats life

  • fribberg

    I don't hate mac, but I hate the grammys for robbing GOOD KID, and I'm not even a fan.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta be Gay to go to the top,

  • Anonymous

    I don't think hardly any Black singer or rapper won a grammy without it being a collaboration with a white artist. If I missed any I don't expect a long list and it probably wasn't televised anyway.


    Is it really a color thing or is the fact that Wacklemore made a song advocating gay rights in a time where gay rights is being shoved down our throats like Ray J & Kim Kardashian.

    • Anonymous

      "Not to mention that Kanye's comments about race in the Grammys holds weight" no it doesnt because he beat eminem and beastie boys before

    • Anonymous

      There was a point to Kendrick rapping ignorant on "Backseat Freestyle", though you're not wrong at all about Kanye. However, there IS Hip-Hop that talks on social issues, but right now, the masses are being sold on the idea that Macklemore is THE rapper to go to if you want to hear it. You ever listen to him talk, and all he spews is how he started independent, how his music's real and organic...he's embracing these assumptions.


      "oh look they're talking about money and hoes and ignorant shit all the time, always". ^ Isn't that what a majority of Kanye West's songs are about with maybe a few heart felt tracks thrown in between? I haven't listened to either Good Kid or Heist but I know for a fact Kendrick was rapping ignorant on Backseat Freestyle.

    • Anonymous

      It is a white thing, too. There have been 19 Grammy Awards for Rap Albums...7 times, a white guy won the award (Eminem did not deserve it for Encore and Relapse, at the very least). Not to mention that Kanye's comments about race in the Grammys holds weight...he's never beaten non-hip hop, white artists for other awards (He beat out Eminem and the Beastie Boys in the Grammys before, but they're in Hip-Hop, so I don't think they were who he was talking about.) The biggest problem here is that mainstream media will make Macklemore appear to be the only rapper who's EVER talked about social issues, and other, black rappers will be viewed as "oh look they're talking about money and hoes and ignorant shit all the time, always". Macklemore shouldn't be put on a pedestal, and he deserves credit for knowing this.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this cunt he not hip hop

  • x

    Loved Macklemore since his album in 97', I remember bumpin' Time Moves Slower in Heaven for at least a week straight! It's a classic album!

  • BafflerMeal

    No, Macklemore is one person. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the duo.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore is pretty tanned, dunno why they calling him white. Idiots!

  • x

    I never heard a macklemore song but I can tell by looking at him he's fucking wack. Is that racist? Kendrick aint all that either, he gets props because hiphop is so watered down these days

    • Anonymous

      " I can tell by looking at him he's fucking wack. Is that racist?" naw it actually makes you a homosexual

    • Anonymous

      ^ Typical lame ass comment. GKMC is, arguably, the best rap album to receive mainstream attention in the last decade.

    • Anonymous

      Don't judge someone by what they look like. When I first saw a picture of Elzhi, I thought he would be wack. Then I heard him, and he blew me away. Although he has some pop sounding records, Macklemore really is a great emcee.

  • Anonymous

    DX are morons, Macklemore is a duo not a person. Why is the picture just of one of them?! Editor needs firing!

  • Anonymous

    I think last night's fuckery was done to do away with the rap categories in the grammys. At this time with low sales and award robberies rappers should just go back to rapping as good as they want without dumbing down and stop trying to be accepted by them and make them come to you. The way things are going in the game at least keep your dignity and sharpen your talent.

  • DaveyDeluxe

    He should of said all that on stage !

    • Lawless

      Maybe he should have said that he robbed Kendrick on stage but there is no way that he would have been able to come up with all that on the spot, these quotes are from him going back, thinking bout what happened and then verbalising that.

  • mac DIESEL


  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA Macklemore just laid out that people across a wide field of genres, races, and ages votes his album the best and rightly pointed out that only lonely butthurt hip hop faggots love GKMC. Same people still won't buy Ice Cube's next record but they'll bitch for 2014 about how much of a robbery this is. Hip Hop fans are the fucking worst.

