Diddy Details Harlem To Hollywood Revolt Studio

Diddy is joined by Kendrick Lamar, Ma$e, Jay Rock, Tyrese, Meek Mill and others for the Harlem To Hollywood studio reveal.

Diddy recently helped launch Harlem To Hollywood, a studio for Revolt that is located on Hollywood and Highland Center in Los Angeles, California. In a couple of videos released by Revolt, Diddy is shown discussing the network and the studio beside Ma$e, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, among others. 

"Music history right now," Diddy says in a clip. "It's not just my studio. This is your studio. It's our studio...For the fans, by the fans. For the artists, by the artists." 

Kendrick Lamar, who appears in a clip, discusses his view of the new studio. 

"In my town, I love it," Lamar says. "It's in L.A. I can come. I can visit. I can check it out. I can party. I can have fun. I can talk music. I can live music right here." 

In October, Diddy spoke about the importance of Revolt.

"I went to watch the joint 12 Years a Slave this weekend," Diddy said at the time. "It touched me as far as this whole blessing that's going on today. Two hundred years ago, we were slaves. Now we owning networks." 

The videos can be viewed below. 

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