2014 Grammys Search Spikes Reported By Bing

Bing reports searches spikes for Jay Z, Beyonce and others due to the Grammy Awards.

Bing has reported search spikes that took place yesterday (January 26), during the Grammy Awards celebration. 

Jay Z and Beyonce helped Bing searches spike as they opened up the Grammy Awards with a rendition of their "Drunk In Love" collaboration

Daft Punk was also a major reason for Bing spike searches, the search engine says.  

"The Robots of Daft Punk had a great night winning both Record and Album of the Year for their hit Random Access Memories," Bing said in a press release. "The duo’s continued silence while other participants accepted the awards caused the second highest spike in searches.

"Collaborations ruled the night, but it was Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, and Pharrell Williams' performance that captured the audience’s attention the most," Bing added. "Their performance captured 30% of the searches compared to other collaborations, followed by Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney’s reunion at 23% and Kendrick Lamar & Imagine Dragons electrifying performance with 21% of the searches."

A full recap and complete list of winners from Grammy night can be found here

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