    • Lawless

      I know you're a troll but you're terrible at this. First and foremost he pointed out that no matter which award it's for, across all genre's, he had a vote, but admitted to having next to no clue about those other genres and who deserves what. He continued to point out that how this failing of the ballot system and selection process disenfranchised those who did not get significant radio play, either due to their marketability or other factors, or weren't already well known. This essentially makes the voting system rigged in favour of the already famous or the best marketed performers. This is made all the more problematic in a genre such as Rap & Hip-hop because it's tied culturally to the black & urban demographics who are not well represented in the voting system. So how would these people know what Album is best other than listening in to the radio and ticking off who they've heard of, or just a random selection. That's not a credible system, there should be nominated voters per genre who are selected specifically to voice their opinion on that genre because of their understanding of it.

    • Anonymous

      Except hip hop fans DID buy GKMC. 100k less sales than Macklemore's album with far less radioplay and promotion and way smaller hits. I bought the album.

  • Anonymous

    He makes a good point. Mack's music appeals to suburban white kids/people/soccer moms, but Kedricks' appeals to mostly college kids, suburban white kids, and people in the hood. While both their demographics are different, Mack has a slight edge over Ken, that being a song praising gay rights and that he's white and therefore appeals to white people and homosexuals. Kendrick, on the other hand, well he's a psuedo intellectual and his lyrics aren't really all that deep if you really take the time to think about it. Sure, he has an interchangable & flexible delivery which makes him SOUND like he's something special, but he's really not. Kendrick is average at best, in terms of lyrics and delivery, but is much more diverse than Mack. Overall, Kendrick is the product of a good kid in a mad city, but the people have spoken. Mack took home 4 Grammy's (and married 33 gay couples),all while commiting a Heist the world won't soon forget

    • gzqgqz

      kendrick is extremely complex, it took me months to understand a few bars on gkmc.

    • Anonymous

      You're all sorts of wrong. 1.) There were straight couples mixed in during that performance, too. 2.) Kendrick is not a pseudo intellectual, because he doesn't present himself as being intellectual as someone as pretentious as say, Lupe Fiasco. He talks about where he grew up and how his environment shaped him and fucked things up, and he has great deliveries, flows, and poetics. Kendrick never preaches ideas, he just talks on what he knows. 3.) People will forget The Heist quickly, because most people don't know more than 3 songs off that album, and the Grammys aren't worth shit (Puffy beat out Biggie for a Rap Album Grammy for fuck's sake).

    • Anonymous

      All the anonymous guy above is saying is that Kendrick will always be the better rapper.. Not saying that Mack is a better MC or anything, but the cra**ers have spoken. It won't change the fact that Kenny is a star in his own right.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah people in the hood are so critical for success, that's why young buck is doing so well. fucking idiots

  • Anonymous

    Im never paying attention to the grammys again.

    • Dave d7b

      You did before!? I may be no expert. But the only complete albums I listened to were Good Kid, M.A.A.D city and Nothing Was The Same. How they could get nothing illustrates how awarding something subjective like music should be done by album sales alone. This is a crime. Sorry to K Dot and Drake. Your albums made hiphop real again.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Kendrick he poured his heart into that rap albumand lost to Elton John

  • sam snead

    I support gay marriage...if two people love one another - they should be together), however...if someone tunes into the Grammy's (i choose not to...because it truly isn't about the music anymore)...what makes anyone think people want to see a man marry another man, woman marry another woman, a cat marry a dog, or a "traditional marriage" for that matter? Isn't it an AWARDS SHOW? I would never force my beliefs on another person, NEVER....i would appreciate the same from everyone else. Furthermore- whacklemore is not gay,he is an opportunist, he just wants gays to buy his music. Just like when he was on the underground and some Seattle mariners announcer died and he made a song about them. He talks about consumerism and corporate influences in hip hop but will be the first to be in any commercial that will have him. Hip hop found the lady gaga of hip hop to sell to you followers and you people ate it up. What a shock.

  • Anonymous

    what he says about the ballot system for the grammies is completely valid....if you got tons of old people just filling it out that dont know hip hop they will fill out macklemores name strictly off of hearing his music on pop radio...not anyones fault really...

  • Chris Etrata

    Gotta give macklemore respect for being humble and realizing that k dot has the better album.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Nevermind, I just realized he is being really, really patronizing with how public he made this whole thing.

    • Anonymous

      Tim, I want to understand what you're saying, exactly. How is it patronizing for Mack to literally admit that Kendrick had the better album? How can he do right by Kendrick? I think that saying that you think Kendrick's album is better is good enough. Now, if he GAVE Kendrick the award, that would be a bit more patronizing, don't you think?

