Iggy Azalea Says Macklemore Was The Only 2012 XXL Freshmen "With A Message"

Iggy Azalea says she was "floored" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' success in 2013.

Before Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won four Grammy Awards yesterday (January 26), Iggy Azalea spoke about why she feels a special connection to Macklemore.

"I did the XXL Freshmen cover with Macklemore about two years ago," Iggy Azalea said during an interview that was published yesterday through the Grammys' YouTube page. "And I had no idea who this kid was when he came through the door and he rapped in my cypher. He was the only person that day that had a message in what he wanted to say even then. I was like, 'Who's this guy? What's his story?' He just has had such an amazing journey." 

Iggy Azalea and Macklemore were joined on the XXL Freshmen cover in 2012 by Hopsin, Future, French Montana and Danny Brown, among others. A full list of the artists featured on the 2012 XXL Freshmen issue and a photograph of their class picture can be viewed here

Her XXL 2012 Freshmen classmate had a chart-topping 2013 after the 2012 release of his and Ryan Lewis' The Heist. Azalea discussed what it was like to see Macklemore's many singles chart. 

"It floored me and surprised me to see what a hit he had last year...multiple hits, really," Azalea said. "I'm so proud of him. I just can't wait to see him perform. I feel like I'm performing I'm so proud of him...He deserves it so much, so much, and I'm so excited to see him tonight." 

Macklemore won four Grammys yesterday (January 27), including Rap Album of the Year. Macklemore has said that he feels Kendrick Lamar was "robbed" of a Grammy. A view of his text message to Kendrick Lamar can be viewed here. A full list of the 2014 Grammy Award winners can be viewed here

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  • Anonymous

    To be fair, 2012 XXL list was kind of average with the exception of Danny and possibly hopsin

  • Reece

    Last person to be talking about music with a message...

  • Hollywood The God

    yall need to stop hating on macklemore...hes always been tru to himself...you gotta respect that...and he always paid homage...stop hating on his success

  • Anonymous

    btw he's gay and weird and she's admitted to being a whore so there are reasons they are white trash not just being white.

  • Anonymous

    of course white trash will support white trash.

  • shiiitttt

    a year from now, this bitch will have a Grammy.

  • rahrahrah

    Listen to a Wu-Tang album. Chock full of messages. Just not the white, I mean right ones.

  • x clan

    white people killed hip hop

  • 614grind

    I ain't mad a Macklemore. I can't think of another white rapper that would have had the balls to make a song like "White Privilege". We know black artists are afraid to even come near the subject.

  • Anonymous

    They want this manly bitch to be the Queen of rap

  • VinBoony

    who gives a fuck what she thinks female rappers are terrible and will never be taken serious..besides the Great Lauryn Hill..the rest of those turned out nasty bitches have no message at all shut up bitch.

  • Elvira Presley

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  • Anon

    Nerd Rap killed hip hop

  • Anonymous

    What a terrible freshman class, not a star in the whole bunch

    • Anonymous

      "-Danny Brown is different, but needs to do something about that gap in his mouth." That doesn't have anything to do with his music. Which is really good, arguably the best of that Freshman class. Agree with you on Azealia, Kid Ink, and Don Trip.

    • Anonymous

      What a terrible, horrid, god awful bunch of slack jawed faggots, these dudes suck gay balls, all of them, bunch of ragged Pop music/dance/radio "rappers"

    • Anonymous

      -Stench Montana's album flopped -Kid Stink's album is a generic piece of trash, not to mention he's average when it comes to rapping. -Danny Brown is different, but needs to do something about that gap in his mouth. -Lord only knows WHY Roscoe Dash even covered that article. (guess they couldn't come up with anyone relevant at the time, so they had to pick that loser to fill in the spot)He has yet to put out a solid release and spent most of his time barking at other rappers because he's beyond wack. -Don Trip is pretty underrated in my opinion. Dude could use a little more shine. -Hopsin dropped a really corny album last year that sold like 4,000 copies the first week. I know sales don't matter, but god damn, those Funk Volume fans must have been too busy commiting suicide to support him in case he ever offed himself. -Machine Gun Kelly needs to hand up the mic. I'm sorry, but nobody is feeling you. You're nothing more than a white, poor man's version of Waka Flocka Flame, and that's not saying much. -Iggy Azelia should stick to doing modeling because she has the perfect features and just has that overall look. When she's rapping, she uses this Down South American hood rat accent and that is so not cool. -Future should just change his name to No Future, because I don't see his future looking too bright. He's just the new T-Pain for the moment, and I havent heard anything worth bumping from him. I predict after his next album drops and him and Ciara get married, he's gonna end up the new Peter Gunz and have his wife take care of him.

    • Anonymous

      Joke of a comment lmao. You may not like the artists but the 2012 freshman is arguably the most star studded class so far: Macklemore, French Montana, Future, Kid Ink, Iggy Azalea... the other years had like max 2/3 rappers to actually end up having some sort of real success in their careers.

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore proved he was a star last night, whether you like his music or not

  • Anonymous

    I would tear that ass up dog! its gotta be difficult from a woman like that to even walk down the street

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore was the only album with a message and the Grammys are suckers for that crap. Kendrick Lamar had one too but it wasnt gay know what I mean so of course he wasn't going to win. People like real shit that you can feel so it was 50/50 with it

  • Ether Q

    I was just looking at the past lists. Crazy that in 2008 Crooked I, Joell, Young Dro, Papoose and a few others were considered freshman when they all had some success previously. But what really shocks me is how few of these freshman maintain the buzz and keep their career going. There's definitely a few success stories but more often than not it looks like most don't keep up the buzz.

  • dumbuglyslut

    Danny Brown was on the cover you stupid bitch. Danny's lyrical content is in another category than Macklemore's exploitative bubble gum fagboy raps

    • Anonymous

      dumbuglyslut has never listened to The Heist, evidenced by saying "Danny's lyrical content is in another category than Macklemore's ". That's just not true. And I'm a big fan of DB.

    • Anonymous

      thats what they do, gotta get more views and stir up controversy

    • Anonymous

      ^ well hiphopdx lied in the title then. they are the fools

    • Anonymous

      " I had no idea who this kid was when he came through the door and he rapped in my cypher. He was the only person that day that had a message in what he wanted to say even then" She wasnt talkin about everyone on the cover fool. Kid Ink, Don Trip, Macklemore were the only ones in her cypher. and I really doubt Danny Brown had any message in his.

  • Max

    who is this and what does it sing/rap?

  • Anonymous

    Iggy Azalea and Macklemore so anti-hip hop just like Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that you're saying that cuz of their skin color alone. Shame. Well they're still getting GRAMMYs and shit so they're fine hahah

    • Anonymous

      i'll take them over roscoe dash, hopsin, or french montana from the same xxl freshmen class

  • white women are the right women

    My dick, her pussy. It's a match made in heaven.

  • DBOY


    • Anonymous

      He wasn't in her XXL cypher though, she said Macklemore was the person that had a message in what he wanted to say from the ones she made the cypher with.

    • Anonymous

      Was DB in her cypher? "He was the only person that day that had a message in what he wanted to say even then"

  • Anonymous

    was he an XXL freshmen before they blew up commercially or was thrift shop already out? cant recall

  • Anonymous

    my future wife. she just needs to ditch the nba nicca

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