    • Tim

      He lost all credibility by putting his text to Kendrick on IG. This is just damage control and pandering. Typical patronizing liberal response to black people.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore is a trip. He wins, but seems ashamed of it.

    • Anonymous

      yeah ain't white guilt grand.

    • ETK

      to his credit, he said since before the Grammys that he thinks Kendrick should win. I'm not checking out for Mackie at all but at least he knows what's up. too many white people jumping on this "let's love gays" hype

  • Young Guwop

    He knows white privilege exists and knows Kendrick Lamar should have won a Grammy. Macklemore is pop and not Hip-Hop.

    • Young Guwop

      Macklemore is not an independent artist. The company who distributes his music is under Warner Music group. Nothing independent about that. Another bs excuse to make him look like he's struggling for success. Also nothing sounds Black about Macklemore. Y'all fan boys need to quit stanning for him.

    • Anonymous

      Though Kendrick should of won, Macklemore being popular doesn't make his music any less hip hop than Kendricks.

    • Anonymous

      macklemore sounds blacker than kendrick lamar

    • Anonymous

      How the fuck is Macklemore any more pop than Kendrick? if anything, he's closer to Hip Hop because he's doing everything independent, not with some hug conglomerate forking out marketing money

  • jtred98

    I knew it would happen...much love to Macklemore & Lewis..but they really didn't deserve the win in the rap categories

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Kendrick got robbed but so did Lil richard and the early pioneers of our music but yeah I seen a picture of the Grammy people and the shit looked like a Klan rally. Iguess its good to be honored for an award by white peoplefir someartists but most artists like Chuck D abd Ice Cube really dont give a fuck. They ciukd give a grammy to emenem evrry year and it woukdnt matter to most, their awardsdont validate our musuc

  • metoo

    I scratched my ass hole through my shorts, only to find my underwear scorched with shit when I was done...didnt do anything about it, but thought it was funny.

  • j

    of course thats what he's going to say to avoid getting blasted on by everyone who follows hip-hop and knows who deserves what, hes a good artist, no doubt he's talented but to me he's not hip-hop nor rap artist at all, he's like hip-pop if that could be a category or genre of music, but no way in hell can i compare his shit to kendrick, j.cole, eminem, jay, nas, method, and etc i can go on with dope hip-hop artist that are around today, but it was obvious what was going to happen in the grammys thats why i don't watch that shit and don't get all upset over it, cause if your true follower you know what it is, and you know whats hip-hop and rap and whats dope today and whats not.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't realize that nominees received ballots to vote. Suppose that means the people who claimed it was all old white people deciding were wrong after all.

  • John

    I want his hairstyle and clothes for my boyfriend

    • to Tazzz

      aye bitch go suck a dick

    • Anonymous

      homophobia generally shows that a person is insecure in their sexuality. This is not looking good for you.

    • Anonymous

      Because it's not a natural lifestyle a person is suppose to live, it wipes out your family genetics and it sets a bad example for children. Two faggots don't create life, a man and a woman do, too bad it seems you're too confused to understand that.

    • TaZzZ

      I hope this is a troll I'm just feeding into like an asshole, for the sake of humanity, but how can a person sit behind a computer screen and spew such hateful shit that has no factual foundation... You do realize that the vast majority of STD's are spread by heterosexuals right? Whats unnatural is being so fucking uneducated and ignorant to people on the fucking internet. What do you care where another person sticks their dick or who they want licking their pussy? Doesn't effect your ass at all. Whats unnatural about being gay? And don't give me some Bible-belt bullshit cuz the Bible is about the most unnatural thing to ever grace this earth. Virgin births? Men living inside whales? Walking on water? Defying the laws of physics seems more unnatural than who you choose to get off with... So wait lemme guess, some anatomy lesson about how certain things fit with certain things right? Or how you can't reproduce? You're knowledge of STD's already tells me you might as well stop right there cuz it sounds like wherever you were educated (or not) couldn't get you through sex ed, nevermind anatomy and biology. I just pray you were there for the day they put the condom on the banana, cuz the last thing we need is more ignorant pricks like you weighing humanity down with your Dark Ages sensibilities...Fuckin eh

    • Anonymous

      Stop listening to rap than you queer. It's already bad enough that your unnatural lifestyle is spreading disease around the world

  • Anonymous

    See my point now literal dickriders of fagmore? Even he knows he won just because he's white. Drake should have won but every other rap album is better,ranging from crap like K Dot to classic like Drake.

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